Sunday, 6 January 2019


Imagining this Arbutus were the last tree left upon earth;
resting under its stately boughs leaves me perfectly breathless.

Believing this pristine lake were the last source of potable water;
filling cupped hands thrill me with extraordinary appreciation.

Knowing this eagle gliding above were the last in existence;
seeing its grandeur inspires an awesomeness deeply cherished.

Realising this setting sun were the last I would witness;
each moment spent in its splendor evokes infinite gratitude. 

Breathless waves of appreciation arise as I gaze into your eyes.
Cherished sentiments of gratitude fill me when in your presence.

The eagle departs, its wings painting over the final sliver of sun.
In time the Arbutus silhouette will be cast upon a moonlit lake   

I strive but fail to value each glorious second as if it were the last.
Please know my darling, every moment with you my heart does sing. 

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