Saturday, 26 September 2009

Good and Bad... the masters we serve.

Caught in illusion, we continue to place emphasis on that which creates separation. Are you prepared to consider and embrace the truth of the ONE? Forgiveness is the answer, not of others, but of yourself. It begins with the eradication of attachment to the concept of good and bad.

There is only ONE!!!

Many of us understand the concept of oneness. A few of us choose to embrace this Gnosis in an effort to develop an enhanced spiritual connection to the ONE. Rarely can we find an individual who completely chooses this truth as the bias for all manifest expression.
Why do we struggle to drink such sweet nectar?
Why do we adhere to ignorance and illusion when we plainly see it creates only destruction and maya?

There exists a cabal of bloodlines which have carefully designed the structure of our society. This group affects complete control over our society, institutions like churches, schools, media and government bodies are infiltrated. Over a period of almost 5,000 years this order has invested great monies and efforts to keep mankind in a state of deep sleep. Unquestionable is the fact; around the world almost all reference to Gnosis has been destroyed or hidden from humanity.
Our society has therefore been structured to dovetail with greater designs, slavery to the corporate master is the end game. They are very crafty, always distracting us from inner reflection. We are taught to strive for success in the work force and most importantly be a ravenous consumer.
Soon after a child starts walking and talking the grooming begins. Cartoons and educational programming like Sesame Street drum into the child the importance of image and success. Braun and control are coveted over compassion and servitude. Capturing images of his/her future in our minds we usher the child into a direction sympathetic to our own dreams and desires. Little Johnny soon sees himself as the fireman, policeman or future military hero. Programmed is the ideology of success as being the paramount concern, you can be anything you want Johnny.(just make sure your choices make you a fantastic success).
When do you ever hear a child say, "I want to be a factory worker or a ditch digger". Have you ever heard a mother say, "I want my Johnny to break free of illusion and discover his God-self". It's just not on the radar folks. Why? Simply because it's not put on the menu board.
Let us place illusion back in the toy box where it belongs, let us close the lid. It is time for us to become awake, for our benefit, for our children and for all humanity. Be free, be the master, stop living your life in servitude.

There is only ONE, everything on earth and in the heavens is connected. THERE IS TRULY ONLY ONE. We, who bask in this freedom, are needed to show the way of love. We are the only beacons of future hope, the front line of love marching on to victory. If those who suffer in darkness could find the light they would, in fact they cannot. We who see the light are obligated to share the loving truth of oneness. Strike light into the heart of your neighbour, purge darkness from your family and community.

If we follow oneness to it's logical conclusion we will understand there is no good or bad. All is God therefore all is love. Understanding you are the ONE will afford you the clairity and compassion of knowing yourself to be the murder, thief and rapist. The aggressor and the victim, you are ALL, there is nothing that you are not. You will never die, simply because you were never born. Time is just one illusion which helps the ego establish fear in your heart. Use language but do not let it use you, we use our tongue to haphazardly create much fear and hate. Know that you cannot separate yourself from your neighbour in thought, desire or deed. Separation will encourage a dis service to yourself, your brother and all mankind. Separation will serve your corporate master, leaving you bound in chains. Turn the other cheek, see beyond the illusion, the brother who has offended you is in fact you offending yourself.
You can clearly see your thumb to be part of your body, if you comprehend Gnosis you would equally understand your neighbour enjoys the same connection to you as does your thumb ALL IS THE ONE>>>>>. Leave behind all the labels which dictate good and bad, see beyond this illusion, understand all is ONE and most certainly ALL IS GOD which in my book is good loving and lucid living.

Namaste, All is ONE, be the ONE.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Religion vs Gnosis...'Illuminati battle'.

A few days back I found myself in conversation with my wife discussing awareness and the meaning of life. The book I had been reading the past few days was by philosopher/stand up comic Timothy Freke, " The laughing Jesus ". Later in the afternoon I found myself trying to remember a poem I had written when I was sixteen. These three experiences caused me to reflect on the destructive role modern religion plays in the manifestation of the illusion we consider as life.
It is now more than thirty years since I wrote that poem, for the life of me I can't remember it's entirety. However, I do remember the beginning which speaks volumes to the subject at hand. It went something like this.


Who am I?
I am a man, no more no less.
I have entered this world, no though no dress.
What am I?
Am I a destroyer, or a creator to be?
An endless question which puzzles me.

The rest of this poem I guess is lost to the ages, consigned to float around the ethos for someone else to grab. If we look to the seeds of thought which created that poem we find the church.
I grew up with Catholicism being a strong influence. I attended a Catholic elementary school run by nuns. Church every Sunday, waiting for confessional, never to be missed.
Always we were taught of a God which resides outside of us. Wielding his mighty power with great precision, knowing your every move. God, sitting in judgement of your every infraction.
We learned only a select few would earn the right to enter the pearly gates of heaven. Purgatory or hell met those who could not find salvation. We knew of a jealous God who would never accept any other God to stand in his place. Moreover we were taught to love, honor and cherish this almighty God.
The bible, we were told, reflects the words of God expressed through the life of his only son Jesus. Jesus, born of a virgin, who died on the cross in order to save our filthy perverted souls from the original sin which lies in every man. From the perspective of a sixteen year old boy it all seemed quite simple.

You have one life, which will end one of three ways, heaven, hell or purgatory. You better get it right, so help you God.

Catholic indoctrination helped create the opening statements made in the poem. Shameful sentiments, offering up illusion, dis empowerment and fear. To consider oneself a man no more, no less is such a far cry from the truth of the eternal Atman we are.
To believe oneself to be born into a cruel world naked and helpless is another sick illusion borne from the Sunday sermons.
The second part of the poem reflects the role television played in covering the Vietnam conflict. Growing up in the cold war era, Reagan at helm, it seemed "the button" was on every ones mind. The biggest fad of the sixties was to create a bomb shelter readied with provisions in wait of the inevitable nuclear attack. There was little to inspire confidence until the Hippy movement saved the day. Peace and love thawed the world, you could feel fear slipping away. The love and peace slogan offers up a glimpse into evolutionary changes which await mankind in the near future. Let us look briefly at religion, it's effects on the world.
What is behind the tenets of Judaism, Christianity and Islam?
If we accept all action is a reflection of motive then one must not be afraid to search out probable motive.
Each of the three religions have their revered works, the Tanakh established between 167 and 164 bce. The Holy Bible compiled essentially between 100 and 300 ce. Finally the Holy Qur'an written by Mohammed from 610 to 632 ce. In the book "The Laughing Jesus", Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy do a fantastic job exposing each holy book for the phony contrivances they are. Further to the point the authors highlight how each of these religions use fear to exact control over great populations. None of us need a history lesson to realise more wars have been fought over religious faith than all other reasons combined. Each religion teaches we are separate individuals obedient to a single God. We are taught the illusion of birth and death. Exposed is the need to live by the virtues of the "good book" for the benefit of eternal salvation. Each of the faithful flock learn their path to salvation is the only true path. From the seeds of separation a world biased toward fear, hate and intolerance has become manifest.
If you consider the possibility one of these religions expounds a verifiable path to salvation, it then stands to reason all others must be wrong. Obviously there is a great deal on the line here for each adherent.
No sane argument can be made to deny the fact these religions have been a cancer on the global community. Looking into history we see Gnosis was the precursor to the creation of these three literalistic religions.
Gnosis is the true understanding of Oneness. This connection to the ONE affords the individual the understanding of peace and love. Gnosis gives rise to the individual as the true Christ self. Obviously, it would be very hard to create a flock of followers if you exposed the truth that each of the faithful is in fact God incarnate.

Each of these three religions used a holy book to correct and escape this uncomfortable concept of God self. In each book God was made to become a masculine being of infinite capacity ruling over the insignificant man. God became the saviour, offering up heavenly glory as consolation to the trials of earthly life. In a short period of a few hundred years each religion became a great power in the influence of day to day life.
The rules of religion are designed to use the carrot and stick to dominate and enslave the thoughts and actions of mankind. If we were to have lived the last fifteen hundred years with Gnosis instead of literalist religion imagine how different the world would be. Just think how powerful mankind would be if our goal were to understand ONEness. Imagine if every person in the world were to treat his enemy as he would his brother. How different would our society would have turned out if we had embraced truth, love and the ONE God self instead of lies, fear and separation. Seventeen hundred years ago the Gnostics lost the attention of the dying Roman Empire. In lieu of Gnostic truth the Roman Catholic church was created thus catapaulting religion into the forefront of man's consciousness.
The jealous God began his destruction of truth, love was replaced it with fear and domination. History has recorded the annihilation of Gnostic truth at the hands of literalist zealots. Great libraries were destroyed, every reference to gnostic truth was systematically destroyed throughout the western world. As these great nations developed power they went on to conquer the world in the name of their God. It came to pass Gnostic truth found in native cultures around the world was wiped out in the name of religion.
Given the choice of religion or Gnosis which would you prefer? to aide in this choice let us seek out the differences as defined in " The Laughing Jesus ".

1./ Gnostics teach us the important thing is to wake up and experience Gnosis
for ourselves. Literalists teach us the important thing is to blindly believe in
religious dogmas.
2./ Gnostics interpret their teachings as signposts
pointing to the experience of awakening. Literalists see their teaching as
literally the only truth their is.
3./ Gnostics use symbolic parables to
communicate the way we can wake up. Literalists mistake Gnostic myths for
literal accounts of miraculous historical events and end up lost in irrational
4./ Gnostics know that all books contain the words of men.
Literalists believe that sacred scripture is the word of God.
5./ Gnostics
understand that the way the wisdom of awakening is expressed must constantly
evolve to address the ever changing human condition. Literalists want a fixed
cannon of scripture which has absolute authority for all time.
6./ Gnostics
want us to think for ourselves, so that we become more conscious and wake up.
Literalists want us to believe what they believe, so that we will join their
7./ Gnostics understand that life itself is a process of awakening.
Literalists believe their particular religion is the only way to the truth and
condemn everyone else as lost in diabolical error.
8./ Gnosticism is about
waking up from the illusion of separateness to ONEness and love. Literalism
keeps us asleep in an "us vs them" world of division and conflict, inhabited by
the "chosen" and the "damned".
9./ Gnosticism unites us. Literalism divides

Understanding the nature of these dogmas one would suspect that mankind would naturally graduate toward Gnostic truth in favor of literalist maya.

Why then did Gnosticism become the lost tradition and literalism hold fast and flourish?

Now we come to the point of motive? Who was behind this madness?
It is common knowledge the Roman Catholic church is the spiritual arm of the Illuminati control structure. Remember the roots of the Illuminati predate the Egyptian era. This is an important consideration as it highlights as fact the Illuminati presence for over three thousand years prior to the construction of the Tanakh. The Illuminati envisioned religion as the perfect tool for their race to dominate the will of mankind. These holy books are obviously contrivances of a group whose primary goal is to dominate and enslave the sleeping masses. No one in their right mind could read any of these 'holey' books without being disgusted by the violence, hate and separatism they promote.
My grandfather had a favorite saying " what goes around comes around ". The Gnostic truth has never died, the time to experience ONEness is now. Evolvers around the world, like you, are breaking the grip of religion in favor of Gnostic love. Illuminati control will fade into history, understood by our grandchildren to be the vehicle necessary to aide mankind in search of truth and enlightenment.
There is only one truth, that truth will set us free. It is time for everyone to "wake up", embrace ONEness love your enemy.