Saturday, 12 September 2015

Ego... The Beast Within Our Minds...

Ego, an enigma whose philosophical expanse proves one of the most challenging subjects for budding illuminators to effectively sort through. When tackling this topic, the adherent will discover the vast majority of Ego related literature, as provided by the world of psychology, sociology and new age funkiness, does little to clear muddy waters. Having sifted through many sources; there are a few valuable references I choose to hang my hat upon, these being; the teachings of don Juan Matus, Gnostic texts, philosophy of the ancient Greeks, and the meanderings of a few modern philosophers like Bill Hicks or Timothy Freke, who slightly touch upon the caustic nature of Ego. From the big screen; we can investigate Guy Ritchie's classic movie "Revolver" whereby a fantastic job of illustrating ego at play was constructed. Because Ego plays an all encompassing role in our lives, I point to these few works as a fantastic place to establish a foothold into the unruly subject of Ego. You may ask; what is the benefit of chasing this old Tiger? Consider this simple observation; in the forest of consciousness, Ego is, by far, the most elusive and dangerous of beasts.

What dangers do we speak of?

Ego appears to us as a tangible construct responsible for framing the human experience in such a way that we are encouraged to adopt a belief structure of separation, physicality, death, and the little "I". Ego, by confounding our sense of reality and reason, supports the experience of a material world which, in turn, keeps humanity from discovering our true GodSelf nature as the ultimate, indivisible, eternal, singularity. The experience of time and space are manipulated by Ego, in so much as, the focus of humanity most often is unwittingly funnelled into the past or future whilst forsaking the glory of the now moment. We find Ego also serves as the underlying current responsible for transporting humanity into the domain of fear, expectation, hope and despair. Ego prevents us from breaking through the many barriers of illusion, it hobbles our sense of possibility. Moreover, in the lives of us all, ego acts as the primary catalyst of chaos.

What is the origin of Ego?

This qualifying question of Ego's origin opens for me a Pandora's box of possibility, of which, I may never close. However difficult the query, there are a few interesting suppositions which, possibly, might shed some light on the topic. The Gnostics believed there exists two primary forces guiding consciousness expression; the first being the Goddess Sophia, creator of our universe. Aided by her subservient Goddesses and Gods, Sophia is responsible for guiding humanity toward light and love. The Gnostics believed the unadulterated path of humanity is to express our GodSelf nature. Adherents of the Gnostic philosophy, like us today, needed to explain why chaos seems to represent such a large portion of the human experience. Their conclusion was to point toward the antithesis of Sophia, which they suggested was represented by a force called the "Archons." Their belief structure argued that the Archonic expression represented a ubiquitous force of nature responsible for clouding the collective mind of humanity, in so much as, we are unable to identify with our true nature as Sophia's GodSelf progeny. Gnostic texts paint a compelling picture of good and evil constantly at odds in a race to gain the seat of consciousness.

Closer reflection of Gnostic assertions leaves me with the realisation that the force of Sophia represents the greater GodSelf "I", while the Archons are akin to what we would consider the Ego, or the small "I". Gnostic truth, in my opinion, maintains that the Archons, like everything in our universe, originates from the Sophia creation. Archonic service to Sophia enables humanity the ability to experience duality so that we may observe choice as the fundamental core of how we manifest consciousness in the material world. Investigation into their philosophy could lead one to assume Ego, at the very least, represents the antithesis of love. If we are to accept the Gnostic rendition of humanity being subjected to ethereal benefactors, in addition to, nefarious assailants, then, we certainly will ascribe Archons the role of God busters. Ego's part in the cosmic dance is somewhat easier to pin down than it's origin. However, if the Gnostics were right, then we can believe the presence of Ego to be an indivisible part of consciousness, eternal in nature, very much a function of our 'perceived' reality.

Much like the Gnostic assessment, we find don Juan Matus expressed Ego in terms of a separate being responsible for twisting the way humanity sees consciousness unfold. Matus used the term "Fliers" to describe what one would assume is the antithesis of our true GodSelf nature. Below is a quote from don Juan Matus clearly describing, to his protege,  the predatory nature of the Fliers.  

I want to appeal to your analytical mind. Think for a moment, and tell me how you would explain the contradiction between the intelligence of man the engineer and the stupidity of his systems of beliefs, or the stupidity of his contradictory behaviour. Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of beliefs, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores. They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure. They have given us covetousness, greed, and cowardice. It is the predators who make us complacent, routinary, and egomaniacal."

"In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous maneuver; stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous maneuver from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now."

Matus could not be more precise in his description as he offers Carlos Castaneda a purview into the alternate, or Egoic Self. Like the Gnostics, Matus unequivocally defines the Fliers as separate beings, acting as infiltrators, manipulators, and deceivers of the higher human expression. Don Juan leaves little doubt as to the role Fliers play in striking down any attempt a sorcerer's adherent would make toward exposing their domain, or understanding their modus operandi.

Don Juan emphatically instructs Castaneda that, of all his teachings, nothing is more important to the man of knowledge than the subject of Fliers. 

Speaking to the origin of the Fliers, don Juan suggests they have always been part of the greater landscape of humanity. Furthermore, don Juan indicates the tapestry of illusion, as conveyed by Archons, represent an inescapable function of consciousness. Matus speaks of seeing the Flier overtake an infant child, his visions reflecting upon the disquiet of knowing the child's true sense of reality has been hijacked, never to be freed unless the child learns the sorcerer's way of knowledge.  

To me; the most exciting part of Matus's revelations define exactly how the Archonic parasitic presence dominates the mind of all humans. The aforementioned quote represents only a small slice of what Matus offers as a clear, unequivocal, peek into the predatory mind which we all unwittingly use to filter our reality. The best way I could illustrate the gist of the Matus revelations, is to suggest you acknowledge that all you see, think, and feel, is filtered through the Archon mind. What you describe as your mind, your experiences, your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, are not your own. You only think they are! Paint a composite of the "I" you see in the mirror, you will be directing attention to your Archon.

You think this Archon is you, but it is not!

By example of the Matus assertions, readers of the "Yaqui Way of Knowledge" discover many exciting revelations as the author, Castaneda, moves beyond the unveiling of his own personal curtain of Archonic deceit. Under the tutelage of Matus; Castaneda discovers a strikingly different reality, one which very few people are privileged to entertain. Castaneda soon learns the natural laws of the universe no longer apply. Space, time, physicality take on new meanings. Like Alice in Wonderland; all is not as one would expect in this menagerie of spiritual bliss.

Doors open to expose new found powers of perception, all life unifies as one for Castaneda. The wolf, coyote and eagle become his true brethren as he imbibes of their spirit running through canyons, soaring high above the desert below. Miracles of the GodSelf bring to light bizarre abilities Castaneda never knew existed. Casteneda learns how to be in two places at once, to travel thousands of kilometers in seconds and to discover full harmony with all living beings. Take heed to the lessons of Matus, you too will come to accept that the essence of your persona is, a mirror of lies, a betrayal to your true nature. More to the point, what you glean as the 'real' you is in fact a very pale reflection of your potential as a God realised being.

Against the Grain:

Although both the Gnostic texts and the great don Juan seem to agree that Ego represents an actual entity responsible for separating humanity from knowing it's proper role as a GodSelf singularity, I find myself both agreeing and disagreeing with their analysis.

I agree ego prevents humans from knowing their true identity. However, I beg to differ when we attempt to establish Ego as a physical entity existing separate from the GodSelf. There are a few reasons to explain my conviction.

Firstly; most importantly, the crux of my own philosophy balances on the theory all manifest reality is a singularity. Therefore, nothing whatsoever can exist separate from unity consciousness. Although the Gnostic definition of the Archon presence as a function of Sophia's divine plan tends to agree with this theory, Matus, it would appear suggests otherwise.

Secondly; it stands to reason that if a Gnostic teacher, or in this case, don Juan Matus, wishes to identify a certain facet of consciousness, then this aspect must be separated for identification. Matus, like many sorcerers and philosophers, expose the mechanics of our persona as a way to define, for the benefit of all, how Ego manifests control. Logic would suggest, the most effective way to qualify Ego would be to expose it as existing separate from the greater whole. If this be the case, possibly Matus and my own theories, although appearing separate, are in accord.

Thirdly; our reality expresses itself as a duality. Therefore, inherent in consciousness, we must be a able to discover an opposing force to GodSelf realisation. Ego, I believe, is that force. In my humble opinion, Ego is a natural, and essential, part of consciousness. Ego represents an integral aspect of human evolution. Therefore, it must be considered a unified partner in the reality experience. Similes and metaphors are often needed to assist in constructing a complete picture of esoteric reality. I believe don Juan and the Gnostics used Fliers and Archons as a viable concrete path toward expressing Ego in terms spiritual initiates could reflect upon, defend against, then gain knowledge from.

Be it separate from the self, or part of the greater whole, we can all agree on one truth, Ego dominates our expression of reality, Ego manifests fear, hope, desire, lust, it promulgates greed, envy and dovetails with spirit in the, most beautiful, dance of consciousness. Ego truly represents all of the base emotions we experience daily, yet, it's presence is understandable, necessary to drive the vehicle of choice.

Ego in Our World:

However we align with his views, don Juan Matus has succinctly and eloquently defined the role of Ego. Simply stated, we are God, a singular, eternal, expression of love. However, the role of Ego is to trick us into believing ourselves to be fleshy mortals. Cohabiting in the material world, fighting for survival, while racing against an inevitable expiry date. In light of the chaos we experience, who could deny consciousness is caught in the web of Ego's illusion. Don Juan was a phenomenal sorcerer, just from one small excerpt of his teachings we can glean a wealth of knowledge about Ego. Let us take a closer look at what he has to say.

"I want to appeal to your analytical mind. Think for a moment, and tell me how you would explain the contradiction between the intelligence of man the engineer and the stupidity of his systems of beliefs, or the stupidity of his contradictory behavior."

How do we account for the contradiction of man's intelligence, juxtaposed, to collective behaviour of mankind? We know the nature of the atom, over 100 years past scientists, using the double slit experiment, exposed the truth of our reality. Einstein clearly stated "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one". Knowing the material world is illusory should have completely changed our way of life, it should have created a flood of scientific truth all pointing directly at the GodSelf and unity consciousness.

What happened?

Over millennia, countless philosophers, sorcerers, and spiritual practitioners, have illuminated a clear path for all of us to follow. Do we heed their wisdom? No, we instead choose to fumble along in darkness, absolutely refusing to open our eyes. We consider ourselves an intelligent race. Yet, we somehow deem it proper to accept over one billion of our brethren will starve to death, and over 3 billion will subsist on less than three dollars per day. We are the only species which acts as a cancer upon the planet. Is it not odd that we seem oblivious to this destructive path. Our consumptive insanity is ubiquitous throughout all facets of reality. The land, water, air, plants, animals, even our brethren, all succumb to the destruction of Homo Sapiens. Ponder seriously some of the following queries.

Does this Archonic reality represent the true nature of humanity, or, is there something more we can aspire to? Is there some great power we have yet to consider or develop?

There seems no end to the stupidity of human expression. No foreseeable abatement to the destruction of our world. Moreover, no semblance to our obviously true GodSelf nature as conduits of unconditional love. Why is this the reality we choose?

Contradictions in the human expression abound. Yet, we seem incapable of processing the real reality hidden beneath this contagious exterior. I ask you, is it not be reasonable to assume scientific knowledge alone should have directed us toward love and unity consciousness?

Does it make sense that we all envision a more compassionate world. However, somehow, our collective choices continually take us in a completely different direction?

Why do you think we all want love but find it almost impossible to grasp?

There is an elephant in the room, ironically, no one seems capable of acknowledging its presence. Imagine, your neighbour is a murdering fool who destroys everything he touches. This neighbour visits your home, steals the silverware, rapes your daughter, stabs your wife, then walks out the door after lighting the curtains on fire. Responding to the mayhem, do you invite him over for dinner the very next week, or, do you immediately put a stop to the chaos, correct the damage, then take care of your family? I concede to you, this scenario seems ridiculous on a personal scale. Yet, globally, you must realise, week after week, we are choosing to have the neighbour over for dinner?

Matus urges us to remember Ego is not just the little voice in our head, it represents much more than a few untoward thoughts.

  • We fail to see the Godself reality hidden behind the physical plane of Ego. Against the teachings of modern day science, we trust our world is solid, separate, molecular. Egoic expression traps us in a physical shell, ego leaves us shackled to a very limited reality. In the absence of Ego, we would be free to experience any reality we wish. How would you like to experience the world through the eyes of an eagle, a wolf, cat, or bask in the lifeblood of a large oak tree?

  • Ego causes us to see all manifest reality as separate little bits and pieces. The illusion of separation makes it impossible for us to comprehend that our brethren are truly not separate from ourselves. Imagine how the world would be a completely different experience if we all understood the true nature of unity consciousness.

  • Humanity is confused about time. Ego has us believe past, present and future are all different aspects of beingness, when in fact, time, like consciousness itself, is a singularity. Imagine how much more beautiful our world would be if we could comprehend the immortal nature of our true self.

  • What if we lived in a world no longer be limited by the sense of a singular body? We are omnipresent GodSelf beings. We are more than capable of being in many places at once. Time and space, as fed to us by Ego, gives us the impression of solidity, this is not our true nature.

  • We call ourselves humans. Yet, the truth of the matter is, we are Gods. This little "I" syndrome, presented to us by Ego, destroys our ability to love without condition. Hobbled like a prize pony, we know not of the sensibility of sharing and caring for all our brethren. Know thyself! There is no other more beautiful, more sacred, more deserving of love, than you!

  • Look out the window of your world. Humanity is driven by fear. Ego is the derivative of all fear. Move away the illusions created by Ego, you will determine fear has been dispatched in favour of unconditional love. How would your world change if love became the only basis for all your decisions? 

  • Judgement is contagious in our world. Imagine, if we could all jettison the need to weigh good against bad. Ego prevents us from knowing that the brother we hate, is none other than, a reflection of ourselves.

  • Ego coops the unified GodSelf mind, then replaces it with the false self of Ego. However, Ego, like all visitors, can be asked to leave. We are so confused into believing in the little "I", we never touch the true self, never know the glory of our primary identity. Remember what Matus said; "They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind."

  • Death, need, desire, greed, all rule the human expression. What if, we could transcend these concepts? What if, we knew ourselves to be eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent, unified as a singular beingness which chooses to only embrace love? What if we knew our enemies as yet another reflection of God, another reflection of our own self. 

Beyond The Beast:

We need not be handcuffed to the realm of Ego. Collectively, we can transition beyond Ego. The path toward sanity is easier than one might imagine. Scientific footholds can be learned, knowledge can be accrued, reason can be applied, logic can be embraced. However, is this enough? To answer this most important question, I can offer two points of view; the master sorcerer Matus and yours truly.

Don Juan Matus proved the Ego can be harnessed, tamed and ridden. His "Yaqui Way Of Life" illustrates the results that can be realized if one is truly dedicated to the path of what he called "The Way of the Warrior". Matus shows us the beauty of a sorcerer's world. Castaneda's books unequivocally illustrate that don Juan Matus lived his life under the rules and actions of an impeccable man. Reading the Castaneda series leaves you breathless, tearful. Most importantly, it emboldens you with love. Therefore, if it is your desire to know Ego, I suggest you start with the gift of Matus's love, then, set your sights upon being a spiritual warrior, a person of impeccable behaviour.

Exposing my person battle with the beast is guaranteed to benefit you much less than the teachings of don Juan. None the less, it is certainly worthy of mention, as my path may be more akin to what you are facing this day.

For most of my life; I never knew what Ego was all about, never even knew of it's existence. The movie Revolver does a great job of presenting Ego, especially as it places, front and center, the need to know thy enemy. We see the main character being released from his inner turmoil the minute he becomes capable of identifying his EgoSelf.

Like the fictional character in Revolver, ignorance of my EgoSelf, left me defenseless to combat the awful side effects of Ego's attacks. How could I know there was a demon lurking within my mind? The beast just had his way with me! It was my master! The little monkey coloured my world with fear, all the while, stripping love from every corner of my reality. By the time I was twenty, I knew love was the missing ingredient in my life. Life for me was horrible. Without the ability to lovingly connect with others, I felt abandoned, cold, homeless. To overcome this loss, I set my sights on learning what love was. Moreover, how was it maintained, why it was so inexplicably elusive. Looking for a definition of love, I found myself traipsing across hills and dales of spiritual wonderment. Puzzling together impressions of love, inevitably, pushed me in the direction of Love's antithesis, which, as I have been intoning in this essay, is Ego.

From my humble, yet personally enlightening, experience, I advocate your first step in fighting the beast is to know your enemy. We can only defeat the things we know. Ignorance breeds fear, fear paralyses all action. The moment you accept within your heart that there does lie a beast, this is the turning point where you finally begin the path toward emancipation from its grasp. Having accepted the truth of your reality, you then must reach for all the information which may shed further light on how your inner demon dominates your reality. The more you know of this enemy, the better armed you will be to counter his threat, or even defeat him in battle.

Once you have learned enough to wage war on the beast, then you must establish a game plan for combating the endless attacks on you psyche. Personal experience has afforded me a small toolbox of fixes for battling Ego. Knowledge truly is power, I would advise you to never stop searching for more information on how Ego works. Truly, you will never know too much about Ego. Another wonderful tool I found was my observer self. If I consider there are three voices in my head, I would call these voices, my EgoSelf, GodSelf and ObserverSelf. All three are very real; all three perform a function in my personal dance of consciousness.

Ego runs the show by taking up most of my daily thoughts. I allow it to dominate the expression of my reality, as a result it does. Waking up in the morning, I am transfixed by the world of Ego, I see physicality, separation, need, and the clock ticking on the wall.

My GodSelf is a powerful benefactor, it clears the darkness. Whereby, it allows me to expand my world, beckons me to bask in my true identity by embracing unconditional love in lieu of the fear peddled by its nemesis, Ego. The problem with my GodSelf is that I rarely ask it to take over control of the reality reigns. Due to its cameo appearance in my life, my Godself fulfills the role of stabilizer, akin to an emergency relief pitcher, trying to save the day by striking out Ego's heavy bat. However minimal the appearance of my GodSelf may be, it plays a critical role in allowing me to capture, embrace, and covet my true identity as a loving being who chooses to unconditionally accept all manifest reality. Reflecting upon an old saying, I would not trade all the tea in China for the loss of knowing that my GodSelf reality exists.

The third player in my mind, is the ObserverSelf. The Observer is my watchdog, it needs to be fed regularly. I feed my Observer by asking it to work. Its duty is simple, it must constantly be in contact with my conscious higher self so that it can act as a filter sorting out the constant horriblising Ego promulgates in my mind.

I always deal with mental chatter from Ego. My observer is like the alarm bell that rings when carbon monoxide is detected in a building. Without that vigilant alarm, I would perish to the wiles of an unseen killer. When Ego pushes me around, my Observer is responsible for making sure that, before the smell reaches my nose, I am already aware that the shit has hit the fan.

By example, if I find myself in a funk, all worked up over how I am going to pay the bills or feed my family when I have just lost my job. Ego will pound at my head and heart making me feel powerless, desperate, needy. This is not just me tearing at an old scab, this is my EgoSelf abusing the privileges I have afforded it. The Observer is vigilant, he knows this is an attack of Ego, he acts at my behest acting as a beacon, steering me toward the safe haven of my GodSelf spirit. My Observers steadfast presence, once again, allows me the chance to catch a breath so that I can transcend the maya presented by Ego.

For those of you who have never established an ObserverSelf as part of your working psyche, it must be neigh on impossible to envision the benefits gained by its presence. From my perspective, I cannot grasp how I could have ever managed Ego without my trusty ObserverSelf ally.

Possibly, the greatest ally in my struggles against Ego, is the knowledge that there does exist another GodSelf reality.

Moreover, that I can choose to dwell in whichever house I desire. I have known what life is like when I allow EgoSelf to run amok, unabated. It is not a pretty sight. Conversely, I know how life can be expressed when seen through the eyes of my GodSelf. The brilliant, unabated, bliss of the GodSelf is truly inexpressible. If nothing else has been gained, these gifts of experiencing the two contrasting realities has taught me that I can exercise choice.

Prior to knowing Ego, I was a victim to its contrivances. I was lost, blind, hopelessly defeated by its presence. Identifying the beast represents a single aspect of fighting the battle. One needs the knowledge of the GodSelf to understand the contrast. For, without that knowledge, one cannot entertain the alternative. We have been mentally programmed by society to believe in lies. Our societal masters know this truth will emancipate the human race, it will free us from the bonds of ritualistic debt slavery. The powers that be, have deliberately constructed a world of fear, competition, consumerism and ignorance. They are counting on distractions, lethargy and ignorance to keep us in check. They think we will fold under the weight of oppression. This is not our destiny. We are more, we are GodSelf beings. Knowledge has shed light on my true beingness, it has afforded me the most valuable of all gifts, the gift of choice.

Grace, serenity and courage are also tools which cannot be under emphasized.

Grace is needed to allow me to accept that, although I have been duped by corporate masters who have conspired to enslave humanity, I cannot debase myself with thoughts of anger, retribution or hate. I have also needed a heaping helping of grace to accept my faults. Without grace, I would never be able to come to terms with the obvious reality that Ego, is still the prime driver of my present day expression of reality.

I am no don Juan Matus, never will be. However, this is not important. What matters is that I try my best each day, then, accept the results, love and cherish the Self. My goal is to live the life of an impeccable man! This is my destiny as I have chosen to be a spiritual warrior. I have discovered the battle will never end. My EgoSelf is a great part of who I am today. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume, EgoSelf will be a lifelong partner. Ego is nothing to be ashamed of. Ego is my teacher, it constantly demands I better myself. By presenting maya, ego asks me to reach for greater realms of reality, pursue, without pause, a path toward unconditional love.

Serenity, like all aspects of emotion, is a choice. Ego will always create strife, it is up to me, and my ObserverSelf, to always seek balance, to observe, then choose my true nature. Serenity will enable my ability to embrace all actions which promote love. There must be a place of peace within the self. I have found the thoughts of a running river most quickly allow me balance. For you, there may be another source of serenity. Whatever, or wherever, it is, as spiritual warriors, we need respite from chaos.

Courage is another tool in the box of sanity. Not just ordinary courage. I have found the courage of a lion is essential for any chance at embracing unconditional love. EgoSelf heaps fear into my psyche daily, hourly, hell every minute is not an exaggeration. It takes an inordinate amount of courage to continue to love myself, my friends, acquaintances and especially my enemies. EgoSelf sets me up for failure on a daily basis. I fall, get up, then dust myself off, Over and over, I reach for a well of courage that insists I stand again to rebuff its accusations. EgoSelf will never stop visiting my home, I must have the courage to steadfastly resist its directives.

The House You Build: 

There are two homes that I can create for myself and family. The EgoSelf wishes for me to live in a house built of fear. Society, believe it or not, also wants me to live in this same seedy domain.

Point of fact, I do live in a hovel. My home is littered with the decaying matter of slayed beasts. I struggle to beat down all comers, to conquer my fear. All in favour of embracing, love, unconditionally.

Does this make me less of a beautiful person?

Does this mean that my true GodSelf reality is unattainable?

The answer to these questions depends on which me you ask. My EgoSelf would complacently suggest.

Don't worry amigo, all is in hand, you will never dwell in peaceful love, it's just not meant to be. 

My GodSelf knows only unconditional love; therefore it would state the obvious.

Damn idiot all is love, stop searching, stop judging, just BE what you are, be love.

My ObserverSelf would flatly state.

Dude, I am overworked and underpaid here. Go ask your GodSelf, he has nothing better to do than slap some sense into your silly head.

This I have learned. Every moment of the day, thoughts run through my mind. Each thought will be infused with emotions and feelings which will directly impact my experience of reality. Each thought might be best described as a physical brick in the construct of my world. My Observer is needed to filter my thoughts so that I can be aware of what is running through the mill.

Each thought based in fear will certainly make grander the mansion EgoSelf has created.

Each thought based in unconditional love will allow me to construct a house build on the tenets of GodSelf love.

Ask anyone what house they wish to live in! To a person, they will choose love. You know what we all want. Now, look around. How many homes of love do you see?

The house of love will never be a mansion, unless, I deliberately choose to manufacture bricks of love. My most popular choice, if I am honest, is to accept that I presently construct bricks of fear. Without first admitting the error of my ways, I will never seed the path of change in my crazy world. I accept my faults, I love myself, then rededicate all efforts to the task at hand. One brick at a time, I choose to build love. Every single step toward unconditional love, is a giant leap for mankind. It matters not how many steps I take in my life. What is important, is that I choose a direction, then remain relentless in choosing love. This, my dear friends is what it means to be a man of honour, compassion, and love. The great don Juan Matus would then refer to me as, a man of impeccability.

In Lak'ech, dearest brethren, prosper with knowledge... live with love...

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Philo Sophia, of the infinite self...

Hail Sophia, Goddess of wisdom, bearer of light!

Ancient Greeks displayed an insatiable passion for wisdom, they devoured the intellect with a zeal unmatched in the annals of societal history. Greek inventiveness, coupled with a thirst for knowledge, gave rise to many advances responsible for enhancing the quality of modern life. Where would we be today without Greek contributions in mathematics, astrology, cartography, the arts, medicine, most importantly, philosophy?

Philo Sophia, directly translates into the love of wisdom, it stands as the hallmark of all that was ancient Greece. From a Greek perspective, nothing was deemed more righteous than the pursuit of wisdom. What treasures drove thousands of Greek philosophers to remain faithful to their Goddess?

First breath of Sophia's spirit can be discerned from noting the etymology of the word philosophy. Hundreds of years before Christ was to have walked the earth, people of knowledge known as "Sophists" traveled throughout Greece. Encouraged by their role as teachers, these sages of the day were most often found, orating, debating, instructing, and in most cases, arguing with love in their hearts, countless points of philosophical reason. Greeks acknowledged two types of sages:

Sophists (Professional Wisdoms) were sages which demanded payment for the knowledge they dispensed.

Contrarily, there were also "Philo Sophists" (Gift Wisdoms) which freely dispensed knowledge as a means of sharing their love of wisdom, freely, to all within the realm.

Looking a little deeper into the etymological rabbit hole, it is very interesting to also note the definition of Sophist is one who is associated with moral skepticism, as well, specious reasoning. Moreover, a Sophist was known to be a deceiver, a manipulator of logic. Whereas, more often than not, their fallacious arguments served a malignant cause.

The Greeks were wise to denote the specific role both money, and love, play in ones path toward wisdom. Coining Shakespeare; herein lies the rub. True love can seek only one path. Either we search for physical wealth, or we hunt down knowledge, we cannot attain both. Surely, we can enjoy a comfortable life, whilst gaining knowledge. However, in our heart, the deepest yearning must be one of discovery.

The prefix Philo translates into "the love of". Greek love of Sophia, or love of wisdom, represented for all citizenry, the key to true personal growth. No person instilled with wisdom, will determine value in money or fame. True wisdom transcends all egoic limitations. The Greeks understood, the discovery of ones true nature is the only valid expression of a bona fide philosopher. Having discovered a taste for discerning truth beyond illusion, Greek philosophers were compelled to dedicate their lives to advanced learning. Carrying the definition of philosophy forward into the realm of modern online dictionaries, I have teased together, for your consideration, the following compilation.

Philosophy: The loving pursuit of wisdom, whereby, one affects an intellectual unbiased interrogation of reality whilst maintaining a code of moral self discipline.

Most people are convinced the domain of philosophy is restricted to the purview of great thinkers, the likes of Plato or Aristotle. We fail to acknowledge Plato, like all children, fumbled through youthful ignorance. Teenage uncertainty, masked by petulant bravado, must have plagued Aristotle much the same as it ravages all teens today. Einstein could not speak until he was four, nor read until he was seven, In fact, for the longest time, his parents thought he was mentally handicapped. Isaac Newton failed at school. Newton was so incompetent running the family farm, his father sent him off to Cambridge, just to get him out of the way.

Finally, Newton blossomed into one of the greatest scholars of his day. Socrates, regarded as an immoral corrupter of youth, was sentenced to death by his intellectual peers. Dostoevsky, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and Sartre suffered greatly in their endeavor to philosophically enlighten us from a perspective of existentialism. Investigating the cross section of great philosophers, one discovers more than a fair share of misfits, miscreants and social bumblers. The point I am whittling away at is, deep within each of us, grains of philosophical sand are begging to form pearls of personal wisdom.

Further to this point, I advocate we are all philosophical beings by nature. Driving home the issue, I ask you to reach far back into your archives of childhood memories. Do you not see yourself as a young child intellectually interrogating reality? Can you see, within the heart of your child self, a loving pursuit of wisdom? Do you not live your life with a code of moral self discipline? Look into the eyes of any toddler, can you not see the philosopher within?

If we agree it is the curious nature of young children which lends them to philosophically devour their world, then we must ask ourselves, why does this aspect of our personality become dormant as we age? Unraveling the mystery of inquisitiveness lost, requires we look closely at the thoughts, feelings and emotions residing within our heart. Having affected, even briefly, an investigation into the core of our being, most will discover alien forces have supplanted their desire to seek wisdom. This indictment of our character, harsh as it may seem, does not infer adults are incapable of philosophical thought. Nor does it suggest alien beings have co opted our sense of intrigue. I carefully use the word alien to illustrate the desires we covet appear foreign, or at the very least, in contrast, to what one would consider the natural path of personal and societal evolution. If we agree alien indicates, not of the self, then we must also concur external programming at the hands of our educators, television, main stream media, religion, government, friends, parents, and family verily do represent the signposts we use to define our character and environment.

Where did that desire for knowledge go?

We have been trained to believe learning starts and ends with the education system. The farther we delve into post secondary education, the more assured we are of having completed our course of personal discovery. We assume maths, science, English, and a little geography is all that is needed to launch our adult lives. Having graduated with a knapsack full of near useless information, we feel confidence in knowing we have prepared well for our role in the work force. Into the breach we go. Alas, we discover added knowledge must be accrued to ensure we carve out a profitable niche in the consumerist marketplace. Having beveled out a little piece of success, we arrive at the false understanding that we have learned enough to sustain our reality. Mainstream media teaches us material wealth is our raison d'etre, therefore, as soon as our checklist of success has been acquired, we assume we have fulfilled our need for wisdom. Fancy home, check, a new car, check, spouse and two point five children, got it. Finally, a loving dog in the kennel, while we sit in the holiday sun, aha, I have arrived! Having secured a foothold in society, we then occupy ourselves by seeking to increase our material status with upgrades ad infinitum.

Where, in this scenario of consumption, do we find a place in our heart for wisdom? What value is wisdom in a heart which has been trained to express an insatiable thirst for material gratification? Does this gluttony represent our true path, or is it an alien construct?

I charge you to remember, our table cannot feed both children, we must choose greed or wisdom! One child must sacrifice for another to grow, do you not agree, the child you feed is alien? Suckling the alien child starves us all. Avarice is a sin against self, family and society. Choosing to disregard philosophy will always lead to individual and societal chaos. Without knowledge, we cannot come to comprehend who we are, or why we exist. Philosophical pursuit is the only way forward, all other paths will lead to our inevitable destruction. I challenge you to look around your town, city, country, globe. Do you feel chaos is rampantly out of control? Philosophical inquiry can, and will, solve all the problems in our world. The only true course we can take is to demand an answer to three fundamental questions.

Define yourself?

Define your world?

Define your reason for being?

Can you answer the first question?

Most people, when asked to define the self, will start with a physical representation. By example, one would offer the bold statement, "I am a human man!". Pressed a little further to define self and our human man would likely resort to more detailed description, adding, "I am Christopher, I am 50 years old, I have grey hair." Pushed yet further to define the self, we discover discomfort settles over Christopher's demeanor.

"Haven't I said enough!".

Scratching his head, he clutches at straws by resorting to banal and ridiculous accreditation's, "I am a salesman, I am a Canadian!" In frustration he states. "What more is there?"

I am not concerned with what you look like, your profession, sex, colour or race. Thus far, the only statement of any merit is that you are a human man. Christopher, the question we need to answer is, what is a human? Please define yourself?

This is where the rubber hits the road, either Christopher will be left dumbfounded, or he will reach for high school science. "I am primarily carbon and water, however, I also represent, ad minutia, a bevy of many different ingredients, all found on periodic table, so there!"

I appreciate your biological constituents Christopher, however, if we look at your physique with physics in mind we can just as easily confirm, your physical representation, as Einstein would so eloquently convey, is an illusion. If you maintain your physical description is the basis of defining yourself Christopher, then, reason would suggest, you define the self as an illusion. Are you an illusion Christopher? If we agree you cannot pin your identity on a physical hook, then, I must ask you again, please define yourself?

Don't feel frustrated by the inability to hit the bulls eye. Being able to answer a question is not nearly as important as understanding the value in knowing the question must be asked. Dip your mind into the realm of philosophical pursuit, you will always find treasure. By way of example, accurately defining the self, takes us down paths which lead beyond the illusion of physicality. Whence we follow our intrigue, we discover the physical self, once considered the be all and end all of life, is merely a signature of energy which has no beginning nor end. Greek philosophers understood the path defining the self must invariably lead the adherent from insanity to sanity.

After all, what is insanity, if it not the inability to perceive reality?

Choosing to define ourselves from a philosophical perspective, we discover our true identity is consciousness. Consciousness is not set in time or space, it is an eternal expression. Consciousness has no boundaries, it is limitless, omnipotent and omnipresent. Nothing exists in the absence of consciousness, therefore, you are the totality of all manifest reality. You are the chair you sit on, the car you drive. You are the moon and the entirety of all creation, you are me. Most people would call you insane if you tried to suggest they are a tree, they would be mortified if you suggested they are a piece of shit.

They would be wrong! Of course you are a piece of shit, as well you are a rose, you are the sunset we all adore. You are the light many call God.

From this vista of sanity, you will discover your world is commanded by the insane. Unfortunately, when you do discover sanity, you find yourself alone, abandoned, trapped in a societal nightmare. Within this ghoulish creation of insanity, you will feel compelled to lovingly guide the mind programmed masses toward paths beyond the corruption of illusion, past the chains of avarice. Standing on your self created rickety dais, you will urge those within earshot to stop, look within, listen to their heart.

What lessons do we learn when we discover the true self?

I say unto you all. Whence you have touched your heart, you will find a brother in every star, a sister in every blade of grass, a mother in the earth, a father in the sun. You will reach out to all aspects of this physical reality, knowing, this is who you are. You will demand an elimination of all money, for you will realise money is an abusive tool, capable of only serving chaos. You will insist all brethren be cared for, fed, housed and loved, there can be no exception. You will eliminate the need to judge yourself, others, and your world. You will understand the paradigm of duality and know that all expressions are divine. You will have discovered darkness is the provocateur of light, whereas, all is light, all is love. You will have evolved your spirit, you will have become a Socratic student, fully knowing and accepting that you know nothing. Can we afford to deny our true nature for much longer? What happens to a society who cannot forge a path to it's true center?

Observe the relationship between our lack of knowledge and the maya expressed in our reality. Many centuries have passed since the great Alexandria library was rendered to ashes. The charring of Sophia's physical legacy merely represented the opening salvo of countless abuses against Greek wisdom. Unquestionably, Greek society has turned it's back on the Goddess Sophia. Even if the desire were present, most Greeks are too preoccupied with keeping a roof over their head to find time for luxuriating in philosophical debate. The spirit of Sophia has been steadily bred out of Greek society. Steal wisdom from a society and we release it's counterpart expression, which, in this reality, is represented by an unabated malignancy of consumerism.

Avarice of greedy fat little bankers have eviscerated Sophia. Holding our hands to our faces, we behold, with horror, the once great Sophia, helpless, drained of life, barely breathing. She is held captive in a pit of inequity that we must all accept culpability in creating! Patrons of Goddess Sophia are difficult to find in today's Greece. The love of wisdom has been relegated to the backseat of a bus driven by the urgency to survive.

How apropos it is that the fuse presently igniting the keg of global economic collapse has been lit in Greece. Fractal imagery presents to us an iconic lesson as we observe, on this day, the nation which insisted upon a philosophical foundation, should fall to it's age old nemesis as represented by the insatiable greed of ignorant men. Suicide in Greece is rampant! The average citizen cannot envision a future for themselves, their children, or their nation. The exodus has begun. However, countries like England are already pushing back. We don't want your kind here, they ardently state! Stay where you are, we are not your brethren!

Recoil as they might, soon, English residents, as well as the rest of Europeans, will experience first hand the connection between empty bellies and emigration. Bitter irony suggests my Greek brothers and sisters will never find salvation until they rekindle the damaged relationship with their Goddess Sophia. The love of Sophia was, is, and always will be, the only salvation for Greece. Point in fact, none of us are exempt, Sophia is the only ray of hope left to all humanity! What does philosophy have to do with the salvation of mankind?

Empty your pockets, fill your hearts, tell me Sophia is your Goddess.

In Lak'ech, dearest brethren, prosper in truth live with love... Philo Sophia...

Monday, 31 August 2015

The Wizard of Odd... Living With Insanity...

Look closely at our world; isn't it a weird, wacky place, plum full of oddities which are near impossible to explain? Have you ever wondered why the world outside is nothing like the existence we all claim to desire? Do you ever scratch your head asking; how did things get this way? Why is everything so terribly messed up?

Often I find myself pondering these questions?

Is there one single illustration we could conjure up to explain the mess we see, or are their a multitude of social, environmental, psychological, and intellectual factors joining together to form the perfect storm?

Having spent a fair bit of time observing our world; I believe there exists only one single overarching component to the maya we are all forced to experience. The quintessential wrench that clangs about in the mechanical gears of society wreaking organised destruction, heart wrenching devastation, and mind numbing ignorance is, in my humble opinion, the structure of elite domination as dictated by the psychopathy of fascist rule.

The three questions that beg to be answered are as follows.

1. Can we assume the human species is sane?
2. If we consider ourselves insane; how did we get this way?
3. Is our collective insanity a function of the human condition, or is it a manufactured phenomenon?

Are We Sane:

If we are to speak of insanity, it is essential to first define the parameters of what one would consider insane. We may all think we have a grip on such a simple definition however; we serve ourselves well to establish some solid benchmarks which can assist in navigating toward a clear consensus. A little assistance from Oxford dictionary can help us define some loose boundaries, then we will have to forge the balance of our definition from observing the actions and belief structure of society.

Oxford Dictionary:

1: a deranged state of the mind usually occurring as a specific disorder (as schizophrenia)
: such unsoundness of mind or lack of understanding as prevents one from having the mental capacity required by law to enter into a particular relationship, status, or transaction or as removes one from criminal or civil responsibility
a: extreme folly or unreasonableness
  b: something utterly foolish or unreasonable
4: Latin root in = not; sanus = healthy

To determine if I am insane; the questions I may entertain are as follows. 
1. Am I deranged in my mind? 
2. Does this unsoundness of mind prevent me from entering into relations, affecting transactions, or behaving in such a way that removes me from criminal or civil responsibilities?
3. Does my behaviour exhibit unreasonableness or foolishness?
4. Simply stated; am I unhealthy in my mind?

Without dragging you, the reader, into this messy assessment let me focus on my own mental well being; I believe you would concur that I do not serve myself well by lying or hiding from truth in any way. I must be honest with you, and myself, if I have any prayer of determining the true state of my mental health. As well; I must proceed slowly and with grave caution whilst, at the same time, defining the proper meaning of the terms I choose to use as descriptors of my behaviour. 

1. First question; are my mental meanderings deranged, whereas the definition of deranged is established as an abnormal or sick state of mind?

Abnormal we can define as deviating from the societal average or, what one would consider as normally accepted behaviour. Herein lies the rub; it seems Oxford dictionary, by the mere fact of using my peers as a benchmark for normalcy, has trapped me in a box. If I swim in a sea of insanity, whereas, insanity is ubiquitous throughout society, then do I proudly hold myself up as sane, merely because all my brethren have equally adulterated minds?

Or, do I evaluate my sanity with a higher function, whereas, I covet truth, beyond all illusion, as the sole benchmark used to assess the purity of my mind, in so far as, I can unequivocally state my mental meanderings are scientifically, spiritually and socially sound; ergo beyond all reprehension? I choose the latter; for it does not seem proper to state that I am not sick merely because all of my brethren are just as sick as I appear to be.

When discussing mental health, indeed there are very foggy lines being drawn. By example; if I were suffering with the flu, whilst at the same time everyone in the world were also suffering with the same ailment, then would it be proper for me to suggest my health is perfect just because the flu was prevalent throughout all society? Obviously, this rationale would not make much sense, especially as I would still be dealing with the obvious symptoms of a runny nose, achy body and all around feelings of poor health. If I were a sensible man; I would admit that I am not well, accordingly, I would attempt to convince my brethren that something should be done so that we may collectively determine good health. 
Having illustrated my point; allow me to continue with my mental assessment. Without any doubt; I must admit my thoughts are deranged, although, relative to my brethren, this behaviour may not be considered as abnormal, it none the less does emphatically point to a sickness of mind. Your interest may be piqued; what deranged thoughts are running through Chris's mind? There are many levels of mental derangement I can point at to aid in developing my prognosis however; if asked to cite a few areas of ill health, I would start with some basics. Even though I understand the role of higher learning played by ego inviting maya into my reality; I often find myself getting trapped in cycles of past and future. Knowing that past and future exist only as an illusion does not benefit me when I trespass into insanity by fretting over what may come to pass or lamenting over past opportunities which I never realised.

Another common mental deviation from sanity occurs when I find myself projecting personal failures or grievances upon external circumstance. The blame game can easily manifest when I falsely identify with this person, or that event, as an impetus behind a perceived assault upon myself or the desires I covet. The insanity of the aforementioned mental illness stands firmly against true sanity which assures me that, without exception, I am the true master and creator of all events that occur in my reality.

Conjuring up yet one more very debilitating aspect of my personal illusory insanity one can remark on the mind numbing captivation I have with death. Insane people, just like you and I, have a devil of a time coming to grips with our perceived demise. I can assure you, it is easy to think one has death in perspective however; one need only confront death face to face to discover how desperately one wants to live. The passing on of our friends and relatives also represent peak insanity experiences. We may feel we are well grounded in spiritual truths, and then whammy, someone close to us dies and we discover all sense of spiritual reason flies out the door. There are many more illusions which form the composite of non clinical insanity, some we see, others are nearly indiscernible. In conclusion I do not believe I can honestly state that I am completely free of mental derangement; although my derangement may not be abnormal, nor debilitating, it surely does represent a sickness affecting my rationale. 

2. Turning to the second part of the definition; Does this unsoundness of mind prevent me from entering into relations, affecting transactions, or behaving in such a way that leads me toward criminal or civil irresponsibility?

Pointing my ship in this direction causes me to pause. In all honesty; I do stand guilty of abdicating my criminal and civil responsibility to those I consider brothers and sisters. If I may expand a little upon how this heinous crime manifests. The best segue for the description of my course of insanity as it relates to discretion against my brethren may be highlighted by a 1917 quote from Charles F Aked.

"It has been said that  for evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing."

This subtle point of accusation carries with it a tacit understanding that each and every individual is responsible for their brethren. Individually we are weak, collectively we are a force which is unstoppable. None of us can escape the fact that, if we are not part of the solution, then we have become a willing party to fascism and the wanton destruction it wreaks upon our brethren. 

Each night I sleep in comfort while more than 40% of the global population have no adequate housing, yet I do nothing to ensure my brothers are housed. For every meal I consume, I must remember over 38% of the global population are starving to death, what have I done to raise the alarms? Should a sane person not feel more outrage? The freedom I have to travel, as afforded by my income, is enjoyed by less than 40% of the global population, the next trip I take it is worth remembering most my brethren do not enjoy such luxury. Proper education afforded my children is not available to the majority of my brethren, yet still I remain quiet. If one person should go hungry, one brother sleeps under a bridge, one sister goes without education, if any one of my brethren should live in squalor without hope, without love, am I not also culpable? Does my silence not tacitly speak to an assault upon my brethren?

The fascist train is racing down the track out of control, presently almost half the population of this world live a significantly poorer lifestyle than my pussy cat Spot. When will we break through the fog of mind programming and collectively recapture our sanity? If not now, when is a good time to take control of this screaming demonic ride of madness? We consider ourselves to be sane, however are we not abdicating our civil responsibilities to our brethren? Beyond any stretch of the imagination, I cannot see clear a way for you to convince me my behaviour is not to be considered criminal, disheartening, and grossly insane?  

3. Does my behaviour exhibit unreasonable foolishness? 

What can be said of such a loaded question? If one third of the population starves, one half the population has inadequate housing and clean water, the majority of the population live a lifestyle which we, under current laws, would be considered inhumanity to animals, what should we think? Is this what you would call sanity? Do you think I am wrong? I have a friend who is an animal health inspector, if I showed him a pig farm where the animals are starving to death, have no proper shelter, have filthy drinking water, what do you think would happen? The farmer would be criminally charged, the animals would be taken away and cared for. Our laws care for the animals we eat better than they care for the people who they are meant to feed, is this not foolish? 

Using any free and loose definition of the word unreasonable, can you say my behaviour exhibits reason. I am just covering the most basic assaults on our brethren, what about all the other atrocities, too many to mention?  What about our planet on the bring of environmental collapse? What do I do about evil deviants trading children for sex shop services? Would sane people agree to kill off the majority of the planets animal and plant species? Of course not! They poison our food, our air and water, then package the poison for our consumption, is this the act of a civilized and sane populous? 

In the face of the many obscene revelations, how do I react? I find myself conversing about silliness like who killed Nicole Simpson, I concern myself with banal events like the results of sporting matches. I watch others speculate on the price of food goods to make a buck at the expense of my brothers ability to eat. My in-actions suggest that I am placing the value of paper notes higher than the value of life itself, is this sanity? The world spins out of control and all I seem to really care about is how much excess I can amass, more toys, cars, gadgets and widgets of all sorts. To hell with my sister; this life is about ME ME ME! I consider myself part of an advanced race of highly intelligent sane individuals, yet I look around and observe us all living in a so called democratic world, are these the actions of a sane man, I think not!

I tend to look at our world much the same way I would entertain a speeding train; who, in their right mind, would stand in front of a runaway train in hopes of stopping it in it's tracks? Not I! 

The global corporate fascist regimes responsible for programming my mind has all but convince me real change is impossible, I must remember these are the same people who have a vested interest in my abeyance. Observe my willingness to comply with corporate global leaders, can you honestly say I am not programmed? In the light of my wee diatribe, surely you can't argue for my sanity, can you? I think we must both admit my actions exhibit unreasonable foolishness.

4. Am I healthy in my mind? Honestly, what do you think? Seriously, take a moment and ask yourself, am I insane? The stage is yours, try and convince me I and my brethren are not a composite race of lunatics, good luck!           

The Look of Insanity:

When the sun sets upon another day there is one thing we all have in common, we are all insane. I believe there are four archetypes of insane people.

Firstly there are those who we all readily identify as clinically insane. Having absolutely no grip on reality; this group possibly makes up 3-4% of the populous (just a made up statistic from my well of nonsense). These people, having been marginalised by society, will for the most part, end up in an asylum.

The second group of insane individuals are those who are to be considered psychopathic. Ponerological deviants are those who have no capacity for compassion. These deprived souls must navigate through their lives never having the ability to experience the emotional triggers which keep humans on the track to unity, love and peaceful cohabitation. It is estimated by professionals that between 4% and 5% of the population suffers from this malady. When considering all forms of insanity, it is this group of afflicted individuals I empathise with the most for they can never come to terms with how to express and enjoy love. To me, an existence absent of love must be the most dreadful of reality manifestations. Nothing can be done for these people, like the clinically insane, their capacity to heal and live a complete life is, for the most part, non existent.

The third group of insanity candidates make up the majority of the populous, possibly as much as 90% of our brethren (another fabricated statistic). This brain addled group are certainly insane however; they will never develop an appreciation for their insanity. In their minds; they represent normalcy, in so much as, they believe themselves to be perfectly sane. This group of "average citizens" function quite well in society however; trapped by illusions, they will go on believing in the many illogical trappings of their material reality, as well, they will never grasp the true extent of their collective insanity. Having no reference for living beyond illusion, they are mostly incapable of coming to terms with their Godself beingness; as a result, they will only discover their ego biased pseudo self. Incapable of understanding the nature of the true self; they invariably tumble through life failing to understand the synchronicity love and unity that can be shared among all living beings.

Finally, there are those who spend most of their life being insane however; these blessed humans have somehow developed a sense of their Godself reality, along with this spiritual connection, they find ways to develop pockets of safe harbour which they rely upon during stormy egoic weather. This part of humanity probably represents less than 1% of the population (who could say for sure). Our group of semi conscious souls find they must navigate through the materium whilst being completely aware of the illusory nature of their existence. The partially sane manage to hang on tight to their little niche of sanity as they attempt to rally against the incessant brutality and mind control forced upon the masses by elite psychopathic societal manipulators.

Insanity & The Corporate Message! How Did This Come to Pass?

Assuming we can agree to properly diagnose our insanity as a collective malady; the next question is how did this happen?

Whenever I consider this subject I am compelled by personal observation to unequivocally state that the prime derivative of insanity is not a natural state of the human condition. The life experiences which lead me to believe insanity is not entirely a natural phenomenon come from my time in Africa, and from observing my family life. Small African villagers, free from electricity, media, western influence, and corporate manipulation live a completely different lifestyle than us. Their viewpoint is that of a community family whereas all adults believe all children are their offspring and conversely all village children believe all adults are their parents. The concept of family extends to include all peoples within their realm, and all peoples visiting their community. They believe no one should have more or less, all must be given the same level of respect, dignity, love, and courtesy. They may not have a firm grasp of their spiritual nature, or understand concepts of the GodSelf however; they choose to always live in societal harmony where all members are considered equal.

Another fine example of sanity is found throughout the world by the unified expression of nuclear families conducting themselves in a manner of mutual love, respect and care. I would never charge my child for food, one child does not get more than another. In the nuclear family we give freely to each other and, without exception, make sure all are provided for equally. We choose, as a family, to transcend the dog eat dog battle for survival, we choose to act as a untied group, loving unconditionally, giving always without reservation, never selecting one over the other. No one would let one of their children go to school and not another, no one would allow one child to starve while another is fed. This is the way of humans, this is the natural path of sanity.

Why do we feel it necessary to transcend these common sense rules of family living just because the starving child is not of our clan?

Is it human nature to only care for our own children?

I do not  believe this to be true; I believe times of crisis proves that communities can bond, they can offer each other love, individuals can care and love those they are not personally acquainted with.

I maintain that we have become separate from our brethren merely because we have been conditioned to act in such a callous manner. Think about Darwinism and the core of it's ethos. Ponder the role sport plays to separate our affiliations. Observe the impact of nationalism, and the disastrous reality of how borders, real and perceived, divide our peoples. Elicit from your memories the affects education has played in dividing you from your brethren by use of the colossal hammer of comparative evaluation. Think about religion, the constant divisiveness and violence it has, and continues to promote, throughout the charted history of civilisation. Note the way class division is used to isolate the rich from the needs of their impoverished brethren. Look about your work place, be aware of the friction created between those with and without power. Be aware of media and the subtle and gross modalities of divisiveness, sandpaper grating away at the expression of compassion slowly eroding the real unifier of human character. See how societal memes fill our thoughts with avarice, contempt, and rampant insensitive violence. Take a moment, right now, to contemplate your role in this abhorrent charade we call democracy.

DIVIDE, DIVIDE, DIVIDE, conquer your brother... CONSUME, CONSUME, CONSUME, think not of your sister... FEAR, FEAR, FEAR, your brethren will take from you...

The Road to Sanity, Standing Tall:

Do not believe for a moment this train is unstoppable! Resistance is the key to reacquiring our mental health. Presently we are compliant sheep trained by our masters, nipped at the heels by their dogs of war, programmed by their media lackeys, ruled by force. The human race has been trapped, duped, and cajoled into cages, our minds have become putty in the hands of socially deviant elitist monsters. Peaceful non compliance, embracing unconditional love, educating the ignorant, raising the weak, are our tickets to mental freedom.

Turn off the TV, eliminate all forms of social media, drag yourself off the wheel of materialism. Stand tall in love, be aware of the suffering of your brethren, reach out to those in need. Hold the hand of the frail, care for the poor, feed the hungry, love the enemy, resist competition, unite with your brethren, live humbly with compassion.  Open your heart to all who stand in your path, seek to discover your weaknesses. Search your heart regularly so that you may discover how to love without condition. Know that all you discover which appears to not be love is in fact a corruption of the ego, a disassociation from sanity, and the will of your elite masters. Educate yourselves, be aware of the machinations of government and corporations. Seek peace, harmony, and balance in your life. Search to enhance aspects of your sanity, create pathways of logic to guide you toward a healthy mind. Reach out to your brethren with solutions instead of grievances, love instead of resistance, unity instead of separation, tenderness instead of aggression, compassion instead of heartlessness. LOVE LOVE LOVE is the only way you can heal your mind, it is the only path toward a future you presently can only imagine as possible. Our minds are the vehicles of solidarity, take back our sanity and we can remould a new reality. The power of fascist rule acts upon society as is a mental cancer however; it is limited by the acceptance of the populous. Know that change is up to us, one act of kindness, one decision, one moment of grace, one step toward love, one person at a time.

To quote the lackey Obama; YES WE CAN! We can take back our sanity, we can live in harmony, we can love unconditionally, it's up to each of us to learn how to become sane, loving, giving, compassionate, human beings!

In Lak'ech, dearest brethren, take back your reality... be the social warrior you and your children can be proud of...  


Science and Spirituality Meet "In Lak' ech"

Namaste brothers and sisters; it has been quite some time since I had the pleasure to sit down and spend some time writing. I have missed your company and look forward to catching up to each of your blogs. The past few months have been crazy hectic, we moved back to the big smoke (Vancouver) and I have been run ragged getting the wheels under my new job. Unfortunately, the demands of my position will mean I have much less time for my book and blog; however, I am confident adjustments can be made to reincorporate writing into my weekly routine.

Today, I take great pleasure in speaking to the illusion of separation as it pertains to our self perception and deeds. Hoping to effectively delve into this most sublime point of esoterism; we will gain footing by observing  lessons from the spiritual and scientific community. The purpose of this essay is to act as a reminder our collective path can be lit with joy, harmony, peace, unity and unbound love.

What is the ultimate function promoting humanities idiocy?

Why have we failed to incorporate scientific lessons learned well over one hundred and fifty years past?

What role does knowledge play in our personal movement toward unconditional love?

Alas, we seem content to exist in the twenty first century incomprehensibly incapable of grasping the simple ABC's of who we are, or how our universe physically manifests. These integral components of  our self identity appear incapable of puncturing our consciousness. Like ghost ships on a foggy night, self identity exists as a mirage; an unassailable quantity one desires to know, but can never truly understand. The irony is that our true esoteric identity remains veiled behind a very convincing physical representation of self and environment. We believe our physical body represents who we are, when in fact, the body is no more than a vehicle used by consciousness to express our true eternal reality as light beings. The lack of self awareness in society today urges one to reflect on the great Shakespearean quote; "There are more things in Heaven an Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy".

Each decade brings forth new proselytizers of truth. For the most part, daises of past are replaced by virtual pulpits; irrespective of the format, the messages remain intact. Freedom from the tyranny of ones ignorance can easily be accomplished by embracing knowledge which has, for ages, been the irrefutable domain of philosophy, science and good old fashioned common sense. Aforementioned roads toward truth, so clearly etched into the realm of our virtual world, are rarely traveled. Instead of gaining philosophical, or scientific ground, we discover our brethren choose to covet less ideological pursuits; sports, games, pornography  violence, and every sort of banal television programming one could imagine. For those countless lost souls actually looking to discover truth, or peace of mind, they realise in the internet an oasis of knowledge. However appealing this array of knowledge may be, said information arrives on our plate so disjointed and unsubstantiated it is neigh on impossible to discern fact from fiction.

Without exception, yours truly included, each of us positing philosophical, scientific, or psychological meanderings are so convinced of our assertions that the tone, and flavour, of the essays leave little room for the reader to impose a questioning demeanor. Our reticence to accept that we are being deliberately, or accidentally deceived, causes many of us to check our sense of reason at the door.

What draws forth our lack of discernment?

Is it laziness in not wanting to affect the necessary research which would confirm, or deny, our investigation?

Do we lack the tools needed to separate fact from fiction?

Have our lives become too pressed to allow us the time to embrace due diligence?

Possibly the pie we call ignorance is a melange of many such ingredients; deficiencies hammered into us by a devious education system, learned apathy, lies, deceit, and one hell of a great deal of distracting stimuli.

Whatever the cause for ones inability to gain a sense of spiritual acumen; there are easy to follow paths which will, at the very least, excite ones curiosity. One of the easiest roads followed that invites one to see beyond illusion is the scientific description of our physical reality. Seriously ponder upon the one simple fact that the atom is 99.9999999999999 % nothingness. Only an infinitival amount of everything you see today, including yourself, actually exists as matter. The vast majority of your beingness is light energy; technically speaking, you are much more a light being than a physical being. My favorite description of the human form is from the great don Juan Matus who characterised humans as light eggs. Don Juan suggested that the physical world we see is a construct of an illusion that we, as individuals, "agree" to create. Seeing beyond the illusion of physicality, as don Juan did, we find our world is a symphony of light energy pulsating and manifesting according to our personal demands as creator beings.        

If I exist as energy and not matter, what does this say of my true identity?

Separated from my illusion; what am I?

If, in the face of scientific proof, I continue to embrace my illusion of being a physical body then, I might ask myself, what insecurities keep me trapped in this foggy nightmare?

Another fascinating, and very exciting, aspect of the atom is that, up to the point where it is observed by human consciousness, it remains non local. Think about this one scientific truism; nothing exists until the observer is present to initiate creation. Without you; nothing exists! Without you; light energy remains in stasis, never taking form, never actually existing in the physical realm. Without you; the entire universe would remain as unrealised potential, a dance of electric light in the form of a wave. You represent the one essential ingredient from which all of creation springs forth; in your absence there is nothingness. Science and spirituality both make the exact same assessment of reality; you are a creator being, you are a God.

In the wake of knowing ones true identity as creator of universes; how can anybody feel small and insignificant?

How often have you felt like a tiny, useless, unimportant cog in a massive unyielding universe?

Taking a moment to breathe in the creative power of your beingness; do you still deem it appropriate to see yourself as merely a weak and unsuspecting participant a landscape of greatness?

Would it not be more self serving to simply accept scientific and spiritual truth?

Waking in the morning, can you find it within yourself to take a deep bow and offer self congratulations for manifesting such brilliance?

Why not?

Beyond the atomic physics of beingness; we can discover harbingers of our own greatness by using mathematics and geometry to illuminate the physical construction of universe. When scientists geometrically evaluate our world they suggest our universe is fractally constructed, in so much as, the smallest portion contains within it the entirety of the universe. The Fibonacci sequence proves there is only one single geometric template for the creation of all matter. Conclusively speaking; scientists assess all physical matter as illusion. In a collective effort to nail the matter down; scientist prefer to define the realm of physicality as a hologram.

Think about that for a moment! Our world as we know it; teeming with a vast array of life, is scientifically no more physical than our dreams, no more real than the holo deck on a Star Trek film set.

What is real?

If "real" is a collection of neural responses to light and sound waves, then is it not fair to say "real" is whatever one can program into the minds eye?

If, in the future, government, or corporate, intrusiveness co opts ones ability to process light and sound, who then is experiencing life, the end user, or the programmer?

When will HD television be morphed into a reality programming machine?

Is it already?

Isn't that why the elite like to call it television programming?

Can we be programmed?

Are we being programmed to believe in things that are not "REAL"?

Anyone who has had the uneasy pleasure of being hypnotised can certainly confirm consciousness, and the associated life experiences, can unequivocally be circumvented by one with a penchant for such trickery. I personally have eaten a potato that, at the time, I was convinced was a delicious apple. Moreover; the illusionist was more than competent at making myself, and the other participants, look like quite the fools as we meandered in and out of a wide variety of pseudo realities.

If we are to make an argument that humanity is being mind controlled; then what evidence can we amass to verify our hypothesis?

Firstly we can look to our inability to see beyond illusion. Ponder this; if, in the light of scientific advancements into the understanding of materialism, we cling to the false belief that we are physical beings in a physically manifest reality then what excuse can we give which accounts for our inability to see ourselves as light beings?

Is it not reasonable to assume we are being deliberately conned into buying a lie no less ridiculous than the flat earth theory?

How about fundamental concepts like life and death?

We are convinced that we will die, in doing so, our personal experience of life will end. The prize, we are told by religious authority, is the possibility of an Edenic afterlife in the house of our saviour. Such childlike concepts are clearly inane in the light of understanding the role consciousness plays in the expression of this holographic dream. Life does not end, consciousness does not take a break, we are eternal light beings. Anything short of understanding self as an eternal GodSelf creator is nonsense.

Is it not fair to suggest there does exist a conspiracy to undermine the reality of our beingness?

The illusion of separation is no less mind boggling than the other aforementioned misconceptions of reality. We see ourselves a separate physical entities, 6-7 billion souls struggling to survive in a competitive dog eat dog environment. Nothing could be further from the truth! We are a singularity of beingness, separation is an illusion of manifest consciousness. The experience of separation serves a multitude of purposes; by example, the expression of duality could not be realised in the absence of separateness. Living under the false impression of individuality we are handcuffed into believing the great lie. We fight each other and covet each others belongings. We strive to out perform our neighbour, when we should focus on unity consciousness and unconditional love. From the perspective of elite domination, separation is essential.

Divide and conquer, isn't that the Napoleonic truism which presently guides our belief constructs?

Are you on the same page now?

Do you see the advantages our elite masters gain by insuring humanity remains trapped in a world of illusion?

If, in the face of scientific and spiritual proof, elite promulgated illusionists prove incapable of maintaining humanities collective ignorance, what would happen?

Do you believe we would allow over one fifth of the world's population to starve to death if we understood concepts like unity consciousness, eternal beingness, and GodSelf reality?

Would an intelligent, awake and aware species stand idly by while the corpulent avarice of a few elite masters relegate billions into poverty?

Without exception; each successful adept at spiritualism must incorporate in their ideology a path toward defining and comprehending the meaning of consciousness singularity. Having captured, and bottled, ones creator brilliance, it is not too far a leap to incite new paradigms of unity which, of course, lead one to unconditional love. Standing in the light of unity, we understand the significance of knowing our true identity can never be underestimated.

Peace is derived when one begins to realise that we do not need to change our world, we just need to change the way we look out our window. Having eliminated the illusionists smoke and mirrors, we will discover our true identity is love. Looking out my window this beautiful spring morning, I see you my sister walk by. In my heart, I know you are me, as I am you, we are consciousness, we are a singularity, we are a singular Godself eternal being. In Lak' ech, I see the God in you.