Monday, 31 August 2015

The Wizard of Odd... Living With Insanity...

Look closely at our world; isn't it a weird, wacky place, plum full of oddities which are near impossible to explain? Have you ever wondered why the world outside is nothing like the existence we all claim to desire? Do you ever scratch your head asking; how did things get this way? Why is everything so terribly messed up?

Often I find myself pondering these questions?

Is there one single illustration we could conjure up to explain the mess we see, or are their a multitude of social, environmental, psychological, and intellectual factors joining together to form the perfect storm?

Having spent a fair bit of time observing our world; I believe there exists only one single overarching component to the maya we are all forced to experience. The quintessential wrench that clangs about in the mechanical gears of society wreaking organised destruction, heart wrenching devastation, and mind numbing ignorance is, in my humble opinion, the structure of elite domination as dictated by the psychopathy of fascist rule.

The three questions that beg to be answered are as follows.

1. Can we assume the human species is sane?
2. If we consider ourselves insane; how did we get this way?
3. Is our collective insanity a function of the human condition, or is it a manufactured phenomenon?

Are We Sane:

If we are to speak of insanity, it is essential to first define the parameters of what one would consider insane. We may all think we have a grip on such a simple definition however; we serve ourselves well to establish some solid benchmarks which can assist in navigating toward a clear consensus. A little assistance from Oxford dictionary can help us define some loose boundaries, then we will have to forge the balance of our definition from observing the actions and belief structure of society.

Oxford Dictionary:

1: a deranged state of the mind usually occurring as a specific disorder (as schizophrenia)
: such unsoundness of mind or lack of understanding as prevents one from having the mental capacity required by law to enter into a particular relationship, status, or transaction or as removes one from criminal or civil responsibility
a: extreme folly or unreasonableness
  b: something utterly foolish or unreasonable
4: Latin root in = not; sanus = healthy

To determine if I am insane; the questions I may entertain are as follows. 
1. Am I deranged in my mind? 
2. Does this unsoundness of mind prevent me from entering into relations, affecting transactions, or behaving in such a way that removes me from criminal or civil responsibilities?
3. Does my behaviour exhibit unreasonableness or foolishness?
4. Simply stated; am I unhealthy in my mind?

Without dragging you, the reader, into this messy assessment let me focus on my own mental well being; I believe you would concur that I do not serve myself well by lying or hiding from truth in any way. I must be honest with you, and myself, if I have any prayer of determining the true state of my mental health. As well; I must proceed slowly and with grave caution whilst, at the same time, defining the proper meaning of the terms I choose to use as descriptors of my behaviour. 

1. First question; are my mental meanderings deranged, whereas the definition of deranged is established as an abnormal or sick state of mind?

Abnormal we can define as deviating from the societal average or, what one would consider as normally accepted behaviour. Herein lies the rub; it seems Oxford dictionary, by the mere fact of using my peers as a benchmark for normalcy, has trapped me in a box. If I swim in a sea of insanity, whereas, insanity is ubiquitous throughout society, then do I proudly hold myself up as sane, merely because all my brethren have equally adulterated minds?

Or, do I evaluate my sanity with a higher function, whereas, I covet truth, beyond all illusion, as the sole benchmark used to assess the purity of my mind, in so far as, I can unequivocally state my mental meanderings are scientifically, spiritually and socially sound; ergo beyond all reprehension? I choose the latter; for it does not seem proper to state that I am not sick merely because all of my brethren are just as sick as I appear to be.

When discussing mental health, indeed there are very foggy lines being drawn. By example; if I were suffering with the flu, whilst at the same time everyone in the world were also suffering with the same ailment, then would it be proper for me to suggest my health is perfect just because the flu was prevalent throughout all society? Obviously, this rationale would not make much sense, especially as I would still be dealing with the obvious symptoms of a runny nose, achy body and all around feelings of poor health. If I were a sensible man; I would admit that I am not well, accordingly, I would attempt to convince my brethren that something should be done so that we may collectively determine good health. 
Having illustrated my point; allow me to continue with my mental assessment. Without any doubt; I must admit my thoughts are deranged, although, relative to my brethren, this behaviour may not be considered as abnormal, it none the less does emphatically point to a sickness of mind. Your interest may be piqued; what deranged thoughts are running through Chris's mind? There are many levels of mental derangement I can point at to aid in developing my prognosis however; if asked to cite a few areas of ill health, I would start with some basics. Even though I understand the role of higher learning played by ego inviting maya into my reality; I often find myself getting trapped in cycles of past and future. Knowing that past and future exist only as an illusion does not benefit me when I trespass into insanity by fretting over what may come to pass or lamenting over past opportunities which I never realised.

Another common mental deviation from sanity occurs when I find myself projecting personal failures or grievances upon external circumstance. The blame game can easily manifest when I falsely identify with this person, or that event, as an impetus behind a perceived assault upon myself or the desires I covet. The insanity of the aforementioned mental illness stands firmly against true sanity which assures me that, without exception, I am the true master and creator of all events that occur in my reality.

Conjuring up yet one more very debilitating aspect of my personal illusory insanity one can remark on the mind numbing captivation I have with death. Insane people, just like you and I, have a devil of a time coming to grips with our perceived demise. I can assure you, it is easy to think one has death in perspective however; one need only confront death face to face to discover how desperately one wants to live. The passing on of our friends and relatives also represent peak insanity experiences. We may feel we are well grounded in spiritual truths, and then whammy, someone close to us dies and we discover all sense of spiritual reason flies out the door. There are many more illusions which form the composite of non clinical insanity, some we see, others are nearly indiscernible. In conclusion I do not believe I can honestly state that I am completely free of mental derangement; although my derangement may not be abnormal, nor debilitating, it surely does represent a sickness affecting my rationale. 

2. Turning to the second part of the definition; Does this unsoundness of mind prevent me from entering into relations, affecting transactions, or behaving in such a way that leads me toward criminal or civil irresponsibility?

Pointing my ship in this direction causes me to pause. In all honesty; I do stand guilty of abdicating my criminal and civil responsibility to those I consider brothers and sisters. If I may expand a little upon how this heinous crime manifests. The best segue for the description of my course of insanity as it relates to discretion against my brethren may be highlighted by a 1917 quote from Charles F Aked.

"It has been said that  for evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing."

This subtle point of accusation carries with it a tacit understanding that each and every individual is responsible for their brethren. Individually we are weak, collectively we are a force which is unstoppable. None of us can escape the fact that, if we are not part of the solution, then we have become a willing party to fascism and the wanton destruction it wreaks upon our brethren. 

Each night I sleep in comfort while more than 40% of the global population have no adequate housing, yet I do nothing to ensure my brothers are housed. For every meal I consume, I must remember over 38% of the global population are starving to death, what have I done to raise the alarms? Should a sane person not feel more outrage? The freedom I have to travel, as afforded by my income, is enjoyed by less than 40% of the global population, the next trip I take it is worth remembering most my brethren do not enjoy such luxury. Proper education afforded my children is not available to the majority of my brethren, yet still I remain quiet. If one person should go hungry, one brother sleeps under a bridge, one sister goes without education, if any one of my brethren should live in squalor without hope, without love, am I not also culpable? Does my silence not tacitly speak to an assault upon my brethren?

The fascist train is racing down the track out of control, presently almost half the population of this world live a significantly poorer lifestyle than my pussy cat Spot. When will we break through the fog of mind programming and collectively recapture our sanity? If not now, when is a good time to take control of this screaming demonic ride of madness? We consider ourselves to be sane, however are we not abdicating our civil responsibilities to our brethren? Beyond any stretch of the imagination, I cannot see clear a way for you to convince me my behaviour is not to be considered criminal, disheartening, and grossly insane?  

3. Does my behaviour exhibit unreasonable foolishness? 

What can be said of such a loaded question? If one third of the population starves, one half the population has inadequate housing and clean water, the majority of the population live a lifestyle which we, under current laws, would be considered inhumanity to animals, what should we think? Is this what you would call sanity? Do you think I am wrong? I have a friend who is an animal health inspector, if I showed him a pig farm where the animals are starving to death, have no proper shelter, have filthy drinking water, what do you think would happen? The farmer would be criminally charged, the animals would be taken away and cared for. Our laws care for the animals we eat better than they care for the people who they are meant to feed, is this not foolish? 

Using any free and loose definition of the word unreasonable, can you say my behaviour exhibits reason. I am just covering the most basic assaults on our brethren, what about all the other atrocities, too many to mention?  What about our planet on the bring of environmental collapse? What do I do about evil deviants trading children for sex shop services? Would sane people agree to kill off the majority of the planets animal and plant species? Of course not! They poison our food, our air and water, then package the poison for our consumption, is this the act of a civilized and sane populous? 

In the face of the many obscene revelations, how do I react? I find myself conversing about silliness like who killed Nicole Simpson, I concern myself with banal events like the results of sporting matches. I watch others speculate on the price of food goods to make a buck at the expense of my brothers ability to eat. My in-actions suggest that I am placing the value of paper notes higher than the value of life itself, is this sanity? The world spins out of control and all I seem to really care about is how much excess I can amass, more toys, cars, gadgets and widgets of all sorts. To hell with my sister; this life is about ME ME ME! I consider myself part of an advanced race of highly intelligent sane individuals, yet I look around and observe us all living in a so called democratic world, are these the actions of a sane man, I think not!

I tend to look at our world much the same way I would entertain a speeding train; who, in their right mind, would stand in front of a runaway train in hopes of stopping it in it's tracks? Not I! 

The global corporate fascist regimes responsible for programming my mind has all but convince me real change is impossible, I must remember these are the same people who have a vested interest in my abeyance. Observe my willingness to comply with corporate global leaders, can you honestly say I am not programmed? In the light of my wee diatribe, surely you can't argue for my sanity, can you? I think we must both admit my actions exhibit unreasonable foolishness.

4. Am I healthy in my mind? Honestly, what do you think? Seriously, take a moment and ask yourself, am I insane? The stage is yours, try and convince me I and my brethren are not a composite race of lunatics, good luck!           

The Look of Insanity:

When the sun sets upon another day there is one thing we all have in common, we are all insane. I believe there are four archetypes of insane people.

Firstly there are those who we all readily identify as clinically insane. Having absolutely no grip on reality; this group possibly makes up 3-4% of the populous (just a made up statistic from my well of nonsense). These people, having been marginalised by society, will for the most part, end up in an asylum.

The second group of insane individuals are those who are to be considered psychopathic. Ponerological deviants are those who have no capacity for compassion. These deprived souls must navigate through their lives never having the ability to experience the emotional triggers which keep humans on the track to unity, love and peaceful cohabitation. It is estimated by professionals that between 4% and 5% of the population suffers from this malady. When considering all forms of insanity, it is this group of afflicted individuals I empathise with the most for they can never come to terms with how to express and enjoy love. To me, an existence absent of love must be the most dreadful of reality manifestations. Nothing can be done for these people, like the clinically insane, their capacity to heal and live a complete life is, for the most part, non existent.

The third group of insanity candidates make up the majority of the populous, possibly as much as 90% of our brethren (another fabricated statistic). This brain addled group are certainly insane however; they will never develop an appreciation for their insanity. In their minds; they represent normalcy, in so much as, they believe themselves to be perfectly sane. This group of "average citizens" function quite well in society however; trapped by illusions, they will go on believing in the many illogical trappings of their material reality, as well, they will never grasp the true extent of their collective insanity. Having no reference for living beyond illusion, they are mostly incapable of coming to terms with their Godself beingness; as a result, they will only discover their ego biased pseudo self. Incapable of understanding the nature of the true self; they invariably tumble through life failing to understand the synchronicity love and unity that can be shared among all living beings.

Finally, there are those who spend most of their life being insane however; these blessed humans have somehow developed a sense of their Godself reality, along with this spiritual connection, they find ways to develop pockets of safe harbour which they rely upon during stormy egoic weather. This part of humanity probably represents less than 1% of the population (who could say for sure). Our group of semi conscious souls find they must navigate through the materium whilst being completely aware of the illusory nature of their existence. The partially sane manage to hang on tight to their little niche of sanity as they attempt to rally against the incessant brutality and mind control forced upon the masses by elite psychopathic societal manipulators.

Insanity & The Corporate Message! How Did This Come to Pass?

Assuming we can agree to properly diagnose our insanity as a collective malady; the next question is how did this happen?

Whenever I consider this subject I am compelled by personal observation to unequivocally state that the prime derivative of insanity is not a natural state of the human condition. The life experiences which lead me to believe insanity is not entirely a natural phenomenon come from my time in Africa, and from observing my family life. Small African villagers, free from electricity, media, western influence, and corporate manipulation live a completely different lifestyle than us. Their viewpoint is that of a community family whereas all adults believe all children are their offspring and conversely all village children believe all adults are their parents. The concept of family extends to include all peoples within their realm, and all peoples visiting their community. They believe no one should have more or less, all must be given the same level of respect, dignity, love, and courtesy. They may not have a firm grasp of their spiritual nature, or understand concepts of the GodSelf however; they choose to always live in societal harmony where all members are considered equal.

Another fine example of sanity is found throughout the world by the unified expression of nuclear families conducting themselves in a manner of mutual love, respect and care. I would never charge my child for food, one child does not get more than another. In the nuclear family we give freely to each other and, without exception, make sure all are provided for equally. We choose, as a family, to transcend the dog eat dog battle for survival, we choose to act as a untied group, loving unconditionally, giving always without reservation, never selecting one over the other. No one would let one of their children go to school and not another, no one would allow one child to starve while another is fed. This is the way of humans, this is the natural path of sanity.

Why do we feel it necessary to transcend these common sense rules of family living just because the starving child is not of our clan?

Is it human nature to only care for our own children?

I do not  believe this to be true; I believe times of crisis proves that communities can bond, they can offer each other love, individuals can care and love those they are not personally acquainted with.

I maintain that we have become separate from our brethren merely because we have been conditioned to act in such a callous manner. Think about Darwinism and the core of it's ethos. Ponder the role sport plays to separate our affiliations. Observe the impact of nationalism, and the disastrous reality of how borders, real and perceived, divide our peoples. Elicit from your memories the affects education has played in dividing you from your brethren by use of the colossal hammer of comparative evaluation. Think about religion, the constant divisiveness and violence it has, and continues to promote, throughout the charted history of civilisation. Note the way class division is used to isolate the rich from the needs of their impoverished brethren. Look about your work place, be aware of the friction created between those with and without power. Be aware of media and the subtle and gross modalities of divisiveness, sandpaper grating away at the expression of compassion slowly eroding the real unifier of human character. See how societal memes fill our thoughts with avarice, contempt, and rampant insensitive violence. Take a moment, right now, to contemplate your role in this abhorrent charade we call democracy.

DIVIDE, DIVIDE, DIVIDE, conquer your brother... CONSUME, CONSUME, CONSUME, think not of your sister... FEAR, FEAR, FEAR, your brethren will take from you...

The Road to Sanity, Standing Tall:

Do not believe for a moment this train is unstoppable! Resistance is the key to reacquiring our mental health. Presently we are compliant sheep trained by our masters, nipped at the heels by their dogs of war, programmed by their media lackeys, ruled by force. The human race has been trapped, duped, and cajoled into cages, our minds have become putty in the hands of socially deviant elitist monsters. Peaceful non compliance, embracing unconditional love, educating the ignorant, raising the weak, are our tickets to mental freedom.

Turn off the TV, eliminate all forms of social media, drag yourself off the wheel of materialism. Stand tall in love, be aware of the suffering of your brethren, reach out to those in need. Hold the hand of the frail, care for the poor, feed the hungry, love the enemy, resist competition, unite with your brethren, live humbly with compassion.  Open your heart to all who stand in your path, seek to discover your weaknesses. Search your heart regularly so that you may discover how to love without condition. Know that all you discover which appears to not be love is in fact a corruption of the ego, a disassociation from sanity, and the will of your elite masters. Educate yourselves, be aware of the machinations of government and corporations. Seek peace, harmony, and balance in your life. Search to enhance aspects of your sanity, create pathways of logic to guide you toward a healthy mind. Reach out to your brethren with solutions instead of grievances, love instead of resistance, unity instead of separation, tenderness instead of aggression, compassion instead of heartlessness. LOVE LOVE LOVE is the only way you can heal your mind, it is the only path toward a future you presently can only imagine as possible. Our minds are the vehicles of solidarity, take back our sanity and we can remould a new reality. The power of fascist rule acts upon society as is a mental cancer however; it is limited by the acceptance of the populous. Know that change is up to us, one act of kindness, one decision, one moment of grace, one step toward love, one person at a time.

To quote the lackey Obama; YES WE CAN! We can take back our sanity, we can live in harmony, we can love unconditionally, it's up to each of us to learn how to become sane, loving, giving, compassionate, human beings!

In Lak'ech, dearest brethren, take back your reality... be the social warrior you and your children can be proud of...  


Science and Spirituality Meet "In Lak' ech"

Namaste brothers and sisters; it has been quite some time since I had the pleasure to sit down and spend some time writing. I have missed your company and look forward to catching up to each of your blogs. The past few months have been crazy hectic, we moved back to the big smoke (Vancouver) and I have been run ragged getting the wheels under my new job. Unfortunately, the demands of my position will mean I have much less time for my book and blog; however, I am confident adjustments can be made to reincorporate writing into my weekly routine.

Today, I take great pleasure in speaking to the illusion of separation as it pertains to our self perception and deeds. Hoping to effectively delve into this most sublime point of esoterism; we will gain footing by observing  lessons from the spiritual and scientific community. The purpose of this essay is to act as a reminder our collective path can be lit with joy, harmony, peace, unity and unbound love.

What is the ultimate function promoting humanities idiocy?

Why have we failed to incorporate scientific lessons learned well over one hundred and fifty years past?

What role does knowledge play in our personal movement toward unconditional love?

Alas, we seem content to exist in the twenty first century incomprehensibly incapable of grasping the simple ABC's of who we are, or how our universe physically manifests. These integral components of  our self identity appear incapable of puncturing our consciousness. Like ghost ships on a foggy night, self identity exists as a mirage; an unassailable quantity one desires to know, but can never truly understand. The irony is that our true esoteric identity remains veiled behind a very convincing physical representation of self and environment. We believe our physical body represents who we are, when in fact, the body is no more than a vehicle used by consciousness to express our true eternal reality as light beings. The lack of self awareness in society today urges one to reflect on the great Shakespearean quote; "There are more things in Heaven an Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy".

Each decade brings forth new proselytizers of truth. For the most part, daises of past are replaced by virtual pulpits; irrespective of the format, the messages remain intact. Freedom from the tyranny of ones ignorance can easily be accomplished by embracing knowledge which has, for ages, been the irrefutable domain of philosophy, science and good old fashioned common sense. Aforementioned roads toward truth, so clearly etched into the realm of our virtual world, are rarely traveled. Instead of gaining philosophical, or scientific ground, we discover our brethren choose to covet less ideological pursuits; sports, games, pornography  violence, and every sort of banal television programming one could imagine. For those countless lost souls actually looking to discover truth, or peace of mind, they realise in the internet an oasis of knowledge. However appealing this array of knowledge may be, said information arrives on our plate so disjointed and unsubstantiated it is neigh on impossible to discern fact from fiction.

Without exception, yours truly included, each of us positing philosophical, scientific, or psychological meanderings are so convinced of our assertions that the tone, and flavour, of the essays leave little room for the reader to impose a questioning demeanor. Our reticence to accept that we are being deliberately, or accidentally deceived, causes many of us to check our sense of reason at the door.

What draws forth our lack of discernment?

Is it laziness in not wanting to affect the necessary research which would confirm, or deny, our investigation?

Do we lack the tools needed to separate fact from fiction?

Have our lives become too pressed to allow us the time to embrace due diligence?

Possibly the pie we call ignorance is a melange of many such ingredients; deficiencies hammered into us by a devious education system, learned apathy, lies, deceit, and one hell of a great deal of distracting stimuli.

Whatever the cause for ones inability to gain a sense of spiritual acumen; there are easy to follow paths which will, at the very least, excite ones curiosity. One of the easiest roads followed that invites one to see beyond illusion is the scientific description of our physical reality. Seriously ponder upon the one simple fact that the atom is 99.9999999999999 % nothingness. Only an infinitival amount of everything you see today, including yourself, actually exists as matter. The vast majority of your beingness is light energy; technically speaking, you are much more a light being than a physical being. My favorite description of the human form is from the great don Juan Matus who characterised humans as light eggs. Don Juan suggested that the physical world we see is a construct of an illusion that we, as individuals, "agree" to create. Seeing beyond the illusion of physicality, as don Juan did, we find our world is a symphony of light energy pulsating and manifesting according to our personal demands as creator beings.        

If I exist as energy and not matter, what does this say of my true identity?

Separated from my illusion; what am I?

If, in the face of scientific proof, I continue to embrace my illusion of being a physical body then, I might ask myself, what insecurities keep me trapped in this foggy nightmare?

Another fascinating, and very exciting, aspect of the atom is that, up to the point where it is observed by human consciousness, it remains non local. Think about this one scientific truism; nothing exists until the observer is present to initiate creation. Without you; nothing exists! Without you; light energy remains in stasis, never taking form, never actually existing in the physical realm. Without you; the entire universe would remain as unrealised potential, a dance of electric light in the form of a wave. You represent the one essential ingredient from which all of creation springs forth; in your absence there is nothingness. Science and spirituality both make the exact same assessment of reality; you are a creator being, you are a God.

In the wake of knowing ones true identity as creator of universes; how can anybody feel small and insignificant?

How often have you felt like a tiny, useless, unimportant cog in a massive unyielding universe?

Taking a moment to breathe in the creative power of your beingness; do you still deem it appropriate to see yourself as merely a weak and unsuspecting participant a landscape of greatness?

Would it not be more self serving to simply accept scientific and spiritual truth?

Waking in the morning, can you find it within yourself to take a deep bow and offer self congratulations for manifesting such brilliance?

Why not?

Beyond the atomic physics of beingness; we can discover harbingers of our own greatness by using mathematics and geometry to illuminate the physical construction of universe. When scientists geometrically evaluate our world they suggest our universe is fractally constructed, in so much as, the smallest portion contains within it the entirety of the universe. The Fibonacci sequence proves there is only one single geometric template for the creation of all matter. Conclusively speaking; scientists assess all physical matter as illusion. In a collective effort to nail the matter down; scientist prefer to define the realm of physicality as a hologram.

Think about that for a moment! Our world as we know it; teeming with a vast array of life, is scientifically no more physical than our dreams, no more real than the holo deck on a Star Trek film set.

What is real?

If "real" is a collection of neural responses to light and sound waves, then is it not fair to say "real" is whatever one can program into the minds eye?

If, in the future, government, or corporate, intrusiveness co opts ones ability to process light and sound, who then is experiencing life, the end user, or the programmer?

When will HD television be morphed into a reality programming machine?

Is it already?

Isn't that why the elite like to call it television programming?

Can we be programmed?

Are we being programmed to believe in things that are not "REAL"?

Anyone who has had the uneasy pleasure of being hypnotised can certainly confirm consciousness, and the associated life experiences, can unequivocally be circumvented by one with a penchant for such trickery. I personally have eaten a potato that, at the time, I was convinced was a delicious apple. Moreover; the illusionist was more than competent at making myself, and the other participants, look like quite the fools as we meandered in and out of a wide variety of pseudo realities.

If we are to make an argument that humanity is being mind controlled; then what evidence can we amass to verify our hypothesis?

Firstly we can look to our inability to see beyond illusion. Ponder this; if, in the light of scientific advancements into the understanding of materialism, we cling to the false belief that we are physical beings in a physically manifest reality then what excuse can we give which accounts for our inability to see ourselves as light beings?

Is it not reasonable to assume we are being deliberately conned into buying a lie no less ridiculous than the flat earth theory?

How about fundamental concepts like life and death?

We are convinced that we will die, in doing so, our personal experience of life will end. The prize, we are told by religious authority, is the possibility of an Edenic afterlife in the house of our saviour. Such childlike concepts are clearly inane in the light of understanding the role consciousness plays in the expression of this holographic dream. Life does not end, consciousness does not take a break, we are eternal light beings. Anything short of understanding self as an eternal GodSelf creator is nonsense.

Is it not fair to suggest there does exist a conspiracy to undermine the reality of our beingness?

The illusion of separation is no less mind boggling than the other aforementioned misconceptions of reality. We see ourselves a separate physical entities, 6-7 billion souls struggling to survive in a competitive dog eat dog environment. Nothing could be further from the truth! We are a singularity of beingness, separation is an illusion of manifest consciousness. The experience of separation serves a multitude of purposes; by example, the expression of duality could not be realised in the absence of separateness. Living under the false impression of individuality we are handcuffed into believing the great lie. We fight each other and covet each others belongings. We strive to out perform our neighbour, when we should focus on unity consciousness and unconditional love. From the perspective of elite domination, separation is essential.

Divide and conquer, isn't that the Napoleonic truism which presently guides our belief constructs?

Are you on the same page now?

Do you see the advantages our elite masters gain by insuring humanity remains trapped in a world of illusion?

If, in the face of scientific and spiritual proof, elite promulgated illusionists prove incapable of maintaining humanities collective ignorance, what would happen?

Do you believe we would allow over one fifth of the world's population to starve to death if we understood concepts like unity consciousness, eternal beingness, and GodSelf reality?

Would an intelligent, awake and aware species stand idly by while the corpulent avarice of a few elite masters relegate billions into poverty?

Without exception; each successful adept at spiritualism must incorporate in their ideology a path toward defining and comprehending the meaning of consciousness singularity. Having captured, and bottled, ones creator brilliance, it is not too far a leap to incite new paradigms of unity which, of course, lead one to unconditional love. Standing in the light of unity, we understand the significance of knowing our true identity can never be underestimated.

Peace is derived when one begins to realise that we do not need to change our world, we just need to change the way we look out our window. Having eliminated the illusionists smoke and mirrors, we will discover our true identity is love. Looking out my window this beautiful spring morning, I see you my sister walk by. In my heart, I know you are me, as I am you, we are consciousness, we are a singularity, we are a singular Godself eternal being. In Lak' ech, I see the God in you.

Illusions: Brother Do You Have The Time...

This journey we call life has led me to a winter eve. Moonlight dances across the meadow; a snow laden spruce bough sparkles under the weight of a fidgety Horned Owl. Time stands still for my feathered brother, his only task this night is to attend my final breath. Comforted by this bed of down, I count vanquished enemies, all but one. You, my brother Chronos who have hunted me, now stand by my side. Who now arrives at my bed, a final visitor, to still my restless mind.

What is time?

Is time your enemy?

Is time an illusion?

Ponder upon these three questions. If you desire to read this essay, you must give me half an hour of your time. Therefore, it should represent no imposition to spend ten minutes thinking about the aforementioned questions. No....... now is not the time to read, think some more, open your mind! Give me more time of your time! Take one more moment to ask why was it so hard to ponder upon this subject?

Let us piece together what we know of time, possibly, we may find some threads to pull.

Most people, when asked to define time, will rely upon a construct similar to the Oxford dictionary definition which reads as follows.

Time: The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. However neat and tidy the Oxfords definition may appear, time itself has proven to be a much more elusive character to succinctly pin down. By example, one need only briefly investigate the history of humanity to determine all of the greatest philosophers, theologians, and scientists have grappled with conceptualisations of time. I believe the following quote from the great St. Augustine of Hippo may have stated the corundum best.

"What then is time? If no one asks me, I know: if I wish to explain it to one that asketh, I know not."

Having struggled with the concept over years, Augustine concluded, time is in fact a “distention” of the mind by which we simultaneously grasp the past in memory, the present by attention, and the future by expectation.

The Science and Philosophy of Time:

Further expansion of our knowledge of time can be scientifically derived from insights into relativism as suggested by Einstein who is quoted.

"People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." "Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour and it seems like a minute. That's relativity!"

The essential argument, wrung out over millennia, by philosophers and scientists alike, is the distinction of time as defined by one of two theoretical possibilities. Firstly; time observed as a fundamental aspect of the universe; representing its own dimension relative to space, thereby enabling events to be sequentially ordered. The proponent of this theory, Sir Isaac Newton, perceived his concept as a realistic view of universal time. Further illustrating this concept, we can look to the following Newtonian quote.

"Absolute, true, and mathematical time, in and of its own nature, without reference to anything external, flows uniformly and by another name is called duration. Relative, apparent, and common time is any sensible and external measure (precise or imprecise) of duration by means of motion; such as a measure for example; an hour, a day, a month, a year, is commonly used instead of true time."

The component of note in this argument stipulates; time exists as a separate entity which becomes relative only when observed as a function of motion through the medium of space.

The second perspective, held by Immanuel Kant in his 1781 paper, "Critique of Pure Reason" posits the following.

"Time is not an empirical concept. For neither co-existence nor succession would be perceived by us, if the representation of time did not exist as a foundation a priori. Without this presupposition we could not represent to ourselves that things exist together at the same time, or at different times, that is contemporaneously, or in succession."

Accepting the Kantian view of time, we discover; space and time do not exist in and of themselves. However, the illusion of time and space are humanities modality for representing, separating, and defining objects. Combining spatial and temporal measurements, we pinpoint time as an illustration of a quantifiable construct. Seconds, bleed into minutes, which then are characterised by calendric references. Kant believed time to represent an ally in the definitive assessment of experiential beingness. However, he did not fall into the Newtonian trap of believing an a priori understanding of time should expose it as a physical manifestation.

In my, most humble opinion, Kant had hit the nail on the proverbial head, which, by the way, was firmly attached to Newton's torso. Let me clearly state, Newton was one of many academic puppets; dirty rotten scoundrels who twisted and distorted science for the benefit of their elite paymasters. Newton's work on gravity was monumental, however, most his theories thereafter were cleverly woven constructs designed to mislead the scientific community. To prove my point, in the light of Huygen's wave theory, how could anyone believe an intelligent thinker like Newton would have remained inexplicably glued to his particle paradigm.

I digress, getting back to Kantian philosophy; astute as Kant was, he did buy into the theory of linear time. Possibly his stance was more a result of impositions by the religiosity of the day. Unable to find the quote in any of his work, I do remember Kant describes linear time as a necessity, as if he needed his ally to construct his world. Aside from his linear time theory, I believe Kant's most beautifully described time as an "experiential ally", an "a priori" construct enabling humanity opportunity to establish beingness as a succession of separate acts.

The point of eloquence found in Kant's argument hits upon esoteric knowledge, which implies, although we can quantify time (The second is the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium 133 atom.) we cannot tacitly suggest time is "real", at least not in a physical sense, as believed by Newton. Einstein completely destroyed Newtonian concepts of absolute time with his "Big Bang" and "Relativity" theories. By example; just ask a child to reflect upon time spent in the pew at morning church, juxtaposed to, time spent fishing with a buddy, or playing ball hockey. Shortly after the death of his longtime friend Besso, Einstein penned a note to the family suggesting, although Besso had preceded him in death, it is of no consequence,

"...for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one."

Einstein described time as a separate dimension which can be measured by the speed of light as it travels through space. His theory of relativity illustrated that if one were to travel in a spaceship at the speed of light, then time would stand still. Even high velocities approaching the speed of light would considerably reduce one's experience of time. Einstein went on to suggest; under such conditions, an astronaut could travel for five years in a very fast craft, later return to earth whereby he would discover he had aged one month, whilst everyone on earth had aged the full five years. Considering relativity further, we can extrapolate time to be nothing more than a direction of motion in space, quantifiable, but relative.

When considering the ontology of time, we would be remiss if we failed to introduce a philosophical component of time past, present and future to our investigation. Many philosophical giants, like Plato, believed God created time and the heavens in unison, which Newton felt added weight to his cosmology of time. Aristotle preferred to mark time as being relative to movement. By example; Aristotle cited the path of celestial bodies, like the Sun, as they move across the sky, or he suggested, one could observe the sand as it moves through an hourglass. Motion, being the key to Aristotle's sense of time, indicated to him the past and future must be considered non existent, whereas, in the absence of motion, time itself does not exist. Saint Augustine pondered the same dilemma an enigma which the following quote suggests he never resolved with his philosophy.

"A present of things past, a present of things present, and a present of things future. The present of things past is memory, the present of things present is sight, and the present of things future is expectation."

Saint Augustines ultimate conclusion suggested; time cannot exist in the absence of a reasoning mind capable of discerning past, present and future. One of my favorite philosophers, Rene Descartes, offered up an absolutely beautiful definition of time; in his book "Meditations of First Philosophy", Descartes suggested a body has a property of spatial extension; however it cannot have temporal endurance. He believed that God continually sustains the body or re-creates it instant by instant. Time, he says, is a kind of sustenance. We are taught, in the subsequent two quotes of Descartes, to understand the component of illusion, as well, to heed the arrogance of ones philosophy.

I suppose therefore that all things I see are illusions; I believe that nothing has ever existed of everything my lying memory tells me. I think I have no senses. I believe that body, shape, extension, motion, location are functions. What is there then that can be taken as true? Perhaps only this one thing.... that nothing at all is certain.” “Some years ago I was struck by the large number of falsehoods that I had accepted as true in my childhood, and by the highly doubtful nature of the whole edifice that I had subsequently based on them. I realized that it was necessary, once in the course of my life, to demolish everything completely and start again right from the foundations if I wanted to establish anything at all in the sciences that was stable and likely to last.”

In the last hundred or so years; science has given us a plethora of microscopic and macroscopic imagery. Looking back to Newton's age where the minutest observable detail was the atom, we can now use the largest microscope in the world, the Cern Hadron Collider, to see a quantum morass more than one billion times smaller. The macroscopic view of our universe, as seen from the Plank telescope orbiting in space, affords modern scientists with an intergalactic perspective almost a million times more vast than Newton’s telescopic lens of yore.

This greater cosmic and quanta understanding has urged scientific models like the big TOE (Theory of Everything). Such cosmic models incorporate the Big Bang into broader, more expansive, universal paradigms, whereas, we envision ever expanding galaxies stretching outward, at the speed of light, toward an expression of galactic singularity. Prior to expansion; science defines the ultimate state of mass with no space as the "Alpha State". From the Alpha state of pure mass, the universe explodes into an expansion of space, thereby creating the relativity needed to establish the space/time continuum. This continuum excites a path to its antitheses known as the Omega point which is aptly defined as space without mass, or if you will, nothingness in potentiality. The ultimate Omega expression, in a few hundred billion years or so, will establish the cosmos as an experiential emptiness where time and space do not have referential points of existence. In such a paradigm; time is not a linear construct as much as it is a cyclical expansion and contraction of cosmic proportion. The apex of transitional change occurs when space becomes a morass at -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit, or absolute 0. Scientists define the point where all the mass of the universe has disappeared into a frozen 0 expression labeled as the "Omega State".

Conclusions, derived from observing space, express to us the relationship of time, space, energy, mass, gravity and temperature are irrevocably intertwined, in so much as, we can imagine the ultimate Alpha and Omega points. Moving closer to understanding the Omega state; we discover the 0 point to be the same as its mathematical equivalent, whereas, Zero is the sum total of all negatives opposing all positives. In the real world; we can state the cosmological Zero as the sum of all universal matter weighed against all universal antimatter. This final beingness of our universe therefore represents the ultimate singularity of matter; what we could easily define as the expression of quantum potentiality, or in lay terms; everything, forever, omnipresent and eternal.

Eternal, omnipresent, these are uber gross terms which most of us find difficult to contemplate and almost impossible to comprehend. Once time winds down to Zero; all that will remain is a perfectly flat space/time continuum extending infinitely in all directions. However vast; it will be indiscernible and meaningless in a dimension devoid of material experiential relativity. In this reality; the whole is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, an indivisible singularity of limitless potential, just like the atom itself, just like you. The misstep, easily awaiting careless mental minions, is to assume the lack of experiential relativity speaks to an environment of absolute nothingness. The exact opposite is the case; whereas, Zero represents the true singular totality, experientially vacuous, however, an absolute completeness none the less. Hence, the biblical expression;

"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty".

Rationality of this concept is also offered by one of my favorite Nisargadatta Maharaj quotes;

" Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, love is knowing I am everything, and between the two my life moves."

How are we to rationalise the notion of time/space as a cycle? Are we to assemble an eternal dance from separation to singularity and back again, or do we hang on to linear perspectives as illustrated by Newtonian physics, Platonian philosophy, and the theology of creationism evilly illustrated by Abrahamic ontology. Is time real? Does time physically exist? If time is an eternal all present paradigm, what implication does this have on consciousness? How does this speak to our personal experiential being?

Real or illusion, what do you think?

Theology and Cosmology of Time:

Having never cared for religion, I am tempted to pass by "ism" anecdotes which help define time. With that said, I would be negligent if I failed to use religion, to aid in framing how our concept of time has evolved. The Jewish-Zoroastrian concept of time included "creationism" as proof the universe was established by God at a definitive moment in our history. Couple this with the fact all Abrahamic religions hailing from the roots of Islam, Judea and Christianity adopted a linear concept of time. Religious pundits like Augustine and Aquinas expressed time as the human journey from Genesis to Judgment. The Vedas, known as the earliest Hindu literature, defines time in my favorite terms, whereas, time is series of cycles. Each cycle is then broken down into "yugas" which translate into epochs of darkness and light, awareness and ignorance. The Puranic concept maintains the universe is endlessly created, destroyed and recreated. One day in the life of Brahma is as such that the universe exists for 4,320,000,000 years at which time the elements of fire or water destroy earth, a process called pralaya. From the destruction of day, night is created anew. Each Brahman night lasts a similar length to the day as the cycle continues for the life of Brahma which, Hindu lore suggests is 100 years. For those of you curious to know the total number of human years in one 100 year Brahmanian lifetime, the answer is 311 Trillion, 40 Billion years. It is believed we are currently in Brahmas 51st year. When Brahma dies, legend suggests there must be 100 Brahaman years of nothingness until the next Brahma will be born. This cycle of Brahmanian consciousness continues eternally.

Personal Observations and Conclusions:

To me; universe is a fractal representation of consciousness itself. Consciousness, expressed as separate in a limitless universe, will always evolve toward the singularity. Esoterically, our awareness of the true self evolves from the illusion of many to the truth of oneness. In this matrix of beingness all planes; esoteric, illusion, physical, even archonic evolve under the control of exactly the same functional template. As a child, my universe appeared as a compilation of many billion separate entities. Presently, I see consciousness as a singular entity disguised by illusions of multiplicity. How do we know if our spiritual philosophy is sound? Just look to the stars for an answer; the material must always perfectly mirror the esoteric.

There can be little argument against the fact time is an illusion. Past and future are non existent, which leaves us with the "NOW" moment. Reason, coupled with the application of experiential common sense, suggests we can refer to the now moment as consciousness. Escaping the bonds of believing in the material world; we easily comprehend the entire realm of our beingness is omnipresent, omnipotent and eternal. Yes, we are Brahma, we will always exist, no other conclusion is reasonable. There is comfort in knowing the greatest philosophic, scientific and spiritual masters of millennia have paved the way for us to understand consciousness as an eternal expression.

Expanding our concept of time, as well, defining the illusions of the physical time/space continuum, afford us opportunity to peel away the countless layers of fear. Fear of death is a crippling concept for any human to adhere to; we cower under the auspice of a Grim Reaper harvesting souls. Fear of carrot/stick paradigms like; heaven and hell, purgatory, karma and rebirth, life with Allah's grace or life without his love. Fear, caused by the illusion your brother or sister is separate from you and is out to compete against you or cause you harm. Fear, there will never be enough, that we must struggle for our personal survival.

Observe your world; what do you see?

We are led to believe we are finite, when we are infinite. We are led to believe we are physically separate, when we are a singularity. We are constantly running; either toward a new future, or away from a dreadful past. Our reluctance to see beyond illusion has us chasing our tail. Accepting irresponsible, irrational, concepts of linear time; we tacitly proliferate the force feeding of ignorance as defined by sociopaths hell bent on destroying our ability to experience unconditional love.

Open your eyes, tell me you can see the elephant in the room, tell me also you will not surrender to the nightmare!

When we have pushed our reason to unveil the darkness incorporated in the countless embellishments of time, we will have begun a new journey toward love.

You my dear brother Chronos, misunderstood, slandered, defiled of character, what now do you say to me on this winter eve? Take my hand dear brother, show me your truth; let your wisdom free me of fear. Lead me away from this mortal coil of illusion, embrace me with your eternal warmth in knowing I AM is the singularity of Brahma.

In Lak'ech, dear brethren, ... time to love... time to be free... time to go...

Sunday, 30 August 2015

"Signs" Division or Unity, Love or War....

Little commercial jingles, or catchy song fragments from favorite groups, often play in the backdrop of my mind. Most often; I discover a tune creeps to the forefront shortly after it has danced across my waking consciousness. Often; I don't want the jingle to persist, yet marketers ensure it does. Some say; the most effective way to dislodge a pesky tune is to take a few moments to hum another. What if the tune in question persists over many years, popping in and out for no apparent reason, would this suggest the ditty represents something more than just another archived piece of media entertainment? There are times when mass media, in the form of music, art, or literature seems to have the uncanny ability to speak directly to the heart of who we are. Certain thought forms appear capable of transforming a nation, while at the same time, intruding deeply into the persona of a given individual.

Like most of us; I consider myself to be an aficionado of popular music. My taste varies greatly, however, there are a few groups which make lyrical statements capable of defining the spirit of my life and the essence of my ideology. Rush, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Santana, John Lennon, Leonard Cohen, Elvis Presley, represent just a few favourites that pop into my mind as I pen this essay. Having stated a few bands of choice; one would assume, if one particular tune were to stick in my head over decades of time then the song would probably be the work of my most preferred group, however, this has proven not to be the case. Point in fact; as much as I love Rush, or am forever moved by John Lennon's "Imagine", these personal cornerstones of pop culture rarely, without prompting from the radio or a spinning C.D., rush to the forefront of my minds eye.

For me; the one and only song which continually plays in my mental backdrop is from a group I never followed. Their single top ten hit spoke to me with such intensity it instantly became a staple of my memory archive. The song was written by Les Emmerson, it was released in 1971 by his group entitled "Five Man Electric Band". This progressive rock group hailed from Ottawa, Canada, in a very small way they helped form the hippy resistance of 70's pop culture. The song in question made it to number three on the American Band Stand hit list. Possibly you know the song to which I refer? Its title was "Signs", somehow it managed to resonate perfectly with the sentiments expressed by the youth of the day. The song rallied countless youth to rebel against the corporate and government machine. The lyrics, as illustrated below earnestly demanded freedom from the oppression of what we then called "The Man".

Today, as I recollect the purposefully charged lyrics of Mr. Emmerson, I choose to reflect upon the songs nature whilst taking a quick moment to ask why, this one song, above all others, has been my constant companion for over 40 years. I never owned a copy of the album, never followed the group, hell, I even had to look them up on the internet to discover who penned this short little jewel.

And the sign said
"Long-haired freaky people
Need not apply"
So I tucked my hair up under my hat
And I went in to ask him why
He said, "You look like a fine upstandin' young man
I think you'll do"
So I took off my hat and said, "Imagine that
Huh, me workin' for you"

Sign, sign
Everywhere a sign
Blockin' out the scenery
Breakin' my mind
Do this, don't do that
Can't you read the sign?

And the sign said
"Anybody caught trespassin'
Will be shot on sight"
So I jumped on the fence and I yelled at the house
"Hey! What gives you the right
To put up a fence to keep me out
But to keep Mother Nature in?
If God was here, he'd tell you to your face
'Man, you're some kind of sinner'"

Sign, sign
Everywhere a sign
Blockin' out the scenery
Breakin' my mind
Do this, don't do that
Can't you read the sign?

Now, hey you, mister, can't you read?
You got to have a shirt and tie to get a seat
You can't even watch, no, you can't eat
You ain't supposed to be here
The sign said, "You've got to have a membership card
To get inside"

And the sign said
"Everybody welcome
Come in, kneel down and pray"
But when they passed around the plate at the end of it all
I didn't have a penny to pay
So I got me a pen and a paper
And I made up my own little sign
I said, "Thank you, Lord, for thinkin' 'bout me
I'm alive and doin' fine"

Sign, sign
Everywhere a sign
Blockin' out the scenery
Breakin' my mind
Do this, don't do that
Can't you read the sign?

Sign, sign
Everywhere a sign

Division Verses Unity:

Generations of music come and go; each leaves a signature upon the masses distinct from the previous. Quickly changing social morals, mind programming, and a bevy of cultural influences, ensure the next generation of music will brand upon the youth of the day a unique form of outrage. Music speaks to our heart; the beat tugs on our primal nature preparing us for lyrics cleverly crafted to echo the most powerful thoughts, feelings and emotions each of us covet. Bands, talented enough to resonate with youthful consumers, discover their product can move masses with such fervor they can irrevocably alter the path of society. Speaking to this point, recent history illustrates the role music played during the 1970's by shaping a path toward peace, love and unity, when, all signs indicated, elite masters would have preferred to align with the war machine. 
Our masters, resolutely molding the essence of society, comprehend the vastly important function music plays in steering the piss and vinegar of youthful exuberance toward destinations which do not wholly conflict with the overarching direction of elite rule. The powers that be appear to walk a fine line of censorship; like all puppeteers, the trickery of illusion only succeeds if they manage to remain completely hidden from the spectator. Pulling the strings of the society puppet, their mandate is to manipulate us without our knowledge. In fact; if done correctly, we must believe it is our steam, our outrage, our desires which manifest the designs of humanities future.

From my perspective; the 70's taught our masters a keen lesson in what can happen if they take their eye off the musical entertainment ball. No one could dispel the fact that, for a short while, in the crazy years of hippy love, the elite lost control of the stage. Masters yanked on strings discovering, to their horror, the tiny puppets were acting out a play of their own design, a play most definitely in contrast to the masters vision. How did the puppet master react? They looked at the little puppets whose strings no longer worked then simply swept them off the stage, John Lennon, Bob Marley, too many others to mention. Too much loss for the world to bear. We wept while they consolidated the reigns of power, tightened the grip of control then forcefully directed music away from love, peace and unity toward fear, violence, commercialism, and despair.

Now; some forty years removed from the hippy era, we find the music industry voice has taken a 180 degree turn. This day, can you name any vocalists advocating love, freedom or unity? To be fair; I am not up to date on what the kids listen to, however, from what I do hear, the messages seems to be very commercial, egotistical, corrupt, fear biased drivel. I feel sad for the poor young women trapped in today's musical genre. From my jaded perspective, it seems these young ladies are forced to promote themselves as sex toys. Their lyrical messages, at least in my mind, appear to take a backseat to their tawdry appearance or disingenuous lifestyles specifically designed to jolt the consumer with opulent vulgarity.

Possibly, my age is catching up to me? Perhaps, I, like those of my time, lament the past, desire more from the future, and feel the children of our time are not quite the captains of change we envisioned they would become. Could it be; I am turning into the Fuddy Duddy I thought my parents represented when I was the youth they viewed as bereft of decorum, respect, and integrity?

Seeing The Signs:

I am, and always have been, a rebel. For the most part, I have stood against elitism, fear, injustice, government, authority, most importantly, I have dedicated my life to rally against divisiveness. Now, I can see the lyrics of Mr. Emmerson have in fact hit close to my heart. More than any other song, they spoke to my future, a path I was not capable of vocalizing or envisioning at the tender age of ten. None the less, unbenounced to me, these words were the seeds which would spawn the Oak of personal resistance.

Now, as I look in the mirror, I see a long haired freaky person seated on the outside of an elite construct, I feel sick as I to peer into the fabric of a society gone mad. Signs have in fact blocked out the scenery, they are breakin' my mind, they continually tell me to do this, not that, they still demand I quietly conform to elitist signs. Never did I want a membership card, nor would I ascribe it just that one being should, in any way, dominate another.

There are signs everywhere we look, signs which should cause us pause, signs which beg us to confront societal injustice. One third of the world population lives below the poverty level, this is a sign. Over one billion of our brethren are starving to death, can you read this sign. Education is falling apart, children being dumbed down, why can we not understand this is a sign. Our health, and the well being of our environment, hijacked by greedy corporate profiteers, do we even know how to read these signs? We are a people divided; borders, rules, religion, class structure, race, sexism, sports, education, do you see everywhere there are signs? Some of the signs prove we are losing the best of what make us human; fear replacing love, division instead of unity, ignorance trumping knowledge, greed in lieu of sharing, religion where there should be spirituality, war when we all want peace, money where compassion belongs, corruption where there once was cooperation, hunger when we should demand nourishment, violence where there once was caring. Insanity abounds, it compels us to read the signs. If we fail to read the countless signs, our corporate masters will ensure a future biased toward, love, unity, compassion and the many attributes we covet, will never come to pass. Presently, the next generation has a right to ask; why didn't you react to the signs? Where was your outrage? Why did you allow the hippy message to die, why did you not carry that torch? You dropped the ball, you sold us out, you, spellbound by the snake of opulence, chose to turn your back on love, peace and unity! The question I pose to each of you today, can you read the signs, are you going to stand against "The Man".  Are you ready to read the signs?

Sign, sign,


Everywhere a sign,



In Lak' ech, brethren, prosper with love.... read the signs.... fight the man....