Saturday, 19 December 2009

Karma, soft deceit...

Karma, what does it mean to you? Do you believe in Karma?
The origins of Karma hail from the Sanskrit word " Kri " which means to do. Kri was a power by which individuals and collectives could influence the Gods, nature, weather, harvests and enemies. Through right intent and rituals performed righteously thus by actions determine ones destiny. Immortalized in the Buddhist Vedas the tradition of Karma was stamped on the Indian race. In Vedanta texts
Volume I: Samhitas
Volume II: Brahmanas and Aranyakas
Volume III: Upanishads
Volume IV: Vedangas, the God Karma was illuminated by the vengeful elephant of reciprocity. In later dates the Arabic word Karam was adopted to define the grace of God as Karma. As Karma became a global staple it was somewhat tainted by defeatist western constructs of fate. This created helplessness and dis empowerment from the true nature of GodSelf.
One constant Karmic thread has woven through the ages from 1,500 BCE to the present. This thread is the carrot and stick motif. The need in this life to act in
" righteousness " or " goodness " for the benefit of rewards in the next life.
I perceive concepts of Karma as having created subtle echoes from which more damaging tenets like heaven and hell are derived.

If we are prepared to accept the view of a God separate from self, sitting in judgement handing out Karma, then we enslave our true GodSelf spirit.

Great books lead the faithful; the Bible, the Koran, the Vedantas, the Gita, each offer wisdom, beauty and truth. However, into each great work is the carrot and stick needed to control the devotee under the embrace of theology.
Heaven and hell bend the will of the Christian.
Mohammad, in the words of the Koran demands servitude and abeyance. The reward is great riches for the " good " Muslim in the afterlife.
Lord Krishna insists on proper living as he instructs the young Arjuna about the fruit which await his next life.
The Vedantas offer very definitive instructions to the Hindu follower. The man of faith and goodness will be rewarded with a superior next life. The fact remains, every religion needs followers.

The carrot ushers in the sheep and the stick keeps the flock united.

Following are just a few of the issues I have with Karma; separation from oneness, separation from free will, establishment of judgement right and wrong/ good and bad, dis empowerment of GodSelf and God as judge.

Separation from oneness as a necessary fallout of belief in Karma. If you trust in the ONE, then you must accept all manifest and unmanifest as God realised perfection. Under the blanket of Oneness we see divinity in every expression. When we envision perfection in every conscious moment there is no need to reward the good and cast down the bad. All is God, all is good.

Separation from free will can never lead to truth. Instead of conforming to demands of scripture, we are better served following the will of our soul. Each soul is here to choose from the plenum a reality which will futher the evolutionary path of the ONE. All choice is God taking yet another step.

Right and wrong/good and bad must be illusion for the one who seeks truth. When we enslave ourselves to concepts like Heaven, Hell and Karma we create a world of judgement. From the perspective of the ONE there can be no good or bad. There is only Godliness, which in it's essence is love and perfection. If you search your heart and find anything other than love. You must then ask yourself, why does illusion persist?

Concepts of Karma dis empower the GodSelf, this is a most tragic loss. I am God, all choice I make is perfect. There is nothing I could do which is not Godly. Give this gift of Godself truth to everyone and every moment. This gift is called unconditional love, it is your true nature.

God as judge, the one who determines your next life or after life experience.
From the bowels of Karma sit judgement in the form of reward or retribution. How can this make any sense to the one who seeks truth?

Reward and punishment can only be functions of a God separate from self. God did not make the universe, God became the universe. All creation is God, nothing cowers in abeyance. You cannot covet future gains by actions of social fidelity. You are God, choose that which you desire. Don't wait for future rewards, choose to own all rewards now, in this life. We will never find truth in conforming for the benefit of reward. Karma is a sexy posit as it is found waving it's banner from high ground. For most people, it makes sense to believe that good behaviour will be rewarded and bad behaviour will reap just torment. This is an illusion, the seeker of truth will eliminate concepts of bad and good. See every moment through a lense of unconditional love and acceptance. See God in every expression and you will find yourself on the path to truth, freedom and enlightenment.

Namaste, I see the God in you. Do you see the God in others?

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Thanks and Giving...

As our American brethren enjoy this festive holiday a time arrives for all to offer appreciation for each perfect moment of now. Families united, gather around the dinner table celebrating in thanks for the gift of life and love. No better time to reflect with love on the many gifts offered by family, community, Gaia and cosmos. Each of us are guilty of taking life and the treasure of our being for granted.
Routine affords us expectancy which then encourages love to become divorced from labour. By example, every night my darling wife prepares the evening meal. The very routine of the act clouds the love which is the force behind the preparation. Does my wife reflect on the love she has which drives the routine? Sometimes I am sure she does, but not every time. Conversely as I sit down to enjoy the repast, do I always touch the love which is behind the dinner? Sometimes yes, but not always.
Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to remind ourselves of all the love packed into each day. Routine acts, clouded by their mundane nature, make if difficult to see the driving force of love. As often as you can, cease moments of routine, drink from these moments the love which is seldom savoured. This applies to all moments of our life. As we transcend the fogginess of routine our lives become more vibrant. While at work we can choose to maintain a conscious connection with the love of family which eases the burdens of the day. Doing everything with love in our heart we will inevitably find perfection in each moment of now.
In giving thanks we may also embrace the perspective of oneness. It is only in contact with the ONE we finally discard the need for judgement. With each abrasion against the soft skin of our ego we find a lesson to be learned and a mirror to our true nature. Finding our true nature is the reason for our being, every breath offers us the opportunity to break free of fear in favor of love. Our freedom lies in our capacity to unite as one heart, to love each other unconditionally. Give thanks for each moment we choose love. For the moments we fail to see love may we have the courage and wisdom to discover why.

Namaste, oneness in the perfect moment of now.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Consumer slavery...

Look deep into the rabbit hole, find the motive, see the programming. More than 70% of the American economy is based on consumerism. This is a beast we are speaking of, it lives and is directed for the benefit of an end game. We think we are free of mind. We are not, our thoughts are provoked. Mankind has been deliberately enslaved by debt due to rampant consumerism. The corporate Illuminati structure manipulate the mass media with subliminal programming. People are consuming without understanding the why of it. If you don't think you are being programmed try this little experiment.

For a six month period track the spending of your household. Cut off the television and radio for the second half of the year and see if your household consumption naturally ebbs.

Three times in my life I have lost everything I owned. I can confidently tell you each experience was a fantastic catharsis. Gone from my life are the trinkets and baubles of my past, photos, diplomas, gadgets and widgets all gone. In lieu of the superfluous expenditures my family finds other addictions like books and music.

Herein lies the motive, they don't want you to expand your mind, the power structure want abeyance and control. The more money you spend buying a home and all the toys and trinkets the more you find debt. " In debt we trust " becomes the mantra of the twenty first century. How does the average Joe spend his time? Working for at least forty hours per week becomes the norm, tack on another five or so hours for transportation. After meeting the demands of the home, only a few hours per day are left for reflection.

Big boss has another idea. Instead of reflection let's program people to occupy their " spare time " with frivolous entertainment like television and gaming. Look around people, how many average Joe citizens choose to pick up a book with the intent to expand consciousness? The economy of the world is being held together by momentum and programming.

Fear is the greatest commodity being pumped into our brains and most people can't even see how it separates us from the power of ONEness.

Go ahead, pay your next cable TV bill, but while you do, know that you are buying fear and paying the man to program your brain. Breaking the addictive programming is not easy. It all starts with seeing the motives and choosing to fight the system. Believe me when I say World War III is now. The war is for the ability of the individual to maintain integrity and control over his/her mind. The corporate Illuminati structure are making great leaps and bounds with mind control, RFID chipping, HAARP and mass media mind programming are just three examples of the new weapons of war. You have a choice, you can take the blue pill or the red pill. You can break free of the matrix. Each person needs to wake up to the reality of war. If you allow them to program you then are you not complicit in giving away your freedom? Fear is the commodity, give it back to them. Step out of the commercial matrix and liberate your mind.

Namaste, my brethren, freedom from slavery.

Monday, 2 November 2009

God does not exist...

God, as described by Encarta dictionary; the supreme being, the all knowing creator of everything in the universe. Verbiage such as used by Encarta creates the mental image of a separate being, a powerful giver of life. Herein lies the greatest obstacle mankind must overcome prior to embracing the God self. When we separate God from self we dis empower our divine nature thus enslaving ourselves to a world of fear and pain. In fact an argument can easily be made that the concept of God, as defined in our modern society, has been a significant detriment to the development of our spiritual nature. We benefit from finding ways to circumvent the images embedded by a language created from the bowels of illusion. When considering the power of words we must understand the need to sacrifice our current language in an effort to align with new more fruitful energies of truth. The great creator we call God does not exist apart from us but is in fact our very being. Every molecule in existence is God there is nothing that is not God. If one is prepared to accept and embrace ONENESS then by definition the God known and loved by mankind cannot exist. If ONENESS is forsaken in belief of separateness of God and self then illusion prevails. Again God cannot exist under such veils of illusion.
The only way to allow for the existence of a God is to redefine what God is. In doing so would it not be appropriate to rename this new entity, Bill, Fred, Sally or LOVE.

What else makes sense?

Lets look at the facts again; 1./ We have a being we call God. 2./ This divine God is defined by our society as being the great creator of the universe. 3./ God is further defined as omnipotent, omnipresent, eternal and all knowing. 4./ This God reigns over us standing in judgment over right and wrong. 5./ This God is to be loved, adored, respected and feared. 6./ Obviously this God we are to love is separate from us and must be obeyed.

What does that make us? Are we therefore products of a benevolent super being created then tested for the sake of amusement?

No such God exists, not now, nor ever in the history of mankind. If we release the word God then we may as a species have a better chance of breaking through the maya and illusion existing in the human mind. We will never release fear as long as we offer up scurrilous definitions for our most sacred conceptualisations. Our society would greatly benefit if we were to redefine and rename God.

Instead of God lets use the word Love. Love is everything, there is nothing which is not love. You are love, as is every molecule in existence, past, present and future. Everything manifest and unmanifest, every superimposed possibility in the quantum foam of potential is LOVE. LOVE I AM.

Namaste, from fear to love we redefine our world.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Dancing with the magic monkey....

Don Juan referred to the ego in the context of " fliers ". Beings separate from us who feed off our energy. Colin Wilson referenced the ego as " Parasites ". Alien invaders of the human spirit. Is mankind afflicted by external beings, cancerous guides hell bent on manifesting our destruction? Possibly we can be a little more benevolent in its description, perhaps we can call it the " magic monkey ".
The moment of our birth, bathed in innocence and love a slap on our bottom calls forth the magic monkey. Propped on our shoulder he is ready, as are we, to suckle on the teat of life.
Our monkey is the master of illusion, it speaks from the source. This grace of existence allows our monkey to commune with our soul, thus enabling us to reflect the essence of our path.
The monkey begins by weaving tapestries of illusion.
We experience multiple beings appearing and disappearing in front of our eyes, thus we discover the illusion of " separateness ".
In a short time our brain initiates the impulse to feed, this experience creates the second illusion which is " need ".
The third and ultimate illusion, the 'coup de gras' if you will, lies in the magic monkey making us think he is us. In this regard the " I " is born, a union of the magic monkey and the God self. This third illusion of the magic monkey " I " keeps us from identifying ourselves by our true nature which is GOD I AM.
The magic monkey makes us believe in the material world. He makes us think time and space are real. The depth of his illusion is endless, however, it is from this pit of maya that often truth and the God self can be found.
How do we serve the magic monkey?

We serve the monkey when we buy into the illusions it weaves. When we continue to embrace the " I ", separateness will prevail and the God self will remain hidden. When we desire and express need, we find ourselves alone separate from the infinite supply of the One.
Most of our brothers remain asleep. They continue to identify with the magic monkey as " I ", never seeing the glory of the God self.
Those who see the magic monkey, become able to see beyond illusion, wherein waits the God self. The magic monkey does not like being seen, the game is on! Battle rages for control of the " I ". The magic monkey eventually reaches the tipping point where it becomes the servant of the God self. Desperate to regain control the monkey fights on, weaving ever more complex magic.

By extension, the God self now maintains the upper hand by remaining fixed in the assurance self is pure light. Peace comes to the one who understands all else as illusion, just weaves of the magic monkey. WE can free ourselves from the darkness that lies within. We can experience shortcomings or ache for satisfaction, however, see this as illusion. We must know ourselves as love. Love is all there is, everything else is monkey magic. Looking back from fifth dimensional reality we very well may lament the loss of the magic monkey. Possibly, we may wish to experience one more short dance just to say goodbye.

Namaste, peace from the monkey mind.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Do we know LOVE...

With respect, allow me to offer up this posit. I submit to you evolvers that none of us truly know love. We all use this word casually in conversation not really taking the time to grasp the true essence of love. The word love is the most misunderstood word in our language. Our love becomes a dispensed commodity which we offer up to those whom we deem deserving. We believe ourselves capable of offering unconditional love to our children our spouse and nuclear family. Do we really offer this small group unconditional love? By example, if your brother kills your parents would you still offer up love and compassion. In my own life, I had a falling out with my sister whom I perceived at the time to have grievously offended me and my child. I have yet to formally reconcile this issue with her even though I have transcended the affront. If your wife cheats on you or your husband beats you can you still offer love, or would you not rather dispatch with the relationship. We perceive our love to be true, is it?
How then can we find in our heart true love? Is it possible? The answer to both these questions is an emphatic YES. So what would you expect the answer to be.

Please take a moment, reflect on this issue.

In favour of initiating discourse, if I may offer up consideration of this important query. The first step is to afford " yourself " unconditional love. Stop judging your actions, understand that you are doing your best with the tools you have. Give yourself the same level of compassion you offer children. We never feel anger to the child who attempts to touch the burner of a stove. We happily offer compassion to our children, we know they are learning and in doing so they will have to make mistakes. We fail to see that we too are children, at least from the perspective of gnosis. None of us are so arrogant to believe we know everything. Why is it we are more than prepared to feel guilt and condemnation for our actions which we falsely perceive to be in contrast with a self image of required perfection? Be honest, how often do you allow your ego to make you feel inadequate? The monkey brain plays out the rigors of right and wrong good and bad thus infusing our solace with fear and guilt. I am not rich enough to deserve love. I am not worthy because I am not as good as the neighbor I admire. I am not handsome enough, not smart enough. I am certainly not perfect, therefore I am less deserving than the brother who is more accomplished. Why can't I lose weight? Why do I have to live in misery? Will I ever become the human I want to be?

We must look at such thoughts and see them for the illusion they truly are. Oneness affords us the grace to live a life content that we are the ONE, the everyONE. Truth can only be found in the understanding that we are here to experience exactly that which our soul needs. The beggar, the thief and the undesirables are all here to experience these lessons, lessons from which they are able to truly understand compassion in other incarnations. People, we are the beggar and the king. I am you and you are I, there are no exceptions. From the platform of God SELF we can be gentle and compassionate with ourselves. This gnosis of seeing the child in each soul means that we may release the fear of need and the guilt associated with lack. You are truly rich beyond your wildest dreams, it is only illusion emphasised by ego which keeps peace from your heart.
Once you can truly love yourself as the Atman it is a short step to loving the brother you deem wretched. There is no good or bad, there is no right or wrong, there is only choice and all choice without exception is sacred and valid. Gaia also has her needs, she may offer up earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and all sorts of disaster. We see these events as terrible but again we are mistaken. The victims of tragedy, the victims of atrocity are all self selected endings to souls which have completed their mission. From this perspective we can live our life with grace, we can therefore accept the "isness" of all experience. Ego illusions of death, birth, space and time are the vehicles by which our pain can manifest.
Finally there is the true grasp of the interconnectedness of the universe. Again there is only the ONE the perfect expression of Godly manifestation. When we commune with the all we can release the maya. Fear slips back into the world of illusion locked up where it belongs, the key tossed aside.
I too live in fear, I too fall victim to illusion. However, I have experienced the light which patiently waits for me to wake up. For a short time I have basked in the glory of Oneness, in doing so I have developed a burning desire for gnosis. I am slowly stepping out of darkness and I can tell you the golden dawn is magnificent beyond imagination. The path to light (Oneness) is the only chance we have to truly define LOVE. Love without condition is the only true expression of self, all else is illusion. As the years pass I find myself deeper in love with myself my wife and all others. Moreover I am finding in my heart the capacity to remain compassionate with my child self. True love still waits on the horizon but at least I can define what false love is. In the words of the great Martin Luther King " I have a dream " a dream that one day we may all experience true unconditional love. Please when you find yourself in judgment of self or others stop yourself, look deep into your heart and see if these feelings and thoughts are a benefit to you. Be kind, accept your child self as the seeker and afford the seeker compassion and love UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Namaste, love conquers fear.

Honour the wind with love....

The wind really does get a bum rap. When do we ever take the time to appreciate, value and love the wind. All too often we are caught in the material world.
We fail to offer blessings to the essence of that which affords us life.
Looking back in history we can recapture that which since has been dismissed as banal. There was a time not long passed when great authors offered up poetry and prose to honor the wind. In times of yore the wind was seen as the driving force and life blood of existence. Ships could not navigate the waterways without the grace of wind. Prayers and tributes were offered up to the Gods as a way of ensuring the grace of favourable currents. Upon receipt of favour lavish gifts of appreciation were offered at great cost to the recipients. The same consideration was given by the agriculturalists who understood the wind to be the engine for climatic changes ushering in rains needed for a quickening of crop growth.
In time, mankind shifted away from awe and love of natural forces, instead looking for ways to affect control over nature. As ages passed, irrigation and advanced technologies enabled mankind to perceive the wind as an evil force to be tamed. This transformation of ideology paved the way for appreciation to become lost in the shuffle of modernisation.

In essence love became fear.

The wind was to become the ogre, the harbinger of disaster. Focus was given only to the ravage nature of wind thus missing the importance of how destruction is the usher of change, needed change. Look now at how much love has been lost. The media of today only focus attention upon the hurricanes and tornado, the gale or the ultimate storm. Mother earth and her needs are not considered by the mechanical minds of the twenty first century.
Let us now recapture the grace of love, let us offer up gratitude for the essence of life, the benevolent wind. First we must understand the wind to be the living breath of Gaia. When taking a walk in the park know that the wind which caresses your body to be a commune no different than a conversation with a loved one. The wind embraces and loves you, it cares for your needs and offers up the breath of life. Leave this wondrous element, dive into a pool of water swim about under the water. Tell me if you cannot fully appreciate that first breath of air gulped into your lungs. I loved the movie " A fish called Wanda " do you not think Kkkken was not ecstatic to finally have the french fries pulled from his nose. Take a moment, right now, to deprive yourself of air. Tell me, how wondrous does it feel to take that first breath of the deprived glory of air. Maybe now you can reflect on appreciation and love for this blessing.
When I was a boy swimming in the lake I would remain under water as long as I could. With burning lungs I would surface sucking the sweet taste of the air. Again and again I would perform this ritual just for the satisfaction received by that first breath. I have no idea then why this became such a fixation, maybe it was so that I could write this blog. Possibly it was for the early experience of transmutation of fear into love, which later became the basis for my existence. Try this experiment, dive into the deep, go a far down as you think you can. You will experience fear, especially if you are not sure if you have gone too far down. As you surface I guarantee you will experience love.
The glorious wind is also the animator of inert life, the flora would not become animated without the wind. Do you not think the trees, flowers and plants don't rejoice when the favor of wind caresses their essence. Or the seagull playing in the thermal currents of love. Imagine the loss a gull would feel if the wind were no longer a playmate. The ancients understood wind to be a living force, why can we not recapture this gnosis?

Namaste, my brethren, fear becomes love.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Take a "Love walk"....

Evolvers, are you ready to embrace love in the NOW? Most of us experience conscious existence oblivious to the holographic fractal wonderland which meets our gaze. This coupled with our inability to live in the moment of NOW leaves us bereft of our most cherished and magical gift, LOVE. Ever notice how LOVE is only found in the NOW moment.
Why then do we endeavor to experience some imminent or distant future moment of satisfaction? Why do we lament past moments of NOW wishing we could have done things differently?
Why can we not jettison the future and the past in favor of finding joy in every wondrous moment of NOW?
There is great irony in the fact that the perceived future moment is always a reflection of expectation, something better yet to come. I find great value in remaining resolute in taking moments out of each day in the exercise of converting maya into clarity.

To experience the full wonderment of life one needs to remain vigilant in coveting the perception of Oneness and love. You would assume this would come natural. After all, when we embrace love we feel so very good, fantastically great in fact. Conversely feelings of fear, hate and anger make us ill and are the root of all diseases which afflict us.
Try taking a love walk, let go, act like a child. Stepping out the door you see the same lawn that was there yesterday. Today, take the time to feel and smell the grass. Please, reflect on the fact that this grass is God and is very excited to have you visit. The grass will feel your love, I guarantee this to be true. Moreover try to feel the love it offers you. The old oak tree awaits your attention now, take a moment to give him a big big hug. Feel the power, strength and love of this wonderful old soul. Tell him you love him and are here to appreciate his magnificence, I am sure he will be surprised and love you right back. Next you may notice a little squirrel, I hope you have a few nuts for him. He will come right up to you, look you right in the eyes and share his love with you. Heading down to the park there will be many birds flying about. Share some bread crumbs with them, they will flock to your call, ready to share love with you. Without any doubt they will sing and caw their love and appreciation of your gifts. Down the path you spy a couple walking toward you. Know that you and they are ONE, take a moment to smile and extend greetings of peace and love. Your smile will be welcome, your love will brighten their day. Feel the wind caress your face, know it to be God sharing a loving embrace with God. Thank the wind, offer up your love and thanks for the experience.
All is grand until you see a rough looking homeless chap, don't avoid and judge this person. Know that you are he, he is you, you are both God. Share your money, your smile and your love. Treat this person as a long lost brother, he will be more than happy to share his love with you.
When your love walk is over take a few moment to reflect on how magnificently your time was spent. Feel the love flowing through your being, I guarantee you will wonder why you don't do this more often. ( As an aside; I have to include this. My son just walked in the door, he mentioned that he had a disturbing experience. My wife and I inquired. He had met a homeless person and took the time to say hello, he gave the gentleman a few dollars. The response was not what he expected, the man offered to provide sexual favours in lieu of his kindness. LOL like I said people are more than happy to share their love with you.)

From my perspective, I rarely take the time to enjoy such loving walks. With that said, I always make sure each day to ponder this wonderful loving relationship we have with the ALL, the ONE, GOD. We are involved in the most beautiful dance of love, always waiting is a partner to share. Love is a fantastical thing, the more we give away the more we fill our hearts.

Society teaches us to be greedy, to covet the riches of our neighbour, hence expressions like dog eat dog world prevail.

When will we understand nature wishes we enjoy a God love God world?

We have been programmed to believe in the separate self, when the GodSELF waits to carry our burdens. Our world is evolving, it is time for all humans to become humane. Leave the maya and pain of separation, choose the ONE, choose LOVE.

Namaste, fear becomes love.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Good and Bad... the masters we serve.

Caught in illusion, we continue to place emphasis on that which creates separation. Are you prepared to consider and embrace the truth of the ONE? Forgiveness is the answer, not of others, but of yourself. It begins with the eradication of attachment to the concept of good and bad.

There is only ONE!!!

Many of us understand the concept of oneness. A few of us choose to embrace this Gnosis in an effort to develop an enhanced spiritual connection to the ONE. Rarely can we find an individual who completely chooses this truth as the bias for all manifest expression.
Why do we struggle to drink such sweet nectar?
Why do we adhere to ignorance and illusion when we plainly see it creates only destruction and maya?

There exists a cabal of bloodlines which have carefully designed the structure of our society. This group affects complete control over our society, institutions like churches, schools, media and government bodies are infiltrated. Over a period of almost 5,000 years this order has invested great monies and efforts to keep mankind in a state of deep sleep. Unquestionable is the fact; around the world almost all reference to Gnosis has been destroyed or hidden from humanity.
Our society has therefore been structured to dovetail with greater designs, slavery to the corporate master is the end game. They are very crafty, always distracting us from inner reflection. We are taught to strive for success in the work force and most importantly be a ravenous consumer.
Soon after a child starts walking and talking the grooming begins. Cartoons and educational programming like Sesame Street drum into the child the importance of image and success. Braun and control are coveted over compassion and servitude. Capturing images of his/her future in our minds we usher the child into a direction sympathetic to our own dreams and desires. Little Johnny soon sees himself as the fireman, policeman or future military hero. Programmed is the ideology of success as being the paramount concern, you can be anything you want Johnny.(just make sure your choices make you a fantastic success).
When do you ever hear a child say, "I want to be a factory worker or a ditch digger". Have you ever heard a mother say, "I want my Johnny to break free of illusion and discover his God-self". It's just not on the radar folks. Why? Simply because it's not put on the menu board.
Let us place illusion back in the toy box where it belongs, let us close the lid. It is time for us to become awake, for our benefit, for our children and for all humanity. Be free, be the master, stop living your life in servitude.

There is only ONE, everything on earth and in the heavens is connected. THERE IS TRULY ONLY ONE. We, who bask in this freedom, are needed to show the way of love. We are the only beacons of future hope, the front line of love marching on to victory. If those who suffer in darkness could find the light they would, in fact they cannot. We who see the light are obligated to share the loving truth of oneness. Strike light into the heart of your neighbour, purge darkness from your family and community.

If we follow oneness to it's logical conclusion we will understand there is no good or bad. All is God therefore all is love. Understanding you are the ONE will afford you the clairity and compassion of knowing yourself to be the murder, thief and rapist. The aggressor and the victim, you are ALL, there is nothing that you are not. You will never die, simply because you were never born. Time is just one illusion which helps the ego establish fear in your heart. Use language but do not let it use you, we use our tongue to haphazardly create much fear and hate. Know that you cannot separate yourself from your neighbour in thought, desire or deed. Separation will encourage a dis service to yourself, your brother and all mankind. Separation will serve your corporate master, leaving you bound in chains. Turn the other cheek, see beyond the illusion, the brother who has offended you is in fact you offending yourself.
You can clearly see your thumb to be part of your body, if you comprehend Gnosis you would equally understand your neighbour enjoys the same connection to you as does your thumb ALL IS THE ONE>>>>>. Leave behind all the labels which dictate good and bad, see beyond this illusion, understand all is ONE and most certainly ALL IS GOD which in my book is good loving and lucid living.

Namaste, All is ONE, be the ONE.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Religion vs Gnosis...'Illuminati battle'.

A few days back I found myself in conversation with my wife discussing awareness and the meaning of life. The book I had been reading the past few days was by philosopher/stand up comic Timothy Freke, " The laughing Jesus ". Later in the afternoon I found myself trying to remember a poem I had written when I was sixteen. These three experiences caused me to reflect on the destructive role modern religion plays in the manifestation of the illusion we consider as life.
It is now more than thirty years since I wrote that poem, for the life of me I can't remember it's entirety. However, I do remember the beginning which speaks volumes to the subject at hand. It went something like this.


Who am I?
I am a man, no more no less.
I have entered this world, no though no dress.
What am I?
Am I a destroyer, or a creator to be?
An endless question which puzzles me.

The rest of this poem I guess is lost to the ages, consigned to float around the ethos for someone else to grab. If we look to the seeds of thought which created that poem we find the church.
I grew up with Catholicism being a strong influence. I attended a Catholic elementary school run by nuns. Church every Sunday, waiting for confessional, never to be missed.
Always we were taught of a God which resides outside of us. Wielding his mighty power with great precision, knowing your every move. God, sitting in judgement of your every infraction.
We learned only a select few would earn the right to enter the pearly gates of heaven. Purgatory or hell met those who could not find salvation. We knew of a jealous God who would never accept any other God to stand in his place. Moreover we were taught to love, honor and cherish this almighty God.
The bible, we were told, reflects the words of God expressed through the life of his only son Jesus. Jesus, born of a virgin, who died on the cross in order to save our filthy perverted souls from the original sin which lies in every man. From the perspective of a sixteen year old boy it all seemed quite simple.

You have one life, which will end one of three ways, heaven, hell or purgatory. You better get it right, so help you God.

Catholic indoctrination helped create the opening statements made in the poem. Shameful sentiments, offering up illusion, dis empowerment and fear. To consider oneself a man no more, no less is such a far cry from the truth of the eternal Atman we are.
To believe oneself to be born into a cruel world naked and helpless is another sick illusion borne from the Sunday sermons.
The second part of the poem reflects the role television played in covering the Vietnam conflict. Growing up in the cold war era, Reagan at helm, it seemed "the button" was on every ones mind. The biggest fad of the sixties was to create a bomb shelter readied with provisions in wait of the inevitable nuclear attack. There was little to inspire confidence until the Hippy movement saved the day. Peace and love thawed the world, you could feel fear slipping away. The love and peace slogan offers up a glimpse into evolutionary changes which await mankind in the near future. Let us look briefly at religion, it's effects on the world.
What is behind the tenets of Judaism, Christianity and Islam?
If we accept all action is a reflection of motive then one must not be afraid to search out probable motive.
Each of the three religions have their revered works, the Tanakh established between 167 and 164 bce. The Holy Bible compiled essentially between 100 and 300 ce. Finally the Holy Qur'an written by Mohammed from 610 to 632 ce. In the book "The Laughing Jesus", Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy do a fantastic job exposing each holy book for the phony contrivances they are. Further to the point the authors highlight how each of these religions use fear to exact control over great populations. None of us need a history lesson to realise more wars have been fought over religious faith than all other reasons combined. Each religion teaches we are separate individuals obedient to a single God. We are taught the illusion of birth and death. Exposed is the need to live by the virtues of the "good book" for the benefit of eternal salvation. Each of the faithful flock learn their path to salvation is the only true path. From the seeds of separation a world biased toward fear, hate and intolerance has become manifest.
If you consider the possibility one of these religions expounds a verifiable path to salvation, it then stands to reason all others must be wrong. Obviously there is a great deal on the line here for each adherent.
No sane argument can be made to deny the fact these religions have been a cancer on the global community. Looking into history we see Gnosis was the precursor to the creation of these three literalistic religions.
Gnosis is the true understanding of Oneness. This connection to the ONE affords the individual the understanding of peace and love. Gnosis gives rise to the individual as the true Christ self. Obviously, it would be very hard to create a flock of followers if you exposed the truth that each of the faithful is in fact God incarnate.

Each of these three religions used a holy book to correct and escape this uncomfortable concept of God self. In each book God was made to become a masculine being of infinite capacity ruling over the insignificant man. God became the saviour, offering up heavenly glory as consolation to the trials of earthly life. In a short period of a few hundred years each religion became a great power in the influence of day to day life.
The rules of religion are designed to use the carrot and stick to dominate and enslave the thoughts and actions of mankind. If we were to have lived the last fifteen hundred years with Gnosis instead of literalist religion imagine how different the world would be. Just think how powerful mankind would be if our goal were to understand ONEness. Imagine if every person in the world were to treat his enemy as he would his brother. How different would our society would have turned out if we had embraced truth, love and the ONE God self instead of lies, fear and separation. Seventeen hundred years ago the Gnostics lost the attention of the dying Roman Empire. In lieu of Gnostic truth the Roman Catholic church was created thus catapaulting religion into the forefront of man's consciousness.
The jealous God began his destruction of truth, love was replaced it with fear and domination. History has recorded the annihilation of Gnostic truth at the hands of literalist zealots. Great libraries were destroyed, every reference to gnostic truth was systematically destroyed throughout the western world. As these great nations developed power they went on to conquer the world in the name of their God. It came to pass Gnostic truth found in native cultures around the world was wiped out in the name of religion.
Given the choice of religion or Gnosis which would you prefer? to aide in this choice let us seek out the differences as defined in " The Laughing Jesus ".

1./ Gnostics teach us the important thing is to wake up and experience Gnosis
for ourselves. Literalists teach us the important thing is to blindly believe in
religious dogmas.
2./ Gnostics interpret their teachings as signposts
pointing to the experience of awakening. Literalists see their teaching as
literally the only truth their is.
3./ Gnostics use symbolic parables to
communicate the way we can wake up. Literalists mistake Gnostic myths for
literal accounts of miraculous historical events and end up lost in irrational
4./ Gnostics know that all books contain the words of men.
Literalists believe that sacred scripture is the word of God.
5./ Gnostics
understand that the way the wisdom of awakening is expressed must constantly
evolve to address the ever changing human condition. Literalists want a fixed
cannon of scripture which has absolute authority for all time.
6./ Gnostics
want us to think for ourselves, so that we become more conscious and wake up.
Literalists want us to believe what they believe, so that we will join their
7./ Gnostics understand that life itself is a process of awakening.
Literalists believe their particular religion is the only way to the truth and
condemn everyone else as lost in diabolical error.
8./ Gnosticism is about
waking up from the illusion of separateness to ONEness and love. Literalism
keeps us asleep in an "us vs them" world of division and conflict, inhabited by
the "chosen" and the "damned".
9./ Gnosticism unites us. Literalism divides

Understanding the nature of these dogmas one would suspect that mankind would naturally graduate toward Gnostic truth in favor of literalist maya.

Why then did Gnosticism become the lost tradition and literalism hold fast and flourish?

Now we come to the point of motive? Who was behind this madness?
It is common knowledge the Roman Catholic church is the spiritual arm of the Illuminati control structure. Remember the roots of the Illuminati predate the Egyptian era. This is an important consideration as it highlights as fact the Illuminati presence for over three thousand years prior to the construction of the Tanakh. The Illuminati envisioned religion as the perfect tool for their race to dominate the will of mankind. These holy books are obviously contrivances of a group whose primary goal is to dominate and enslave the sleeping masses. No one in their right mind could read any of these 'holey' books without being disgusted by the violence, hate and separatism they promote.
My grandfather had a favorite saying " what goes around comes around ". The Gnostic truth has never died, the time to experience ONEness is now. Evolvers around the world, like you, are breaking the grip of religion in favor of Gnostic love. Illuminati control will fade into history, understood by our grandchildren to be the vehicle necessary to aide mankind in search of truth and enlightenment.
There is only one truth, that truth will set us free. It is time for everyone to "wake up", embrace ONEness love your enemy.


Sunday, 30 August 2009

Don't blame America...

Now this is a real joke a Canadian weighing in to defend the American flag.

I just read a blog from a friend who was crying out for America to stop the wars. It made me stop to think of how much flack America gets from all over the world. Americans being labelled by almost everyone in the world as warmongers. America and her people are in my opinion being
short- shrifted. I say this because I feel America is not to blame, she was created by the Illuminati power structure.

America is one puppet in a long line of puppetry.

As a Canadian child I was extremely proud of the contribution made by my country in both world wars. Children in all countries are taught to respect and admire the selfless donation of body to country. Everywhere in the world the citizen who sheds blood in defence of his/her country is a hero.
I can reflect on a few images which solified my vision of the war hero; running around the backyard firing off my toy gun, playing with the plastic 500 piece army set, or just revelling in the mass media vision of the war hero. More than anything it was the pride in my fathers voice as he spoke of great Canadian heroes which swayed my opinion. Almost all male North American children grew up with this sentimentality of hero worship in post war era. WHY?
The machine always needs to be fed.
Without this glorification and hero worship, would the jet and tank seats be filled for the next conflict? Without this agenda the war machine would lose it's romantic grip on the young men of the world.
We often look into history with very small lenses, we use binoculars to peer back when we could use the Hubble. Visa-vis war, most will start with WWI go on to use WWII and the Vietnam war. Lets instead go back to the early Egyptian / Sumerian era, a time when war transcended regional conflict in favour of becoming an " industry " of mass global oppression, domination and enslavement. Threads of the Illuminati date back to this time over 3,100 B.C..
Early Sumer Dynasties I, II, III, ranging from 2,900 B.C. to 2334 B.C.. The first Egyptian empire was formed in 3150 B.C. as a dynastic regional war machine.
Before any history buffs jump on me, I am not saying the Illuminati created this early war machine over 5,000 years ago. It can however be established the roots of illuminati are dated to this time.
This is an important consideration as we see in society today the same method and motives being used to enslave the masses as was used in the times of Mesopotamia. Ever since these early days wars have been created to enhance the power structure of the very few (the Illuminati)

I must admit when I was a child I grew up hating America and all she stood for. Most Canadians today still find America and Americans to be very distasteful.
We are known to you as spineless pussies who need to be defended because we have no nukes, only 2 submarines (I think they both still work) and a handful of old jets you wouldn't deem good enough for practice. Almost all Canadians despise hand guns, many Canadians hate all guns. It is not a secret that Canada has a very limited taste for violence and almost no desire for war. I read last month 97% of all guns seized in Canadian crimes came from America, 93% of all guns seized in Mexican crimes came from America. We watch the T.V. and see people attending Obama speeches with automatic rifles slung around their shoulder. We hear about all the crazy sales schemes which involve another American citizen being given yet another free gun.

Today I can sit at my computer prepared to defend and love America and her people.

Imagine each country as a child in a large global family. Imagine the father and mother of the children being the Illuminati. Consider now the 193 children of the world, each child is assessed for it's potential strength. Each child is assigned it's role in the family. Each child is groomed to fulfill a future role.
America, the child, has been groomed to be the might of the world. Each cell of the American child will be programmed to fulfill it's role. The Vatican child has been assigned the task of creating a religious foundation, it's cells are programmed to fulfill this role. The Canadian child has been given the roles of peacekeeper and producer, it's cells produce food and serve the illusion of peace.
The people of the world are being controlled, we talk of free will but fail to realise how much effect the brain washing is having.

Ever since I was a child I always believed it was wrong to think badly of people who do bad things. I always knew in my heart that a person always makes choices based on their personal perspective of the world. The child who is molested, beaten and abused will obviously find it much more difficult to express love than the child who is raised with care and love by the family unit. The rapist does not just happen, the rapist is created. The dominating arrogant war machine known as America did not just happen it was created.
The smug, self effacing Canadian who sits in contrast to the American brother finds high ground simply because this is what the father and mother ( illuminati )have given him as his identity.
We must eliminate all borders in favour of being brothers and sisters united in unconditional love for each other. I try very hard to resist concepts of nationality. History has proven the seeds of nationality are sown by and for the benefit of the Illuminati power structure.
We are leaving this crazy patriarchal era, the time of evolution is at hand. The mother will rule with her soft caresses of love.

I cry for America, she is the child who has been asked by mom and dad to be the one who bears the greatest pain. She is the child who is most misunderstood by the other children. More energy and focus has been spent on manipulating and programming her than on any of the other children. America is the child who has been most abused by mom and dad, she has been raped, beaten and tortured.
Hidden behind the scenes are the Illuminati parents. Covertly, they have inflicted this war machine on the world, the blame they lay at the feet of the child, America. Just like Germany was asked to be the scape goat in WWII, now is the time for America to bleed. She bends under this great torment, but she will never break. She has developed a hidden strength, our parents will be surpised to find their child, America, will become the leader in the movement for global peace. America will be the child who rebels and causes the exposure and downfall of mom and dad (Illuminati machine).

Hail to America, raise the flag for what you will become.

Your past and what you are today will be seen by history for the work of the parents not the actions of the child. If a dog bites, it is the master who needs the whip.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Thoughts, building blocks of reality.

With meditation, we still our mind in the experience of the NOW. It is only in this pool of stillness we appreciate the damage created by the swift currents of ego mind. Without spiritual intervention the human mind boils with endless brain babble. Observe the babble, understand the relationship between the thought construct and the creation of your reality.

How often do you observe the babble? Are you in control of all your thoughts? How much of this communication to the universe do you control? Is your conscious or subconscious the real creator of your reality? How much of your thoughts are a result of your interface with society? Do you feel your thoughts are in any way being controlled or altered by malicious intent?

Our thoughts, infused with the energy of our feelings will create our reality.

Understanding how we create reality is very important.

This gnosis teaches us the importance of remaining vigilant as the observer of our thought making process. The human who is able to fully control his/her thoughts will have full control over the creation of their reality. It stands to reason the person who cannot control their thoughts will remain at the mercy of the ego.

Every thought you have will create something physical.

This physical manifestation will either benefit or harm you. Simply put, a thought based in love will create growth and health. Thoughts based in anything else will maintain stasis or harm you. We all subject ourselves to harm by allowing the ego to run with illusions. Illusions of fear, desire, pain, hate, confusion and maya will create in your reality similar experiences. Thoughts of love will enhance every aspect of your expressed reality.

Herein lies a simple tool for completely changing our life for the better.
1./ Observe all thoughts.
2./ Ensure you are expressing only love with your thoughts.
3./ See beyond illusions of separation, think with oneness as your backdrop.
4./ Eradicate all maya, convert it into love.
5./ Make as many love bricks as you can each day. Every loving thought is a brick for your love house.

I often let myself down by thinking negative thoughts based in silly illusions I have long since understood. These subconscious thoughts usually creep in when I am not paying attention. Each time I encounter this happening, I gently remind myself to stop busting up my love house. I take a few minutes to make 10 or 20 new love bricks. A smile builds in my heart as I bask in the energy of creating love.
People easily make the daily commitment to the machine. Showing up for work and steadfastly donating eight hours of labor becomes natural. Imagine if everyone made the same type of commitment to their mind. Spending eight hours each day making a better life by observing and controlling their mind making love bricks for their soul.

We all understand the importance of changing the world. Often we feel helpless, thinking what can I do. The world will change as each person begins to take responsibility for that which they create. You can make a massive difference by making love bricks. Encourage everyone you know to do the same. Soon we will have love houses, then love town, love cities. The longest journey is taken with the first step. Can you make more love bricks than you do now? Are you ready to build a world of love?

Namaste, brothers and sisters. Eden is ours to make, one brick at a time.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Do you want to be rich?

Have you ever tried to clean your mental closet?
In this consumer biased society we are all caught on the treadmill called life. We wake; prepare for work, commute for the eight hour commitment to the profit machine. Back in the nest; relaxation becomes the prime directive, usually in the form of games or television. Throw in the demands of family, household and community, not much time seems left.
When do we dedicate time to our spirit body?
For many years I have been chasing answers to an endless well of spiritual questions. I have come to understand God-self realisation to be about oneness.
If you separate anything you will falter.
This oneness, expressed as consciousness, is energy or love.
Follow this premise to it's inevitable conclusion and you will desire to see life through a filter of love. Never is there a need to forgive someone improper deeds, it is understood all is love. Never does fear reside, it is seen as illusion of separation.

I choose to see life in this regard.

I only see love; unless the ego prevails, it does so often.
When I am distracted with desire. When I get tricked back into the illusion of time. I lose love when I fail to embrace the NOW. There are endless opportunities for me to lose love, however they all have the same root issue SEPARATION.

I don't like the way I feel when I trade love for illusion and separation.

I have come to a point in my life where I am on alert for signs of confusion. I have been using various techniques to remain grounded in love. I call it cleaning my closet. Closets are where we tend to store or hide things.

1./ Test yourself: I like to reflect on the day in search for ways I could have chosen love but failed to. Looking into our past thoughts and actions is a good mirror for where we are heading. When you are looking for love it becomes easier to find.

2./ Remind yourself: We tend to live life far too quickly. I try often during the day to remind myself of oneness. This is simply done by seeing myself as spirit. I am energy, all energy is united as one. All expression of the manifest is love.

3./ Conversion to love: I enjoy remaining vigilant in search of finding more love. I find a great way to find love is in converting all that is not. I often find myself enjoying the correction of my thinking. For example someone is very rude, my feelings get hurt and I take offence. I stop that line of thinking, remind myself of oneness. Love rushes in, I see how my ego has taken control then have a good laugh as I regain balance.

4./ Illusion busting: I find it helps to continually bust the illusions out of your brain. We don't benefit when we fall into the traps of illusion. Time, space, death, birth, matter and separation are not real. Although we often are caught living our life in the framework of these illusions they are not real. I often still catch myself getting caught in the illusion of time. All my life, as a salesman, I have always been tied closely to this trickster. I often look out the window and remind myself, this is not real, it is just energy being perceived as matter.

The brain has worked with a given logic for so long. It obviously takes great effort to break free of the illusions of life. A great asset can be realised by the individual who takes time to perform the mental gymnastics needed to reprogram thinking from fear to love.
This work I refer to becomes a regular part of your day. It does not require much time or effort, but it does require vigilance. In time your search for love will become a habit. More time will pass and it will become a game. You will also notice in the beginning the love you find, you will give away, so that you may find it again. In the end it becomes much harder to find old fear based thoughts to convert to love. You will have mastered your thoughts in learning love is all there is.

If you are prepared to search your thoughts, feelings and actions for love you will be amazed at what you find. If you are willing to clean your closet you will find riches hidden inside.

Namaste, my brothers and sisters, love is where it's at.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Hitler never was only a test...

Adolf Hitler was the most recognised persona in modern history. He transcended his identity as a man to instead become a symbolic representation of evil personified. The evil acts attributed to him are, to this day, carried as a cross by German people. The greatest irony is that the burden of those events should not be carried by Hitler and most certainly not by the sheeple of Germany past, present or future.

We are always caught up in nationalism. Almost every person who defines them self, will include nationalistic truisms as part of their identity. The American believes he should lead the world, the, the Frenchman knows he is the best lover, the Canadian sees himself as the peacekeeper, the German carries the burden of atonement for sin. This misalignment with true identity is being played by the power structure. Our emotions are being manipulated, easily as strings plucking out a tune from an old harp.
What I am about to say is not conspiracy theory. It is well documented fact. If anyone wishes me to slowly guide them through the facts, send me a private e-mail and we can go through the research together.

WWII and the Third Reich was a beta test...
If anyone does not understand the meaning; A beta test is; an experiment conducted on a small scale to determine the matrix for the ramping up of a larger project. (ie. The swine flu mini epidemic of last spring was a beta test for the larger program to be launched this fall).

The Illuminati do not see our world through Nationalistic eyes (Why should they, it is already a global empire, just not publicised YET).
In fact they have for centuries used Nationalism as the backbone for war, hate and fear mongering, by the people for the people.
It is important to understand how Nationalism undermines concepts of oneness and love.
When people have a hard time seeing the Illuminati structure I often will use WWII as a perfect thread to follow.
I think it safe for all of us to agree on the following reason;
1./ War is fought with money.
2./ War will be created and sustained by the individual or group which initiates and finances the effort.
3./ Like all criminal investigation, motive will lead to the perpetrator.
4./ War is a crime against humanity which can NEVER be justified.

Speaking to the first point, we all know how expensive war is. The global community spends over 1 trillion dollars a year on war and defence. One trillion is enough to feed, clothe and house everyone in the world. This reality obviously says a lot about the state of humanity. It cannot be denied that war is fought with money, it is a very expensive affair indeed. Any economist will confirm that it would have been impossible for the German war machine to be maintained by the resources of Germany herself. Who financed Hitler? More importantly what were their motives?
Most people are not aware that both sides of the war were financed and supplied by the same group of companies and banks.
Standard Oil - I.G. Farben provided more than 45% of all the funding for the Third Reich.
General Electric, a subsidiary of the J.P Morgan conglomerate was the second largest contributor.
International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT) provided mass telecommunications equipment.
Ford Motor Corporation provided both sides with vehicles.
AEG was responsible for mass financing of both sides.
All of the above American firms are established to be part of the Illuminati control structure.

The financial threads supporting both sides of the war are too numerous to mention in a blog. The library of evidence outlining Illuminati support is fact not theory.

What was Hitler's agenda? How does it align with Illuminati doctrine?
We all know Hitler wanted world domination and creation of the Arian race.
Elimination of the weak gene pool in favor of Darwinism.
One world government with population control in favor of environment protection.

The ideology of Hitler's war machine lives on in the manifestation of it's creator the Illuminati. The same vision of one world dominance prevails. Evidence abounds supporting the drive to a one world, New World Order. The term " New World Order " was created in 1938 for the propaganda of the Hitler war machine.
George W. Bush resurrected the term a few years back. Making it once again the mantra for the Illuminati march for open world domination.

World War II provided the Illuminati two very important successes. Firstly it afforded them the ability to test drive the theory of world domination at the hands of war. The goal was never to succeed, the goal was to see how the masses would react. The test allowed them to determine how media and military control of the masses would function in the industrial age.
The primary objective of World War II was to create a mass influx of revenue to the power structure. Research who profited from the war and you soon find the list of financiers were the only ones to profit. All governments who participated in the war created massive National debt (Just as America does today 10 trillion today).
This debt in it's course of being serviced created the wealth needed to further establish the governmental control of new western world countries like Canada, America and Australia who had not yet fully sold out to the corporate power structure.
History, when seen through clarity of reason and truth of evidence, will show that WWII was a great success for the ones who created it.
Hitler was a pawn of the system, like most world leaders today. Hitler had the most charisma, the greatest conviction and would have been my pick if I were to choose. From this perspective Hitler himself was a great success. I am sure his puppet masters created a special annual holiday to commemorate his unmatched success.
Hitler did not lose the war.
World War II was fought; all objectives were successfully accomplished.
The Illuminati won before the first shot was fired.

The world of humanity lost that war. All the sheeple who fought on both sides lost. All the sheeple who still believe history as it has been falsely defined lost the war.

When we fail to identify our true history we encourage the horrific lessons to be revisited on humanity. History has identified Hitler's Germany to be the loser and the Coalition governments to be the winner.
The madness changes when we stop accepting history as portrayed by schools, our parents and media. Look at this subject with the eyes of an investigator. Research where the funding came from. Ask yourself who the real players were. Determine who gained the most from the WWII.
When you follow these threads of evidence you will then determine you have been lied to.

Truth outlines beyond any dispute these important facts.
1./ The financiers of the war were the ones who benefited the most.
2./ The war resulted in massive debt being incurred by all nations to private banking cartels.
3./ The stress created by the debts being serviced, transferred massive political power from governments into the hands of private banksters.
4./ World War II was, more than anything else, responsible for corporate domination of all western world countries.
5./ Corporate domination led to rampant consumerism.
6./ Corporate domination leads to deregulation of environmental protectionism.
7./ World War II was very successful from the perspective of the financiers.
8./ Those who created WWII gained dominance over western world economies.
9./ The war was never lost, you were never told the truth.
10./ We cannot learn from history if we don't know what the real history was.

The Illuminati are in the process of establishing a New World Order. They have learned a great deal from their beta test. Most importantly they understand how the sheeple will react. Their capacity to manipulate and control the minds of the masses should be obvious to all. Just look at how successful their test was in controlling the masses of German residents first, then the masses of humanity they conquered.
You don't need much sense to see the world is being cut up into larger and larger blocks. It is also quite apparent from the political rhetoric the end game is One World Governing.
All around the world people are being quickly stripped of their rights to freedom of speech and freedom of travel.
Our ability to care for ourselves is being replaced by the reliance on corporate structure to provide basic sustenance for survival. If the stores emptied of food where would that leave the average person?
We cannot sit idly by while we are driven unto servitude to the corporate master. So many people say, " Well, I enjoy a comfortable life so I really don't care. Things must be okay everywhere if I am okay. Right?
After all it is someone else that has the problem, not me, right?

We have not, as people of the world, come to embrace the truth of WWII. Only when we see beyond the illusions will we be able to benefit from the lessons which were taught.
Hitler never lost his war, he was the pawn who played his role beyond perfection.
German people never lost their war, they still play the role of cross-bearers beyond perfection.
The war was won by those who created it.

As always, the only loser is the one who fails to understand the truth of what really happened. This person loses by not being capable of learning the lesson being taught. The loss is compounded by the fact the truth must yet be learned.

Although I have many references to this topic, I have included my favorite video. I highly recommend everyone to watch and share this valuable representation of truth. Be the detective, knowledge is power. Make up your own mind!!!

Mr Max Igan " Who Runs the World " five ten minute video segments.

Knowledge is power, be the detective of truth.


Saturday, 8 August 2009

The book and it's cover...Murder becomes love...

Sitting back with a cold beer; Joe shouts with excitement, his team retakes the lead in the 9th with a home run. The night has been unbearably hot, a late shower provides relief. A cool breeze ushers in a soothing aroma from the little rose garden under the window. Everything is perfect for Joe in this moment of now.

From the corner of his eye, flashing lights stimulate his consciousness. Turning his head, Joe notices a police car has pulled into his drive. His heart beats wildly as he slowly walks to the front door. He knows something is wrong.

Mike; the local sheriff, strides awkwardly up the walk. The sheriff's visage and body language confirm Joe's angst. Before Mike can make it to the door, Joe blurts out " What is it Mike? What has happened? "

Sitting numb on his couch, the ballgame stirs in the background. Mike seems to be speaking but Joe can no longer comprehend the words. For the moment Joe has become catatonic. His heart is racing, his stomach ties in knots ready to reject his evening meal. Everything slows down. Like in a dream, sound becomes drawn out to the point of the indiscernable. Adrenalin courses through Joe's body, he wants to fight, he wants to run, but neither are an option.

Mike, has just informed Joe, his mother and father were murdered in a grocery store robbery, gone wrong.

The only lucid thought which came Joe's mind was " Is there such a thing as a grocery store robbery, gone right? " How silly the mind can work in a crisis.
Joe knows his life will never be the same.

During the weeks and months following the tragedy, Joe's family (like families often do) grew very close. Love; once taken for granted, became a very important aspect of the home life.
Joe spoke with grief counsellors, his pastor, friends and family but never was able to resolve his grief and anger.

One day six years later Joe found himself alone on a park bench. The sun had just set over the Pacific ocean. The hot evening air, seasoned by the rich scents of kelp and salt, provided welcome relief. All of a sudden Joe could feel a strong breeze at his back. This was unusual, the prevailing wind almost always came from the sea. Borne by the wind was a rich floral bouquet of a small rose garden 15 feet behind. Joe notices the small rose garden, shocking similar to the one he still keeps tended at home.

The flood of memories hit Joe like a brick, in a flash his head reels, visions of that fateful night six years ago. Anger and loss seep back in. Comforting feelings for the raging ego, they are always close at hand.

Wallowing in his grief, Joe spies a Hobo walking down the path.

Pushing his shopping cart, the hobo hums a familiar tune. It is the song Imagine by John Lennon. The same song Joe and his wife Sally played on their wedding night. He stops the cart with a jolt. The redeemable plastic pop bottles and empty beer cans bark out their disharmony with inertia. The man looks keenly into Joe's eyes. They stare at each other for an unsettling time. Joe's discomfort swells, just as he is about to rebuke the Hobo, the man speaks.

Why do you suffer so?

Stunned by the query, Joe fights back the urge to tell the man the get lost.
He doesn't know why, but Joe hears himself saying I miss my mom and dad.
Where in the hell did that come from.

Why did I say that? Why here? Why now? I'm talking to a bum collecting beer cans. I must be going mad.
Shocked, Joe sits in disbelief as the man invites himself to sit down. He introduces himself as simply Eckhart.
Joe shakes Eckhart's dirty hand. Still in a cloud of confusion, their conversation commences. Nine hours later, Eckhart walks away.

Looking around, Joe spies the little rose garden.
He ambles over, falls to his knees and weeps for an hour. His life is forever changed.

It is Christmas morning, 17 years after his parents died. Joe no longer carries his anger, his pain has been replaced with love. His baby grand daughter teeters on his knee. Laughing with happiness, she sways left, right, forward and back as they share in the pleasure of the horsey ride. Looking around at all the love, Joe enjoys a perfect moment of now.

Just then, his wife approaches around the corner of the living room. She stops suddenly and takes in the happy moment.
Joe notices tears are streaming down her face. He gently places the baby on the floor, rushes over to Sally and with trepidation he asks her what is wrong? Sally gently caresses his cheek, looks in his eyes and says I love you. She places his Christmas present in his hands. They hug, kiss enjoying the moment.

Seated, Joe begins to open his gift with a question of uncertainty. The photograph, name and title of the book leave him breathless.
Joe weeps uncontrollably, his wife rushes to his side joining in the cascade of emotion. His children look on in uncomfortable confusion.

The book lies restless on the living room floor. Eckhart Tolle, " The Power of Now." Joe picks up the book, holding it like a chalice, he kisses the photo of his long lost, but never forgotten teacher.

Later that evening, with the children gone back to their homes and his wife reading in the living room. Joe sits down at his computer to compose an e-mail to Eckhart.

Namaste, my dear lost brother Eckhart;

It is ironic that you probably don't remember our acquaintance five years past.

In my greatest moment of despair you taught me love.

From your guidance I went on to learn of truth, love and oneness. I have come to understand the synchronicity and beauty of my parents death. I have come to see this event as a manifestation of love.
I do not forgive the murderers. Instead, I understand forgiveness is not required, as it reflects the dualistic trap of the ego. The tree of love you have planted my dear Eckhart has borne fruit.

I never expected to see you again.

My path to truth has been a long journey. Each time my foot slipped I thought of you. For the first few years I thought you were God. Friends and family thought I was crazy. They would say " how can you confuse God with a Hobo pushing a shopping cart. " Last year I came to understand that you are God, I came to know oneness.

Namaste; with love, your student Joe.

* Although it includes a real person, this story is fictional.

Monday, 3 August 2009

2012 War for Evolution of Homo Sapien

Stop, take a moment to envision your future. Be the creator that you are. NOW is the time for you to go to war. You who have been sleeping must now awaken. You who have been watching must now participate. You who have been afraid must now love. In the balance is the future of your children, your right to live free of the shackles of fear.
The stage is set. LOVE is at war with FEAR.
Sitting on the sidelines is not an option. Everyone will traverse the field of battle. In 2015 when you reflect on how you served your children in their time of need, what legacy of battle do you want revealed? Were you a servant of fear or a vehicle for love? Will you feel confident in your heart that you did all you could to be the God-self creator? Remember, doing nothing is not an option; choosing nothing is not an option. Both will indicate that you remained under the spell of maya.
So what is required of you, the soldier? You must clean your house. Remain vigilant in expressing love in every aspect of your being. Whilst you clean, you will convert fear into love. Search all corners of your home. If you find anything in thought, word or deed which is not love, redefine it in the context of love. As you make this exercise a definition of your conscious reality, your vibration will heighten. Others will see the change in you; in turn they will embrace love as their reality.
KNOW YOUR ENEMY; your ego and the illuminati control systems represent the two headed beast you fight. As you clean your house, your ego will suffer lessening control (a wonderful relief). To be successful in fighting the illuminati, you must understand how you are manipulated. Another essential ingredient is to discover what tactics have been used to make you less intelligent and make you suffer poor health. Most importantly you need to learn about what they have in mind for your future. Your brain and your nervous system are their primary targets. You must protect yourself.
Your golden bullet in this war is your ability to understand that you are God. You are the divine creator. As such, you will choose to manifest your future. Leave behind desires for material gain, that dogma is dead. Rid yourself of cellphones, microwaves, pop and processed foods. Get rid of your television, take back your brain. Never allow anyone to give you or a loved one a vaccine.
If our window of opportunity passes, their entire control structure remains. By 2050 they will create a world with 500 million inhabitants. The members of the elite power structure will openly enslave the entire populous. With the use of drugs and chips, society will be controlled completely. The average I.Q. will be reduced to less than 70, the ability and the desire of the population to stop the madness will be gone. Mankind will be driven to it's inevitable destruction. If we are to avoid this we must as individuals and as a collective stand up and be counted.

The antithesis of the illuminati vision is a New World Order where order is the key word, a natural order rather than an imposed one. Imagine what it would be like if we were to understand that we are all one. What if we found ourselves in a reality devoid of the ego? Imagine everyone living free of illusion. What would we then deem important? Illusions like death, birth, reality, time, space, dualism and materialism have been the yoke that man has carried for too long. Can you even envision a world where everyone loves everyone and all living creatures live in harmony.
Everyone being transparent, no shame, no
thing to hide. Forget the need for a car, plane, train or ship as space is understood for the illusion it represents. How wonderful it will be when we see that reality is a holographic dance of infinite possibility and that we orchestrate the dance. All beings fulfilling all desire in the eternal moment of NOW. Gaia will share with us this gift of evolution. Are we ready to accept her offering?
I have presented this challenge in the form of a war to create an emotional impact. I do not personally subscribe to good and bad, ergo: there is no enemy.
The illuminati is the cancerous and malignant expression of the ego in full bloom. You can love your ego because it offers up the lessons needed to expand your consciousness (raise your vibration). You can love the illuminati because it offers up the lessons needed by society to expand it's consciousness. The irony is that without dark there can be no light. The illuminati, like the ego, forces us to make the changes we would not otherwise be compelled to consider. This push to expansion (evolution) always comes on the tail end of the destruction of an ecosystem.
It is at the edge of destruction that evolution is given birth.
All is one, all is God, all is Love. This is just a wild fantasy park ride, you cannot die and the ride will never end.
At the start of 2013 I can guarantee one thing, you will still be God. Namaste

Monday, 27 July 2009

I love you..... but....

Stop, take a moment, define the word love. Without contest, this is the most important word in any vocabulary, so what does this word mean to you? Encarta concise dictionary; 1. to show preference or desire for someone like a family member or friend. 2. to show preference or desire for something, like a food or pet. If you have not yet defined this word in your mind please do so now. With your construct of love firmly set, lets take a better look at this magnificent word LOVE. WE can afford ourselves a transitional conceptualization of this word if we view it from three different perspectives; cultural, spiritual and God self. Shed light on the cultural use of the word love, note how by definition we create the antithesis. Any dictionary will encompass aspects of separation to represent the keystone for the definition of love. As with Encarta, the words preference and desire pave the way to love. This construct is greatly flawed in so far as it validates the platform of the ego by establishing that which is not love. If one prefers or desires someone or something then one creates the given that all else remains subordinate or inferior. From this truth we can then argue that the word love as used in our society is the greatest tool given to the ego. The ego will in turn collectively design the parameters needed to establish separation, pain, suffering and confusion in the spirit of our being. Each time we use the word love, expressed in the framework of the ego driven world, we create division. In the words of Pink Floyd "another brick in the wall". When considering love from the viewpoint of the spiritual self we find that much like with the ego our greatest ally awaits. If we were to redefine the word from this perspective; 1. The vehicle used to eliminate preference or desire for someone or something. 2. The path by which we unite with oneness and the God self. When we re-establish the boundaries for such an important word our society then begins to express our existence anew thus paving the evolutionary road ( Homo Luminous ). The spiritual self knows that there is only one, that one is best defined as love. From this body of truth we utilize love as the barometer for oneness. Consider all aspects of your being, if you find anything which is not love rededicate your search for truth. With this broader understanding of the word love we can learn that this four letter word represents the salvation of mankind. Finally from the perspective of God self we reach the true definition of love; 1. Love is oneness, which is God. 2. Love is the Alpha and the Omega, love is all there is. When we re-establish the definition of love to incorporate truth all boundaries disappear, we ascend our third dimensional constraints. The veil of duality falls, we become Homo Luminous. As a multidimensional human we experience only love, we choose only love. Love is the release of all fear; need, desire, hate all ego manacles fall away. Our world becomes an Eden just by understanding the definition of one word. I LOVE EVERYONE, I LOVE EVERY CHOICE...NAMASTE...