Sunday, 19 December 2010

Judgment Day...

It was a wonderful December day when we searched for our Christmas tree this year. Off and on, the rain would quietly moisten the forest floor. A slight breeze carried fresh scents to enchant the moment. Leaving my wife on dry ground, I ventured alone into an old bog. I slowly weaved my way across the mire, managing barely to keep dry. I spied an old fallen tree which I thought might offer slippery but safe passage over an especially wet section. Picking my way across the moss laden log demanded full attention. Balance, a modicum of grace and focus were also required. Underfoot, the log bobbed in the water, obeying the command of my advancing weight. Performing its dance, the log steadfastly remained unpredictable, until finally I reached dry ground. Successfully navigating the other side a beautiful tree called my attention. We managed to get it home and trimmed for all to adore.

I later reflected on this experience. I was considering how crossing the mire represented a beautiful metaphor for challenges I face daily in life.
There lies before us all a path to unconditional love. We could choose carefully each step we take, in doing so we stay dry, warm and comfortable. Or we could carelessly traipse along, making ourselves wet, cold and miserable. For the most part, it is easy to stay dry if care and attention is expressed. However, we know there will be difficult stretches where we must work a little harder and be more attentive if we are to navigate safely.

So what lessons do I learn from such an experience?

Each step I take requires my undivided attention. Along my path I can expect difficult times. When I see the path ahead is more challenging I must slow down, find my balance, then carefully proceed with grace. I don't know how things will change in my live but I must accept, adjust and quickly regain composure.

The path to unconditional love often feels like a balancing act. The ego, continually crying for attention, is much like the shaky log underfoot. I never know what my ego is going to throw at me. However each step I must accept, adjust, then regain my GodSelf essence.

I find the path to be an extremely demanding experience. Each and every day, I expend great amounts of time observing my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I may go a few hours without reflection, but I almost always manage to later get caught up. Without this constant vigil I would be hopelessly lost. I say this because I know how relentless and tricky my ego is.

Judgment has been one of the things I have been focusing on of late.

I find in my heart so many ways I judge myself, others, events or outcomes. These constant echoes of ego mind only further ground my resolve to be the GodSelf. I am convinced expressions of ego can only be controlled with determined effort. If I fail to pay close attention, ego will be there to knock me off the log.

The way I see it, my waking perception of reality can be broken down into three separate and distinct blocks of time.

Unconscious time:

I must admit this represents for me the greatest block of time. This is the time each day I spend on auto-pilot. Most all of my daily routines fall into this category. Playing games, working, eating, driving, etc.. As I investigate this part of my day I determine it often reflects the fear, insecurity and illusion found in my ego mind. I have found great value in realising how my monkey mind seizes control during the unconscious auto-pilot hours.

Conscious time:

Conscious time represents in my life a significantly smaller block than does unconscious time. This passage represents the moments I spend expressing my GodSelf. It is only by demanding consistent expression of my GodSelf which affords me a committed path toward unconditional love.

Observers time:

I spend a large part of each day observing my thoughts, feelings and emotions. The observer is a most essential part of my being if am to remain true to my heart. Times of observation allow me to comprehend the lessons my ego is teaching. Moreover, the observer acts as a rudder, allowing me to steer a course beyond the rough waters of ego to the calm serenity of unconditional love.

With this matrix of time exposed, one would naturally assume that my goal is to eradicate the unconscious time in favour of conscious time. Furthermore, one would suspect that the observer in me is the conduit to said objective. To a certain extent this analysis is accurate. However, beyond this objective lies the lesson of judgment. If we pursue an objective for its own sake, we often fail to appreciate and value the many small steps which have made the journey possible.

Imagine climbing mount Everest. The first thing that pops into your mind is probably the feeling of taking those final few steps to the summit. Your mind naturally gravitates to the objective of the goal. One fails to imagine or appreciate the inherent value of the thousands of other steps which made this endeavor a reality.

Yes I desire to express only unconditional love. I desire to reflect only my GodSelf being. The irony is that I can never reach this summit unless I am prepared to release desire completely. I can see how my ego chooses to subjugate my search by redefining it in terms of goals and desires. By extension, my search for unconditional love becomes circumvented by judgment. I see my Godself expression is pale in contrast to my Egoself, so I may judge myself incomplete. Judgment of self is the quickest path to dis empowerment. There can be no goal or desired outcome. I am God, is the only truth which exists. All else is illusion fabricated by my ego.

How do I remain alert to these subtle dance steps of my ego? The answer is acceptance, non judgmental balance and unconditional love.

I must always remember how the expression of each moment is divine. There is never a time when I am not perfect. I can see my life as a series of choices which create my reality, but this is illusion. There are truly no choices made. How can I choose when I am ONE being, ONE reality, ONE consciousness, eternally expressing the divine GodSelf.


I find in front of me a journey of soul. The path of my soul is predetermined. Beyond the illusion of time and space, my soul continues its eternal expression. I can accept all aspects of my reflection without judgment. I can accept all other reflections as my own, for I am this totality. In this state of non judgment, I may find balance and serenity. With attentiveness to unity, I can discover a way to love myself unconditionally.

Where my soul takes me is not important, knowing that I am you is. With this understanding I know I can become complete in my GodSelf when you join me in embracing the truth of unity. Judgment day should be therefore considered by society as a misnomer. Judgment day will not represent a day of judgment, rather a day when all judgment has been released.

In Lak' esh, my brethren, I cannot judge for I am another you...

Friday, 10 December 2010

A Trinity Of Love...

The road less traveled is not a race track. Nor does it lead to a dais encouraging one to expound for profit the knowledge gained. Be gentle with your path, treat it as a lover; understanding, compassion, tenderness, respect and love without demand. There are times during our journey when we abandon all hope. Times when we turn our back in frustration. Times when we just wish to rest and reflect. As the years pass, the path itself seems to take on it's own life, history and identity. The path becomes a tangible being, a partner I very much wish to understand.

This partner is my GodSelf being. Like in the Bible with the father the son and the holy spirit. There seems to have formed in my persona a similar trinity of sorts. The GodSelf (the father), the EgoSelf (the son) and the observer (spirit). Let me further express this analogy is by no way meant to correlate or conform to biblical concepts of the trinity. The metaphor I describe today represents God as self. With that said I find each expression is equally significant as all three establish my perception of reality.

I take the time to express this concept so that you may have the grace to accept whichever expression you choose. GodSelf, Egoself and the Observer are all loving aspects of the ONE. In years past I have often beaten myself up needlessly in frustration as I see myself slip away from spiritual to material. Even more heartbreaking is a movement from spiritual to the banal (T.V.). Thirty years ago my path began. Silly as a babe, I thought the path to discover love would be easy. Twenty years ago I felt frustrated, it seemed impossible to even define love unless it was unconditional.

Would I ever find the truth of how to love?

Ten years ago I accepted that I would never discover unconditional love. Spiritual enlightenment was for those more dedicated, more deserving, more intelligent, more of something I was not. I honestly did not think my brain could absorb more spiritual mumbo jumbo. I had followed the thoughts of great masters, world religions, philosophers and scientists. I tried my best to cover a wide variety of ideas spanning a 3,000 year period. I felt I knew spirituality very well from the brain, alas my heart remained barren of unconditional love.

Why is this so hard?

The reason a search for unconditional love is so difficult is because sensations of gain are so very subtle. Gains in knowledge of the physical is significantly more rewarding. Whereas one reads enough books, one may define intellectual advancement in a specific field. You can say to yourself, I know much more about the quantum world today than five years a ago.

But how do you qualify advancements in love?

You either love unconditionally or you don't. There is no middle ground in such a quest. You can search for decades only to sadly find no serious gain has been made. This lack of tangible reward can play havoc with your mind and spiritual stability.

How do we know unconditional love?

The funny thing is that you do not graduate from the mind to such a truth. You must know this truth from your heart.

Instead of books I chose to continue my search from within, I began to meditate much more. If you call it meditation, I call it deep thinking, because I really am terrible at Yogi type meditation. I decided to spend a few months pondering one question. The very same question I asked when I began.

How do I discover true love?

Following Yaqui Indian tradition of vision quests, I wanted to " form " the emotion of this one specific thought. I wanted to create a " wave " of emotional energy. Slowly over three months the wave grew in momentum, essentially this involved focusing intent. The intent I wished to develop was that I already knew the answer to my question. I would just open my heart to it's presence. The time was right, with the wave cresting, my wife and I set out for a week long camping trip.

Sitting under a starry canopy, the fire casting images dancing on the still lake we took LSD and magic mushrooms. My wife enough for a great high, whilst I consumed enough to go beyond reality. Sitting by the fire I meditated upon my life's question. Information began drizzling down. I use this adjective deliberately, as it did feel like it was raining knowledge. I cried relentlessly for almost half an hour. All I could do was sway back and forth, continually thanking God for such blessings.

Regaining composure, I placed my hand in the middle of the fire, picking up an ember the size of a sparrows egg. I held the burning ember in my hand while I described to my wife what I saw. Visions of zeros and ones dancing up from the coal in an eternal transformation of love energy. Spending a few moments basking in the glory of this magnificent transformation left me awestruck. Placing the ember back in the fire, I transformed into the same love energy.

I became God.

For 8 hours I felt the wonderment of what it truly means to be ONE, to love unconditionally. In my confusion, I thought all humanity was morphing into a new dimension of unity reality. I turned to a tree, wrapped my arms around it and became the tree. I felt all the feelings of the tree, fully embraced in it's essence, I became the tree. During the experience, my heart learned in one night what my brain could not decifer in thirty years.

Although more than five years have passed, I have never since experienced such wonders. I have never attempted to relive or recreate this truth. In the end, I realised unconditional love is what I really am.

How very bizarre, searching with the brain relentlessly for thirty years all the time thinking I was getting nowhere. I could not see tangible results, but I would never give up. Unbenounced to me, my brain was learning to speak to my heart. By developing my understanding of science, philosophy, religion, and ancient spiritual knowledge I was learning a secret language. I never once knew that the fruits of my search was the discovery of heart language.

So what can one gain by learning this very specialised heart language?

We learn that the heart is so powerful, it need only whisper once. Three words from the heart " YOU ARE LOVE " will change your entire perception of reality.

My body and mind travel to many places meeting many people. Sometimes GodSelf whispers, sometimes EgoSelf roars, mostly the Observer discovers. EgoSelf continues to teach me lessons as I loose my way, of this I am grateful. I cannot say I reflect pure GodSelf, I cannot say I reflect pure EgoSelf, I cannot say I am merely the Observer. I am all three, I am an eternal trinity of GodSelf expression.


Although we have different paths to GodSelf we share many truths. There are countless ways to climb a mountain. We are not in competition, we are ONE. Time in fact is illusion, we are eternal. If we are to love others we must first learn to love ourselves.

Try and think of yourself as an eternal trinity. The GodSelf, the EgoSelf and the Observer of the NOW. These three beings will dance together and this we will call your reality.

They will teach and love each other, leading you ever closer to light. For now, ego may be your ruler, the observer may not exist. But remember, the GodSelf is always your true essence. In time the observer will become present and you will learn from the lessons ego teaches. Eventually your GodSelf will be discovered, you begin climbing the final mountain. A day will come when we all rejoice together in unity, one being, expressing only unconditional love.

When we climb a mountain there are times when we rest. Ego sees the rest as lost opportunity. Observer sees the rest as reflection. GodSelf sees there never was a mountain to climb. It is not possible to go astray, all choice is illusion. Whatever you manifest will always represent God dancing with God eternally in the NOW. You cannot improve, you are God right now, you are perfection. You can however discover your true identity, and you can always choose. You will climb the mountain at your own pace, in your own way. Accept all moments of manifest reality as divine, choose to love yourself and others, without reservation or condition. Choose to be the GodSelf you truly are. Remember all manifest experience is God dancing with God in the perfect eternal moment of NOW...

In Lak' esh, my beautiful brothers and sisters, we find there is only love...

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The lonely voice of unity...

My wife was mentioning how an American fellow was just imprisoned for three years because he wrote a poem about killing a certain president ( of which discretion suggests I not mention by name ). I thought, I have not written poetry in over 30 years. Such an occasion I feel justifies breaking the dry spell of poetic creativity. I feel penning this tribute speaks to his right to free speech. Let me add that I do not subscribe in any way to his views. I do not believe in violence of any kind. I believe in non compliance with government and living free on the land. It is the power of love that I trust will rid us of fear, judgment and oppression.

The Lonely Voice Of Unity

Spying the mind of humanity,
trapped by a matrix of illusion.
Monkey controlling reality,
creating lives in confusion.

T.V. programs the heart of consciousness,
addicts feeding on material desire.
Education dwindles to nothingness,
while elite relentlessly conspire.

Corporations purchasing government,
constitution torn asunder.
Sleeping masses yield to enslavement,
private banksters count their plunder.

Religion hiding love behind fear,
busily selling lies of separation.
Judgments by masses proudly held dear,
emitting a melody of ignorant dedication.

Brothers we beg of you to wake,
your complete attention is a must.
Our future we cannot forsake,
only in love can we trust.

Silence confirms no reply,
ego maintains perversity.
Fear holds sway I cannot deny,
lonely is the voice of unity.

In Lak' esh, my brothers and sisters, a call to unity and love...

Monday, 29 November 2010

I Thought, You Felt, My Love...

What is reality? Morpheus asked Neo this question in The Matrix. Unable to see beyond illusion, most people living today cannot answer this essential question. People believe their body is who they are. As well, they perceive their world to be physical and finite. Spiritual and scientific truth express our true legacy as infinite eternal consciousness. However, few grasp this understanding.

The result of this mis perception is a life seldom free from the demands of ego. We constantly look to the future, aching to acquire things we feel we need, or must have.

We observe our bodies with the desire to be slimmer, fitter, better looking, younger, sexier. Never satisfied with the reflection we see in the mirror, we secretly covet our personal version of physical perfection.

Lifetimes are spent chasing material gain, the lust of acquisition is never satiated. Weighed down by the balance sheet of life, we become slaves to a paper demon. The value of the individual is personally and societally tied to the number of dollars one may amass. Dignity, respect, trust, even love is doled out by society with a price tag only the rich can afford. Poor, sick, disabled need not apply, at least not without a platinum card.

Our personal life is equally exposed to this ritual of need. We insist our friends, family, partners act in ways which are favourable to our demeanor and with due consideration to our needs. We become locked in a cycle of unsatisfied expectation. If we perceive a lack of reciprocity, or an affront, anger wells as we defend our position.

The filter we use to view our world is equally insisting; peace, love, justice, harmony, the environment, freedom from oppression, equal rights for all. Failing to understand concepts of duality, we once again express endless desire for change. With pride and compassion we demand the world be run in a manner suitable to the utopia we aspire to.

Relentlessly, the ego encapsulates us into a continuous cycle of want. Like the hamster who never finds and end to his wheel, we have become enslaved to desire.

How do we get off this tread mill? We answer the question posited by Morpheus!

Reality is an eternal expression of Godself consciousness, you are this consciousness. The world and body you believe to be real is truly a grand illusion of physicality. You are God, as such you are the creator. Your perception of reality is established entirely by you. You are are starring in a play which you have written, produced and directed. There is absolutely nothing in this play which you have not created; the broken leg, the " accidental " meeting of your partner, the car accident, the rape you endured, the cancer which takes your life. Every act written by you. The questions you need to ask are; What is this experience teaching me? What can I learn from this moment?

Your Godself writes the script of your play by using thoughts, feelings and emotions originating from your heart. These signals are then relayed to your brain, which in turn, translates into your perception of reality. It would be nice if we were spiritual masters, creating reality instantly, we know this is not the case. Your capacity to direct your reality is a direct function of how close you come to knowing your GodSelf identity. Those able to see a GodSelf reflection will find opportunity to consciously steer their perception of reality toward love. Conversely, living in darkness means never escaping the illusion of need. Fear of loss is the companion of this lonely traveler.

Building your home:

Spiritual or not, you can identify the origin of each thought, feeling and emotion you have, as either fear or love based. Consider you are a master builder constructing a home for you and your family. You are given cement and bricks in two distinct piles. Upon approaching these pile you see two signs, love and fear. You come to determine that you will in fact always be building two homes; one of fear and one of love. You are informed that the home you live in, is the one most complete. You are further instructed that each thought, feeling and emotion you have will build your home. How do you proceed?

This is reality, this is how reality is created and perceived. How does this make you feel?
Do you think it is worth keeping track of your thoughts, feeling and emotions?
Do you think it is worth taking the time to see if by chance you are building a house of fear or love?

You will create, only you can choose the bricks. Choose love, discover the GodSelf within, it's what you truly are.

In Lak' esh, brothers and sisters, think, feel and be, LOVE...

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Roger, the dodger... a tribute to love...

How many of us have heard people say there is nothing I can do? In this the 21st century it has become strikingly obvious that our world is in disarray. For those of you who are not aware of the cabal of Illuminati domination and the many atrocities they have inflicted on mankind the world seems a little brighter. For those who know the truth the future seems bleak at best. If by stroke of bad luck you are wealthy, comfortable and ignorant to the aforementioned travails, you still must agree the state of reality is quickly deteriorating. The sleepiest of people can see their freedoms and rights being eroded. One just need ask a TSA agent on your next flight what authority he/she has, see what happens.

The point I make is that under the duress of enslavement people feel diminished, dis empowered and helpless. They cannot comprehend how one person can make a difference.

Let me tell you about my brother Roger.

I met Roger when he turned 60, he knew the world was screwy but never investigated how upside down this matrix is. His connection to Godself reality was non existent. However, there was within a spark of inquisitiveness usually only reserved for children and scientists. Together we took a path of discovery, unveiling both light and darkness.

Now, eight years later, Roger has completely transformed his connection to reality. He understands Godself being, moreover he grasps the scientific and spiritual truths which form the foundation for aligning with peace and love. Recently retired, he spends most of his time helping others. He discovered a penchant for healing and is constantly researching all aspects of alternate health. Purchasing all kinds of natural medicines, gadgets and widgets so that he may better assist people in moving away from pharmaceuticals and western medicine.

Now you may think, to be able to give so much Roger must be well off. He must be on a fine pension and has realised it is time to share his saved wealth. This is far from the case, Roger is living on a meager pension, he can't keep up to his bills and he really doesn't care because he knows everyone will eventually get their pound of flesh. He knows that the universe will give him everything he needs, and so like a dog answering his masters call the universe feeds him with love.

A few months ago his daughter wanted to buy a gift of appreciation for his help. He considered the offer and asked for a table router. The cost was around 400 pounds. He was excited about the prospect of getting this new equipment. The next week when I spoke to him he had decided against the router. Knowing how much he wanted it, I queried his decision. As it turns out he was surfing an alternate health site and found a natural medicine which he was convinced would help people with thyroid problems. He went on to describe how he had met a few strangers who are dealing with just this issue. He was determined to get the medicine but as usual he was broke and could not muster the 280 quid needed. The solution was simple, he asked his daughter to purchase the medicine instead of the router. He later went on to give away a good deal of this recipe to people for free. If I had the money I would have bought him the router in a heart beat. He never thinks about himself, never asks for recognition or reward. Like a desert flower Roger always gives love, in drought or times of plenty his purpose is to share.

Roger is active in his community, never resisting the opportunity to inform a local shopper of danger when they choose diet coke. Don't be standing near Roger if he sees a chem trail, not unless you want to become informed about what a chem trail is. If he can help you, in any way, he will tirelessly do so. Over the years I have experienced that Roger consistently offers himself to others always to the point of requiring he tighten his belt and do without. He so often gives at no cost to strangers his naturally formulated medications to aid in their suffering. One of my nicknames for Roger is DR.Do Little, because he meets people who are taking an array of drugs that are not helping and cooks up a simple natural recipe which eases their pain. He has spent most of the summer revamping his daughters garden and refurbishing their second home, they cannot cannot figure out why he wants no money in return.

Roger lives every day with a smile on his face. He constantly has a joke to offer, and always leaves you with the feeling of wishing you had more time to spend with him. He knows more about the state of the world than most people do, but like water off a ducks back he shirks it all off. Roger does not know what the future will offer but he does know that his future will involve love, sharing and unity. Roger understands that no matter what this reality brings his true identity will always be Godself.

If you ask Roger, he would tell you I have opened many doors which have allowed him to expand his consciousness. What Roger doesn't know is that they way he conducts his life is a beacon I will always follow. To know love is a beautiful expression, to be love is entirely more appealing.

We all can learn from my brother. If each of us followed this light our world would change. All perils real and perceived would slip into the past. We can be more, we can do more, we are more! Love is the only way to freedom, love is the only answer. Love, without reservation, love without condition, love under duress, love under pain of suffering. Search your hearts, if you determine something which does not carry the energy of love then convert those thoughts, feelings and emotions into LOVE.

NAMASTE Roger my dearest brother I love you. I bow down to your grace sir. The road to a better future will be taken one step at a time, lead and I will follow.

In Lak' esh, brothers and sisters, love is the only answer...

Sunday, 21 November 2010

I Found Terrorists, who do I call?

This is a very important blog, possibly the most important blog you will ever read.

We are all locked in an epic struggle to fight terrorism. Governments are spending trillions of our dollars to fight the global war on terror. The least we could do is pay attention. I noticed on the television a few years back instructions were to keep an eye out. They said I should report any suspicious activity immediately.

I thought to myself, the T.V. is right! I am morally obligated to help my government fight terror.

It is incumbent upon each and every citizen to assist in helping governments keep our world safe. Come on people, our children's lives are on the line. When all is said an done, do you want to tell your children why mommy and daddy never did a thing to protect their future? Do you want to explain to the next generation why they are enslaved? Does " Sorry I didn't know! " fly as an excuse? Is it right to say, " I couldn't do anything, I am just one person. "

STOP making excuses, are you people or sheeple?

Ignorance is an idiots excuse. You have plenty of time for T.V., sports and video games. Why are you not spending a little time finding terrorists? Do what you think is right. I decided to affect a detailed search for terrorists. Tracking their numbers and documenting their tyranny was not easy, but I succeeded.

I want to tell you my brothers and sisters they were all right. Obama, Chaney, Bush, CNN, Fox, Reuters, NY Times. They are not lying to us, I found tens of thousands of of the buggers. They were terrorists everywhere, I made a secret list and I want you to share it with everyone you know.

Before I get into the gory details let us start with Websters Dictionary so that we all agree on what a terrorist is.

Terrorism: The systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.

Terrorist: Noun 1. A radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities
Adj. 1. Characteristic of someone who employs terrorism (especially as a political weapon); "terrorist activity"; "terrorist state"

So with definition in hand, let me show you what I found.

1./ I looked first to the many religions, I thought I might find a few terrorists hidden behind closed doors. Hey, there are some running for cover. Little children have been raped, molested and degraded by countless priests over centuries of time. What if your son or daughter fell prey to these ruthless terrorists? What should you do? Lets face it you would want to grab a gun and shoot the bugger. But since it is not your child, you don't even want to look, let alone do something. Don't you see, your silence has made you complicit to their terror?

2./ All religions of the world use fear and control to convince you that you are separate from God. The truth is, you are God. The possibility of connecting to your divine essence has been taken from. You have been deliberately tricked into living a false reality. This is the greatest act of terrorism ever inflicted on mankind. You are forced to live in a world of fear when your true essence is love. But hey, why worry, you still have the big screen and there is a game on. What can you do, life is pretty good, someone else can clean up the mess, RIGHT!

3./ Governments around the world are being subjugated to the will of private banksters. Greece, Ireland and Iceland have failed, USA, and most of Europe are about to go under. The only reason for this disaster is because private banksters have bribed politicians into enacting legislation allowing privately owned syndicated banks like, The Federal Reserve, to act as the vehicle for printing currency. This interest laden production of all currency has placed all countries in a position of unsustainable debt. Imagine this, you have the option to print your own money or you could use a credit card to borrow. If you could print your own money would you? Or, would you go to Visa and borrow at 29%? Not a hard question to answer is it? Why then do all governments of the world refuse to print their own currency? These banksters are real terrorists, let's round them all up. Or do you prefer to watch T.V.? When you are living in a tent you might care. But hey, your bills are being paid, your belly is full and The Simpson's are on. Why should you care if someone else has just lost their house?

4./ Chemtrails are everywhere, even with a little effort you can determine what is in those white trails above. Our air is being polluted with heavy metals, toxins and living germs. The government says it needs to control global warming, so weather control is essential. Do you buy this lie while thousands of people every year are suffering the ill effects of chemtrails? The worst is that people are so brainwashed they thing that these vapor trails are con trails. What a joke, how stupid can some people be? No investigation, no intelligent observation. They just buy the party line while their brothers die. Hey the air seems okay around here so why worry right? I say we fight these terrorists by informing others about their evil plans. So what will you tell your daughter when she asks, why didn't you know?

5./ GMO foods, corporations are bioengineering food at an unflappable rate. It is almost impossible to find healthy food to eat. The supermarket is the most dangerous place you will visit this week, why is that? Scientific studies indicate it would take several apples today to give you the nutritional value of one apple grown 50 years ago. No one can say exactly how dangerous genetically modified foods are, there simply is not enough research. However, most scientists agree the introduction of GMO foods will devastate the natural ecology of life on our planet. Don't you think something should be done about the terrorists who are poisoning our food supply? Don't you think it is time to turn off the T.V. and think for yourself? When is it time to get informed, today, next week after 2012?

6./ Our government is putting sodium fluoride in our water. Fluoride is a by product of the smelting of aluminum. It is classified as an extremely toxic waste. so dangerous to your health one tube of toothpaste eaten will severely harm and possibly kill a small child. Check your toothpaste tube, the warning is right on the back. Fluoride was found to be a very effective means of controlling the emotions of prisoners. Hitler medication of prisoners with fluoride allowed them to reduce the amount of guards by more than 75%. Stalin was very fond of using fluoride in the gulags of Russia, again to control the prisoners behaviour. So tell me what should we do about the terrorists poisoning our water?

7./ Micro waves, cell phones, cordless phones and wireless technology. As you buy the latest gadgets for yourselves and children do you ever think to ask yourself, is this safe? Of course not, you just expect that corporations and governments would ban unhealthy products, after all they have your best interests at heart right? These items are one of the primary reasons for the mass acceleration of cancer. Should we allow such terrorist cabals to destroy our brains with radiation. What do you think, is it time to wake up yet? Is it time to fight the terrorists like the T.V. says you should. What should you do now? You are safe in your home the T.V. is on and a ball game is just starting. Watch the game or fight terrorism? What is more important to you and your children? Wake up, you are asleep?

8./ Depleted Uranium is being used in testing grounds all over Europe and North America. Most small arms used in war today use DU ammo. Do you know what DU can do? Look at the soldiers coming home and check out their rate of cancer and look at the deformed babies they are bearing. Look at the deformed and mutilated bodies of the children in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are brown babies, not like you right? They live so far away, it's nothing you and your children need worry about right? Wake up people, turn the T.V. off and protect your children. Stop these terrorists before it is too late.

9./ The rape of the planet. Just look at what we are allowing? Is this the kind of world we want? Does corporate greed and bankster terrorism not demand that you do something. Are you ready to wake up, or is that a job for someone else? Who should protect you and your children if you refuse to? Are you ready to help me stop terrorism?

10./ What else does it take to get you people to wake up? If not for yourselves then for your children and grandchildren.

I could go on, but I think you get my point. This blog site has over 50 issues of soft kill terrorism perpetrated by the fascist terrorists in $ 10,000 dollar suits. Grab those TSA bastards and home land security and lets march them to the homes of these subversive terrorists. Demand they give us back our dignity, freedom and health.

Those who know me must be surprised by this blog. I always advocate love and oneness. I always speak to the need to see beyond all illusion. Allow me to close this blog with reflections of truth...

You are God, you rise above this matrix of madness. Your true essence is love. Love in fact is all there is. This world is a dream, your life is eternal. You are GodSelf consciousness, nothing could be more beautiful. The lesson to learn is that we must become aware of how this reality is manufactured. We are being driven into an expression of fear, hate and judgment. This is not who we are, but rather who we have been created to become. I do not advocate violence of any kind. I do not advocate anger or resistance. We will never experience unconditional love by resisting. What is needed is to love everyone and everything. Ask everyone you know to wake up. People are blinded by main stream media, government and corporations. They just need to discover reality beyond the facade of lies. Be patient and persistent, do whatever it takes to make them listen. Do not spread fear. Fear is what the terrorists want. Urge people to change their lifestyles, consume less, eliminate the T.V. and become active in their communities for the purpose of educating. Look at history take lessons from Gandhi the master of passive resistance. We the people have all the power in our hands. By spreading love and refusing to accept tyranny we can discover our true self. We can and will defeat these terrorists but not with force. We will show them love, compassion, non judgment and non compliance. We will forgive and show them a better way to experience this dream we call reality.

Namaste, my brethren, pssst... I love you, it is time to wake up....

Thursday, 11 November 2010

ONE Reality, ONE God, YOU...

You are beginning a journey to determine self. I remember when I first began my search a little over 30 years ago. I knew there must be more love and peace in my life. I knew my religion had deceived me but I was a babe in the woods uncertain of where to turn.

After careful study of all world religions I came to see how the weaves of ignorance form similar global tapestries. Moving into philosophy I determined greater truth. Advanced science coupled with ancient Shamanic traditions allowed me to escape the illusion of ego self.

All religions maintain God " CREATED " the universe. This God judges our actions in this life so that he may bestow reward or punishment. Religion will use the carrot and stick to hold sway followers. By example, Catholicism uses heaven and hell, Muslims strive to earn a favored presence with Allah in the afterlife and Buddhists concern themselves with the desire to enjoy a favorable rebirth in the eternal wheel of time.

Spiritual truth displays a significant contrast. The master understands that God
" BECAME " the universe. This fundamental shift in understanding allows one to determine all manifest reality is God. You are God, I am God, the desk you sit at and the words you read and write are God. There is nothing which is not God.

Many people who are faced with this truth will argue; " If all is God then how come there is evil in the world?"

To answer this intelligent query one must understand the natural law of duality. Choice can only be derived from duality, hot cannot be experienced without a reference for cold. Up cannot exist without there being a down. We cannot choose love without an expression of fear to offer contrast. The purpose of being, is in choosing from a plethora of options one inevitable path which will lead back to the unity of ONE. This experiential transit from the ONE to the many and back to the ONE is known in Vedic tradition as the breath of Brahma.

With this truth instilled in the heart, a person no longer sees the illusion of separation. Instead, we see all as ONE. We release the trappings of ego; fear, want, desire, judgment, lack, hate, self abasement are justly determined as constructs of the primary illusion of separation. Also released are the illusions fed by the ego; time, space, separation, physicality, good verses evil.

You will never die, you will never be born. You are not the body ego self " I ". You are eternal consciousness, you are the GodSlef. You may believe your daughter or son is separate from you, born after you, younger than you. This, my dear brethren, is illusion. You and your daughter are GOD, everything and nothing, the Alpha and the Omega.

In conclusion, I see in you the opportunity to determine your divine essence. Very few souls are ready for this journey. Very few have the capacity to understand the language of their heart. I invite you to enter my gymnasium of the mind. Explore the illusions which dis empower your GodSelf essence.

It is my path to offer information to seekers. With this offer I present my blog site as a library of truth. From a scientific and spiritual perspective you may determine reality. There are over 300 free videos available which are designed to ease your path.

God dances with God in the perfect eternal moment of NOW, come dance with me.

In Lak' esh, my dear brothers and sisters, love is all there is, all else is illusion...

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Punk Master " T ".

A few weeks past, I was sitting at my computer writing about unconditional love when my wife burst in. Wrapped in a towel, dripping wet, she informed an intruder had invaded the privacy of her shower. Pulling back the curtain I found, in the corner of the tub, a tiny little bird quivering with fear. His instinctual reaction was to resist as I gently picked him up. Within seconds he calmed, his little heart slowed as he accepted his fate. I placed him on the floor near my greenhouse hoping he would get his bearings in a warm place while my wife and I inspected him for damage. He remained silent, allowing us to determine the state of his health as satisfactory other than his inability to fly. We sat back in amazement, watching him quickly adjust to his circumstances. He hopped into the pot of the nearest plant acclimating to his new environment.

We searched the internet to determine his species which is a Cedar Waxwing
( Bombycilla cedrorum ). I called around to local government agencies for assistance but as it was Saturday everything was closed. I contacted the local veterinarian for assistance. The vet mentioned they would accept the bird however, regulations would only allow them to keep him for 24 hours. Unwilling to defer to regulatory decision making. My wife and I decided it necessary and humane to adopt this little bundle of love for the duration of his recovery.

We needed a name for this little fellow, we chose Tweedy. The first order of the day was to determine his diet. He had pooped on the floor leaving a partly decomposed berry to get us started. We discovered on the internet his preference for a variety of berries as well as the odd flying insect. We were worried he might miss migration. Soon our concerns were belayed when we discovered he spends the winter in this region. It took a while, but we established from the development of his plumage coupled with the start of nesting season, his age must have been about 10 weeks when he arrived. We wondered how he found his way through the small bathroom window which opens away from the wall leaving a very limited opening for entrance.

We hypothesised he may have been attacked by a Stellar Jay or a Crow, forcing him to make an uncomfortable choice. He could not fly, so we assumed he probably damaged his wing wildly trying to escape the unnatural confines of the bathroom. The internet offered another possible reason for his presence in our home. Apparently, it is common for Waxwings to get drunk on fermented berries, causing them all sorts of navigational flight issues.
We liked the idea of a young, punk of a bird, getting pissed for the first time ending up in a mess. He displayed no physical damage, other than his wing, so this very well may be the most apt explanation for his timely arrival.

I felt he should have warmth so his blood could circulate better inducing healing of the damaged muscle tissue. Along with his warm environment he needed lots of food. I spied a Mountain Ash in the woodlot next to my home allowing me to gather many ripe berries. The black berries were also ripe and full so I collected up a handful. Proud of my menu assortment I hoped Tweedy would enjoy the evening meal. I placed a few berries at his feet, he just looked around showing little interest in food. He was still suffering from the shock of the days events, it seemed he preferred to just rest quietly. Before going to bed I wanted him to eat something so I captured a live Crane Fly. I held the wiggling bug in front of his tiny beak allowing nature took over. He snapped up the large bug gobbling it down in a few quick bites. I scoured my home, finding three more bugs. Finally he seemed sated, so we wished him a pleasant good night.

Sunday morning was bright and warm so we thought it a good chance to take Tweedy outside. He spent the night in the greenhouse warm and quiet. When we spied in on him he seemed much brighter. During the evening and early morning he had fixed up most of his damaged plumage. His demeanor had changed as well, the shock had worn off and he was busily walking around the greenhouse from plant to plant. I tried to feed him some Ash berries but he showed no interest. The blackberry he happily accepted, he proceeded to eat three blackberries, quite a feat for this little fellow. From this time on, he proved to be a berry consuming machine, eating far more than I ever imagined a little bird could. He would consume at least one full handful of berries each day.

The Ash berries were harder and pulpy he had a devil of a time managing the little round berries with his beak. Often the attempt to swallow the berry resulted in it popping out of his mouth landing a couple feet away. He would chase down the berry, trying again to swallow it. Some berries took for or five efforts before success. there were times of course he would suck it up and move on to another berry.

The blackberries were much easier for him to manage. Full of juice they relented quickly to his attack. Attack it was, he made a constant mess tossing the blackberries all over the room. Snapping off small pieces of the bigger berries usually meant the remnants were strewn about. The downside of the blackberries was that they made his beak sticky. To fix this he had to constantly rub his beak on the pot lids to keep it clean.

Without a doubt his favorite on the menu was always flying bugs. I never gave him spiders because they have a sacred spot as co-dwellers in our home. We owe it to spiders to respect their home and protect them from harm. However the flying creatures were fair game. As transients they fall under the domain of prey. As I was benefactor for the Master, I took on the role of provider. Normally all bugs enjoy freedom and safety in our home, however they needed to respect my new role as an ipso facto bird. Punk master T never refused a wiggling insect, the moths were his favorite. Small puffs of moth dust would explode with each bite he took until it was finally devoured.

He seemed extremely calm, much calmer than most caged birds I have encountered. I thought it might be unsettling for him if I picked him up. Instead, he always chose to just climbed on my open fingers allowing me to transport him around the home and outdoors. Outside he was very quiet, he made his way to a small plant near the front door sitting near motionless about a meter away. Every morning we followed the same ritual of placing him in front of the open door allowing him the opportunity to explore or leave. If the weather was good we might get him out three or four times a day. The first two days outdoors he just stayed quiet near cover. Later in the week he started walking around the yard more, on occasion making his way toward the open lot next door.

I was perfectly happy to see him leave however, there was one rule. I did not want to see him leave unless he could fly. I felt there was no point in allowing his total freedom until he was able to fend for his food and safety. A flight to freedom would mean his survival would be much more assured. He never tried more than once a day to hop to freedom. If I brought him back the fifteen or so meters to the front door he was always content to stick around. Leaving him outside for long stretches was not possible as there are two very successful " spy kitties " who are neighbors.

For the most part Tweedy's day was spent with the plants under the warmth of the greenhouse grow light. At times he liked walking around my office, just hanging out while I worked. Many late afternoons Tweedy would be found munching on berries, happy in his basket enjoying some sun in the downstairs living room. As the week progressed his health improved dramatically.

After the first few days Tweedy really showed his character as investigative, calm, trusting and loving. My wife and I tended to his every need, fresh water and berries along with all the bugs he could eat. He was showing signs of trying to fly and was very active in the house. We often encouraged him to test his capacity to fly however, he still could not maintain or increase altitude.

His beautiful attitude to life, mixed with little tuft on his head earned him the nickname " Punk Master T ". Punk, because he arrived probably as a young punk boozed up for the first time. Mater, because he proved himself to be a master of unconditional love and acceptance. T of course represents Tweedy. The internet mentioned the Cedar Waxwing has a reputation for being a very loving and community oriented bird. Not aggressive at all, they tend to get along well with each other. Punk master T is certainly confirmation their reputation is well earned.

Six days after his arrival, my wife and I went out for the evening. My son mentioned Tweedy had made his way to the upstairs bathroom, a fight of 13 stairs from the downstairs where he had been put to bed for the night. This revelation signaled for us the fact Punk Master T must have regained the capacity for flight. We knew he was to soon leave our happy home.

We spent a most wonderful week learning from this tiny creature a valuable lesson of unconditional love, trust and acceptance. Early the next morning my wife and I placed the Master on the doorstep in front of the open patio door. As usual he spent a few moments smelling the fresh air then hopped out of his basket. He walked around the living room entertaining my wife and I while we drank our morning coffee. He eventually made his way back to the basket for some breakfast.

A few moments later he hopped out of his basket flying two meters to a plant on the patio. He sat quietly in the pot amusing himself with the autumn morning. My heart was in my throat I had a feeling this was the moment of his departure. He dipped his little body up and down a few times signifying his desire to lift off. Before I could say a word he was gone. The Master had flown to a tree in the woodlot next to our home. It was a magnificent flight of fifteen meters or so. My wife and I stood in the door watching his euphoric emancipation. I called my son downstairs so he could enjoy this last moment with the Master. He rested on the perch a couple minutes more, relishing his new found flight. Without a glance back he lifted off one final time, never to be seen again. The parting was a mix of great joy and sorrow. Sorrow only for the breaking of a beautiful relationship etched in our memories and hearts forever.

Punk Master T has taught me to better appreciate the ONEness of our reality. Filters of separation keep us from grasping the fact all manifest reality is God experiencing being God in the eternal moment. Punk Master T, you and I are truly one. We are all magnificent reflections of God essence. We can truly love and connect with all reality.

I can imagine myself as a teen, drunk for the first time. I wake up in a strange place with a giant taking care of me. My injuries offer no chance at freedom. I am truly at the mercy of this alien creature.

The reaction most of us would take is that of fear, confusion and certainly a strong desire to escape. Beyond all, we would strive to be home, safe, secure in surroundings we trust. Choosing to be calm, accepting my fate, loving and allow myself to be loved would be defined as a most altruistic response.

This little brother has shown me the truth of this path. He has been a beautiful reminder that unconditional love and acceptance is the surest way to freedom.

Namaste, my brethren, love is all there is, all else is illusion...

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Grace from disorder...

We all stumble through life attracting confusion and disorder. Often we fail to understand three important characteristics of disorder;
1./ Without exception, all disorder we experience we have brought to ourselves.
2./ Each experience of disorder begs us to take ownership.
3./ Each experience will contain an opportunity to learn a lesson. In so doing, transcend the need to revisit similar lessons.

Beyond Deception:

Often we fail to realise how obstacles presented in our lives are lessons subconsciously invited into the realm of personal experience. By failing to accept the true causation of " bad experiences ", we feel the need to cast blame. Once we use blame to redirect the energy of lessons we doom ourselves to be revisited by similar disorder.
The essence of this concept is to experience our world as a synchronized dance in loving oneness with all beings. Your brother who causes you distress and harm has been brought to your door, by you, so that you may discover your true self.
From this perspective we determine there is no need to cast blame or place judgment. Instead, we accept each experience as a gift; with love, appreciation and thanks. Left in the rubble is the darkness of the ego; blame, judgment, need and fear. In it's place we find compassion, respect, tolerance, sharing, understanding and, most importantly, love. Application of this understanding is profound, allowing us the opportunity to become more graceful and loving. Moreover, it affords us the capacity to live a longer, richer life.

So why does humanity express such an incomprehension of this truth? Why do we continue to live without grace in a state of such disorder?

We have been programmed by society, media, church, education and government to experience life as an island. People have been taught to believe they are caught in a struggle for survival against a cruel and unjustified world. A Darwinian world, where only the strongest have a right to survive. The promotion of such damaging dogma enslaves the potential of the individual.
As applied to disorder, we should offer love and acceptance for each opportunity to learn. We instead see an attack which needs to be eradicated or rebuffed. As a result of manufactured ignorance our society places itself in a constant state of disorder from which there seems no relief.

Lets quickly look at how this can be applied to day to day life. Think of something you deem a common annoyance, look for the lesson. Love and accept the lesson, then leave it behind. Once you have learned the lesson you will find a pearl of wisdom for you and others to share.
By example, I always ( still do ) have had a problem with bad service and long checkout lines. This manifests itself in my life regularly, if I go into a checkout I will almost always find myself in the slowest line. The lesson is obvious, I need to apply more patience in my life, I need to slow down. As well I would benefit from accepting the fact many employees are not happy in their work, as a result they will inevitably perform poorly. Instead of offering resistance to the lesson I need to offer love and acceptance.
After consideration I discovered that these " bad experiences " were really just bad choices. I found that instead of choosing emotions of frustration and anger I could just as easily choose compassion and love for the teller. Just by making a fundamental change in perspective I could use this " bad experience " as an opportunity to add more love in my life and that of those around me.

I experience that when I refocus my energy to embrace love I always feel free, content and invigorated.

As I identify better with this lesson I find I am visited much less often. I see it first as a gentle reminder to refocus on life beyond illusion. Secondly, and more importantly, I see clearly how all disorder in my life is really a dance of beautiful perfection.
How we perceive our reality becomes a foundation for the experience we call life. We change the world one person at a time, beginning with ourselves. As our species learns to identify with our true spiritual nature we will release disorder with the application of compassion, unity and love.

In Lak'ech, my brethren, from disorder we find perfection and love...

Saturday, 1 May 2010

A New World Awaits....

It's been a whole month since I posted anything, but I haven't abandoned my blog or died. My family and I are in the middle of a big change. It could be a week before I get the Internet back. Two weeks ago, I lost my job. The next day our landlady told us that the apartment we live in had been sold and we would have to move. My son also wrote his final school exam yesterday. I've been wanting to leave Vancouver for some years now. It's just too expensive to live here. Not only that, but there's the chem-trails and the pervasive EM pollution, among other things. My intuition told me that, when the right time arrived, I would know. I don't think the signs could be any clearer.
So tomorrow, we'll be leaving for our new home at the north end of Vancouver Island, near Port Hardy. The new place has fruit trees and wild raspberries, and we've a green light to plant a garden! I can't complain about the $750.+ reduction in rent either. I'm really looking forward to this change. It's a big one though. We're going from a city of 2 million + people to a town of about 150! I have to stop writing now; there's still so much to do....

Namaste, until we meet again...

Sunday, 4 April 2010

" Seek and Avoid " The masters of sorrow...

The pendulum of desire swings back and forth along the polarities leaving sorrow in it's wake of momentum. The inability to see beyond illusion of separateness leaves us in a constant state of fear and need.

Why does this happen?

Take a moment to think about the manifestation of your life experience. We all must agree there are experiences we seek, conversely there are experiences we avoid. We seek to be loved, to have good health, a comfortable life along with all the trinkets which that may encompass. Everyone seeks approval, recognition and respect from others. In general we seek to only embrace that which we feel will make us happy and healthy. We also spend a great deal of energy avoiding those experiences we perceive will detract from the promotion of health or happiness.
I believe it is safe to say we all manifest our life experience in this regard. We have been taught to see ourselves as separate from each other. From birth we mindlessly follow illogical programming by a society asleep to the truth of ONEness. The devastating result is a species devoid of unity, harmony and true unconditional love. We learn to disconnect with reality so that we may embrace a nightmare in the guise of a dream.

So how has the ME ME ME life of continual need served mankind?

Even the most optimistic dolt would have to agree our world is in turmoil. The closest cousin we can find highlighting the way a species relates to it's environment is a cancer cell. Is this the type of legacy we wish to leave for our children to follow?

How do we step off this cycle of destruction?

Firstly we need to see beyond the illusion of separation. Secondly we must understand why polarity exists as part of life experience. Thirdly we must eliminate judgement in favour of unconditional love. The greatest journey begins with one step, just as the path to a new world begins with one person making the decision to forge a new paradigm.

True freedom can only be expressed when we see our brother as a reflection of our self. If we cannot embrace the ONE with our heart then we must begin with our mind. Biology and Physics are two sciences which prove beyond any doubt that we are all ONE being, interconnected to each other by our hearts; emotionally, magnetically and electrically . Moreover science has proven reality, as we perceive it, is a function of our co creation. Imagine how free our world would become when we live our life in harmony with everything and everyone. From the perspective of the ONE fear cannot exist because we would understand our life to be an eternal expression of the NOW moment. From the ONE we understand that need does not exist. We comprehend that through the reflection of our brethren we already own the experience of everything.

Thinking of our world expressed as duality or polarity is a fundamental viewpoint affording one a closer connection to the ONE. Like a set of scales we add weight to one side, therfore an equal amount of weight must be applied to the other side to effect balance. Our world is perfectly balanced, for every expression of fear there is an expression of love. Each and every manifest expression must have an equal and opposite reflection. Life then becomes perceived as a dance of energy with the killer and the victim in the synchronicity of a loving GODLY experience. We tend to use judgement to perceive a right and wrong or a good and bad of every expression. Instead, we should see the inherent GODLINESS in all expression. You are the perpetrator and the victim, you own both experiences, you are GOD> THE ONE. From this vista we can release the need to judge others. When we live our life with such understanding we then stop fighting the flow of life, we become ONE.

When we truly know the ONE, when we truly understand polarity, then a wonderful thing happens>>> UNCONDITIONAL LOVE bursts forth from our being. We can now co create our reality in a new light, with a new vision. How differently we would act if we truly knew all manifest expression to be GOD at play. Under the warm light of unconditional love there is no place for darkness, no need for polarity to remain as teacher.

The domain of this Eden can be found not from the past or future but only from the NOW moment. It is only in the gentle stillness (isness) of the NOW that we can release the fears of what the past has brought and what the future may hold. The NOW moment allows us the opportunity to be free of the continual chattering of the monkey mind. The NOW moment gives us the opportunity to look within.

So how does all this apply to our day to day life?

It is all about choice. We can choose to turn off the T.V. ( or better yet toss it out ) instead we can search out truth. We can dedicate our life to seeing beyond illusion. We are here to learn how to express unconditional love and by doing so find the GODself. We can choose to honor this fact by directing all our life choices toward this goal. As we choose to release the old paradigm room will be made to express a new loving reality. We are reactive, egocentric, judgemental beings but we don't have to be. We can step off the merry go around; our footing may be unsteady at first, but we will quickly regain our balance. As long as we buy into the illusion of seek and avoid we will never find peace. The answer is to see GOD in every expression and to have the grace to accept the isness of life. When we finally stop demanding life to be a certain way we will finally find unconditional love. From tragic to magic our world is ready to be changed. Are you ready to co create a new world?

Your GODself waits to be found, wake up, wake up, wake up a new sun rises.

Namaste, my brethren, seek and avoid are no masters for you.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Evolution of Human Consciousness...

On a blog site called Evolver I responded to the following query; What does " The Evolution of Human Consciousness really mean. "
The following is my response. What do you think?

Evolution as defined by Encarta. 1. The theoretical process by which all species develop from earlier forms of life. 2. The natural or artificially induced process by which new and different organisms develop as a result of DNA changes.

For the purpose of the aforementioned phrase I feel more comfortable expanding the definition as follows. 1./ The natural progression of a specific energy vibration as it finds it's limits, then transcends said boundaries, by way of DNA changes. 2./ A process by which mankind transcends the illusion of duality as he/she wakes to the ONENESS of GodSELF reality.

Consciousness as defined by Encarta. 1./ Being awake and aware of what is going on around you. 2./ Some body's mind and thoughts. 3./ A set of feelings beliefs and opinions of a group.

For the purpose of this discussion, I believe we can see how the Encarta definitions promulgate confusion. From the perspective of evolutionary consciousness Encarta does not offer any connection whatsoever. Encarta is mixing awareness and perspective with consciousness, the result is ambiguity at best. Consciousness as it relates to human evolution could be described more holistically as follows. 1./ The ability of a given point of awareness to experience in part or in full it's GodSELF truth. 2./ The ability of a collective group to discover, through infinite points of awareness, in part or in full the true ONENESS of being.

So why all the confusion?

As mankind evolves, so does our language. Each individual perspective of language is of course different as each person has their own specific points of reference. I started a blog site called God's Dictionary. It was intended to be a vehicle for redefining words from a perspective of GodSELF reality juxtaposed to the false ego definitions used in today's common vernacular. It petered out, only because of difficulty keeping up to a 24 hour day that really should be 30 hours. My point being, when we review such a tossed about phrase like " Evolution of Human Consciousness " we will invariably trip over our tongues.
In addition to our changing language the Internet furnishes us with a wealth of information at our fingertips. As one would suspect much of this archive is riddled with falsities, confusion and in some cases deliberate misinformation.
Thirdly the term consciousness seems to be blurred by many into other similar words like perception or awareness. Many bloggers and writers alike have a very foggy conceptualisation of the differences between perception, awareness and consciousness.
Of course there are many other subtle and gross factors which cause a simple statement like " Evolution of Human Consciousness " to be misconstrued.

So what does it all mean?

Consciousness in the context of this phrase represents the path mankind takes from separation to the ONE. As individuals we are born with the GodSELF connection intact. However, our DNA quickly adapts to the dualistic environment of which our body is subjected to. In short order our being adjusts to the energy frequencies of our environment.
From GodSELF awareness ( that being unconditional love ) we slip into a sleep or coma which is expressed as separation. Baby sees the doctor, nurses and it's environment thus discovers self separate from the ONE. This sleep of the masses is embraced by the DNA of baby and the journey of the soul commences. As the ages are expressed under the illusion of time our species evolves by the activation of latent aspects of our DNA.
Our hearts communicate to the universal GOD source by the transmission of neuropeptides transferred to the brain allowing us to express our reality. Over eons of time our species DNA commune with the GOD source reacting in kind to heightening galactic frequencies which activate DNA to promote new species. Further to this, we understand that our planet is passing through a photon belt of energy which signifies an imminent DNA change. Conjecture proposes that the energy in the photon belt will reach apex or Zero Point by December 21, 2012. The energy of change has been building, we are experiencing the effects now ( imagine having this conversation, in this forum 10 years ago ). As our collective being integrates this new energy an opportunity to align with this higher resonation of energy becomes possible. ( the square root of 1% of the population in resonance will create the 100th monkey effect. Meaning a tipping point would be reached allowing the total species to experience DNA upgrades. The minimum needed number of frequency conduits is approximately 8,680 souls )
If we are capable of embracing the new energy it is suggested we will experience a shift from third dimensional reality to a higher frequency of fifth dimensional reality. How this fifth dimension will manifest is any ones guess. In fact it is all our guesses combined. So what do you expect the evolution of human consciousness to mean?
The path to the ONE is our raison d'etre, the journey is often coined as evolution. The next species will be known as Homo Luminous.

Namaste, my brother Monte, evolution from fear to love...

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Here Comes The Judge....

We are all judges. Release from this destructive course of action is only found with unconditional love. Think about it, take a moment, please reflect on the many ways we judge our brethren.
By example; someone is introduced to us, how does our mind reflect this encounter? First we assess, colour, sex, creed, weight, aesthetic beauty, intelligence, demeanor etc... Within 60 seconds we will have categorized and slotted this person into a given genre. Somewhere on an imaginary scale of good or bad this person will surely reside. Along with this assessment we will then embrace a feeling of connectivity or repulsion. These sentiments will forge the foundation for the relationship we will or will not choose to establish.
It is not just people we judge, we remain in a constant flux of judgement. Second by second we assess our world without unconditional love. We subconsciously judge, the weather, our present state of happiness or lack thereof, the chair we sit in, the taste of our food ad infinitum the judging never ends. All aspects of our environment fall under relentless scrutiny.

Our reality is a function of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. We are creating our reality each and every moment of our being. This constant assessment of our present reality is fodder for how we will choose our future reality. Ergo, we feel desperation over the quality of our life then desperate times are surely in store. Books like " the secret " expose the connectivity of self to the ability to speak to the divine source. Such books will encourage you to pay respect to the " law of attraction " thus using this gnosis to attract wealth and material gain. How shameful it is to use GodSELF truth in such a banal way.

Instead, think of the great spiritual wealth you may manifest when using this law to discover unconditional love. Give away a smile and a smile will return, send out love and love will return. See knowledge and knowledge will return. We are what we eat, hell no! we are what we think.

So what keeps us from touching and directing the divine source to yield unconditional love? I aver it is only the false ego using judgement in the form of the monkey mind which waylays our path to truth, peace and love. The only way to escape the monkey mind of judgement is to see, with all knowing,
" THE ONE ".

We are here to discover unconditional love. In order to determine this realm of consciousness we need to transcend the perceived dualistic nature of our reality. There is no good or bad, there is only a polarity of energy. All energy is GOD. There is truly no manifest expression which is not 100% GOD. To say we are ONE is to see beyond the illusion of separation.

As long as we judge our environment, our brethren and our reality we will serve our false ego and thus remain in illusion. Break free of the illusion of separation. See all atomic structure as " The One ". See all manifest expression as " The One ".

We can learn about the true nature of our reality without " knowing " truth. Our monkey mind is the barometer of our progress. Remain vigilant in choosing to be the " awareness " which transcends duality. The choices we need to make are not monumental, it really is simple. Be aware of your monkey mind. When it expresses itself, take a moment to realign with truth. This person in front of me is not 5'11" 290 pounds, red hair, acne with a pungent aroma. This person in front of me is GOD, this is a divine being worthy of my unconditional love.

I demand my right to offer this person my love. I demand my right to see beyond physical illusion. I will only accept my GodSELF perspective to represent reality. ALL ELSE IS MONKEY MIND!!! Ha ha ha ha you silly little monkey.
I demand my right to see my world as paradise. I demand my right to see beyond the illusion suggesting maya. If I do not see my life as beautiful, divine, loving and fulfilling then I cannot be seeing truth. Ha ha ha ha you silly little monkey.
Embrace our enemy for there are no enemies. See beyond our fear for there is nothing to fear. Looking deep in our hearts we understand the truth of " THE ONE ". The monkey keeps us from " knowing " this truth.
I strive every day to pay attention to my thoughts. I try my best to catch the monkey. For the most part the monkey wins. However, I am gaining quickly. Soon I will yank that little buggers tail. I love every being with pure unconditional love, I don't see bad or good. I " know " the ONE, but still that little monkey rules my world....... for now. Ha ha ha ha ha you silly little monkey.

A splendid rendition of the law of attraction can be found in the method used by the Hopi Indians in their rain dance ritual. The elder draws the rain from source by using thought empowered by emotion to experience the feeling of rain. It is in " the knowing " that rain clouds form when the Elder seeks their presence. Let us " know " love, let us share love, let us be love. Follow the path which will afford you the best ability to shed fear in favour of love. Be " THE ONE ".

I will leave you with a quote from an author appropriately named Happe. " All thoughts must be thoughts of unconditional love. All else is irresponsible. "

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Stepping in the Do Do...Oops

Namaste my brethren. We are being distracted on a massive scale. A covert plan of disunity is being played out to benefit the cabal of corporate Illuminati dominance. Hell bent on enslaving mankind they demand your energy, moreover they dominate your every waking moment. Main stream media is just one engine which they use to develop a motif of distraction, fear, greed and unease. The end game of course is to keep us from discovering our true GodSELF reality. En mass, thoughts, feelings and emotions of the collective mind are driven to distraction under the cadence of slogans like the Nike mantra " Just do it ". How many times have you been asked " What is it you do for a living? ".
It seems to me everyone has an axe to grind, a trinket to buy or a desire which needs to be satiated. Conspiracy theorists want you to fight for your freedom from enslavement. Churches want you to sing their praise of false idols. Corporations demand your attention so that you buy the latest flavour of the day. Governments want you to do a good days work so that you may earn the right to live on their land whilst enjoying their services. Social revolutionaries want you to fight injustice, save the planet, save the children, stop abuse, stop cancer etc... the list is truly endless. Schools demand your acquiescence as they pump your mind full of indoctrination so that you may perform well for the master. The New Age group want you to eliminate all the darkness in favour of living only in light.
What is it the average human wants? MONEY and lots of it! Our programming has created a race of " individuals " which will do anything in their power to succeed. Success as defined by the American dream is to have everything you could ever want, the winner is the one with the most toys.

Servitude to the system, enslavement to the banal, these are not the reasons for our graceful presence as GodSELF beings.

Are we not more than slaves performing pedantic gestures at the behest of a supreme corporate master? When will we say enough? When will we stop searching for glory in the outer world? When will we slow down the pace in favour of seeking the true GodSELF which resides within each of us?
In this reality paradigm we seem forever ensconced in there is only one way mankind can effect change. We must turn off the mass media in favour of searching for our inner truth. In effect we must stop stepping in the do do. Make time to see past illusion so that we may discover our GodSELF and our raison d'etre.

Who are we? Why are we here?
We are the divine spark. We are a reflection of the perfect ONE. We reside in timeless infinity as the all powerful ONE. We express ourselves in a cosmic pool of infinite choice. Our divinity may never be impinged upon, no harm may befall us. When fully awake we represent eternal unconditional love.
Our journey is to travel through darkness in search of light for the purpose of discovering our true divinity. The answers to our true nature can only be found within. Whence we touch our true self our task becomes self evident. We are here to live in unconditional love with all life. From this perspective it becomes obvious that all distractions which separate us from truth must be seen as contrary to ONEness. All the doing in the world will never change a thing. Fighting the new world order, saving the whales, curing cancer, feeding the poor ad infinitum only keep us from discovering the real solution. Prior to being able to change our external reality we must change from within . As long as we determine there is need then need shall be. As long as we determine there is fear then fear shall be. As long as we determine hate, separation and war to be solutions then hate, separation and war will manifest. Chasing money, fame and glory are just distractions from the only true path to happiness.
In search for the mirror of stillness our salvation rests in our individual ability to calm the stormy waters. Wind beating the pool can only offer an imperfect reflection. It is only when the pool is perfectly still that we can see our clear true reflection.
We do not need money, we do not need protection, in fact there is nothing we need. Most certainly there is nothing we need to " DO ". See only ONE, love all our brothers, especially those we see as enemies. In lieu of fear share love in as many moments of our divine reality as possible. Give great thanks and appreciation for each wondrous moment of our perfect life. Do no judge others, live our life with compassion for all other Godly reflections.

In Lak'ech, my brethren, from a bucket of fear manKIND finds love...

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Grace Under Pressure...

Do you feel like your world is falling apart? It is! Homo Sapiens are preparing to evolve. The race must release it's hold on the past, thus allowing the Phoenix to rise from the ashes.
We are witnessing the burning of mankind's playground. Old world structures must be leveled before a new amusement park can be prepared for Homo Luminous.
The Illuminati " New World Order ", conspiracy dictates including; soft kill, mind control, HAARP, weather modification, GMO, Codex, 2012, planet X, ad infinite are merely resistance to inevitable change. Their grand plan is to use fear as a tool to promote a dis connect to the power which lies within each being. Their capacity to dominate Homo Sapiens has been phenomenal. Look around, how many truly illuminated individuals do you see?

The fact remains Homo Sapiens was not meant to carry the torch of truth. The role of our generation is to transition into Homo Luminous. Thus paving the road for love. Our further evolved brethren will, in the near future, enjoy the privilege of living free of illusion and maya.

When we superimpose the strength of the Illuminati resistance in contrast to the will of God's divine evolutionary plan we obviously find the Illuminati lacking in punching power. Remember, they want you to forget you are God. As we touch the GodSelf within, their power quickly wanes. Hold firm to reality, seek to free yourself from illusion.

It is very easy for us to falter under such trying conditions. Many of us, who seek to discover the true nature of the Illuminati construct, leave ourselves open to feelings of despair. How difficult it is to piece together this gruesome puzzle of deceit, murder and mayhem without feeling helpless in the onslaught. Understanding the puzzle often makes us feel like we are standing in a mine field while bombs are dropping all around. The trick to retaining our sanity lies in the ability to see past fear biased illusions, and by doing so, use unconditional love to become free.

Grace is the ability to see beyond illusion. When we embrace the ONE, we find unconditional love. If we understand our true essence as eternal GodSelf beings then we can release all fear associated with what the Illuminati may impose. Furthermore, we then see no need to concern ourselves over what our future may hold. From the ONE we can extrapolate that each Illuminati member is another beautiful ( albeit confused ) GodSelf being. Don't you all agree we must love all Godly expression, without exception? Fear is hidden in many corners of our mind, only with love and acceptance can we eradicate this cancer. When all is said and done one fact will remain; you are the eternal God being, this can never be undone.

Roaming through the internet we find a vast amount of material dedicated to unveiling the bleak reality of our enslavement. Very seldom do we find any informative material which offers up solutions. When solutions do crop up, they are usually biased toward " fighting " the system. Their desire is to somehow take back control of our sovereignty. I prefer a solution dedicated to expanding the awareness of Oneness. It is only in comprehending the reality of singularity that we can ever expect to love unconditionally. The solution to the troubles of our world can never be found without love and unity.

Yea, as I walk through the shadows of darkness I fear not evil, for I am God. The essence of my eternal divinity will shine through all darkness in every perfect moment of my being. In times of strife I need only reach out to this divine power to steady the keel with grace under pressure.

Namaste, my brethren, seek only truth and find only love...