Sunday, 16 January 2011

Joe, The 21st Century Slave

Most people of the Western world perceive slavery to be an ugly chapter in the history of mankind. If you speak with the average Joe, he will maintain his life is a reflection of personal choice. Sure slavery may still occur in Africa or China but certainly not in Europe, Canada or America. Close inspection of the North American lifestyle proves Joe and his kind are deceived into false security. Distracted by the material world, invisible chains restrict their concept of reality while curtailing freedom.

Slavery began with primal Homo Sapiens, wounded and captured survivors often became enslaved by conquering tribesmen. As society progressed, villages became cities, in time nations formed. Limited tribal conflict morphed into full scale organized wars. Slaves became viewed by conquering heads of state as spoils of war. So it came to pass, the mere appointment of weakness in a human meant relegation to the equivalent status of cattle, land or physical riches. Slaves of yore knew their fate. The physical reality of chains, beatings and repression was very apparent. Along with this knowing of servitude the human slave maintained aspirations of freedom. Moreover it is this prospect of freedom which demanded the enslaver maintain vigil over his property. This archaic form of slavery meant the master must deflect the continual pressure exerted by the natural drive for freedom. History provided great leaders with countless lessons in human husbandry. The management of slaves became a study of psychology as much as a manifestation of physical power.

Moving beyond Egyptian records we learn how the Romans established a new model for slavery by incorporating the ideologies of Empire creation. Advances in technology, coupled with the lessons of history, showed great value in conquering lands thereby enslaving entire countries. Once defeated, the peoples of entire Nations could be indoctrinated into adherence of the new societal structure. It was understood by the Romans that if an efficient and expedient transition could be made, then the wealth of a Nation could be raped and pillaged with little physical need to resort to the age old rigors of owner maintenance. However adroit at effecting this new psychology of enslavement, great empires, like the Romans, succumb to the inevitable ravages of time and change. Ages come and go, history further defining and refining the evolutionary course of slavery.
The advent of the age of information caused great leaders to rethink the form and function of slavery. When I say the age of information I do not refer to I.T.
It was the attainability of education for the middle and upper class which created, based on issues of morality, new pressures. People could read and write, moreover with advances in map making, navigation and shipping technology ideas could be shared globally. This global access afforded the power elite an opportunity to rewrite the form of slavery from a regional reality into a universal truism.

In answer to the moral pressures and dictates of society, the power elite used the Roman Catholic Church as a tool for advancing new methodologies of enslavement. The papacy, at the behest of the power elite denigrated the black man to the status of animal. This accepted classification of subspecies by society, justified slavery under the guise of tending and guiding the beast. However plentiful and accessible the black slave was, the real target was and still is the white man, moreover all of humanity. To make inroads to white enslavement the power elite introduced the concept of Indentured Servitude. For a given period of service, a person from Europe could gain ship passage to The New World with the guarantee of freedom when the agreed length of servitude was fulfilled. This disguise of slavery as opportunity became very popular as many unemployed had no other realistic chance of survival. From 1611 until the early 1660's the backbone of America was forged with the sweat of the indentured servant.

There were a few success stories of indentured servant who made good, purchased land, an became a respected part of American society. However, for the most part, the term of service was met and the individual could not find work in the flooded market nor have any realistic chance to become a land owner. This inevitable fall, forced the indentured servant back into work for survival. This became the matrix for the establishment of the early lower class of America.

By the early 19th century the power elite knew, from centuries of trial and error, physical slavery was unsustainable. The industrial era confirmed their concerns by paving the way for a stronger middle class. This evolving middle class ushered in new socially conscious paradigms. Demands were made, revolutions were fought, and the shackles of enslavement could no longer restrain. By the start of the 20th century slavery needed a refit, a new concept of slavery was required to keep pace with social evolution. The problem was far from simple, find a way to enslave mankind without the use of force. The only answer would be to establish control of the mind. The ultimate objective is to create a slave who is convinced he is free. Have they succeeded? Are we enslaved? If so how? How has slavery changed then to now.
In the 21st century Joe is not aware of his enslavement. However, this does not mean that he is a free man. The power elite have managed to enslave all men. The tools of their enslavement are devilishly ensconced in all a aspects of our expression of reality. The primary tool is money as it pertains to survival. We all have to work to earn the right to live. If we fail to earn enough paper, then we will certainly find ourselves relegated to the status of non resident. Without the capacity to gather paper we are left with the prospect of determining life from the perspective of survival. We all know what living on the edges of society means. Bred in our demeanor is the abject fear of failure and the humiliating denigration it involves. Another tool of slavery is the physical assault on our mind and body. The power elite, through corporate agenda, whittle down our physical and mental being with a constant bombardment of chemical, psychological, biologic and electromagnetic attacks. These assaults are not conjectural, nor is the epic rise of the recorded disease of our planet and physical self. One just needs to do a little research to determine the phenomenal extent of corporal injustice.
The primary method of enslavement is the dumbing down to the point of psychological entrapment. Humans have been deceived into believing they are limited insignificant beings. We have been stripped of our connection to our true identities. If I were to tell Joe he was a frog he would think me insane. However, the mis perception Joe has of himself as human is not much more inaccurate than the absurdity of considering himself a frog.

Joe would tell me he is the master of his future. He would say that it is the choices he makes in life which will dictate his success or failure. Success to Joe is found in his ability to collect enough paper to gain prestige and respect from family and peers. Joe would tell me he is a man, his life will last until his last breath whence some form of judgment will determine his lot in the afterlife. He sees himself as unable to effect great change in the world thereby he justifies to himself that life is about achieving happiness and comfort. Joe becomes so engrossed in amassing comfort he is left with little time for self discovery. The small segments of " free " time are then directed toward entertainment and distraction. Joe's television becomes one of his best friends. He does not see the manipulation which forms the undercurrent of all his choices. Joe fails to understand that his portal to reality has been shaped and fed to him by a covert assailant. Nonetheless Joe characterizes himself as slave to no man, puppet to no unseen strings.

Joe is not aware of; chemtrails, HAARP, toxic vaccines, T.V. mind control, bankster control by debt interest, the new world order, loss of governmental sovereignty to fascism, Illuminati structure, pharmaceutical soft kill etc....
In fact, if you try to inform Joe of such atrocities, his manipulated mind will lash out with accusation and innuendo. Slavery in the first quarter of this 21st century will be perfected to the point of no return if Joe fails to acknowledge the tightening web of deceit.

I see the real Joe. I see a reflection of GOD. I see great power and divinity in every choice Joe makes. I love Joe as I love you, without condition or reservation. I see in Joe great GodSelf potential which has been craftily hidden from his view. I know that Joe may act like a frog, however I understand that it is merely because he lives in darkness. I see in the next few years a time of awakening. Joe will come to understand his eternal GodSelf and a new perception of reality will usher in his freedom from slavery. I can hear Joe tell me he loves me, he is my brother, he is in fact myself. I see the chains which have kept Joe in darkness have fallen away. Slavery is ending my dear brother Joe. Wake from your long sleep and capture the power from within.
Wake up your brothers gently, be calm and eloquent in the language you use. Whisper in their ear truth, let them know they are Gods. All we can do to eliminate slavery is to choose love. We need not fight, resist, hate or fear. Peaceful resistance coupled with the sharing of love and truth is all it will take to create a new portal of perception for Joe.

In Lak' ech, my brethren, unconditional love reigns supreme...


  1. This post prodded me to remember a time in my life when my eyes were half open. Now I just need to marry the social with the spiritual to open them that little bit more - thank you :-)

    PS Could you email me your 'Dancing With God' post? I only managed to read half of it but I found it fascinating - I'd buy the book!

  2. Namaste my sister Annie. Thank you for stopping by and your kind words. Dancing With God, is a very long post which is why I limited it'e presence on the site. It is very much my pleasure to repost this blog for another fortnight.

    PS. You will get a free copy as I intend to both take it to print and offer as a free e-book on my site. The only consideration for taking it to print (if it were accepted) would be to increase exposure.

  3. my brother,

    your words ring true. it is really difficult to remind somebody of the illusory status of mundane existence. especially those Joes who have been blessed with wealth and fame and power. those who have been inured in the ways of the world, never recognizing the impermanence of worldly joys... but one must be patient,as you have said it -- " Wake up your brothers gently, be calm and eloquent in the language you use. Whisper in their ear truth, let them know they are Gods."

  4. Namaste my brother Sito. Thank you for your visit. Hope all is well with the two survivors. Go well and prosper in love.

    In Lak' ech, my brother, love beyond illusion...

  5. Namaste to you too my brother-in-light. So happy we are connecting. I feel you. I will return daily. We grow from here together. Spirituality is not hard to find ~ just difficult to see. We are the blind leading the blind... but I saw a blind guy walking through big city traffic that I couldn't even navigate in my vehicle (and I can see, supposedly. I was in Queens, NY at the time and of coarse, so was the blind-guy with the cane. His cane, was his eyes and it served him as good as any. I thought of how I poke at the invisible and you see, it brought me to you. AWESOME SITE... I'll be back!
    What's greater. Sight or perception? I knew you knew that!
    And when the water-sack breaks, does the one being born think that this is a good thing or a bad thing? I knew you knew that one also.

  6. Welcome Ed, we look forward to enjoying your participation. Thank you for the kind words, you are always most welcome to share my brother.

    In Lak, ech, freedom of the mind...

  7. GREETINGS ALL, A natural reaction to losing your breath will be the very first thing that happens to you after you die. In other words,"catching your breath" is the first very first thing that you try to do just after you die. It may sound silly but this is exactly what you did when you were born.
    This revelation came to me in time to tell my father about it just before he passed-on. He was telling me that he was waking up, unable to breath (he died of lung cancer) when I planted the idea in his ear. I say planted because I find that the dieing are sometimes softened enough to receive such seeds.
    I didn't tell my father that not everyone manages to "catch their next breath" after dieing. The same is also true about birth. Every fetus does not survive birth and every personality (soul) does not survive death. Your life FLASHES before your "eye" just before you die because you are searching for your spiritual strength. Your future in the hereafter is decided at this moment.
    God does not judge you, but good... will! The devil does not destroy you, but (d)evil... will.
    The second thing that happens to you after you die is contingent upon the first, of coarse, but supposing that, like a newborn, you have managed to catch your next breath, albeit through a new orifice, the next step for you is straight to heaven!
    Everyone that survives death goes to and gets into heaven immediately. Hey, god is so good that he can't find it in himself to turn anyone away. The funny thing is that not everyone that goes to heaven... stays!
    Some are dismayed because there aren't any cigarette machines, or whiskey bars and such. Others are quickly bored because there isn't any hunting or fishing allowed in heaven. After all, animals in heaven, won't want to be shot or killed... will they?
    This brings us to the moral of the story; birds of a feather (will) flock together (in the hereafter) but in order for that to happen for you, be ready to catch some fresh air in a flash, and don't count on luck because LUCK is short for LUCIFER. Rather, seek to be fortunate.

  8. Namaste my brother Ed. Thank you for sharing your views. I find the concept to be rather compelling from a biblical perspective. You will soon find I do not believe in heaven or hell. Nor do I trust in judgment of any formulation. I feel that death is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. Catching ones breath for me illustrates need, something which again I do not believe exists. The beautiful thing about blogging is in being able to share views openly with each other. I appreciate your views and wish not to denigrate your philosophy in any way. I think it a beautiful thing that you envision such a natural transition to death and birth alike. I also very much like the concept that you maintain all souls reach heaven. To me this speaks to the truth that all are equal in the eyes of our God. the fact that our God is not a judge rings true in my ear as well however I feel neither does good, whatever good may be. I do not see good and bad or right and wrong Ed. In it's place I see light and darkness, those awake and those asleep.

    In conclusion we are kindred souls Ed, I look forward to reflecting on your future comments and invite you to rock the boat any old time.

    In Lak' esh, my dear brother, love is all there is...

  9. YES my kind friend and brother, Love is all there is, another word for love is live. One word simply morphed into the other and if you switch the last two letters of the word BELIEF around you get BELIFE. I believe that beliefs become life as in a dream come true. I fly in my dreams sometimes. It's only when I notice (to myself) that I am indeed flying, that I come down. Doubt grounds me in my dreams but not that much in my beliefs. Breathing is a need as you suggest. We need to breath in order to live love. Intake & exhaust are universal elements and so are cause and effect. Love is give & take. Hate is one way. Forgive me brother... I'm out of breath. OK, also; I am very interested in your thoughts Christopher they too have a familiar ring. Can you explain death as an illusion for me. Something seems right about your statement but I must know more. It's wonderful to know of you but I can't wait until I know you. Be in good spirit all ways

  10. I watch as bubbles rise and pop in the pudding boiling on a stove top.
    It's not a shame that they are not all the same
    They are still part of it all
    Even when they fall
    Every life
    has a boiling point
    The bubble will burst and you will fall
    Return to all
    And rise again
    Same Place
    Different Time
    Different Bubble
    Some bubbles last longer than others
    Some never fully develop
    All Fall
    And Rise Again.
    You are not the bubble
    You are the vapor
    escaping the pot.

  11. Thank you for your return visit my brother Hobo. I still need to get you on my blog roll, but enjoyed my visit to your site today. I have written a blog to highlight your query, I hope you enjoy.

    In Lak' ech, bubble, vapor and pot we are ONE...

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