Friday, 10 August 2012

Money Enough To Suffer, Part 2...

In an effort to quickly recap part one, we note this essay has focused on the inevitable collapse of the global monetary system. Our assumption of imminent economic doom can easily be substantiated by gaining a brief understanding of how a debt based system exponentially inflates. By design, each breath into this ever expanding economic balloon is larger than the previous. Due to deregulation of the global banking industry, from the Thatcher/Reagan era to present day, we find ourselves participating in a global economy where 97% of all newly created money is debt based. Moreover, this 97% is not printed currency, rather it is electronic numbers conveniently typed into existence, out of thin air, by privately owned banks. Individuals, towns, municipalities, and governments throughout the world cannot cope under the ever tightening belt of unsustainable monetary debt. We now find ourselves facing the last two or three breaths before the  global economy, along with it, the structure of money itself, blows up forever.

Having glanced briefly at the role money plays in society, we must accept humanity is completely enslaved by  illicit, immoral, and unnecessary debt. We have merely scratched the surface of alternative solutions, however, we all know humanity stands at a crossroads. The choices made by each person over the next few years will undoubtedly manifest as the seeds of a tomorrow which will be substantially different than anything we have ever believed possible. We cannot continue to hide our heads in the sand hoping for the best! Now is the time for all good souls to come to the aid of their brethren. What will you choose?

1./ Further enslavement, starvation, destruction and mind manipulation?

2./ Emancipation through riotous non compliance?

3./ Spiritual unity via the realisation of what love truly means?

Presently, we are faced with the demise of our material God. New paradigms of global cohabitation will be forged from the ashes of this timely economic destruction. Challenge yourself to grab hold the reigns of social evolution today, or by tomorrow, you will certainly wish you had!

Three roads to travel, where do you wish to go?    

New World Order:

There appears to be many paths which could lead humanity toward total enslavement under the fascist regime of a corporate New World Order (NWO). Having carefully followed, for many years, the machinations of NWO participants, may I offer this rather unpleasant scenario as a potential portrait of humanities rise from the ashes of global economic collapse.

Plunked in front of their high definition plasma televisions, humanity will once again be mind manipulated by media puppets who easily convince us the economic collapse was a result of governmental debt loads stressed from financing WWIII. The war, dubbed in the media as, "The last stand for freedom, democracy and justice", will become the scapegoat upon which we hang all economic, political and social upheaval. Helplessly gawking at the jaw wagging Anderson Cooper's of the world, we will be programmed to believe subsequent devastation to trading markets, the national GDP, and consumer confidence represented the final nails in the global economic coffin. Streets will fill with rioters, protesters, and homeless, all demanding the throats of elitist pigs. Cries will be heard around the world, abolish fractional reserve lending, debt slavery and government corruption, return dignity to the people! Governing power bases will appear in disarray, however, controlled economic destruction is exactly what the elite have planned for decades. Elite money masters know all too well, in the absence of a global economic collapse, the banking elite would never fully wrestle enough political control to entirely supplant individual nation sovereignty.

Manipulating small jungle countries by establishing puppet military dictatorships is not the same as taking over control of countries like Germany, Japan and the U.S.A. The path toward overrunning first world nations involves creating massive unmanageable national debt. Whence the interest load of debt outpaces the countries GDP then the only salvation is an international banker bail out package. We need only look at Ireland and Greece to illustratively note the process of how elite private bankers use the small print in bail out loan agreements to gut the distressed countries social safety net, hijack their unharvested resources and privatise national services. Austerity, mandates citizens bleed for their country in an effort to maintain the ever escalating interest demands. Cookie cutter formulae, as used in Greece, are well applied to all nations, it's only a matter of time. America by example, a country many believe to be an economic world power, will soon find itself staring down the same IMF barrel as their GDP becomes entirely overwhelmed by interest  demands on their 17 trillion dollars of debt.  The objective of debt servitude is to enable national enslavement, NWO domination must hinge on the total destruction of national sovereignty which can only be peacefully accomplished with the hammer of debt obligation.

Our masters are keenly aware, sneaking a totalitarian global governance passed an awakening public will not be easy, however, they have prepared, they are definitely ready. Elite masters, wanting an easy transition, will most certainly employ a variety of deceptive maneuvers, as well as, psychological operations, each designed to enhance their chances of smoothly sliding the NWO capstone in place. If, by chance, we do not go easy into that long dark night, then rest assured our elite masters will surely avail themselves of bizarre new age military toys designed to ensure martial law paves the road to totalitarian enslavement. Long ago, our politicians have sold out to corporate fascism, this should have become self evident when we witnessed countries around the world purchase small arms by the tens of millions, install millions of CCTV cameras, build thousands of detention camps, prepare millions of make shift coffins, develop massive infrastructures of authoritative control and fill our skies with many thousands of deadly drones.

Tell me you know the last twenty years has been all about creating Orwellian mastery!

Please, tell me you have noticed the militia build up and supply!

You must know by now, your government has been silently preparing for a war against you?

Even if you have failed to see the aforementioned sign posts of social oblivion, you can rest easy in knowing many of your brethren are aware, are preparing, and will not be easily quelled. The Arab spring and Wall street movement proved to the elite Internet mobility, especially over the last decade, has enabled humanity to awaken from their collective slumber. The big question they must be asking themselves is, how can we implement the NWO with the least resistance?

Think hard about that one question!

If you were an elitist banking bastard looking for brownie points, what would you advise must be done to implement the Orwellian capstone of  the NWO one world governance?

History tells us there is only one real hurdle which must be managed, don't let the masses go Gandhi on your ass, or it's all over. Mass rioting is tumultuous, but can be dealt with. Physical turmoil in the form of armed anarchy is unwanted, but manageable. Hand holding, flower power type of peaceful non compliance is the beast that must be put down at all cost. Love, unity, and cessation of productivity are weapons the elite cannot defend against, this is humanity's strength.

“All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”.... SunTzu, "The Art of Warfare"

If I were an elite grand master of war seeking global domination, I would position myself so that I appear to die on the battlefield. My death would calm my enemy into a false belief they have won victory. Using the deception of my death as a lure, I would draw from the ranks of my enemy a great leader who would appear to represent the quintessential opposite of my stated desires. This newly created faux leader would rally the masses of the globe under a single banner of hope, love and unity. I would arrange for many lame ducks to be sacrificed upon the altar of the newly elected leader. Main stream media would appear to fall, cleverly replaced by well controlled alternate media. Corrupt bankers would be jailed and tried for crimes against humanity. Armies and military machines would be abolished, the hungry would be fed and housed. Debt servitude would be eliminated, as would money itself. I would ensure the entire world sings along to a new age orchestra bellowing out the words to John Lennon's title song "Imagine". My leader in sheep's clothing would be hailed as the greatest humanitarian ever to have walked the earth.

Give them what they want, give them Gandhi!  

My advice to the elite would suggest that it would be suicide to proceed without the peoples approval. For their ultimate benefit, I would maintain the NWO itself must arise as an answer to the demands of the global masses. Elite money masters, if they are intelligently sly, must set themselves up so they appear to fall from public grace. The masses must be made to believe they are finally gaining a foothold against the elite power structure. Furthering the elite's cause, I would suggest that placated masses will themselves slide the NWO capstone in place if they can be tricked into believing emancipation from debt slavery is at hand. Every battle requires a strategy, operation Opossum may be closer to reality than we think.


Phase One; "Exposing The Wolf":

1./ Destroy the global economy replacing it with unrelenting depression. Implement a crushing slate of austerity, the likes of which humanity has have never known.
2./ Issue a U.N. directive to introduce a violent system of global martial law. Make the masses suffer; show no mercy, take away their freedom, and most importantly, destroy their sense of hope.
3./ Distract the masses with WWIII.
4./ Conduct and extend a murderous rampage. Tear down the youth movement and reduce mass unemployment by having each nation introduce the military draft.
5./ Create a pandemic which will eliminate more than 30% of the global population.
6./ Direct the media to fully support the obviously unjust governmental tyranny. Instruct the media in the clever use of Orwellian new speak and doublespeak tactics which will clearly identify the media as a corrupt agent of elite banking paymasters.
7./ Use psychological operations like Wiki leaks, to make it painstakingly obvious to the masses that all government leaders have been purchased by banking elite many decades past.
8./ Surreptitiously use media agent provocateurs to expose government, media and corporations as corrupt, murderous, leeches on humanity which, as a point of social survival, must be countered at all cost.  

Phase Two; "Let The Sheep Bleat":

1./ When all resistance has been silenced, and it has become apparent the masses have no recourse but to submit, release all nations from martial law.
2./ Instruct agent provocateurs to initiate Facebook and Twitter global revolutionary movements.
3./ Create the illusion of revolutionary resistance pressuring government rule to point of collapse.
4./ Establish a powerful alternative faux media which will appear to be run by anarchists.
5./ Empower the masses to riot whilst using agent provocateurs to fan the fire of anarchy.
6./ Enhance the agent provocateur program to bomb banks, media outlets, universities and government offices.
7./ Affect a cleansing campaign by having main stream media scapegoat many corrupt bankers, government officials and politicians.
8./ Make it appear the masses are gaining ground at the expense of a crumbling elite banking empire.

Phase Three; "Wolf In Sheepskin":

1./ Utilise alternative media to raise, from the ranks of the revolution, a great leader hailed as saviour of the people.
2./ Utilise faux media, and main stream media, to raise our great leader to a NWO senate position.
3./ Create the illusion rioting masses have forced the NWO to extend the only NWO veto senate seat to the peoples new revolutionary leader.
4./ Destroy all main stream media outlets and replace them with alternative media streams.
5./ Give the peoples revolutionary leader the power to head the NWO, whereby, all nations can unite in the common goal of creating freedom and equality throughout the globe.
6./ Have the NWO announce an end to war, absolution from debt, as well as, a commitment to feed house and clothe all starving peoples of the world.
7./ Affect a massive campaign of jailing bankers, traders, government officials and all peoples who stand in the path of freedom in the new world.
8./ Eliminate money, in it's place, issue citizenry of the free world a NWO "Citizen Entitlement Card" (CEC).

Phase Four; "Living With The Wolf":

1./ Eliminate national sovereignty in favour of centralised NWO rule.
2./ Eliminate corporate entitlement, all goods and services to be provided by the NWO.
3./ Replace all military, security and policing forces with NWO employees.
4./ Establish all media under centralised NWO control.
5./ Expose organised religion for the fraud it so clearly represents.
6./ Establish a NWO "Global Declaration of Rights and Freedoms" (GDRF)
7./ Part and parcel to the GDRF, create a new system of NWO common law.
8./ Ensure all citizenry enjoy an enhancement of their standard of living, as well, ensure no one wants for food, clothing, housing and education.

Phase Five; "Sustainable Sheep Management":  

1./ Continually pare down the number of languages, as well, reduce vocabulary.
2./ NWO mandates all private manufacturing and service corporations be converted into Corporation Government Approved operations (CGA's).
3./ Religious assembly is outlawed as anti state.
4./ Establish a NWO identity card for citizenry.
5./ Tag the entire population with mandated RFID nano flu vaccines.
6./ Establish a compulsory and uniform NWO education system from the age 1-14.
7./ Establish a Green Earth Living (GEL) policy and convert the CEC card into an optically activated Carbon Credit card (CC).
8./ GEL mandates urban centralisation of 95% of the population into Production Center Wards (PCW's).
9./ GEL mandates citizen carbon footprints, travel restrictions, travel applications, blackouts and curfews.
10./ GEL mandates population control initiatives including; approved only child bearing, euthanasia centers, eugenics programs, mandated birth control.
11./ GEL outlines health and nutrition manufacturing guidelines.
12./ GEL program restricts all farming practices to Corp World Firms (CW's) only.
13./ Implement nano tech "flea drones" to maintain audio and visual surveillance of entire globe.
14./ Establish state approved accommodation program, whereas, all citizens are assigned their residences.
15./ Steadily reduce population I.Q., implement state program to replace print with audio.
16./ Regulate and censor all media, internet and advertising, enhance all mind control programs.
17./ Establish an overwhelming NWO police force throughout the globe.
18./ Introduce free energy and all other hidden technologies.
19./ WOW the globe with state approved technology, entertainment, sport and celebration.
20./ Never release the population from fear!      

Rolling Out Opossum:

The Plan to introduce the NWO would use an iteration of the U.N administrative program, whereas, the scope and range of the U.N. merely be extended to introduce a "Global Senate". Touting the fairness of a "one nation, one representative" vote policy, the senate will be seen as a last chance to consolidate the interests of all nations in hopes that world peace could be brokered. Many leaders will appose the one vote concept on the grounds of balancing representative presence to better reflect wealth, environmental, land mass, population or many such physical ingredients. Arguments will be made that wealthy nations like Germany, larger populations as in India, or even more powerful nations as represented by America should warrant more voting power than a poorly heeled country like Niger or Kenya. Leaders of the world will appear to be forced by public unrest to define solutions which will bridge the gap between rich and poor, be it individuals or nations. In the end, it will be agreed that all nations big or small, rich and poor should be endowed with equal voting representation. Behind the scenes, just as they do now, corporate elite paymasters will ensure their puppets always remain in full control of the newly formed NWO senate.

"Humanity can easily be controlled by those who have learned to wield fear as a weapon."

The rise of the NWO will happen against the backdrop of war, rampant poverty, starvation, homeless and unsustainable debt. Great blocks of nations will have fallen under the strain of economic collapse which will force NWO senate to declare the debt based monetary system unjust, immoral and illegal. Senate announcements will confirm the expected debt clemency for all banks and governments of the NWO. Elite masters, failing to absolve the debt obligation of citizens, will anger the peoples of the new world forcing mass rioting with special focus paid to burning banks and government offices. Global governance will become tenable, whereas, most leaders will be forced to declare a national state of emergency.

Martial law will be imposed by all governments enabling millions of dissidents and black listed targets to be rounded up for detention center internment camps littered throughout the globe. Society will become unbearably chaotic, forcing an Orwellian style of military domination as the only viable option for stressed governments to maintain control of rampaging masses. Amidst the elite manufactured chaos, a great woman (we will call her Sally) will appear to rise from roots of poverty. Sally will quickly be recognised by mass media as global spokesperson for the rights and freedom of impoverished people. Media will spin the story so that her rise to power will be reluctantly embraced by the NWO as the only realistic solution to quell global rioting. Concessions made to restore global order will involve our heroin leader to be given the only veto seat in the NWO senate. Speaking with new age platitudes of unity, unconditional love and peace, our new global leader will pledge to eliminate all money and the debt slavery it endorses. NWO mandates will include debt forgiveness for all citizens. Laws will be enacted to ensure all peoples of the world are fed, housed, educated, vaccinated and cared for. Housing projects will immediately commence with media fanfare relentlessly promoting the urgent need to house 1.5 billion homeless. Sally will move quickly to draft and enact a new "Global Declaration of Rights and Freedoms (GDRF)". Applying the newly created charter, our magnificent leader will use her powers to strip all nations of their military weaponry. All nuclear and military assets will be dismantled or permanently decommissioned. Laws will be passed to disarm all citizenry, with stiff jail penalties for anyone found to illegally possess a firearm. People will dance in the streets celebrating what they believe is the answer to all their prayers. Money burning ceremonies, hailing emancipation and the coming of a new age, will be held in towns and cities across the globe.

Part and parcel of the new GDRF will be a senate mandate aimed at saving our fragile environment. Senate will introduce an extremely aggressive green living vision under the popular moniker GEL. The focus of green living will clearly illustrate the mantra  "save the planet from ourselves". Senate leaders will implement a new system of carbon credits designed to replace the dismantled monetary system. Carbon credits (CC's) will be issued as a function of the citizens productivity whereas $1.00USD will be equivalent to 1.00CC. Each citizen of the NWO who cannot afford a home will be issued a state apartment, 1000CC's per month allowance and an employment facilitator mandated to ensure each person meets the 50 hour minimum labour needed to qualify for state welfare. Chinese socialism will be hailed as the model best suited for managing the state, corporate, personal and environmental needs of the NWO. Senate will agree population control must be implemented if there is any hope of turning back the ballooning global carbon footprint. Population control will be tied to productivity, whereas, a family may have one child. Parents who wish more children, will have to earn 100,000 additional annual income per child unit, whereas, a three child family will have to be supported by an annual income of 300,000CC's or more.

Corporate productivity will escalate as the building, infrastructure, and manufacturing industries boom in answer to the global effort of raising the living standards of 1.5 billion NWO citizens from homeless starvation to NWO welfare status. Retail maintains the status quo as each NWO citizen will have a state approved CC card to facilitate the norm of retail purchasing. Corporations will be assessed a CC penalty and bonus system designed to reduce their carbon footprint (CFP). Smaller companies, unable to achieve minimum CFP's, will be forced to close their doors or suffer hostile takeovers from larger eco friendly manufacturers. Banks will continue to function, however, interest and debt will be illegal therefore all banks will be state run institutions providing basic CC transactions and safety deposit services.

Governance of the NWO will super-cede nation status thereby relegating national, state and municipal  authority to the menial role of regional administration of infrastructure, services and detention management. Electoral processes will remain intact, however due to the displacement of power, most citizen will abstain from voting. Social unrest will be handled by local militia as most countries maintain martial law during the breadth of the transitional years. Safety in the midst of change will become the accepted mantra as big brother is encouraged by the masses to lead us toward a security rife Orwellian rule. Millions of interned freedom fighters quietly dying in NWO detention centers will tacitly represent the caution needed to keep dissidents firmly in check. Advances in mass mind programming allow for total domination of our species, manufactured fear becomes the staple consumed by the enslaved mind. People around the globe will hail the amasing success of the NWO. Sally will be hailed as global saviour, her visage will permeate all aspects of society.

Living with the wolf today teaches us to trust and embrace all that is the New World Order. Tomorrow, having become better acquainted, we may very well say.... "Oh my what very big teeth you have Sally"...

In Lak' ech, brethren, part 3 of this essay will introduce "Emancipation Through Riotous Non Compliance"...


  1. Well done brother Christopher.

    CDS Said..."In Lak' ech, brethren, part 3 of this essay will introduce "Emancipation Through Riotous Non Compliance."

    Jedi's reply...

    "Regarding the magnetic characteristics of humanity, what do we do about it? The answer is NOTHING. Other than to expose the utter ignorance of such a regime and system, we are to do nothing. In the last century people pointed to Ghandi as one who peacefully resisted the British. He still resisted. We must not resist, react, retaliate, resent, seek revenge, for all of this is emotional reaction to an illusion. Gandhi was reacting to an illusion. Resistance is the energy/spirit illusory force that the luciferian Illuminati elite are looking for and need to continue the luciferian agenda.

    Of course, it must be recognized, that these elite have not the slightest notion of what it is they do, for what reason, and neither do they perceive the master hypnotist they serve. The elite of the world are indoctrinated in intellectual concepts, all of which have produced deeply entranced, totally unaware, slaves.

    In the 1960′s people looked to Martin Luther King as a passive protestor campaigning for the rights of blacks in America. That protest is the energy/spirit which feeds right into the hands of the luciferian Mindset. These and many others have focused our attention on the plight of the poor and weak and helpless.

    This misdirection from Reality has manipulated who and what we really are, into a prison of CARE. All this is true and horrific, from a 3 dimensional perspective. However, this is the manipulation of religion, intellectualism, and is the foundation of all Secret Societies throughout this illusory history, to manipulate who and what we are, out of our original wisdom and reality state, into a sphere of CARE and CONCERN. All of which solves nothing, proves nothing, exposes nothing, but does perpetuate the myth and the lie. In this state of CARE and CONCERN we react, we seek revenge, we retaliate, we resist, we rebel, we totally respond the way the luciferian Mindset want us to respond. (Notice all these RE-words – that’s no coincidence).

    Look at the word REBEL. This word means RE or reference to – BEL who is Bel or Baal. In other words, to rebel is to act in the manner of Baal. Baal was the Phoenician god responsible for the fertility of the earth and animals. Just another name for a sun god deity. RE = RA, the RAY of LIGHT, another name for the Egyptian sun god deity.

    We mustn’t be manipulated to extend a reaction concerning energy/spirit which they need to perpetuate the myth and deception which holds us within the Trance State. Their system is in its last breath and on its last legs. It is self-destructing right now. They are collapsing in on themselves. In the next few years they are going to try to pull off the most massive form of deception ever attempted on humanity, using the illusory body of humanity, which is their secret weapon of manipulation, to create a deep disconnection from our original Reality State. These hidden luciferian entities and their world elite are going to attempt to put the crowning touch, the coronation, so to speak, on the New World Order, the so-called Kingdom of God, or the Age of Aquarius, which is already controlling us. Causing us to believe, through incredible devastation and horror, that these coming events are the Day of the Lord’s Vengeance, when the messiah will establish the kingdom of god on earth by destroying the “useless eaters”, (as folks like Henry Kissinger have referred to the common people of the world). All this with regard to controlling the power of the eternal Paradise State, which is who and what we really are."

    Watch, Wait & Don't React!


  2. Namaste brother Ian, you raise a very good point. In fact your response would represent a good segue into one aspect of conclusions I intend to raise in the fourth and final installment of this essay, which is...

    ..............RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.............

    Most people, when reading such a statement, will naturally associate futility with weakness or an inability to overcome an obstacle. However, I choose to illicit a rather different challenge, whereas, the exercise of resistance itself is futile because, win or loose, it is not self serving unless one learns to overcome the illusions which cloud their sense of perception.

    Iconic passive resistance, as seen with King and Ghandi, does not serve resistance as much as it manifests awareness in the hearts and minds of the average citizen.

    Awareness is great, however, elite money masters have centuries of experience manipulating both sides of the battle to their gain. Little skirmishes like the Gandhi affair produce historical reference points illustrating to children how just and righteous society can be. Enough of these signposts of hope, and people are easily convinced everything can be better, if, we only find the right people or political formulae.

    King still gives hope to an entire nation, while at the same time, the ruthless underbelly of the ultimate plan of global dominance rolls on unimpeded.

    In conclusion, I believe we need do NOTHING. It is our destiny to do as we will, aside from that, I trust the only solution which merits attention is the discovery of self. Changing the outside world is impossible without first knowing who we are and why we exist. To me, those souls running ragged trying to change the world are much less likely to look within, the problem of course is they are far too busy trying to make the world better.

    It is impossible to know the self without unconditionally loving your brethren. When the true self is understood, then one discovers only perfection exists now and evermore.

    Thank you for your response Ian, very interesting and thought provoking.

    In Lak'ech, brother Ian, game masters... manipulating reality...

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  4. Your welcome Brother Christopher. I agree. We need to do less and we get strange as that sounds.

    I will say it's truly a pure pleasure to read your blog and to openly converse with you. It's not about right or wrong opinions, its about the Awareness to realizing who we are. Strip the ELITES of their power and of the THOUGHT Process. Return the Power to us, to Wisdom, to who we are. Most People don't know the power of "Nothing" (no thing).

    Mooji, a very Wise Sage in our modern day, says it over and over again in his talks. But many people choose to ignore this wisdom and stay in the trance state (hypnotized). I am Really glad to see you are not like that, not in the trance.

    Thank you for being a Man. As Mooji says, if we thought less about how to improve mankind and just "be" "kind-man", then there would be no issues in the World. :)

    Peace out my friend. Ian

  5. Namaste brother, thank you for your kind words. I will have to make a point to listen to Mooji.

    On of these days we will have to drop the pens and have a proper telephone chat.

    In Lak'ech, brother, freedom thinking from a kind man....

  6. Interesting you should mention having a chat...I was thinking the same damn thing when I was typing the comments email me please, and I'll share my SKYPE & Phone Number. - Ian

  7. Excellent essay so far Chris. Looking forward to reading the next part.
    Although we recognise it, the scenario is so nightmarish that it could actually result in many voluntarily surrendering to the seeming "hopelessness" of it.
    I'm glad you have placed an emphasis on love and looking within oneself to find solutions.
    Within the "reality construct" most people will, at some point, want to react in some form.
    For some of those people (who recognise the agenda), to "sit back and do nothing" (as they see it) is impossible, so the positive emphasis of your advice (ironically) gives a personal sense of empowerment, without actually fuelling the mechanism. At least thats how I see it!
    All the best my friend.
    Carl (The 'Guide)

  8. Namaste brother Carl, thank you for your visit and kind comments. However, me thinks I blew this second installment. Operation Opossum was not presented in the best light, as well, I believe the post was too long and drawn out for readers to stick with the plot.

    One day, some day, I would like to publish a book of essays derived from blogging. If this were to be included, I think I would completely rewrite the entire second part.

    You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned the importance of looking within for solutions rather than without as a rioter.

    The advice given in Operation Opossum was meant to represent what I would instruct the Illuminati to do if they wanted to easily take control. The reason for this point of view is that the internet has awakened a significant number of sleeping masses. When the elite make the move for total domination, many of us will be aware of their machinations, as a result, the elite money masters will have to be very tricky if they are to have any chance of calmly setting the NWO capstone in place.

    Thank you for your continued readership and support my brother Carl.

    In Lak' ech, brother Carl, prosper in love live with peace...

  9. dear brother,

    these exchanges among you, jedi, truthseeker, darkstar really added more information for thi part 2. i noted you said -- "The choices made by each person over the next few years will undoubtedly manifest as the seeds of a tomorrow which will be substantially different than anything we have ever believed possible." and jedi strongly suggested the solution to "do nothing" at all -- "We must not resist, react, retaliate, resent, seek revenge, for all of this is emotional reaction to an illusion." dark star had clearly enunciated the feeling of the majority of us toward this -- "hopelessness".
    well, thoreau had already stated this before -- "the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation" and it was hinted that the answer is to awaken to the reality of it all. our place in the scheme of things is to be at one with the One, the Infinite, and to be happy without end. to awaken by oneself is to resolve this issue with finality but it sure will take lots of effort and persistence. i believe we cannot resolve this en masse. this will be an individual commitment.

  10. Namaste brother Sito, thank you for your visit and astute comments. I agree with you wholeheartedly, I do not believe we can ever change anything from massaging the material world. Any movement toward a solution must be found within, one individual at a time. With that said, I do believe there will come a tipping point, the hundredth monkey if you will, whereas we as a species will mature into a more loving and aware expression. The hearts and minds and hearts of all mankind will flower like a bud on a hot spring morning.

    In Lak'ech, prosper in love live with unity....