Monday, 10 October 2011

Diamonds and DarkStars....

Namaste brethren, the beauty of blogging is that we can openly share thoughts, feelings and emotions which allow us fresh perspectives needed to enrich our personal and collective reality. Defining, then defending, personal philosophical positions affords opportunity to crystallise in our hearts what we consider truth. Truth however is a slippery sort. Like a chameleon, it changes to mirror it's environment. One just need speak with a potential suicide bomber to see how, perspective, has a funny way of making one man's truth another man's lie. On a subtler level, the uniqueness of our personal lens allows us to share a common truth whilst finding discord by drawing significantly differing conclusions. On such occasions, one may find no flaw in an apposing argument, yet, still be left feeling uneasy. The intelligent person will not take offence, instead, they will seek ways to rediscover common ground. This blog represents one such tale with my brother DarkStar.

Maybe it's all about finding the perfect aspect. Diamonds have many aspects, the professional will be asked to choose, with great consideration and precision, which facets to highlight, and which to leave uncut. The result of such efforts, will either encourage, or dissuade, elucidation. Clarity, is what has, and always will, be called for.

Truth, is the diamond, we are the sculptors, the world will see the light we manufacture.

Defining the correct cut and polish, invites others to gasp in awe at divine beauty. Miss the mark, even a bit, and a milky haze of confusion follows. Stepping out of this metaphor of clarity, allow me to illustrate by example.

When considering the holographic nature of our reality we can, with the aid of quantum physics, utilise the non locality of the electron to scientifically prove that time, space and separation are illusions. This is not new science, in the mid sixties advances in equipment allowed physicists to measure electron travel in the hundred billionth of a second, this development led to experiments which proved non locality. Delving deeper into the nature of reality with string and super string theory, many physicists began defining reality as a hologram. Over the last couple decades Big TOE theories which incorporate the holographic model are becoming much more accepted by scientific pioneers worldwide. Sadly to say, universities and affiliated peer groups globally repel such advanced scientific concepts, I think because they know the holographic universe comes too close to the ultimate spiritual truth of unity consciousness.

"Our reality is a holographic expression."

Let us use the paraphrased statement above as an agreed truth. From this one diamond of truth we can now cut and polish a couple of divergent facets.

One person could surmise; my reality is expressed as a hologram, therefore, my existence is logically more fake than real. Living within the confines of a manufactured lie, I imagine my reality is in fact real, but, what is real? I ask myself this; if the illusion of time, space and the physical world around me ceased to be the filter of my reality experience, how then would I define my reality? Logically, I must conclude there would be "NO THING material." Without time and space as a reference an experiential abyss would prevail. In the quantum world of limitless potentiality, consciousness allows me to experience but there can be "no God per se" as there is "NO THING." "This experience as HUMANITY has NO PURPOSE, its all a lie and we don't exist." "It's all a sham to think it is real in order to control us." "This experience, that so many seem to value, is FAKE and it's like living a life completely in a HOLO-DECK Program on Star Trek Voyager."

Another person could discern a completely different position; my reality is expressed as a hologram, therefore, my existence is logically more fake than real. Living within the confines of a manufactured lie, I imagine my reality is in fact real, but, what is real? I ask myself this; if the illusion of time, space and the physical world around me ceased to be the filter of my reality experience, how then would I define my reality? Logically, I must conclude there would be NO THING material. Without time and space as a reference an experiential abyss would prevail. It is the gift of illusion which allows me to discover the richness of experience. I must conclude the true state of reality is nothingness, however, consciousness allows me to experience. Consciousness must originate from a given source, there is no need for a label, however many choose to call source, God. It appears to me, God, in a state of nothingness, chose to experience. I see now the universe, which I once thought was material, does not exist except within the confines of consciousness. The nature of a hologram is such that the tiniest of fragments contains the entirety of information, this explains the parable of the mustard seed. If time and space do not exist then I must surmise consciousness is the sum total of reality. If I accept that consciousness is reality, then, I must also comprehend that separation is an illusion, all is ONE. If all is ONE, then I am you, in fact there is truly nothing that I am not. Not only is there a God, but I am that eternal being. There appears to be a limitless voice to reality. This plane of experience is, in my mind(excuse the pun), most amazing. I have obviously chosen to enter this reality totally blinded by illusion, a babe in every sense. Beyond great odds, I have discovered a sense of my true identity, what could be more beautiful. I have created this holographic experience called humanity, it is my playground. I was never born, I will never die, forever will I play hide and seek. A metaphor to consider may be the many eddies in the ocean. God is the Ocean and we are like eddies in the Ocean, both of the one but distinctly separate at the same time. I also love the metaphor of light through a prism, whereas the prism creates the illusion of separation which belies the true singularity of source.

To be fair, my brother DarkStar has not created his argument as of yet. Nor has he been given a chance to even comment on the hodge podge of quotes and filled in blather hastily constructed as his position by me. Knowing my brother as I do, I can assure you he will do so forthwith, or at his earliest convenience.

Until then, I leave you all with the same challenge I know will be taken up by my brother DarkStar.

1./ What does the holographic universe mean to you?

2./ How does it fit your paradigm of reality?

3./ If you had to define, cut, and polish your own facet from this scientific diamond, what pearls of wisdom would you draw from knowing you and your universe is really a hologram.

To gain knowledge we start by asking questions. In our search for answers we must seek many different sources while invoking the courage to always listen with an open mind. The path of true enlightenment can only be found by applying simple lessons learned from children, whereas, the mind must remain unbridled, free, open, inquisitive, joyful, playful and relentless. Such a soul sees truth as a non static dancing pixie always at the ready to display magic. I think the magic in this topic is plentiful. Magic also shows it's face in the form of irony. I find it deliciously appealing that quantum physics allows us define our reality as nothingness and as God at the same time.

In Lak' ech, dear brethren, if reality is a hologram then you are God...

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Little Mind /// Big World...

Namaste dear brethren; do you ever feel intellectually challenged? Is your mind the metaphorical equivalent of that skinny boy on the beach? Have you ever asked why you are so bloody apathetic about mental calisthenics?

Last week, struck by a moment of meditative clarity, I coldly stared into some of the many dark recesses of personal ignorance. When considering the breadth of my physical or mental limitations, a naked feeling bubbles to the surface; as if I am expected to run out to the store wearing only socks and shoes. Moving past the discomfort of limitation, my mind chose to seek out the many habitual excuses used to appease the itch; too much work, not enough free time. Yada yada yada, you know the old chestnut, you've heard it a million times, it always starts with

"if only..."

Funny, how the ego drags the mind anywhere but front row and center. Little distraction games play out in our head, cleverly keeping truth hidden from casual seekers like myself. Excuses aside, there still remains my obvious diminishing dedication to the search for truth. These pestering thoughts, like pine needles in my brain, prodding me to participate, wake up shithead! I have coasted for too long, it's time to expand again, there is a sign ahead.

I intended to write a lengthy blog on the many ways (very many) the elite control structure enslaves our mind. The blog was to include analysis of how corporate elite co opted governments, education and mass media globally. I had hoped to expose the dedicated efforts of an elite few, who, over the last two hundred years, have sculpted the ignorance we see in humanity today. I was going to ask you to consider with me examples of how the individual and collective have become trapped in illusion, ensnared by lies and completely unaware of who their oppressors are. Alas, I decided there does exist a wealth of such information at your internet fingertips and on the videos below. Without elaborating on the gory details, I do still ask you make note of the many challenges deliberately woven into society with the sole purpose of limiting your mental acumen. The resulting damage caused by this tyranny afforded me the opportunity to ponder, in the sanctity of silence, my ignorance. It is time to cast aside my pillow and blanket; fresh water in the face I see a sign ahead.

Empty is this cup I presently hold, how joyous is the day when it fills again. If knowledge and truth are the only paths to love, peace and compassion, why do I sit idly by? The answer, I believe, is digestion. Dinner may be digested in hours, an idea, or a good book, could take months to digest. Food and information have much in common, a few similarities might include providing nourishment, requiring digestion and satisfying hunger. People dedicate most of their free time consumed by silly distractions; sports, T.V. video games, the list is endless and becoming more mundane by the decade. Why have so many people forsaken the wealth of beautiful literature which begs to expand and free their mind? What role does society play in training the masses to disregard self learning? When school is over have we somehow learned enough? I cannot imagine how shallow and minuscule my world would be without books, yet most people do not include reading in their lives. Awakening the giant within is a responsibility we owe to ourselves, our family, friends and foe alike. There, just ahead is the sign I have been looking for >>>>> SCRIBD!!! <<<<<

Landing on my lap not long ago was a little gift, well not so little really. SCRIBD is a web site hosting an untold volume of free books to read, most everything I have looked for I have found. I have never looked up fiction but I can tell you their list of spiritual and scientific titles is up to date and outstanding. From the complete Nag Hammadi scrolls detailing Gnostic truth dating back over 3,000 years, to great philosophers like Plato, Socrates and Marcus Aurelius. Current work from some of the most advanced scientists and philosophers today, people like Talbot, Watts and Wilber to name a few. The list of great FREE reads is truly endless, I can't tell you how exciting this revelation is for me and I truly hope it represents for you the same.

My wife, son and I have a small library of a few hundred books, well four big books shelves and whatever is scattered around the house without a permanent home. I can still remember my back aching from the last time we moved. Even though we used professionals, it was quite a task sorting and unpacking it all. I can't imagine how much money we have spent on books, just last Christmas I think we spent over $ 200 as a family. With SCRIBD, the list of purchases will greatly diminish, so will the storage. My wife says we will never get rid of what books we presently own. My son will inherit, then probably curse us if he does not sell off the lot as soon a buyer appears. I agree with my wife's sentiments, mainly because I love the feel of a book in my hand. Books when held represent a tangible reminder of feeding ones mind, much like a spoon in hand represents a physical link to a health body.Following someones thoughts, feeling and emotions is tremendously beautiful, more the case if they have a panache for painting reality. When books draw to a close, with summations elucidating truth, it's like a special dessert after an amazing meal. First an appropriate pause is required, minutes, hours or days, depending on the depth of content in hand. Secondly, the mood needs to be established, a fatty or two rolled, a hot steamy coffee and golden silence. Finally, with everything just right, I follow a brother or sister to the edge of what they know. Oooooh how exhilarating, wonderful and honoured it makes me feel.

Our world and this experience we call life is a fantastic adventure. Books, their smell, feel and vivre will never be completely lost to humanity. However, they are becoming redundant in the I.T. age. Just ask a librarian, if you can find one, or a publisher, if their doors have not closed. Even newspapers are struggling to find readership in a world fast becoming virtual. I suggest, if someone has a hard time falling in love with reading, they just have not picked up the right book. What we ingest plays a great part in our health. Our mental health is a direct function of our ability to consume quality food as well as healthy information. We must all realise the relationship between truth and love, whereas, love is a function of truth. Consume healthy information and love will find you.

In addition to books there are many fantastic you-tube videos which assist in the gathering of knowledge at a pace more 21st century. Countless web sites and search engines allow us to gather knowledge like never before. We have the capacity now to break free of the chains of ignorance which bind us all. We can unite to a common cause in preparing a world for our children free of deception, tyranny, oppression and enslavement. It is up to us, I hope you all use SCRIBD to broaden your worlds. Free is a fantastic price no need to give any personal info or e-mail to use it; just type in the title, click on the book and start reading.

In Lak' ech, brethren, freedom starts with you!!!

In Lak' ech,