Sunday, 18 October 2009

Dancing with the magic monkey....

Don Juan referred to the ego in the context of " fliers ". Beings separate from us who feed off our energy. Colin Wilson referenced the ego as " Parasites ". Alien invaders of the human spirit. Is mankind afflicted by external beings, cancerous guides hell bent on manifesting our destruction? Possibly we can be a little more benevolent in its description, perhaps we can call it the " magic monkey ".
The moment of our birth, bathed in innocence and love a slap on our bottom calls forth the magic monkey. Propped on our shoulder he is ready, as are we, to suckle on the teat of life.
Our monkey is the master of illusion, it speaks from the source. This grace of existence allows our monkey to commune with our soul, thus enabling us to reflect the essence of our path.
The monkey begins by weaving tapestries of illusion.
We experience multiple beings appearing and disappearing in front of our eyes, thus we discover the illusion of " separateness ".
In a short time our brain initiates the impulse to feed, this experience creates the second illusion which is " need ".
The third and ultimate illusion, the 'coup de gras' if you will, lies in the magic monkey making us think he is us. In this regard the " I " is born, a union of the magic monkey and the God self. This third illusion of the magic monkey " I " keeps us from identifying ourselves by our true nature which is GOD I AM.
The magic monkey makes us believe in the material world. He makes us think time and space are real. The depth of his illusion is endless, however, it is from this pit of maya that often truth and the God self can be found.
How do we serve the magic monkey?

We serve the monkey when we buy into the illusions it weaves. When we continue to embrace the " I ", separateness will prevail and the God self will remain hidden. When we desire and express need, we find ourselves alone separate from the infinite supply of the One.
Most of our brothers remain asleep. They continue to identify with the magic monkey as " I ", never seeing the glory of the God self.
Those who see the magic monkey, become able to see beyond illusion, wherein waits the God self. The magic monkey does not like being seen, the game is on! Battle rages for control of the " I ". The magic monkey eventually reaches the tipping point where it becomes the servant of the God self. Desperate to regain control the monkey fights on, weaving ever more complex magic.

By extension, the God self now maintains the upper hand by remaining fixed in the assurance self is pure light. Peace comes to the one who understands all else as illusion, just weaves of the magic monkey. WE can free ourselves from the darkness that lies within. We can experience shortcomings or ache for satisfaction, however, see this as illusion. We must know ourselves as love. Love is all there is, everything else is monkey magic. Looking back from fifth dimensional reality we very well may lament the loss of the magic monkey. Possibly, we may wish to experience one more short dance just to say goodbye.

Namaste, peace from the monkey mind.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Do we know LOVE...

With respect, allow me to offer up this posit. I submit to you evolvers that none of us truly know love. We all use this word casually in conversation not really taking the time to grasp the true essence of love. The word love is the most misunderstood word in our language. Our love becomes a dispensed commodity which we offer up to those whom we deem deserving. We believe ourselves capable of offering unconditional love to our children our spouse and nuclear family. Do we really offer this small group unconditional love? By example, if your brother kills your parents would you still offer up love and compassion. In my own life, I had a falling out with my sister whom I perceived at the time to have grievously offended me and my child. I have yet to formally reconcile this issue with her even though I have transcended the affront. If your wife cheats on you or your husband beats you can you still offer love, or would you not rather dispatch with the relationship. We perceive our love to be true, is it?
How then can we find in our heart true love? Is it possible? The answer to both these questions is an emphatic YES. So what would you expect the answer to be.

Please take a moment, reflect on this issue.

In favour of initiating discourse, if I may offer up consideration of this important query. The first step is to afford " yourself " unconditional love. Stop judging your actions, understand that you are doing your best with the tools you have. Give yourself the same level of compassion you offer children. We never feel anger to the child who attempts to touch the burner of a stove. We happily offer compassion to our children, we know they are learning and in doing so they will have to make mistakes. We fail to see that we too are children, at least from the perspective of gnosis. None of us are so arrogant to believe we know everything. Why is it we are more than prepared to feel guilt and condemnation for our actions which we falsely perceive to be in contrast with a self image of required perfection? Be honest, how often do you allow your ego to make you feel inadequate? The monkey brain plays out the rigors of right and wrong good and bad thus infusing our solace with fear and guilt. I am not rich enough to deserve love. I am not worthy because I am not as good as the neighbor I admire. I am not handsome enough, not smart enough. I am certainly not perfect, therefore I am less deserving than the brother who is more accomplished. Why can't I lose weight? Why do I have to live in misery? Will I ever become the human I want to be?

We must look at such thoughts and see them for the illusion they truly are. Oneness affords us the grace to live a life content that we are the ONE, the everyONE. Truth can only be found in the understanding that we are here to experience exactly that which our soul needs. The beggar, the thief and the undesirables are all here to experience these lessons, lessons from which they are able to truly understand compassion in other incarnations. People, we are the beggar and the king. I am you and you are I, there are no exceptions. From the platform of God SELF we can be gentle and compassionate with ourselves. This gnosis of seeing the child in each soul means that we may release the fear of need and the guilt associated with lack. You are truly rich beyond your wildest dreams, it is only illusion emphasised by ego which keeps peace from your heart.
Once you can truly love yourself as the Atman it is a short step to loving the brother you deem wretched. There is no good or bad, there is no right or wrong, there is only choice and all choice without exception is sacred and valid. Gaia also has her needs, she may offer up earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and all sorts of disaster. We see these events as terrible but again we are mistaken. The victims of tragedy, the victims of atrocity are all self selected endings to souls which have completed their mission. From this perspective we can live our life with grace, we can therefore accept the "isness" of all experience. Ego illusions of death, birth, space and time are the vehicles by which our pain can manifest.
Finally there is the true grasp of the interconnectedness of the universe. Again there is only the ONE the perfect expression of Godly manifestation. When we commune with the all we can release the maya. Fear slips back into the world of illusion locked up where it belongs, the key tossed aside.
I too live in fear, I too fall victim to illusion. However, I have experienced the light which patiently waits for me to wake up. For a short time I have basked in the glory of Oneness, in doing so I have developed a burning desire for gnosis. I am slowly stepping out of darkness and I can tell you the golden dawn is magnificent beyond imagination. The path to light (Oneness) is the only chance we have to truly define LOVE. Love without condition is the only true expression of self, all else is illusion. As the years pass I find myself deeper in love with myself my wife and all others. Moreover I am finding in my heart the capacity to remain compassionate with my child self. True love still waits on the horizon but at least I can define what false love is. In the words of the great Martin Luther King " I have a dream " a dream that one day we may all experience true unconditional love. Please when you find yourself in judgment of self or others stop yourself, look deep into your heart and see if these feelings and thoughts are a benefit to you. Be kind, accept your child self as the seeker and afford the seeker compassion and love UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Namaste, love conquers fear.

Honour the wind with love....

The wind really does get a bum rap. When do we ever take the time to appreciate, value and love the wind. All too often we are caught in the material world.
We fail to offer blessings to the essence of that which affords us life.
Looking back in history we can recapture that which since has been dismissed as banal. There was a time not long passed when great authors offered up poetry and prose to honor the wind. In times of yore the wind was seen as the driving force and life blood of existence. Ships could not navigate the waterways without the grace of wind. Prayers and tributes were offered up to the Gods as a way of ensuring the grace of favourable currents. Upon receipt of favour lavish gifts of appreciation were offered at great cost to the recipients. The same consideration was given by the agriculturalists who understood the wind to be the engine for climatic changes ushering in rains needed for a quickening of crop growth.
In time, mankind shifted away from awe and love of natural forces, instead looking for ways to affect control over nature. As ages passed, irrigation and advanced technologies enabled mankind to perceive the wind as an evil force to be tamed. This transformation of ideology paved the way for appreciation to become lost in the shuffle of modernisation.

In essence love became fear.

The wind was to become the ogre, the harbinger of disaster. Focus was given only to the ravage nature of wind thus missing the importance of how destruction is the usher of change, needed change. Look now at how much love has been lost. The media of today only focus attention upon the hurricanes and tornado, the gale or the ultimate storm. Mother earth and her needs are not considered by the mechanical minds of the twenty first century.
Let us now recapture the grace of love, let us offer up gratitude for the essence of life, the benevolent wind. First we must understand the wind to be the living breath of Gaia. When taking a walk in the park know that the wind which caresses your body to be a commune no different than a conversation with a loved one. The wind embraces and loves you, it cares for your needs and offers up the breath of life. Leave this wondrous element, dive into a pool of water swim about under the water. Tell me if you cannot fully appreciate that first breath of air gulped into your lungs. I loved the movie " A fish called Wanda " do you not think Kkkken was not ecstatic to finally have the french fries pulled from his nose. Take a moment, right now, to deprive yourself of air. Tell me, how wondrous does it feel to take that first breath of the deprived glory of air. Maybe now you can reflect on appreciation and love for this blessing.
When I was a boy swimming in the lake I would remain under water as long as I could. With burning lungs I would surface sucking the sweet taste of the air. Again and again I would perform this ritual just for the satisfaction received by that first breath. I have no idea then why this became such a fixation, maybe it was so that I could write this blog. Possibly it was for the early experience of transmutation of fear into love, which later became the basis for my existence. Try this experiment, dive into the deep, go a far down as you think you can. You will experience fear, especially if you are not sure if you have gone too far down. As you surface I guarantee you will experience love.
The glorious wind is also the animator of inert life, the flora would not become animated without the wind. Do you not think the trees, flowers and plants don't rejoice when the favor of wind caresses their essence. Or the seagull playing in the thermal currents of love. Imagine the loss a gull would feel if the wind were no longer a playmate. The ancients understood wind to be a living force, why can we not recapture this gnosis?

Namaste, my brethren, fear becomes love.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Take a "Love walk"....

Evolvers, are you ready to embrace love in the NOW? Most of us experience conscious existence oblivious to the holographic fractal wonderland which meets our gaze. This coupled with our inability to live in the moment of NOW leaves us bereft of our most cherished and magical gift, LOVE. Ever notice how LOVE is only found in the NOW moment.
Why then do we endeavor to experience some imminent or distant future moment of satisfaction? Why do we lament past moments of NOW wishing we could have done things differently?
Why can we not jettison the future and the past in favor of finding joy in every wondrous moment of NOW?
There is great irony in the fact that the perceived future moment is always a reflection of expectation, something better yet to come. I find great value in remaining resolute in taking moments out of each day in the exercise of converting maya into clarity.

To experience the full wonderment of life one needs to remain vigilant in coveting the perception of Oneness and love. You would assume this would come natural. After all, when we embrace love we feel so very good, fantastically great in fact. Conversely feelings of fear, hate and anger make us ill and are the root of all diseases which afflict us.
Try taking a love walk, let go, act like a child. Stepping out the door you see the same lawn that was there yesterday. Today, take the time to feel and smell the grass. Please, reflect on the fact that this grass is God and is very excited to have you visit. The grass will feel your love, I guarantee this to be true. Moreover try to feel the love it offers you. The old oak tree awaits your attention now, take a moment to give him a big big hug. Feel the power, strength and love of this wonderful old soul. Tell him you love him and are here to appreciate his magnificence, I am sure he will be surprised and love you right back. Next you may notice a little squirrel, I hope you have a few nuts for him. He will come right up to you, look you right in the eyes and share his love with you. Heading down to the park there will be many birds flying about. Share some bread crumbs with them, they will flock to your call, ready to share love with you. Without any doubt they will sing and caw their love and appreciation of your gifts. Down the path you spy a couple walking toward you. Know that you and they are ONE, take a moment to smile and extend greetings of peace and love. Your smile will be welcome, your love will brighten their day. Feel the wind caress your face, know it to be God sharing a loving embrace with God. Thank the wind, offer up your love and thanks for the experience.
All is grand until you see a rough looking homeless chap, don't avoid and judge this person. Know that you are he, he is you, you are both God. Share your money, your smile and your love. Treat this person as a long lost brother, he will be more than happy to share his love with you.
When your love walk is over take a few moment to reflect on how magnificently your time was spent. Feel the love flowing through your being, I guarantee you will wonder why you don't do this more often. ( As an aside; I have to include this. My son just walked in the door, he mentioned that he had a disturbing experience. My wife and I inquired. He had met a homeless person and took the time to say hello, he gave the gentleman a few dollars. The response was not what he expected, the man offered to provide sexual favours in lieu of his kindness. LOL like I said people are more than happy to share their love with you.)

From my perspective, I rarely take the time to enjoy such loving walks. With that said, I always make sure each day to ponder this wonderful loving relationship we have with the ALL, the ONE, GOD. We are involved in the most beautiful dance of love, always waiting is a partner to share. Love is a fantastical thing, the more we give away the more we fill our hearts.

Society teaches us to be greedy, to covet the riches of our neighbour, hence expressions like dog eat dog world prevail.

When will we understand nature wishes we enjoy a God love God world?

We have been programmed to believe in the separate self, when the GodSELF waits to carry our burdens. Our world is evolving, it is time for all humans to become humane. Leave the maya and pain of separation, choose the ONE, choose LOVE.

Namaste, fear becomes love.