Friday, 14 December 2012

December 21, 2012; The Shift of Consciousness...

Media exposure prophesying the catastrophic destruction of our planet on Friday, December 21, 2012 has, as planned, whipped up a global fervor. One could only assume, most citizenry of the Western world are, at the very least, familiar the end date of the 5,125 year cycle in the Mesoamerican Mayan calendar long count. Pounding heavily on their drums of fear; mainstream media has overtly manipulated coverage of this profound date. America's favorite physicist Michio Kaku, (whom I affectionately call Poo Poo Ka Ka), popularized for Anderson Cooper (whom I affectionately call Pooper Scooper) and CNN news watchers, a disastrous solar storm for December 2012. The solar storm would have us suffer CME's (Coronal Mass Ejections) the likes of which our Earth has never seen; all satellites will be wiped out, as well, the sun facing part of Earth will be scorched to a crispy wasteland.

Two more grievous examples of main stream media deceit are The History Channel 2012 coverage, and Roland Emmerich's  2009 movie "2012", both of which, suggest the Mayans were warning us the complete destruction of earth is inevitable. Regarding the movie; we have all seen enough cinema to walk away knowing, it was just a flick. None the less; the added propagandising of fear certainly has not gone amiss in furthering the elite agenda of manufactured chaos. The History Channel is a completely different affair; some people actually believe the shit peddled by this manipulative network. People assume; because "The History Channel" is dedicated to reporting history, it must be accurate, much the same as history class at school. Now there is a prickly reference; I wouldn't want to get started on high school history, that topic needs to be an essay on its own!

Peeking down the "alternate media" Internet rabbit holes; we find confusion abounds. New-agers believe in ascension to the fifth dimension. Quasi science junkies like Greg Braden anticipate the world will stop and revolve in the opposite direction. Countless Christians are whipped into a religious fervor in anticipation of the rapture. Further investigation reveals; there are those who expect dimensional time travel portals to open in the sky, whilst others suggest our alien ancestors, who seeded the species, will return. Others yet are convinced that Niburu, or planet X to some, will crash into Earth with predictably destructive results. Just yesterday; my wife and I were listening to "Mr. Webbot", Cliff High. Cliff, a self proclaimed, semi famous, prognosticator is convinced the end is coming this February or March. Cliff has been following the work of a few "remote viewing" groups who have emphatically established, at least in their minds, there will be a global flood catastrophe prior to mid summer 2013. They maintain; almost all coastal cities will be completely submerged under water, Cliff is sure the deaths of many millions is inevitable.

If the above listed mayhem is not enough for you; then you may be interested in wringing your hands over the inevitable, crustal shift caused by a polarity reversal. In this morbid portrayal, the Earths magnetic field fails causing the Earth's crust to completely shift upon the sphere. Much like an orange peel sliding to and fro upon the orange. This scenario causes, you guessed it, untold destruction and the end of the world as we know it. Finally; some of you may know Daniel Pinchbeck from the website Evolver, or its sister site, Reality Sandwich. Daniel, a self proclaimed know it all, promotes in his book; "The Return of Quetzalcoatl"; that crop circles, alien abductions and time travelers are signs our alien brethren have returned to lead humanity to its spiritual salvation, that is, if you are spiritually prepared for the journey. We can wish Daniel, and his crew of merry revelers, well as they sail down the Nile into what they expect will be a new world of awakened souls. Having briefly touched upon the most popular destruction scenarios, it is no surprise many people around the world are somewhat concerned about this most auspicious time. How prevalent is the global hysteria?

Are We Afraid Yet?

Adept as main stream media is at predicting doom; it is the Internet which has been the greatest promulgator of fear. Versions of the end of times phenomena can be viewed on an estimated 500,000 plus sites. NASA's astro- biology department have already received thousands of information requests, some inquirers asking if they should just kill themselves, their children or pets. In May of this year; an Ipsos poll of 16, 000 adults in 21 countries found that 8% of respondents experienced anxiety over the 2012 end of the world. To offer an idea as to how many believe in the end times prediction; China 20%, Russia, Turkey, Japan and Korea 13%. U.S.A. 12%, with a booming business being done in the sales of underground bunkers. October 11th, 2012 in Teresina, Brazil, police stopped a mass suicide attempt of a cult headed by prophet Luis Pereire Dos Santos (I don't think he is a relative of mine) who precicted the end of time as the feast day of Our Lady of Aparecida. The mayors of some Brazillian cities are urging peoples to stock up on food. Certain Brazilian communities are uniting to build a colony for survivors, a project which is gaining much local traction and support. 

What are we to think?

Is armageddon just around the corner?

Invariably; as the fateful day grows near, each of us who do have the Mayan 2012 phenomena on our radar, will compile in our minds a personal vision of what the Mayan end date, and the upcoming 2013 year, will entail. Digging through the cluttered closets of my mind; I construct expectation in the form of a wish list. Intrigued I am, to observe my mind wondering to and fro. No different than a child awaiting Christmas, I cannot help but conjure images of natural gifts carrying us on wings of great pleasure. Never in my life have I been more excited about the future; this feeling takes me back to when I was a little boy, possibly 8 or 9 years old.

Walking along Gauvin street in my home town; my destination was the house of Lyle Richardette, my best friend. The autumn leaves, strewn hither and tither, created a beautiful smelling visual kaleidoscope of colour. One big whiff of the crisp and invigorating air foretold of hockey season right around the corner; life couldn't get any better, or could it? Just as I approached the apex of the corner; my eyes spied a crisp 5 dollar bill. It was half covered by a big red wet Maple leaf, however; undoubtedly it was a bill. My heart jumped a beat or two; furtively spying my surround to ensure no witness prevailed, I scooped up the note with unbound excitement. I never made it to Lyle's house that morning; instead, I raced across the subdivision as fast as my little feet could carry me. My new destination was "L'epicerie de Jean", or John's Store to the few local English living in the area. Although these images are better than four decades past; I can still capture the thoughts and feelings as if it were only yesterday. The first thing I did was show Jean my wealth, his eyes popped open wide, proving beyond any doubt, my find was definitely monumental. "This is all mine; and I can buy whatever I want!", I proudly stated. Jean smiled, nodding his head, which always caused the four or five bands of carefully groomed hair to fall from their matted place perched upon his quickly balding head. To this day, I always think of Jean and smile when I see a balding man loose control of his comb over.

"It's not Christmas yet my boy, did you get dat for your birthday?" Jean asked. His query caused me pause, my heart jumped a couple of feet landing directly in my throat. Flashing through my mind was a feeling I had done wrong; this inexplicable sensation of guilt had been nagging me ever since I picked up the note. "My grandmother gave it to me!", I blurted, choking on my words as they fell carelessly from my lips. My lie came out of nowhere, as lies tend to do when the perpetrator is caught unaware. I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks; the shuffling of my feet, with my head slung low, were the final tells indicating deception. Jean, sniffing my unease, fixed his hair, then smiled his big toothy grin. "My store is yours little man, buy your candies, but don't spend all of dat today." The French have a penchant for turning "th" into a "d", it is always quaint, however, Jean had a special way of really making a mess of English. Respect in the province of Quebec, means we choose to speak each others languages. I am sure Jean had plenty of chuckles over the years listening to me ruin the French language. None the less; respect was gained from always doing ones best.  

I smiled uneasily; without even muttering a response, I set my aim to the task of choosing some candy. One must remember in 1969 five dollars went a long way; Sweetarts, Bazooka Joe bubblegum and Fireballs were a penny a piece. Candy necklaces were five cents, a chocolate bar, a bottle of pop or a bag of chips, the big ticket items for a child my age, were 15 cents. I walked around, scanning my options, picking up some things only to put them back a little later when something better caught my eye. Having spent an eternity unsuccessfully dwelling over the expensive selections, I found myself standing empty handed in front of Jean. How could I have missed it; right in front of my eyes were my good old friends the penny candy jars. Renewed with excitement; I started filling my hands. Jean smiled, and passed me one of the little brown paper bags, he paused, smiled again, then passed me a second. I filled both bags to the brim, all of my favorites and three from each of the big glass jars. The total price I cannot quite recall, however, I do remember it was a little under two dollars. Holding my prize almost made me pee my pants with excitement, moreover my mind was spinning with the realisation I still had three dollars left and could do it all over again, if I wished.

I ran across the subdivision, making my way across the field, careful not to drop any of my little treasures. Finally, I arrived at my tree house in the forest. I took out each and every candy, carefully placed them in neat and tidy rows, like I used to do when setting up my toy soldiers or a line of freshly painted dinky cars. This triumphant moment proved to be, in my little world, an ultimate expression of unbridled excitement. Without having eaten even one of the nearly two hundred candies, I was experiencing childhood bliss.

Presently, as the Mayan calendar end date quickly approaches, I find myself reaching back to those childhood days of bubbling bubblegum excitement. I don't know what the next year will bring, but I do know anticipatory butterflies keep dancing in my belly, much like they did those many years past. Why am I excited, even elated, when so many of my brethren believe the end of time is here? Simply stated, I do not subscribe to the main stream media depiction of catastrophe.

Corroborating Evidence?:

I Ching:

First and foremost, I believe the Mayan calendar in it's depiction of a consciousness shift from fourth to a fifth world does in fact illustrate imminent and significant change. When asked what causes me to trust in the Mayan ethos, I find myself pressed to admit my beliefs are somewhat scientifically unfounded. Having admitted to walking on thin scientific ice; allow me to suggest there are components of logic which do dovetail with the Mayan foretelling. The first bit of information which does fall somewhat in sync with the Mayan prediction is the I Ching. The I Ching, as many of you may know, is an ancient tool for prophetic fortune telling. Terence McKenna, a famous American philosopher, used The King Wen sequence, which is an arrangement of a 64 hexagram format. Terence went on to assign mathematical values to each of the 384 lines in the hexagram. MeKenna then plotted on a graph the mathematical values which he later used to illustrate what he considered a curve of enhancing novelty. Terence was convinced the universe has a teleological component of time that increases the inter connectivity and complexity of matter until a singularity of time occurs. McKenna's purview of this "Timewave Zero" illustrates a point in consciousness where everything and anything occurs simultaneously. McKenna used his graph to compare historical events with the mathematical ebb and flow of his Timewave theory. Believing time resonates in such a way that novelty progression can be bench marked by social and geological events he theorised Nagasaki and Hiroshima undoubtedly allowed him to point to the future in his predicition Timewave Zero would occur November 2012. Upon discovering the Mayan prediction, Terence later corrected his end date to match the Mayans. It should be noted that the Chinese do not regard the I Ching as a prophetic doomsday clock. In fact, the Chinese believe the December 21st 2012 date portends a wise man will appear to make the world prosperous and peaceful for the year of the Black Dragon. Below is the Chinese calender for this most auspicious day of change.

Male WoodMale FireMale WaterMale Water
Female Water
Fire DragonWater RatWater Dragon
Winter Solstice - December 21, 2012

Precession of the Equinox:

Slicing a cross section of our solar system causes one to notice that our planets and the Sun lie roughly in a similar flat plane known as the plane of ecliptic. Lining the ecliptic are the twelve Zodiacal signs. The Sun passes through each of the Zodiac constellations. Whilst the Sun exerts it's annual cycle, Earths tilting axis causes the Sun to slowly recede backward by one constellation every 2,160 years. The slow slipping backward of the Sun is called to precession; after 25,800 years the Sun completes her journey of cycles and retrogrades through all twelve Zodiacs. This ultimate cycle of the constellation is known in Western astrological philosophy as The Great Year. Presently, the Sun is in Pisces and is moving back into the famous Age of Aquarius thereby ending one astrological "Great Year", while at the same time, commencing another. It is commonly accepted the day of transition from the last Great Year to the next is, you guessed it, December 21st 2012. Most astrophysicists will balk when they hear December 21 as the procession equinox. Righteously so, when you realise how ridiculous it is to assign one specific day as a date of alignment of our Sun's path through the cross section of its galactic playground. Surely one would consider this alignment to be represented in years, even decades would not be untoward in ones rational consideration, certainly not one specific day. Having rationalised this proviso, I pause to think of the arc of a ball as defined by gravity. There is always a hinge; the decimal point at a galactic perspective may just need to be magnified considerably beyond our present purview before we could factually ponder the validity of December 21 as the true centering of the Sun juxtaposed to the galaxy.

Traditional Shamanic Revelations:

The Hopi Indians believe a Blue Star will signify an end of the fourth world and the beginning of the fifth. They have 9 signs which must be met prior to the arrival of a great prophet named Pahana. Pahana it is said will bear symbols of peaceful transition so that humanity can be lead to a new beginning. It must be noted that although most people tie this lore to the 2012 December date, there is no evidence to suggest the Hopi Indians foretold of a specific calendar date. With that said, most will attempt to validate that 8 of the 9 signs have been fulfilled.

Indian guru Kalki Bhagavan brings a warmer theory to the table in his promotion of 2012 as humanities rise to enlightenment. For those who scoff at this suggestion, their flip attitude may be quelled by the fact over 15 million Indian people believe Bhagavan is the true incarnation of the God Vishnu and that 2012 will mark the end of the Kali Yuga, known by many as the age of darkness. It is expected that when the new Yuga begins, it will mark a change in the way humanity expresses love and compassion, whereas, a new age of light will have commenced.

My Perspective:

As mentioned earlier in this essay; when thinking of this auspicious date, I can only conjure up images of  a wonderful transition into a new expression of consciousness. Excited as I am; I do not believe we will see a discernible change on December 21st, 2012. Furthermore; I do not believe we will discover any noticeable change in 2013. Much like we fail to conjure the true galactic alignment; we will inevitably fail to discern the slow changes humanity will take toward darkness. Galactic alignment may be observed in the context of years or decades, as I believe the path consciousness takes toward Godself realisation will also be. Like McKenna and many other philosophers, I have been searching for a curve which will realistically define the advance of humanities awareness. I believe we can look backward over the last fifteen years and notice the expression of Godself consciousness seems to have enjoyed its weakest tenure with humanity. Compassion, love and unity seem at their lowest; we appear to have fallen the limits of darkness.

I was thinking the other day; World Health Organisation records indicate over 2 billion of our brothers and sister live a lifestyle considerably less rich than my pussycat Spot. More than 1.3 billion people will starve to death on our planet. Nearly 2 billion people on our planet have no roof over their heads. Looking at the bird flying above; it has a home, it is being fed.

What does this say about you and I?

Do you not agree; a reasonable person would suggest, this must represent our lowest possible state of being?

We can easily depict in our recent fifteen year history a exponential drive toward ignorance, materialism, greed and darkness of self knowledge. I trust in my intuition which tells me the rise to light will manifest in a somewhat mirror like bell curve. If my hypothesis is correct, I do believe we will start to see significant movement toward heightened consciousness by late 2014 and certainly we will be well on our way by 2015. The next eight years will see humanity embark upon a complete transformation of our societal values. Much as a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, we will emerge from our long slumber with ego. Humanity will rediscover its true Godself nature; ego will slip from the mantle and shatter upon the hearth, thereby releasing us from its tumultuous dualistic patterning. By the year 2027 we will find ourselves looking back upon our grevious past with a loving knowledge, this was the only path conscoiusness could have entertained. We truly were, and are, the leaves which flow upon the graceful river.

What makes me most excited; is knowing that humanity has finally reached its climax of ignorance, unveiling of darkness and light will now begin in earnest. For those of us who have been on the outside looking in; our urging for unconditional love will no longer be rebuked by the masses. When attempting to unveil darkness for the benefit of our brethren; it is less likely we will be scoffed or turned aside. Each day after December 21st will represent a movement, ever so slight, toward unconditional love. There will come a time, within a decade or two I believe, when our sense of awareness of the true nature of our Godself will reach a point of critical mass, at this time, our species will fully embrace our divine light body.

The signs of an enlightening society will be slow but steady; firstly the matrix of enslavement will start to unravel. Austerity measures common to our present day world will be rebuffed by society. Corporate and governmental malfeasance will become more apparent, as well, more disgusting to the average person. Revolution of the masses will occur in a peaceful defiant manner. Day by day; violence, greed, ignorance and fear will slip from the demeanor of humanity. Constructs of maya from the root of ego will lose their hold upon the minds of the weak. We will emerge as a caring loving people; we will abhor all manner of enslavement be it physical, mental or emotional. Money will be seen as the true root of the many horrors foisted upon our brethren; as such, we will entirely eliminate it as a global social expression. Religions will be seen as constructs of mind control; we will chose to eliminate all formal religion in favour of spiritual truisms. Peoples of the world will finally understand the meaning of the phrase In Lak'ech. We will motivate ourselves, and brethren, to feed, clothe, love and care, for all peoples and all aspects of consciousness, none excluded.

There will be no need for retribution nor atonement. The destructive element of our society will no longer gain from their machinations; nor will they desire the egoic control, domination and devastation they presently wreak upon society. Governments will finally serve the people. Corporations will feed the poor; the rich will freely give to the disadvantaged. When walking down the street; we will no longer see enemies, opponents and strangers, we will only see brothers and sisters, echoes of ourselves.

Destiny & Choice:

This shift of the ages we are about to embark upon is a reflection of the winds of consciousness. We are like leaves upon a stream flowing on a path which is preordained by energies we know nothing of. We believe we make choices; however, our path is the path of a singular consciousness. Presently we trust ego in its revelation of the finite body; seven billion distinct souls each forming their personal futures. Humanity will come to understand consciousness as one future, one soul, one entity. The choices we make over the next decade will take us closer to unconditional love and a true singularity of expression. Choice is what 2012 is all about; nothing more than consciousness taking a new path as part of a preordained cycle of darkness and light, awareness and ignorance, fear and love. The rivers have raged from mountain tops battering our tiny leaf. Roiling maya wreaking destruction in its wake, eroding banks, tearing asunder the terra firma which we thought would never yield.

Everything yields, everything transforms, nothing ever remains the same, this is consciousness, this is you. Having traveled great distances; consciousness, the leaf of beingness, now flows unabated into calm, slow moving, rivers. Closer to the source; the leaf we know as consciousness will soon merge with all others in picking a natural path toward unity. Whence we arrive at the ocean united; we will have discovered what we knew all along, we never left, we were never separated, we are ONE. Celebrate the 2012 date with joy; embrace love on this special day, for love is your future, love is your identity. This is a time for the egoic self to begin releasing its grip on humanity; a time when ignorance will slowly give birth to a new paradigm of awareness. Materialism will no longer be our master, fear will no longer lead us to pain. Love will heal us all, compassion will be our banner, peace will embrace humanity as we collectively enter the golden age of the Godself. You have made it; there is nothing for you to do but discover your true nature, find yourself, find unconditional love.  

In Lak'ech Dearest Brethren, you are the God I AM..


  1. Many thanks for placing this subject in a positive and hopeful light.
    Far too many individuals are ramping up the fear factor which has been attached to 21/12/2012. Some of these people (as you say) proclaim themselves as enlightened, so they should know better!
    I've never really brought into this particular subject. Although you can never say never, I think that (generally) dates just come and go.
    Change is almost always gradual and rarely happens all at once.
    We have it within ourselves to embrace the nobler and more enlightened aspects of being, without the need to attach it specific dates, signs and portents.
    If everybody had your attitude, we would get there much quicker!
    Keep spreading the word my friend and all the best.
    Carl (The 'Guide)

    1. Namaste brother Carl, always a pleasure to enjoy your two or three cents worth. The 60's and 70's with flower power and Hippy love is the only real life reference I have for how the winds of the Gods play with humanity. Those 10-15 years were awesome. Anyone who would disagree that a mini cycle of love, clarity and unity was expressed during the decade of love, well, all I can say is that they must have never experienced it first hand.

      I believe this is the great cycle we are embarking upon, the Yuga of light.

      Thank you as always for your support of my writing and your kind words of encouragement.

      In Lak'ech, brother Carl, living the Yuga of love...

  2. You say, "humanity has finally reached its climax of ignorance". This is how I see it too. This coming solstice marks the lowest point of humanity. Just as (in the Northern hemisphere) it also marks the longest night of the year. Just as we don't notice any significant change in the length of night/day for a week or two either side of the solstice, so, as you say Chris, we will not notice much change in 2013. But nevertheless, the darkness will be waning, and the light will be waxing, and in time it will gather momentum to the point where the change is obvious to all.

    Indeed a time for great optimism and celebration. :)

    1. Namaste brother Ian, you hit the proverbial nail bang on the head.

      The Mayans understood that to discover the machinations of ones inner workings one must gain an understanding of the galactic mirror. Whatever is represented within our body is also mirrored by our universe.

      The universe is a conscious being, a beautiful singularity of life. As above so below: As within so without

      Your brilliance shines on wonderfully in your writing my brother, thank you for the many contributions you make.

      In Lak'ech brother Ian, Yahoo let's party...

    2. Chris, thanks for your kind comments. Yes, let's party!

  3. Aha reminds me of Zeitgeist that i watched again a few days back! interesting post. loved the part about "the humanity has reached the climax of ignorance..". hope that is true! Let's all PRACTICE love for a change...
    thanks for sharing!
    blessed be

  4. Namaste sister Bani; It is kind of neat watching some of those old videos, like Zeitgeist again. If thirty years ago one were to describe to me present day society; I would have never believed them.

    Who could imagine we would ever fall so far from the spirit of unconditional love?

    The future will bring a continued path toward the light; we have traveled as far down the road of darkness as we must.

    In Lak'ech, sister Bani, live with love prosper with knowledge....

  5. Hey Christopher. What a great post!Your wealth of knowledge blows me away!I cant even begin to explain things the way you do but you always seem to have the same sentiments I do about our world and 3d existence.Thanks so very much for all the good you do for all of us.Keep up the great work!

    1. Namaste brother Ron; I am actually not that packed with knowledge. It probably appears this way because I research my subject matter to ensure my facts are as accurate as possible. I keep pumping information into my brain and it keeps leaking out, me thinks it's a sign of age.

      Respective to our alignment of ethos. We both hang on to the same anchor my brother; in as much as, we agree the expression of consciousness is reflected as a singularity of beingness. As you have discovered in your life Ron; everything of merit evolves upon knowing the true self, from here all expressions become love or a derivative thereof.

      Thank you for your kind sentiments Ron; I feel much the same when I read your fine posts.

      In Lak'ech, unity first... love thereafter...

  6. Great post my friend,

    and I feel the same way too,

    in fact I'm literally buzzing,

    and my art is my only relief :)

    Being currently trapped in the cube is taking it's toll,

    but I know the chrysalis is about to break,

    and we're ready to fly on new wings

    which have been generating for quite some time now...

    All the best Christopher...!


    1. Namaste brother Brad; thanks for the continued support. I can see from your art you are a buzzing bundle of love and light. May the holiday season be filled with joy.

      In Lak'ech, prosper with love live with the Godself...

  7. What these horrific events (of the past & what is yet to come) are supposed to do, is create, conjure up, and manifest emotional reaction in response to the illusory movie being played out before our illusory eyes. For this reason, it is imperative, (despite what all of the conspiracy theorists and truthers say), that we not react, not retaliate against anything, as it’s tantamount to swinging at the air. Everything is a total and complete distraction, designed to further deepen the Trance State, making it near to impossible to ever recognize it for what it is.


    1. Namaaste brother Ian; thank you for your visit, hope all is well with you and the girls. I certainly agree; it is time to sit back and watch the movie. Soon the credits will run and our brethren will realise it was just a big show.

      In Lak'ech, it's only a and be loving...

  8. This is beautiful! Its so nice to know others are feeling this inner shifting already. Its time to own up to our responsibilities and realize that the world is almost in ruins because each one of us is suffering deep within ourselves. Most of us have pushed this down far enough to not even take notice at how miserable we actually are. True Joy comes from within and is then projected out and your relationship with this world reflects your relationship with yourself. The world is your mirror and everything in it is a reflection of how you feel about yourself and your inner state at that moment... So when you are angry you attract angry, and we all know that misery loves company! We can not fix something outside of ourselves and expect that is will be fixed within us. We MUST fix our inner state, we MUST mend the relationship we have with ourselves! Not from our egoistic self, from our heart... Your heart has a brain and it is much smarter then the one is your head!!

  9. Namaste brother Ian; thank for the visit and what a surprise to find a new link for you on Super Bright. I will have to visit more often and get caught up with the many fantastic articles.

    Your assessment could not be more appropriate in these troubled times. We each can take this chance to look within for peace, tranquility, love and unity.

    In Lak'ech, brother prosper with love live with knowledge....

  10. Hmmmm. It's Dec 22, 2012. WOW am still here. Not that I thought otherwise. 3D World still here and we don't seem any more... "Conscious Evolved" either. As I expected...nothing happened, wasn't suppose to...yet! Just another fucking day in the Matrix. :)



  11. Namaste brother Ian, we are still here. Another amazing day in the matrix, time enough to continue our journey.

    In Lak'ech, brother Ian, prosper with love live with knowledge...

  12. dear brother, it is just now i was able to complete reading this post. yes, we are still here, nothing had physically happened, but i believe, something inside of us all might have collapsed, or, should have collapsed. super bright said it succinctly -- "Its time to own up to our responsibilities and realize that the world is almost in ruins because each one of us is suffering deep within ourselves."

  13. Namaste brother Sito; I hope your Internet is a little more stable than the last time we communicated. I too agree, Ian's comments were very astute and well worth noting. Illusions upon illusions my brother. Addenda to the state of the planet and the way we cohabitate, I believe it always incumbent upon us to remember that the state of every manifest moment is truly a personification of perfection. We each must also remember to unconditionally accept, with love, every manifest moment as a dance of God with God. May I extend wishes to you and your lovely family love, prosperity, peace, happiness, health and love throughout the new year.

    In Lak'ech, brother Sito, living with love and knowledge...