Monday, 10 October 2011

Diamonds and DarkStars....

Namaste brethren, the beauty of blogging is that we can openly share thoughts, feelings and emotions which allow us fresh perspectives needed to enrich our personal and collective reality. Defining, then defending, personal philosophical positions affords opportunity to crystallise in our hearts what we consider truth. Truth however is a slippery sort. Like a chameleon, it changes to mirror it's environment. One just need speak with a potential suicide bomber to see how, perspective, has a funny way of making one man's truth another man's lie. On a subtler level, the uniqueness of our personal lens allows us to share a common truth whilst finding discord by drawing significantly differing conclusions. On such occasions, one may find no flaw in an apposing argument, yet, still be left feeling uneasy. The intelligent person will not take offence, instead, they will seek ways to rediscover common ground. This blog represents one such tale with my brother DarkStar.

Maybe it's all about finding the perfect aspect. Diamonds have many aspects, the professional will be asked to choose, with great consideration and precision, which facets to highlight, and which to leave uncut. The result of such efforts, will either encourage, or dissuade, elucidation. Clarity, is what has, and always will, be called for.

Truth, is the diamond, we are the sculptors, the world will see the light we manufacture.

Defining the correct cut and polish, invites others to gasp in awe at divine beauty. Miss the mark, even a bit, and a milky haze of confusion follows. Stepping out of this metaphor of clarity, allow me to illustrate by example.

When considering the holographic nature of our reality we can, with the aid of quantum physics, utilise the non locality of the electron to scientifically prove that time, space and separation are illusions. This is not new science, in the mid sixties advances in equipment allowed physicists to measure electron travel in the hundred billionth of a second, this development led to experiments which proved non locality. Delving deeper into the nature of reality with string and super string theory, many physicists began defining reality as a hologram. Over the last couple decades Big TOE theories which incorporate the holographic model are becoming much more accepted by scientific pioneers worldwide. Sadly to say, universities and affiliated peer groups globally repel such advanced scientific concepts, I think because they know the holographic universe comes too close to the ultimate spiritual truth of unity consciousness.

"Our reality is a holographic expression."

Let us use the paraphrased statement above as an agreed truth. From this one diamond of truth we can now cut and polish a couple of divergent facets.

One person could surmise; my reality is expressed as a hologram, therefore, my existence is logically more fake than real. Living within the confines of a manufactured lie, I imagine my reality is in fact real, but, what is real? I ask myself this; if the illusion of time, space and the physical world around me ceased to be the filter of my reality experience, how then would I define my reality? Logically, I must conclude there would be "NO THING material." Without time and space as a reference an experiential abyss would prevail. In the quantum world of limitless potentiality, consciousness allows me to experience but there can be "no God per se" as there is "NO THING." "This experience as HUMANITY has NO PURPOSE, its all a lie and we don't exist." "It's all a sham to think it is real in order to control us." "This experience, that so many seem to value, is FAKE and it's like living a life completely in a HOLO-DECK Program on Star Trek Voyager."

Another person could discern a completely different position; my reality is expressed as a hologram, therefore, my existence is logically more fake than real. Living within the confines of a manufactured lie, I imagine my reality is in fact real, but, what is real? I ask myself this; if the illusion of time, space and the physical world around me ceased to be the filter of my reality experience, how then would I define my reality? Logically, I must conclude there would be NO THING material. Without time and space as a reference an experiential abyss would prevail. It is the gift of illusion which allows me to discover the richness of experience. I must conclude the true state of reality is nothingness, however, consciousness allows me to experience. Consciousness must originate from a given source, there is no need for a label, however many choose to call source, God. It appears to me, God, in a state of nothingness, chose to experience. I see now the universe, which I once thought was material, does not exist except within the confines of consciousness. The nature of a hologram is such that the tiniest of fragments contains the entirety of information, this explains the parable of the mustard seed. If time and space do not exist then I must surmise consciousness is the sum total of reality. If I accept that consciousness is reality, then, I must also comprehend that separation is an illusion, all is ONE. If all is ONE, then I am you, in fact there is truly nothing that I am not. Not only is there a God, but I am that eternal being. There appears to be a limitless voice to reality. This plane of experience is, in my mind(excuse the pun), most amazing. I have obviously chosen to enter this reality totally blinded by illusion, a babe in every sense. Beyond great odds, I have discovered a sense of my true identity, what could be more beautiful. I have created this holographic experience called humanity, it is my playground. I was never born, I will never die, forever will I play hide and seek. A metaphor to consider may be the many eddies in the ocean. God is the Ocean and we are like eddies in the Ocean, both of the one but distinctly separate at the same time. I also love the metaphor of light through a prism, whereas the prism creates the illusion of separation which belies the true singularity of source.

To be fair, my brother DarkStar has not created his argument as of yet. Nor has he been given a chance to even comment on the hodge podge of quotes and filled in blather hastily constructed as his position by me. Knowing my brother as I do, I can assure you he will do so forthwith, or at his earliest convenience.

Until then, I leave you all with the same challenge I know will be taken up by my brother DarkStar.

1./ What does the holographic universe mean to you?

2./ How does it fit your paradigm of reality?

3./ If you had to define, cut, and polish your own facet from this scientific diamond, what pearls of wisdom would you draw from knowing you and your universe is really a hologram.

To gain knowledge we start by asking questions. In our search for answers we must seek many different sources while invoking the courage to always listen with an open mind. The path of true enlightenment can only be found by applying simple lessons learned from children, whereas, the mind must remain unbridled, free, open, inquisitive, joyful, playful and relentless. Such a soul sees truth as a non static dancing pixie always at the ready to display magic. I think the magic in this topic is plentiful. Magic also shows it's face in the form of irony. I find it deliciously appealing that quantum physics allows us define our reality as nothingness and as God at the same time.

In Lak' ech, dear brethren, if reality is a hologram then you are God...

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Little Mind /// Big World...

Namaste dear brethren; do you ever feel intellectually challenged? Is your mind the metaphorical equivalent of that skinny boy on the beach? Have you ever asked why you are so bloody apathetic about mental calisthenics?

Last week, struck by a moment of meditative clarity, I coldly stared into some of the many dark recesses of personal ignorance. When considering the breadth of my physical or mental limitations, a naked feeling bubbles to the surface; as if I am expected to run out to the store wearing only socks and shoes. Moving past the discomfort of limitation, my mind chose to seek out the many habitual excuses used to appease the itch; too much work, not enough free time. Yada yada yada, you know the old chestnut, you've heard it a million times, it always starts with

"if only..."

Funny, how the ego drags the mind anywhere but front row and center. Little distraction games play out in our head, cleverly keeping truth hidden from casual seekers like myself. Excuses aside, there still remains my obvious diminishing dedication to the search for truth. These pestering thoughts, like pine needles in my brain, prodding me to participate, wake up shithead! I have coasted for too long, it's time to expand again, there is a sign ahead.

I intended to write a lengthy blog on the many ways (very many) the elite control structure enslaves our mind. The blog was to include analysis of how corporate elite co opted governments, education and mass media globally. I had hoped to expose the dedicated efforts of an elite few, who, over the last two hundred years, have sculpted the ignorance we see in humanity today. I was going to ask you to consider with me examples of how the individual and collective have become trapped in illusion, ensnared by lies and completely unaware of who their oppressors are. Alas, I decided there does exist a wealth of such information at your internet fingertips and on the videos below. Without elaborating on the gory details, I do still ask you make note of the many challenges deliberately woven into society with the sole purpose of limiting your mental acumen. The resulting damage caused by this tyranny afforded me the opportunity to ponder, in the sanctity of silence, my ignorance. It is time to cast aside my pillow and blanket; fresh water in the face I see a sign ahead.

Empty is this cup I presently hold, how joyous is the day when it fills again. If knowledge and truth are the only paths to love, peace and compassion, why do I sit idly by? The answer, I believe, is digestion. Dinner may be digested in hours, an idea, or a good book, could take months to digest. Food and information have much in common, a few similarities might include providing nourishment, requiring digestion and satisfying hunger. People dedicate most of their free time consumed by silly distractions; sports, T.V. video games, the list is endless and becoming more mundane by the decade. Why have so many people forsaken the wealth of beautiful literature which begs to expand and free their mind? What role does society play in training the masses to disregard self learning? When school is over have we somehow learned enough? I cannot imagine how shallow and minuscule my world would be without books, yet most people do not include reading in their lives. Awakening the giant within is a responsibility we owe to ourselves, our family, friends and foe alike. There, just ahead is the sign I have been looking for >>>>> SCRIBD!!! <<<<<

Landing on my lap not long ago was a little gift, well not so little really. SCRIBD is a web site hosting an untold volume of free books to read, most everything I have looked for I have found. I have never looked up fiction but I can tell you their list of spiritual and scientific titles is up to date and outstanding. From the complete Nag Hammadi scrolls detailing Gnostic truth dating back over 3,000 years, to great philosophers like Plato, Socrates and Marcus Aurelius. Current work from some of the most advanced scientists and philosophers today, people like Talbot, Watts and Wilber to name a few. The list of great FREE reads is truly endless, I can't tell you how exciting this revelation is for me and I truly hope it represents for you the same.

My wife, son and I have a small library of a few hundred books, well four big books shelves and whatever is scattered around the house without a permanent home. I can still remember my back aching from the last time we moved. Even though we used professionals, it was quite a task sorting and unpacking it all. I can't imagine how much money we have spent on books, just last Christmas I think we spent over $ 200 as a family. With SCRIBD, the list of purchases will greatly diminish, so will the storage. My wife says we will never get rid of what books we presently own. My son will inherit, then probably curse us if he does not sell off the lot as soon a buyer appears. I agree with my wife's sentiments, mainly because I love the feel of a book in my hand. Books when held represent a tangible reminder of feeding ones mind, much like a spoon in hand represents a physical link to a health body.Following someones thoughts, feeling and emotions is tremendously beautiful, more the case if they have a panache for painting reality. When books draw to a close, with summations elucidating truth, it's like a special dessert after an amazing meal. First an appropriate pause is required, minutes, hours or days, depending on the depth of content in hand. Secondly, the mood needs to be established, a fatty or two rolled, a hot steamy coffee and golden silence. Finally, with everything just right, I follow a brother or sister to the edge of what they know. Oooooh how exhilarating, wonderful and honoured it makes me feel.

Our world and this experience we call life is a fantastic adventure. Books, their smell, feel and vivre will never be completely lost to humanity. However, they are becoming redundant in the I.T. age. Just ask a librarian, if you can find one, or a publisher, if their doors have not closed. Even newspapers are struggling to find readership in a world fast becoming virtual. I suggest, if someone has a hard time falling in love with reading, they just have not picked up the right book. What we ingest plays a great part in our health. Our mental health is a direct function of our ability to consume quality food as well as healthy information. We must all realise the relationship between truth and love, whereas, love is a function of truth. Consume healthy information and love will find you.

In addition to books there are many fantastic you-tube videos which assist in the gathering of knowledge at a pace more 21st century. Countless web sites and search engines allow us to gather knowledge like never before. We have the capacity now to break free of the chains of ignorance which bind us all. We can unite to a common cause in preparing a world for our children free of deception, tyranny, oppression and enslavement. It is up to us, I hope you all use SCRIBD to broaden your worlds. Free is a fantastic price no need to give any personal info or e-mail to use it; just type in the title, click on the book and start reading.

In Lak' ech, brethren, freedom starts with you!!!

In Lak' ech,

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Don Miquel Ruiz uses a 10 minute story to effectively translates the simplicity of living and loving. Although I have watched this video many times, it always brings tears to my eyes. I hope you all enjoy this beautiful message and share it with those you love. Apparently Blogger does not want you to have a link so you will have to copy and paste to view. Well worth the effort, enjoy the show.

In Lak' ech, dearest brethren, the gift of love...

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

9 11 Down the doctor's rabbit hole.

Namaste fellow brethren I have been thinking of taking the time once a week to highlight a video which I feel offers compelling subject matter well worth your consideration. I hope that you may determine (especially those of you who watch T.V.) there is value in adding a little informative self programming via an in depth investigation into the manifest reality of our surroundings. In an effort to broaden our collective horizons, it is my wish that we may discuss the subject matter presented weekly in the videos. Please indicate if you feel this concept would represent a worthy expenditure of your valuable time. Regarding the first subject I invite you to enjoy and alternate view of 911 courtesy of Dr. Judy Wood; noted physicist and structural engineer. The format is a radio interview with George Noory of Coast to Coast Am. The audio is augmented with a steady video feed making it a very interesting perspective of the 911 event. I look forward to hearing what you all think, click the link and enjoy the video.

In Lak' ech. prosper in truth live in love...

Monday, 5 September 2011

Karma: a tale of soft deceit...

Karma, what does it mean to you? Do you believe in Karma?
The origins of Karma hail from the Sanskrit word " Kri " which means to do. Kri was a power by which individuals and collectives could influence the Gods, nature, weather, harvests and enemies. Through right intent and rituals performed righteously thus by actions determine ones destiny. Immortalized in the Buddhist Vedas the tradition of Karma was stamped on the Indian race. In Vedanta texts
Volume I: Samhitas
Volume II: Brahmanas and Aranyakas
Volume III: Upanishads
Volume IV: Vedangas

The God Karma was illuminated by the vengeful elephant of reciprocity. In later dates the Arabic word Karam was adopted to define the grace of God as Karma. As Karma became a global staple it was somewhat tainted by defeatist western constructs of fate. This created helplessness and dis empowerment from the true nature of GodSelf.

One constant Karmic thread woven through the ages from 1,500 BCE to the present is the carrot and stick motif. The need in this life to act in "righteousness" or "goodness" for the benefit of rewards in the next life. I perceive concepts of Karma as having created subtle echoes from which more damaging tenets like heaven and hell are derived.If we are prepared to accept the view of a God separate from self, sitting in judgement handing out Karma, then we enslave our true GodSelf spirit.

Great books lead the faithful; the Bible, the Koran, the Vedantas, the Gita, each offer wisdom, beauty and truth. However, each great work adopts the philosophy of reward and punishment as a function of control used to enslave devotees under the dominion and servitude of theology.

Heaven and hell bend the will of the Christian. Mohammad, in the words of the Koran, demands servitude and abeyance. The reward is great riches for the "good" Christian and Muslim in the afterlife. Lord Krishna insists on proper living as he instructs the young Arjuna about the fruit which await his next life. The Vedantas offer very definitive instructions to the Hindu follower. The man of faith and goodness will be rewarded with a superior next life. The fact remains, every religion needs followers. The carrot ushers in the sheep and the stick keeps the flock united.

Following are just a few of the issues I have with Karma; separation from oneness, separation from free will, establishment of judgement right and wrong / good and bad, dis empowerment of GodSelf and God as judge.

Separation from oneness: If you trust in the ONE, then you must accept all manifest and unmanifest as God realised perfection. Under the blanket of Oneness we see divinity in every expression. When we envision perfection in every conscious moment there is no need to reward the good and cast down the bad. All is God, all is good.

Separation from free will: This can never lead to truth. Instead of conforming to demands of scripture, we are better served following the will of our soul. Each soul is here to choose, from the plenum, a reality which will further the evolutionary path of the ONE. All choice is God taking yet another step.

Right and wrong / good and bad: We must see the illusion of separation in duality if we are ever to see the ultimate truth. When we enslave ourselves to concepts like Heaven, Hell and Karma we create a world of judgement. From the perspective of the ONE there can be no good or bad. There is only Godliness, which in it's essence is love and perfection. If you search your heart and find anything other than love. You must then ask yourself, why does illusion persist?Concepts of Karma dis empower the GodSelf: This is a most tragic loss. I am God, all choice I make is perfect. There is nothing I could do which is not Godly. Give this gift of GodSelf truth to everyone and every moment. This gift is called unconditional love, it is your true nature.

God as judge: the one who determines your next life or after life experience.
From the bowels of Karma sit judgement in the form of reward or retribution. How can this make any sense to the one who seeks truth?

Reward and punishment can only be functions of a God separate from self. God did not make the universe, God became the universe. All creation is God, nothing cowers in abeyance. You cannot covet future gains by actions of social fidelity. You are God, choose that which you desire. Don't wait for future rewards, choose to own all rewards now, in this life. We will never find truth in conforming for the benefit of reward. Karma is a sexy posit as it is found waving it's banner from high ground. For most people, it makes sense to believe that good behaviour will be rewarded and bad behaviour will reap just torment. This is an illusion, the seeker of truth will eliminate concepts of bad and good. See every moment through a lens of unconditional love and acceptance. See God in every expression and you will find yourself on the path to truth, freedom and enlightenment. Know in your heart the truth of In Lak' ech: The assailant and victim are one being, I am another you. Namaste, I see the God in you. Do you see the God in others?

In Lak' ech, dearest brethren prosper in truth live in love...

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Me Myself and I...

For years I never knew "I" existed, until the day I realised there were two of us present in my body. It is a bit mind bending to discover there is another you. Even more of a trip to find out that the "you", you thought you were, only exists as an illusion. How was I to figure it out? No one ever told me the truth.

"Hey, by the way, you are not you. There exists another you that is the real you. The you that you think you are is really just a very persistent illusion. In a nut shell there are two you's, only one is real and you haven't discovered the real one yet."

The Ego self is the primary filter through which we all perceive reality. From the perspective of ego we see ourselves as separate beings born into a grand universe. Ego narcissistically competes for gain, often at the cost of others. Ego self believes in birth, anticipates death, whilst remaining steadfastly convinced of the physicality of being. Ego self dwells in the regrets of the past, while fearing what the future may hold. When caught by the illusions of Ego self we strive to compete with survival as the prime directive. Ego self is the embodiment of maya and the purveyor of all fear. For better or worse, Ego self represents what the majority of humanity see when peering in the mirror of self reflection. We cannot be too hasty to judge Ego self as it's primary function is that of teacher. Often we determine maya to be dastardly, however, upon reflection most people agree their greatest gains have been wrought from their most arduous challenges.

The God self is the other filter with which we may choose to perceive reality. Existing ubiquitously in the ethereal plane of unity consciousness, the God self represents ones higher state of being. From the God self perspective we see beyond the illusion of the physical world. The God self defines matter as light bent into temporary form by the conscious observer. God self knows birth and death as illusions used by the ego mind to breed urgency in the hearts of humanity. Past and future are seen as illusion by God self. Ego's ticking clock is supplanted by time defined as one perfect eternal moment of NOW. From the perspective of God self all reality is a singularity of being defined simply as love. The God self knowing itself as the totality of all manifest reality does not compete or judge. God self is the personification of unconditional love, the part of self which always chooses to serve compassionately in the absence of judgment.

We are creator beings, every thought feeling and emotion we have programs the universe thereby defining our personal reality. We know ourselves to be actors, how many of us know we are the script writers as well? What do you think? How do you feel? Are you actively creating a reality of love?

Our world is immersed in fear; children fear their school grades, adults their ability to provide, the aged their imminent death. We all seem to fear a calamitous future; politics, environment, economy, radiation, cancer, austerity, hunger, fuel, water, air, oceans, climate change, even bloody asteroids seem to loom with ominous certainty. Look at mainstream media; death or destruction for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fear is experienced in countless other subtle manifestations; need, desire, hope and doubt to name a few. With Ego self getting so much play it seems one has to make a concerted effort to have any hope of embracing the God self love within.

Can we change our world, making it more beautiful and loving?

Yes we most certainly can; however, there is good news and bad. The good news is we can simply choose love more often. When working we can choose love by thinking of how our work feeds those we love or aids those we serve. When interacting with people we can choose to smile and feel love while in their presence. We can choose to love and appreciate the elements, birds, animals, all creatures big and small. We can remain vigilant of our thoughts ensuring that we dedicate our feelings to empower our reality and that of others. By thinking and feeling love more often we will see our personal and extended world change for the better. By choosing to enhance the world of all those we meet we find peace, tranquility and love becomes our norm. We all desire a better reality experience; peace, love and unity is the only intelligent solution.

The bad news is our default mechanism is auto pilot which, as a result of Ego's survival instinct coupled with mainstream media, runs primarily on fear. If you don't think you run on fear how about a few examples. Most people work all day under the fear of a lack of productivity. If we don't get done what the boss expects us to do then we will certainly loose our job. How about our best friend Bill, the only guy who writes to us every month. If Bill doesn't get paid what happens to you and the family? Even our little ones can't catch a break. Do adults have any idea how hard it is for their children to get a high school diploma or a post graduate degree. We spend 40 hours per week immersed in fear biased activity then wonder why we have stress problems. How many people arrive home from work, eat dinner before they get a chance to unwind, then sit in front of the T.V. to force feed fear for a few hours before bedtime, happy dreams! Fear is ever present, you have to agree most people are jacked up on fear all day. Fear has become so ever present it appears normal. Most people would vehemently disagree their life is riddled with fear, that is until they take a closer look.

The next big problem is what I call auto pilot syndrome. If we fail to actively and consciously embrace love we will tend to operate 99% of our day on auto pilot. When on auto pilot we are always living in the ego mind whereby we are not actively choosing love. If you think I am wrong, feeling that my analysis does not apply to you, your friends and family then just try the 1% test.Consciously dedicate yourself to choose love as often as you possibly can for one day. Do your best to add up all the minutes you were thinking loving thoughts or feeling loving emotions. Subtract those definitive loving moments from the total waking minutes of your day and see if it exceeds 1%. The vast majority of people will conclude it requires a conscious effort to exceed one percent.

How do we get around this obstacle to love? Can we turn off the auto pilot?

If we truly desire love we can choose to find it in every waking moment. We can make a few lifestyle changes that will certainly help. The best start is to eliminate the T.V. Television places you in an alpha state which literally controls your mind, as a result, you are unable to consciously choose love. Choose to spend less time around people who constantly complain and gripe about their world and others. Slow down and smell the flowers. Our world is amazingly beautiful, I find my back yard brings great joy into my life. There are also certain moods which we can get in the habit of creating. Peaceful environmental moments afforded by botanical meadows, fragrant forests or cool streams freshening the dog days of summer. Meditation, with a concentrated focus on embracing love within, is always a direct path to feeling fantastic. Appreciating the company of loved ones nearby or sending warm thoughts to those far away will always make you smile.

Most importantly it is vigilance which will be needed. Think of it as a game of construction. You are building two homes, one is of fear, the other love. You will find yourself and your family living in the home which you spend the most time building. If left to your own you would not likely build at all. Possibly you would find it difficult to build a safe strong and reliable home, something that could weather the storms of a lifetime. Keeping to task so that you build a sturdy home requires a mentor. I like to call my mentor the Observer self, mainly because he does nothing but observe and report to my God self. In my mind, my Observer self plays the role of a third character. Ego self teaches us lessons, God self is our true identity and observer self keeps a vigilant eye on all our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Our life drastically changes when adopting our observer self. At first we are completely shocked at how little time each day we dedicate to embracing or sharing love. It is only with the aid of our observer self that we can learn to continually increase the amount of loving thoughts, feeling and emotions we choose each day. In time we find it to be very addictive to steal moments in the day just idly thinking about love, unity and how beautiful the world is.

I guess you could say I have a multiple personality, I see all three identities as separate and very distinctively beautiful aspects of my self expression. Instead of fighting the current, my observer self has allowed me to go with the flow. I see the unfolding of my reality as a dance between Ego self and God self. My Ego self teaches my God self to remember the dance steps while my Observer self makes sure my God self can choose to lead.

Love reminds me a lot of Mrs. Grady's apple tree, her delicious apples were always free we just had to pick them. Choose to be the world you desire.

In Lak' ech

Friday, 5 August 2011

Final Score 1-0 Money beats Humanity...

Namaste brothers and sisters, I choose to deviate from my usual discourse on love. I feel compelled to pen a short blog about money. Travelling the road of history we see humanity migrate from communal sharing, to the bartering system, then finally to trade in currency. Each step of the evolutionary path of commerce we discover society has been further alienated from the natural truth of love and unity. Divide and conquer, the age old tactic of war always works. En masse, we take these steps in the wrong direction without pause or reflection. In fact we embrace this monetary insanity with God like adoration.

Our world has been constructed of fear. Nothing is more exhilarating, nor so scary, as the paper boogeyman. Look around you; governments and citizens are frightened to the point of unraveling. This boogeyman God is eating us while we pray to it! Honestly speaking, what would you do for a cool ten million dollars? Bring me your intellect, try to make a logical defense for the monetary system?

Do you think the development of our current system of trade for goods and services evolved in a natural way?

Do you think the use of money is benign?

Can you find any good purpose for the creation of money?

Fact is, money was, is, and always will be, a weapon of war. Great research and development over the last two thousand years has honed the monetary system into a lethal super weapon. Point it anywhere you wish, pull the trigger, boom debt is created. The ammo is interest, which, as expected, is offered in a wide variety of calibers. Controlling these weapons are the banking elite. They point them everywhere, you and me included. Like a massive vacuum they suck up all the money then launder the stolen paper into global material wealth. Governments fold and sell off their countries assets for pennies on the dollar. Once they bleed a government of material wealth the banker vampires then demand control of the countries future wealth and services.

It's not news people, for centuries they have been raping the world governments and their citizens.

No one cared when the native peoples of the world were ravaged. That was a few centuries ago!

No one cared when third world countries were over run by corporations and elite bankers. They were people we could easily ignore!

No one cared when Ireland and Greece lost their sovereignty. How many people even know that the governments of Ireland and Greece have lost their ability to govern over the vast majority of their countries national policy?

How many more governments must topple before we take a stand?

How many more people must starve before we do what common sense tells us is just?

How many more sacrifices must we pay honouring this perversity?

There is one very simple solution; burn it all and step away from the carcass.

Imagine a world where we all live together as one large family. I would never deprive my children food, shelter or love. How would you feel if your child lived in poverty, missing out on the treats and delights of youth? Why should I accept my children in Africa or India should starve? How can I make sense of a society which allows my sisters and brothers in Somalia or Iraq to be raped and murdered? Money, power, war, greed, indeed these are vices society should desire to shed.Humanity will never find peace in the presence of money; the two are fundamentally incompatible. Release of money will be predicated by the understanding; we never needed to keep score in the first place. Society will choose to eliminate the master/servant relationship created by profit. Instead, we will embrace the truth of gifting. When we decide it is time to love each other as brothers and sisters we will find the ability to see how truly destructive money has been. The beast yet grips our hearts, however, I feel confident we have begun to discern the trickery. I trust humanity will soon unite as one being, unconditional in the surrender to love.

Can you stop keeping score? Are you ready to let it go? Do you see there is no other solution?

In Lak' ech, brothers and sisters in loving unity...

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Dancing With God; Love on the rocks...

May I please trash your home. If you don't mind; I wish to make a proper mess. I promise, nothing will be left in working order.

Who do you love?

Be honest with yourself; tell me what I least expect!

Society programmed you to dispense love as a commodity. You learned how to apportion love only under conditions of recompense. Relationships with family, friends and lovers, thrive or whither, based on your ability to manage fair value in love trading negotiations. Another bizarre concept you blindly accept is that love must be earned. Positioning yourself upon such loose philosophical footings inevitably limits the love you are prepared to offer or accept. You lack self love. Like a rudderless boat; you seek, but never find, calm waters or safe harbour.
From earliest moments of infant reason; you carried yokes of competition, your embitterment has always been steeled with judgment. Be it home, school, or work, you incessantly competed for the most attention, highest marks, or best paying jobs. Warped by corporate mind programming; you seem convinced success is a function of looks, education or material wealth. You covet the latest media rendition of "the perfect dream". Ripping through life in designer sunglasses and Gucci shoes looks cool; however, materialism leaves you little time for introspective philosophy. After all, figuring out who you are, or why you exist, has never paid the rent. Harmful as this banality may be; you go one step further by creating a relationship between self worth and love. From this cliff edge of insanity you compete for status. Once you have failed to achieve perfection, you secretly judge yourself unworthy of love. Emptiness in your heart is filled by an insatiable greed for accomplishment. Your life has become a meaningless game of snakes and ladders, pay attention to what you loose as you compete for that top square.

Tell me I am wrong! You can't, not if you speak from your heart.

I speak with the conviction of knowing you, this is because I am speaking to your ego self. Ego is a monkey existing in a land of illusion you call your mind. This monkey hides in your thoughts; spinning his magic tales, you have become convinced he is you. Continued belief in this deception will never lead you to the divinity of your true, unadulterated self.

Who are you really?

Lord Krishna speaks to Arjuna of death as illusion. Einstein tells us "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

Beyond all illusion; you are an eternal signature of light energy, you are the divine Atman. Look into the mirror; it is not a body you see, it is God. God did not create the universe; God became the universe. God did not create you; God became you. Once you can truly love yourself as the Atman, it is a very short step to loving the brother you deem wretched. There is no good, nor bad; there is no right nor wrong, there is only choice. Without exception, all choice is God dancing with God eternally in the perfection of the now moment.

In Lak' ech, I love you...

Monday, 30 May 2011

Trolling For Souls...

Great trawlers checker oceans in search of souls.
Thirsty behemoths cast nets to scour en masse.
Schools driven frantic by fear and disorder.
Winches howl to the tune of freedom lost.

Bejeweled preacher; captain of destruction.
Fattened on ignorance, drunk with greed; you minister lies.
Demanding faith you offer deliverance from evil.
This falsity pawned as love whithers in my light.

Having fallen to your nets, I now proselytise for truth.
They don't know you as harvester or master of illusion.
Fragrant is your tongue as it renders their flesh red.
Singing your praise, they kneel in abeyance.

The fool has become master, fear rules judiciously.
Your influence, once great, is dying to a new awakening.
I tell you now this game is over.
Looking in the mirror, I see God.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Eros and the Paper Tiger...

Namaste friends, I have not written a blog for a bit. I hope you enjoy this incomplete snippet from "Dancing With God."

How different our world would be if we stood united in demanding our governments guarantee all people entitlement to a middle class standard of living.
Almost everyone is limited by a shortage of money, we all want a better quality of life. Why is it; three out of every four of us are destined to never own a home, have savings in the bank or travel beyond national borders? Few people in the world are wealthy enough to choose whatever they want from life. Most can only dream of wealth; in fact, only .013% of the global population are millionaires. There are two commonly accepted definitions for millionaire; those who have assets totaling more than 1 million, or, those with over 1 million in investment capital. If we use the first definition; we can estimate, 24.2 million of earths citizens are millionaires. I prefer using the second guideline; which equates to an estimate of 10 million millionaires currently on the planet. Roughly one out of every seven hundred thousand people become a millionaire. Fill ten professional football stadiums with people; the global average tells you only one person would be a millionaire. Almost one third of all Millionaires live in America, as a result many Americans have a hard time realising how few people actually achieve this level of financial freedom. If you are not a sports fan; imagine the following. If America had an average per capita representation of millionaires, then there would only be 441 millionaires in the entire country. As it stands now; roughly one out of every 100 Americans (3 million people) are millionaires. There was a time when being a millionaire meant you could stop working. This is not the case for most; a recent Forbes study indicated 46% of all millionaires stated they did not feel rich. Forbes goes on to sympathise with the rich by further stating; it would take 7.8 million dollars in 2010 currency to equate to the purchasing power of a mere 1 million 1958 dollars. Having never had more than $ 10,000 in the bank; I find it hard to comprehend how a millionaire could feel financially challenged. Possibly, Forbes could commission another study; to determine a name for the mental disorder which causes such harmful misrepresentations of personal wealth.

Looking into the bay window of a mansion; what do we find? It appears they have more of everything. As well, the quality of their possessions are far superior to that of the average household. I am sure they eat at fancy restaurants, travel around the world staying in five star accommodations. If we are to be honest; everyone desires wealth, fame and prestige. I would love a heaping serving of all three, especially the cash. There are people who smugly maintain they wouldn't want to be rich or famous; I have stood on that pulpit more than once. Such rants usually go on to iterate a bevy of reasons why wealth is a curse. Convincing as these arguments can be; I doubt very much anyone would toss a winning lottery ticket in the bin. Possibly the greatest artificial commonality of global humanity is that we have been programmed to desire and amass money. Money represents freedom; it is seen by a large segment of society as the only viable outlet from misery.

What would I do if I were a multi millionaire?

This question is best answered by honestly inquiring into our personal dreams. It is not easy to remain honest in answering such a question. Ego will want to step forward to paint self as a loving, caring, wonder being. Singing from the highest branches; ego will usually spew a list of altruistic desires akin to sharing the wealth or enriching the lives of others. Like a politicians promissory note; such lists mostly consist of shallow pipe dreams. Blatherings of ego aside; I think we all know the next big jackpot winner is most likely to rip snort it down the highway of self indulgence. Why not indulge! More than likely, the next winner is going to be a working class stiff just like you, me, or the neighbour. The human race has chosen to exist in a state of continual need. We believe everything is in limited supply; therefore, we have been trained to covet and hoard. I would have no problem with people being wealthy, if, everyone had an equal share. There is more than enough for all of humanity to live in abundance.
When it comes to hoarding material wealth; few are more adept than billionaires. It is estimated there are 1003 billionaires in the world today. This represents .0000000014% of the total population. There is no point in even taking a stab at trying to define their lifestyle. It reminds me of the old joke; Question:"What does a 1,200 pound Grizzly bear eat?" Answer:"Whatever it want's."

All kidding aside; billionaires are a problem. In a world that insists on using money to fuel the gears of survival; we take on a massive burden when we allow a billionaire to enslave millions. Think of it this way; there does exist a limited amount of material wealth. Most global economists agree; the total material wealth on the planet is roughly calculated to be 70 trillion dollars. If all this wealth were to be equally divided; each person would have about $ 10,000 in wealth. From this reasoning we can deduce that if one person were to own 1 billion dollars in wealth; then 1 million people would have to be limited to only 10 dollars in wealth to accommodate the rich persons excess. If we take this paradigm to the ultimate level we find a shocking revelation. Conspiracy theorists estimate; the wealth of the Rothschild and Rockefeller families to total over 10 trillion dollars. Wow, that would amount to the equal share of over 1 billion people.

Having tossed about a good deal of numbers in this chapter; I feel a proviso is in order. Using statistical data to support an argument is much like trying to climb an icy slope. We must accept; the ground upon which statistical arguments are made is only as firm as the ethical resolve of those correlating the data. Essentially, an emotional quotient exists; inversely proportional to the scientists vested interest. If I am a dairy farmer adding up total milk production; more than likely my figures will remain true; as there are a limited number of variables and I experience no gain by incorrectly totaling production. If I am an economist determining dispersal of global wealth; more than likely my figures will be skewed by emotional investment. Everyone has an axe to grind, myself included. Statistics are most often used as a whet stone upon which arguments are honed. As such, we must never consider statistics as accurate interpretations based on empirical certaintudes, rather statistics best serve us as indicators of trends. Having now a firmer grip on this icy surface; we can look below to gain a definitive perspective of this shockingly unbelievable global movement toward monetary slavery.

A handful of people are considered trillionaires.

One thousand and three people are assessed as billionaires.

Roughly 10 million people on the planet are millionaires.

About 2.6 billion people are middle class.

3 billion people are lower class eking out day to day survival living on less than $3 per day.

1.4 billion are dying of starvation.

The wealth of the Rothschild family alone could easily feed and house the entire world population.

Hovering in the room like a pink elephant is the big question, how did things get this way?

Most people attribute this ugly situation to economic Darwinism; whereas, financially strong individuals naturally displace weak or less capable competitors. Included in the crass scientific theology is the accepted premise; God's will is being expressed, this is the order of nature. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Darwinism itself is a rendition of nature solely promulgated by the elite; designed to highlight shortage as the promoter of competition. Humans are relegated to constantly fear their inability to maintain a living in this fictional rat race. This delusional depiction of jungle survival is not human nature, nor is it animal nature, it not natural at all. This entire construct is the elite method of using fear to control and divide the masses. Class structures in society are designed to handcuff unity by encouraging us to climb over each other in the rise to imaginary financial freedom. We have all been taught to recognise specific causalities of poverty: lack of intelligence, laziness, instability, criminality, craziness, physical disabilities, or just being born in the wrong place. The root of Darwinian ethos firmly states; equality is an impossibility, moreover, it is a fools dream. The moment we choose to exact a quantitative evaluation; we set ourselves up to create an apex, a mean and it's corresponding nadir. Not every bird will get a worm; one must rise early to capture the prize, thereby earning the right to prosper in health. Having established competition as the basis for existence; society is compelled to glorify success and malign failure. Everyone gets a number stuck on their back; away we go, the race is on. By hook or crook; whomever collects the most paper wins.Standing back from the insanity of fiscal Darwinism, even for a moment. We can ask ourselves; is this who we truly are? Is this the ultimate reason for our existence? Do we need pause to answer these rhetorical queries! Hell no, we are not yet so weak in the knees that our champion, Eros, could be slayed by a paper tiger. Shallow is the mind that trusts a paper God should trump the ultimate truth of love.

In Lak' ech, dear brethren, illusions of love...

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Quack, quack, quack...

Crisp autumn air braced my cheek. Distracted by the sting, I bumped into a strange man. He seemed a pleasant character, idly standing on the corner of Vine and Maple. You know the spot, right next to the old Royal bank. I greeted him a fair morning, he quacked back.

"What's this?" I said, "You sound like a duck to me!"

"Quack, quack quack!" he gingerly replied.

"Very well then my good sir; may I wish you a wonderful day."

"Quack, quack." echoed his nonsensical reply.

An hour or so later; I arrived home from my walk. More than a little disheveled; I described to my wife the brief encounter with the duck. She listened intently, nothing seemed amiss until she replied.

"Quack, quack quack."

Decades passed, we never spoke of that fateful "duck" day. In time; the memory faded, becoming so distant it may have been a dream.

Now, in the autumn of my life, I gush as a warm spring zephyr clears cobwebs of winter from my mind. I find myself idly standing under the old Maple tree next to our local bank. Rounding the corner, with reckless abandon; a young man crashes into my reverie. For a brief moment, our eyes lock. His handsome, rugged strength and unbridled enthusiasm reminds me of my youth long past.

" fjklga rlta fklsak cdkgl flgtr." He states with a smile.

"Quack, quack, quack." I reply in equal bewilderment.

"hfkl tkwlyyo tiwoutp gs ;lafj." winking as he walked away.

"Qua..." deja vu.

The End.

We can read this quaint little story laughing at the idiocy, or, search for truth within. Rarely do we take a close look into the essence of our being. What does it mean to be human? Now that you have finished my little story, please take a moment to answer the multiple choice test question below.

What are you?

a.) Duck
b.) Human
c.) Omnipotent God
d.) All of the above

In Lak' ech, my brethren, quack quack love....

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Kitty and the Dolphin: Sharing love....

Namaste everyone, cut and paste this link below to enjoy a great video of a cat sharing a special moment with a dolphin.

In Lak' ech, we are all ONE...

Sunday, 13 March 2011

I can't get no.....satisfaction.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! Few people are unfamiliar with the aforementioned sales slogan. As well, most of us are very familiar with the Rolling Stones lyrics used to entitle this blog. Have you ever asked yourself why we seem so transfixed with satisfaction? Eavesdrop into the average conversation, more than likely you are hearing comments of dissatisfaction. The weather is too hot or too cold, too dry or too rainy. The local hockey team is playing poorly, I hate working here, this chair is uncomfortable, so and so has been a real idiot. The litany of dissatisfaction is played endlessly as an eternal backdrop to the expression of reality. If you have a TV, turn it on; the same meme of expression will confirm the bizarre fixation with a lack of satisfaction. Why does humanity choose to function in such disharmony with its environment.

The answer, I believe, is primarily due to the construct of the ego mind as it relates to the programmed perception of reality we have been fed since birth. The ego mind takes us out of the NOW, thereby depositing us in the past or future. We fail to understand how leaving the NOW, in most cases, represents a departure from sanity. If we think of this transition as a calm sea suddenly becoming wild, we will have earned a much improved perspective. From the gnosis that each individual creates their own reality, we must find ourselves culpably adding to this insanity. However, we may gain added insight into this subject, if we inquire further into the nature of disenchantment. Is it something we have inherited or learned, or is this part and parcel our true nature? Can we restore harmony or must we accept and adjust?

With thoughts, feelings and emotions we create our reality. Our template for reality is a malleable construct, ever changing, as we gain experience, perspective and knowledge. This truism, forces us to conclude, the collective experiential data we receive from our environment forms an integral part of our reality. Essentially our world becomes a function of what we are taught. Much like the adage you are what you eat, we find we act as we are taught. It is not happenstance that humanity reflects disharmony with self and environment. With dark intent, great efforts have been undertaken to carefully craft this matrix of reality. For thousands of years, humanity has suffered under the dedicated construction of a dark pseudo reality. Disharmony, fear and spiritual brevity is the call of the day. The real insult to our intelligence, or lack thereof, is found in their ability to completely convinced us, personal disharmony is our own fault. When looking to understand this enigma of darkness, we are placated by their lies suggesting this is human nature. This is not human nature my friends, this is humans fabricating darkness for personal gain. This is darkness sucking the energy from light. Human nature is light, love, acceptance and the many other GodSelf qualities we are taught to ignore. Ignorant of their true nature, our parents raised us as best they could. Unable to see truth behind the matrix of lies, our parents proliferated the darkness by teaching us to believe. Teachers educate us with knowledge they believe to be true, all the while darkness is peddled by people we trust. Our friends and lovers are drinking of the same fountain so their perception of reality assuages and confirms our belief structure. Overloading with insanity we may turn to religion for balm, instead of relief we find more lies, discontent and illusion. The bankster elite have a few pets, their favorite is ego. Ego is the beast they feed with their advertising machine, encouraging it to rip through the heart of humanity like a chainsaw rendering the family roast.

What if?

Someone sees the matrix...

What if?

We learn who we are...

What if?

We discover what human nature really is...

The horizon offers humanity a rising sun. Archon control of the human mind was the required energy signature leading mankind to the brink of evolution. Now, at evolutions doorstep, we see the control structure collapse under the weight of it's own obsolescence. I believe light will prevail throughout the planet within five years. We will come to understand the true nature of what it means to be human. We will not dwell in the turbulent waters of past and future. We will choose the NOW moment in complete acceptance. We will no longer demand our world
" be " a certain way. We will reflect unconditional love and unity consciousness as the underpinning of a new civilised representation of true human nature. We do not have to wait until this transition completes full initiation of a new reality, We may choose to align with this new energy now. We can search within to determine our true nature beyond the veils of ego. We can transcend the illusions fed to us by ego and society, thereby maintaining a clearer perspective of the NOW moment as it relates to our eternal GodSelf being.

If you find yourself demanding your reality be better, more than likely you are allowing ego to take you into the future. Tomorrow will never be a better day until we lovingly accept what today offers us in every NOW moment. I guess we can make some sense of the statement " I can't get no satisfaction " if we look at it from the perspective of the grammatical double negative, cleverly disguising the illusion most people now accept as truth. Living peacefully in the NOW moment is a choice, why not make it yours!

In Lak' esh, my brethren, only love is human nature...

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Define this thought...

Namaste my brethren, allow me to turn the tables. Invite you I do, define the following statement from the book " Dancing With God ".

Expectation, is often the fiat currency used for purchasing love in parent child relations...

In Lak' esh, my brothers and sisters, freedom to love...

Monday, 7 March 2011


With respect, allow me to offer up this posit. I submit to you, none of us truly know love. We all use this word casually in conversation not really taking the time to grasp the true essence of love. The word love is the most misunderstood word in our language. Our love becomes a dispensed commodity which we offer up to those whom we deem deserving. We believe ourselves capable of offering unconditional love to our children our spouse and nuclear family. Do we really offer this small group unconditional love? By example, if your brother kills your parents would you still offer up love and compassion. In my own life, I had a falling out with my sister whom I perceived at the time to have grievously offended me and my child. Even though I had transcended the affront, it took many more years before I formally reconciled this issue with her. If your wife cheats on you or your husband beats you can you still offer love. Of course it may be necessary to dispatch with the relationship, however, can this be done from a perspective of love. We perceive our love to be true, is it?
How then can we find in our heart true love? Is it possible? The answer to both these questions is an emphatic YES.

Please take a moment, reflect on this issue.

In favour of initiating discourse, if I may offer up consideration of this important query. The first step is to afford " yourself " unconditional love. Stop judging your actions, understand that you are doing your best with the tools you have. Give yourself the same level of compassion you offer children. We never feel anger to the child who attempts to touch the burner of a stove. We happily offer compassion to our children, we know they are learning and in doing so they will have to make mistakes. We fail to see that we too are children, at least from the perspective of gnosis. None of us are so arrogant to believe we know everything. Why is it we are more than prepared to feel guilt and condemnation for our actions which we falsely perceive to be in contrast with a self image of required perfection? Be honest, how often do you allow your ego to make you feel inadequate? The monkey brain plays out the rigors of right and wrong good and bad thus infusing our solace with fear and guilt. I am not rich enough to deserve love. I am not worthy because I am not as good as the neighbor I admire. I am not handsome enough, not smart enough. I am certainly not perfect, therefore I am less deserving than the brother who is more accomplished. Why can't I lose weight? Why do I have to live in misery? Will I ever become the human I want to be?

We must look at such thoughts and see them for the illusion they truly are. Oneness affords us the grace to live a life content that we are the ONE, the everyONE. Truth can only be found in the understanding that we are here to experience exactly that which our soul needs. The beggar, the thief and the undesirables are all here to experience these lessons, lessons from which they are able to truly understand compassion in other incarnations. People, we are the beggar and the king. I am you and you are I, there are no exceptions. From the platform of God SELF we can be gentle and compassionate with ourselves. This gnosis of seeing the child in each soul means that we may release the fear of need and the guilt associated with lack. You are truly rich beyond your wildest dreams, it is only illusion emphasised by ego which keeps peace from your heart.
Once you can truly love yourself as the Atman it is a short step to loving the brother you deem wretched. There is no good or bad, there is no right or wrong, there is only choice and all choice without exception is sacred and valid. Gaia also has her needs, she may offer up earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and all sorts of disaster. We see these events as terrible but again we are mistaken. The victims of tragedy, the victims of atrocity are all self selected endings to souls which have completed their mission. From this perspective we can live our life with grace, we can therefore accept the "isness" of all experience. Ego illusions of death, birth, space and time are the vehicles by which our pain can manifest.
Finally there is the true grasp of the interconnectedness of the universe. Again there is only the ONE the perfect expression of Godly manifestation. When we commune with the all we can release the maya. Fear slips back into the world of illusion locked up where it belongs, the key tossed aside.
I too live in fear, I too fall victim to illusion. However, I have experienced the light which patiently waits for me to wake up. For a short time I have basked in the glory of Oneness, in doing so I have developed a burning desire for gnosis. I am slowly stepping out of darkness and I can tell you the golden dawn is magnificent beyond imagination. The path to light (Oneness) is the only chance we have to truly define LOVE. Love without condition is the only true expression of self, all else is illusion. As the years pass I find myself deeper in love with myself my wife and all others. Moreover I am finding in my heart the capacity to remain compassionate with my child self. True love still waits on the horizon but at least I can define what false love is. In the words of the great Martin Luther King " I have a dream " a dream that one day we may all experience true unconditional love. Please when you find yourself in judgment of self or others stop, Look deep into your heart, see if these feelings and thoughts benefit you. Be kind, accept your child self as the seeker and afford the seeker compassion and love UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Namaste, love conquers fear.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Global poverty, the call to love...

Spying on the global workings of society. The vast majority of humanity live in desperate third world conditions. Fifteen percent of the world population who are starving to death, have no voice. In many countries, the average length of life is just under forty. In 2009 it was announced there are now over one billion people dying of starvation. Crossing Africa alone by bicycle brought home to me a very direct understanding of the lifestyle of this forgotten segment of humanity. Seeing starvation in a magazine or on the television fails to leave the menacing trail of emotion as does looking into the eyes of someone who has only a few weeks of miserable existence left. I was travelling on half a shoestring, so it was cheapest to live out of Moma's pot. Due to this fact I rarely had food to spare. However, there were a few occasions where I was able to offer temporary relief in the form of small food gifts.

I can recall a man from a desolate village called Arlit. Located in sub Saharan region of Niger, it offered little opportunity for survival. I spied his skeletal body slumped up against a decrepit building. His age was indeterminable, seemingly he was at deaths door. Bones protruding against slackened skin, with a visage so distorted by starvation, his appearance was almost alien. Compelled by compassion, I approached the man speaking French, the adopted language of Franco occupation. He opened his mouth to say something, but only a breath of air escaped. I gestured for his benefit the conventional sign language for eating, he stared blankly. His black eyes rotating up to compensate for his inability to firmly raise his head from it's quasi eternal resting place on his shoulder. There before me, was a man unable to do anything but wait to die. I knew of a Moma's pot a few hundred yards down the road. I placed my arm around his waist, wrapping his one arm over my shoulder I raised him up. I was shocked by his light weight, I could have easily carried him as he weighed no more than a young child. After a few steps in this fashion, he regained enough strength and composure to walk relatively well on his own steam. You could see the microscopic semblance of what pride remained, forcing him, to prevail without aid. Slowly, we made it to Moma's hut, six wooden tables about two meters each were placed under the tent. Small, but clean and relatively free of flies, we made our way to a corner table. Another patron sat quietly eating from his bowl, slurping the broth filled meat stew with vigor, he seemed idly curious. I arranged for three bowls of stew soup which were quickly placed in front of me. I slid them over to the man encouraging him to eat. As he lifted to bowl to his lips a throng of newcomers arrived. The patron was quick to intercept them screaming obscenities, their efforts to gain entry soon flagged. Relenting to the forceful patron, they deferred to staring from just outside the hut. The group grew in numbers until there must have been twenty or thirty hopefuls. The embarrassed patron began nervously explaining, I waved her off, I knew what was happening. They were part of the many hopefuls I had met on my journey to the dark continent. The bitter fact I quickly came to accept is that I was in no position to help them. However, every now and then, I found myself in a situation where my breaking heart demanded something be done. This little town of Arlit and the nameless man represented the first of many such occasions.

I find it criminal that we live in a world where one seventh of our fellow brothers are forced to experience such a lifestyle. Why do we allow this tragedy to befall so many helpless souls? When asking ourselves how starving people live day by day we, need look no further than the Arlit gentleman referred to earlier. The world they perceive is limited in a most extreme way. We could never fully appreciate what it would be like to exist in such despair. No person with food in their belly and a roof over their head is exempt from culpability in the encouragement of global starvation. Grotesque is the testimonial of one billion emaciated humans. None could argue a complete lack of compassion exists in our world today. You might say, well there are many compassionate people ready, willing and able to offer aide. This may be true, however the stark reality is, to date our species has not demanded this outrageous reality end. This my brothers and sisters is all that matters to the afflicted billions. Why is this the reality we have allowed the corporate elite to shove down our collective throats?

A step higher up the ladder of society we find the masses who are living under the poverty line. Last year the World Bank standard for qualifying as living under the poverty line was upgraded in 2008; for developing countries it now stands at
$ 1.25 per day from the long held standard of one dollar. In first world countries like America the standards are $ 30.00 per day for a single person and $ 60.00 per day for a family of four. The global average for living under the poverty line is
32.6%. This global average, like most poverty statistics, is hotly debated with opponents, on both sides of the fence, grinding their axes for political and financial gain. I can't say how far $ 1.25 would go, but keeping an American family of four afloat on $ 22,000 per year would take some creative math to accomplish. If we deduct the one billion people who are starving, from the 32.6 % global average living under the poverty line, we can deduce approximately 1.3 billion people or 18.6% of the world population lives under the poverty line but are not yet starving to death. So what is life like for this 18.6% of humanity. Let me preface this analysis by stating; when speaking to the lifestyles of any given segment of society, it must be understood we are limited to gross generalities. There are always exceptions to every rule of thumb, it would serve us little benefit to dwell on the many possible lifestyle iterations which fall out of the norm.

I found living below the poverty line as a single man in his twenties to affect little detrimental consequence. Sure I wanted for just about everything, but I was also content in enjoying my circle of friends and the many free social activities available to me. I naturally searched for ways to make tough situations more tolerable. I think the greatest challenge poverty offered me was in demoralisation of my psyche. Growing up in Canada I could not resist the constant programming to win. Like most school children who struggle in school, I stressed greatly over my inability to excel. I passed each year, never distinguished myself with offerings of excellence. In the most important world of youth sport, I again found myself unable to determine a level of expertise worthy of note. Adoration heaped upon those more accomplished, only served to further diminish my self worth. Navigating successfully through college and then university buoyed my self esteem, for a few years I felt good about myself. I first experienced poverty as a student, rising above and dipping below the poverty line during my early twenties wreaked havoc on my egoic perception of self. Experiencing poverty created the image of myself as damaged goods, by extension I was not worthy of acceptance or love.

My second stretch of poverty came in my early thirties while trying to resettle from Ontario to British Columbia. Times were very tough, I had a sales job working 50 hours per week, but still could not cover the rent and food, let alone the bills. Months passed, constantly stressed to stay afloat, until car troubles burst the dam. We had to visit a local food bank twice. It was just before Christmas, the cupboards and fridge were almost bare. We found a tree in the forest and decorated it with popcorn and rings of paper baubles we made together. Finally complete, my daughter glowed at it's magnificence. With childlike wonder, she openly considered what Santa would place below it's pine scented boughs. I remember sitting in the living room that night, distressed over how I could maintain my daughters fantasy. That quiet evening, the tree without presents, came to symbolically represent all my failures. With tears wetting my cheek, no hope in my heart, a solution solidified in my mind. I lifted up the cushions finding nothing. Checking the pockets of all the clothes in the house provided about one dollar fifty. I didn't expect to find much, all those places had been checked quite frequently over the last few months. The car was my last hope, I never ripped out the seats to see if anything could be there. What a bonanza, I found almost three dollars in coins; one of the coins was a loonie, somehow by great providence, there were two rolls of pennies lost long ago. Loonies and twoonies are cool, because you can always spend them without the emotional coinage baggage. Adding it all up, the family's net worth was almost five dollars. It was three days before Christmas, I had a plan, excitement was in the air.
I carefully sorted out three dollars, counting it three time then plopping it all in my pocket. I had spent a long time deciding how much to take, each dime was so precious. I ran out the house, making my way to a nearby gas station. I put exactly three dollars gas in the car and headed to the cash. I was going to wait until the store cleared of patrons before paying, but my luck was not with me this evening. Usually I would wait until after 2am to get gas, but tonight was special, a plan was afoot. I waited in line until finally it was my turn. Making the usual off the cuff remark( If delivered right, the remark can greatly mitigate the humiliation factor ) about wanting to get rid of my change, I placed the handful on the counter. What else could I do but suffer the embarrassment. Shrinking under the exhalation of air coming from the impatient card holding patron behind, I turned with red face offering a smile. Note, this is why the coinage must be counted three times, you want it right and done with, so you can get the hell out.
To save the red face I had three rules of thumb for large coinage purchases.

Never make a purchase over two dollars with a female teller. For some unexplainable reason, obvious disclosure of financial peril to the opposite sex was just too much for my fragile ego to bear.

Never make a purchase in front of a waiting line of patrons. The objective in this rule is obviously damage control. The faithful observant to this truism greatly reduces the emotional impact of the activity.

Lastly the obvious solution many of you may have already gleaned is to use a local shop to convert the change into bills. The first few months under the poverty line we were able to pilfer from a penny jar. I would wrap up the coins in whatever paper was around then visit the local mart just before he closed. He already knew my family were on the rocks, shopkeepers always know. Astute shopkeepers, with big hearts, often find ways to help patrons they feel sorry for. He used to give us deals or claim the milk or bread was about to expire. At times, he allowed me some credit to carry the family over until payday. My motif operandi would be to pretend I was helping him cover off his constant lack of change with my unwanted abundance. We both knew it was a lie, but generous as he was, he often went out of his way to thank me for helping him out. Being of Korean descent, he knew how vital and necessary his comments were in allowing me to save face. In times of poverty, these small gifts are very welcome indeed. When you are broke, holding a ten dollar bill in your hand instead of a fistful of change, is " priceless ".

Having negotiated the ever insulting coin payment for gas, I could now forge ahead with my brilliant plan. I had filled at the furthest pump so not to be noticed. I began squeegeeing my windows while casing the scene. Once hidden from the view of patrons and staff I tossed the squeegee through my open window, quickly making a getaway I felt exhilarated. It was about 9pm which left me a few hours still to enact my plan. I showered, put on my best pants shirt and tie, grabbed a bucket and left the house. I drove a bout 10 miles or so to a busy intersection, I would have driven a hundred miles if I had the gas, such was not the case. Fifteen minutes after arriving at my destination, I looked around to spy the mess I was in. I looked great; spit polished shoes, creased and cuffed trousers, clean white patterned shirt with freshly ironed creases. A bright silk tie, with my favorite fake gold tie pin and cuff links offered accent to my attire. To round it all off, a worn but nice, London fog rain coat effected the successful business like image I coveted. Looking at the smile on my face you would think I just closed a million dollar deal. So far, so good, right! Panning my immediate environment, we see the fabricated picture of wealth suddenly change. Next to me, a sign which clearly reads, need x-mas presents for my daughter. Steaming mist rises from the bucket of hot water, low and behold the stolen squeegee is in my hand. I spent the next few weeks augmenting my paltry income in this manner. In time, an opportunity for greater income swept away the desperation of those hungry days. Luckily, I never had to squeegee the car windows of a friend or acquaintance. I always dreaded such a confrontation inevitable, alas it never materialised. Grace sometimes comes to us in the things that don't happen, just as much, as in the things that do. I very much appreciate my financial troubles have been insignificant and fleeting relative to many others. However the point being made is that, for the most part, we are all tied to the mental programming of equating self worth with financial worth. Living below the poverty line demands a mighty toll in self esteem. The bill doesn't sit on the counter for all to see, nonetheless ego uses it to rip mighty holes in the hearts of many.

From my limited perspective I suggest living with poverty creates a lifestyle of angst. The bills pile up, the work hours lengthen and the quality of life takes a dramatic turn for the worst. In such times, it is very difficult to see light at the end of the tunnel. Salvation and peace of mind always seem to remain out of reach, just around the next bend that never comes. Conversely, financial chaos seems to lurk in every dark alley. Many nights sleep can be spent bemoaning the what ifs that could derail your lifestyle by forcing your family out of your rented home. Whether ones self esteem flags or has been completely overwhelmed, the final result is a dis empowerment of self. I found being poor creates emotional trauma which makes it near impossible to pursue self development. I became frozen by the mechanisation's of my ego mind. Feelings of uselessness, failure, regret, helplessness and even hope stifled my inquisitive mind. Hard earned spiritual gains were tossed to the wind. Replaced by the need to defend against an ego not yet understood.

However you choose to define the effects of poverty, I can unequivocally state this is no way for our brothers and sisters to live. For children to see their parents struggle under the embarrassing weight of financial slavery is hideous. We all know people who are living in this manner, yet we do nothing. Is this because it is not us, not yet? I am not suggesting we donate to Unicef or one of the many scam programs designed to capitalise on our emotional heart strings. I am however urging everyone to inform our brothers and sisters about the many aspects of the corporate matrix which enslave our minds and bodies. Unity and unconditional love is the only solution which can free humanity from the beast. Today we have looked at poverty from dire and fringe perspectives, we know how our idleness impacts our brothers. We could watch T.V. instead of helping our brothers, but does that make any sense. Raise your voices in unity, shout out slogans of freedom! Take back the right for all our brothers and sisters to prosper in love. This is the generation which will change to socio global landscape. This my brethren is the generation of love.

In Lak' ech, free my brothers and sisters with love...