Sunday, 13 March 2011

I can't get no.....satisfaction.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! Few people are unfamiliar with the aforementioned sales slogan. As well, most of us are very familiar with the Rolling Stones lyrics used to entitle this blog. Have you ever asked yourself why we seem so transfixed with satisfaction? Eavesdrop into the average conversation, more than likely you are hearing comments of dissatisfaction. The weather is too hot or too cold, too dry or too rainy. The local hockey team is playing poorly, I hate working here, this chair is uncomfortable, so and so has been a real idiot. The litany of dissatisfaction is played endlessly as an eternal backdrop to the expression of reality. If you have a TV, turn it on; the same meme of expression will confirm the bizarre fixation with a lack of satisfaction. Why does humanity choose to function in such disharmony with its environment.

The answer, I believe, is primarily due to the construct of the ego mind as it relates to the programmed perception of reality we have been fed since birth. The ego mind takes us out of the NOW, thereby depositing us in the past or future. We fail to understand how leaving the NOW, in most cases, represents a departure from sanity. If we think of this transition as a calm sea suddenly becoming wild, we will have earned a much improved perspective. From the gnosis that each individual creates their own reality, we must find ourselves culpably adding to this insanity. However, we may gain added insight into this subject, if we inquire further into the nature of disenchantment. Is it something we have inherited or learned, or is this part and parcel our true nature? Can we restore harmony or must we accept and adjust?

With thoughts, feelings and emotions we create our reality. Our template for reality is a malleable construct, ever changing, as we gain experience, perspective and knowledge. This truism, forces us to conclude, the collective experiential data we receive from our environment forms an integral part of our reality. Essentially our world becomes a function of what we are taught. Much like the adage you are what you eat, we find we act as we are taught. It is not happenstance that humanity reflects disharmony with self and environment. With dark intent, great efforts have been undertaken to carefully craft this matrix of reality. For thousands of years, humanity has suffered under the dedicated construction of a dark pseudo reality. Disharmony, fear and spiritual brevity is the call of the day. The real insult to our intelligence, or lack thereof, is found in their ability to completely convinced us, personal disharmony is our own fault. When looking to understand this enigma of darkness, we are placated by their lies suggesting this is human nature. This is not human nature my friends, this is humans fabricating darkness for personal gain. This is darkness sucking the energy from light. Human nature is light, love, acceptance and the many other GodSelf qualities we are taught to ignore. Ignorant of their true nature, our parents raised us as best they could. Unable to see truth behind the matrix of lies, our parents proliferated the darkness by teaching us to believe. Teachers educate us with knowledge they believe to be true, all the while darkness is peddled by people we trust. Our friends and lovers are drinking of the same fountain so their perception of reality assuages and confirms our belief structure. Overloading with insanity we may turn to religion for balm, instead of relief we find more lies, discontent and illusion. The bankster elite have a few pets, their favorite is ego. Ego is the beast they feed with their advertising machine, encouraging it to rip through the heart of humanity like a chainsaw rendering the family roast.

What if?

Someone sees the matrix...

What if?

We learn who we are...

What if?

We discover what human nature really is...

The horizon offers humanity a rising sun. Archon control of the human mind was the required energy signature leading mankind to the brink of evolution. Now, at evolutions doorstep, we see the control structure collapse under the weight of it's own obsolescence. I believe light will prevail throughout the planet within five years. We will come to understand the true nature of what it means to be human. We will not dwell in the turbulent waters of past and future. We will choose the NOW moment in complete acceptance. We will no longer demand our world
" be " a certain way. We will reflect unconditional love and unity consciousness as the underpinning of a new civilised representation of true human nature. We do not have to wait until this transition completes full initiation of a new reality, We may choose to align with this new energy now. We can search within to determine our true nature beyond the veils of ego. We can transcend the illusions fed to us by ego and society, thereby maintaining a clearer perspective of the NOW moment as it relates to our eternal GodSelf being.

If you find yourself demanding your reality be better, more than likely you are allowing ego to take you into the future. Tomorrow will never be a better day until we lovingly accept what today offers us in every NOW moment. I guess we can make some sense of the statement " I can't get no satisfaction " if we look at it from the perspective of the grammatical double negative, cleverly disguising the illusion most people now accept as truth. Living peacefully in the NOW moment is a choice, why not make it yours!

In Lak' esh, my brethren, only love is human nature...


  1. I am not happy with this post.. there is something missing....

    only kidding! Excellent post, very clear and inspirational. Thank you :)

    I would like to quote it at length in my blog The New Paradigm if you don't object....

  2. Namaste my brother Ian. I was just thinking about you on Friday. After finishing your last blog I noticed the Buddhist technique of minimalism is still working for you. Great work of late by the way. Never object to such good use of my work.

    In Lak' esh, my brother Ian, go well and prosper in love....

  3. brother,

    this post of yours has once again touched that sensitive subject of ego. ego which is never satiated, and the antidote is, as you have said it here -- "We can search within to determine our true nature beyond the veils of ego." thanks again for this reminder.

  4. Namaste, my brother Sito, thank you for your visit. Always my honour to commune with fine souls like you.

    In Lak' ech, brother Sito, love beyond all else...

  5. Peace, Christopher!

    A beautiful post, but I have a question about some of your philosophy:
    You write that we each shape our own realities.
    I would agree that I think we each shape our own perspectives of reality, but I would say that there is an objective reality independent of us. Would you agree?
    Or are you saying that reality only consists of our personal subjective reality? If that is the case, are you advocating "solipsism"?
    Just curious. I love philosophical thought; and I love your blog, and want to make sure I'm understanding your point of view.

  6. Namaste my brother, thank you for your kind words. Our thoughts are the building blocks of our reality, our feelings the mortar, our emotions the grand designs. We speak to the universe via the heart demanding our reality be forged. What message do we illustrate?

    Most people speak from the perspective of ego. Their fears become manifest as projections of the darkness within. Darkness being, the inability to see their divine self. This is not happenstance, the banking elite have constructed a world of darkness for their benefit. The thoughts, feelings and emotions of the average person are really a direct function of what they have been programmed to believe. Absent is the ability to perceive consciousness unity and unconditional love. I always maintain we can live beyond this matrix, but first we need to see beyond all illusion. Once we define self as God then we can start to take control of our reality machine. We introduce the observer so that we may monitor our thoughts ensuring GodSelf expression dominates ego. By choosing unconditional love and comprehending unity we begin to forge a new reality completely devoid of fear.

    I would feel much more comfortable with the elimination of the word independent from the following quote.

    " but I would say that there is an objective reality independent of us. "

    Independent, is a very slippery word, in so far as, it promotes the illusion of separation. This promulgation of the illusionary state does not serve the greater GodSelf. We do perceive an independent outer world, however this is illusion. The physical plane, especially as it relates to separation, is one of the grand illusions. The universe, which our ego sense perceives to exist without, is a fictional matrix. Nothing truly exists without, all is within. Concepts of time and space are attributes of this illusion which can be over ruled with GodSelf Gnosis.

    When ego completely runs the show, as in the vast majority of the population, we find the inability to define GodSelf truth separates us from the GodSelf essence within. Instead of creating reality with our personal signature, we give this authority to the elite. They in turn use the power to manifest, as a tool to forge the reality they wish us to experience. We need only look about the planet to determine their aim is true, we have become enslaved, our reality has become a function of fear.

    Solipsism is a very apropos term to use, especially if you take the more modern contextual version of the word, that being self absorbed egoism. I think a fair argument can be made that the " elite " version of reality most people relate to is solipsistic in it's essence. If you are using the word from an existential point of view, with agnostic tones then the reference is completely inappropriate as I do not believe most people ascribe to this ideology.

    I advocate we are GodSelf creators, we must move away from solipsism and take control of this reality back from the hijacking elite. When we let the GodSelf speak, we choose to express unity and unconditional love, fear cannot exist in the GodSelf world. Solipsism is then replaced by unity of all manifest reality. One love, one being, eternally united.

    In Lak' ech, my brother, love is all there is...

  7. Very nice post. We are bombarded by images and messages to feed our egos everyday. It's hard to remember what is really important. I especially worry for the next generation who are being taught that material possessions (iphone's internet, clothes, image etc.) are the most important things to strive for.

  8. namaste my sister Jenny. Nice to enjoy your visit, I think it will not be long before we turn our backs on the material world.

    In Lak' ech, my sister, love without a pricetag...

  9. It's a very interesting write up, quiet truthful too.
    I guess it re-inforces the need for us to constantly renew our minds as the good book suggests. Its only with the renewal of our minds we can effectively deal with ego and appreciate the NOW. When we appreciate the now, we will be in a better position to make the most of the opportunities presented to us.

  10. Namaste my brother Olutosin, thak you for your visit. Good luck with your writing.

    In Lak' ech, peace, unity and love...

  11. I think you're on to something brother.

    Signed, hobo

  12. Namaste my brother Hobo. So very nice to have you linked in and on the blog roll. Look forward to more regular sharing of ideas.

    In Lak' ech, brother Hobo, love is all there is...

  13. We must enjoy the beauty of today in order to see the what light tommorow has in store:)

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  15. Namaste Toyin, thank you for your visit and comment. Today is all we have, tomorrow is but a dream.

    In Lak' ech, my sister Toyin, love in the NOW moment...

  16. Ooh I like this Some people write with words like they are paint brushes. And your post today is a beautiful masterpiece! Thanks for sharing!