Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Freedom From Tyranny 2027...part # 4

How wonderfully comfortable! The crook in this old Hemlock seems to have grown in anticipated of my form. Such apparently synchronous relations always invite me to ponder; how many others may have sat in this very spot, legs dangling, thinking the same thoughts? The evening is sultry, a casually entertaining bank of cool fog gently rolls off the dark Pacific Ocean. Breathing deeply, I excite an olfactory rush of blended rain forest scents magnificently arranged to design a fragrance one could easily label "Natural Perfection". Soon, this refreshing blanket will entirely embrace the city of Vancouver in its peaceful, calm equilibrium. Sounds of wildlife gently blend with the odd murmur from late night city revelers, who, like myself, are too stubborn to give in to sleep. Adding to the surreal nature of my evening perch, I can hear the odd fog horn bark a deep rhythmic bass which echoes across the distant harbor. Ever engrossing is the approaching visitor; within moments, this entire escape will be visually and tonally muted. I have always loved the fog, it makes me feel like nature has chosen to single me out for an embrace. She caresses my senses, while managing to touch me in an individually personal manner.

Have you ever noticed how the fog encourages us to slow our pace? Pessimists will suggest it is a normal reaction to limited visibility; this may be so, however, I do trust they miss the deeper motive. It is my contention, we slow in an unconscious effort to accept, even revel, in natural communion. When another being reaches to offer us a loving embrace, do we not slow our pace to capture the moment? The closer humans come to love, the more we are compelled to slow. Show us a startling sunset and we will find ourselves at rest. Two hours hence, the morning sun will slowly peak over the horizon releasing its force upon the subservient night. Solar love, dispatching our cool visitor, will offer us the splendors of a new day. What tremendous joy does this new sunrise offer? We all will wake clear of mind, in accord with our true identity, embraced in unconditional love.

Most of us can easily recall darker days of yore. Times, not long ago, when our collective perception lacked the grace to accommodate, or even entertain, an ethos of loving unity. This new glove we wear fits so perfectly today, it is hard to imagine a mere fifteen years past, humanity precariously teetered on the edge of self annihilation. Quietly perched in Mother's throne, I smile as I touch upon how the fog, along with its imminent dismissal, illustrates a most beautiful metaphor for humanities path toward self discovery. By example; our perception of reality in the year 2012 could have easily been compared to living in a fog of illusion. Looking into the material tapestry on this eve, I find it difficult to discern the nature of the landscape. So thick is the fog, it is nay on impossible to verily establish what might lie a mere ten feet ahead. I know from past experience, there should be parkland greenery ahead (we should all love each other). Ocean waves cascading upon the shore, rhythmically announce their presence (we are a singularity). To my left, city streets and tall buildings whisper and murmur unnatural sounds which gently expose a liveliness of existence (in Lak'ech, I am you). Right of me, as well behind, there should be a stately forested walkway formed from a blended mix of conifer and deciduous trees, their open arms bring joy to all who visit (time, space, death are illusions).

Back in the year 2012 my brethren found it equally impossible to describe the philosophical landscape of consciousness. If pushed for a description, some would fumble, while most would utter ambiguous impressions of what might, or should, be. Incapable of accurately defining the self, we were forced to accept Darwinism and materialism as fundamental aspects of the human condition. Does the imagery of a foggy night now remind you of yourself fifteen years past? Bereft of philosophy, none of us could fix a point of reference by which we could define the singularity of being. Duped by our senses, we were incapable of discovering unconditional love. Left with a limited scope of reality, humanity easily fell prey to corporate greed and dastardly elite bankers cleverly adept at yanking the purse strings of corrupt government officialdom.

Living under the fog of illusion we replicated the hell on earth needed for expansion. How were we to know all paths are cosmically designed to induce evolutionary consciousness? Today, our retrospective perch affords us chance to maintain; imperfection does not exist, therefore, our world never needed changing. The lesson imposed upon us may verily be; life is just a ride, hang on, have fun, when the fog clears, everything will be just as it should. How did we transcend the coils of outrageous fortune? What path did humanity secure in its march toward freedom from the tyranny of malevolent leadership? Was humanity responsible for its own emancipation from slavery, or did we mercifully tumble upon the currents of a river whose path invariably leads to the sea?

Experience emphatically teaches us the nature of motion is such that all change occurs upon a hinge of transition. Toss a ball in the air, you can calculate the exact moment its path yields to gravity. Observe the cycle of a failed relationship, with careful reflection you can deduce the definitive point in time where divisiveness exceeded bonding. If we apply this simple reason in search of the precise point humanity arose from despair, we can undoubtedly refer to Mayan time masters as chroniclers of the exact transitional moment. Some of us may recall the stir created early in the twenty first century by the mainstream unveiling of the Mayan calendar. Conjectural debate reverberated in professional and lay circles alike, countless interpretations were rendered, each illustrating how the ancient time piece should be interpreted . Many suggested, the calendar represented an apocalyptic end of days prophesy, whilst, a strong following anticipated it foretold of a new evolutionary beginning for the human species. Having the benefit of hindsight; some feel we can now laugh at the foolish doomsayers, however, the diametric opposition of the pundits seemed plausible back then, especially to those who merely glanced at the information. Offering a more sympathetic chord to the end of the world campaigners; we can certainly illustrate that at 11:11 on the morning of December the 21st, 2012 one civilisation died, thereby giving rise to the birth of a new age. Although the transitional point of evolution proved to represent a more benign material impact than our fear mongering brethren might have anticipated; esoterically speaking, it did certainly highlight the complete and utter destruction of an ethereal world. Do you remember that time? Can you recall the turmoil of 2012?

Syria had been invaded by a U.N. backed Turkey. The Israeli and American elections had just ended, most people assumed Mitt Romney and Binyamin Netanyahu would soon make good on their promise to slap the petulant Irani leadership into submission. Doomsday revelers were apoplectic in anticipation of their long coveted biblical end times. Placard carrying sycophants, parasitically fawned their John 3:16 warnings far beyond the streets of New York. Television carped on, highlighting experts who deliriously painted countless portraits of inevitable destruction. WW III gone wild, get your front row seat, don't miss the really big show tonight on C.N.N. H.D. prime time television! For those of us who thought main stream media could not become more surreal, we were soon to discover their seemingly effortless capacity to eclipse old benchmarks of inane banality. You may remember; as the world danced on the cusp of utter destruction, the media machine extended voluminous coverage to the murder of Angela Jolie. Instead of tracking the latest in peace negotiations, the question on every one's mind was, could Brad really have done it, or, was he framed?

Just as we thought things could not unravel further, we were visited by the mass confusion of the infamous December 21, 2012 calendar date. Like wild dogs frothing at the mouth; the inhabitants of the world all appeared more than eager to pounce on whatever change should come to pass. Collectively, we insisted upon a shift; each of us had unique and personal reasons for this emphatic demand upon the universe, we knew change was essential. Whatever change should befall the human race, we felt confident the wheel of time would not let us down; this infamous date would somehow be gloriously etched in the history of humanities evolution. I clearly remember the sun rising on the frosty morning of the twenty second of December. Excitedly turning on the Internet, I discovered a blended mix of tragedy and hope. Reports depicting countless suicide cults, riotous mayhem and wanton destruction flickered on the white screen. The world had not ended, which offered delirious relief to many, however, the lack of the anticipated rapture caused untold grief to those hopeful souls counting on a reunion with their beloved master. Questions riddled the minds of people everywhere, tormenting our peace, breaking our will, making us weak in the knees. Where was the change we had all anticipated? What would this, apparent non event, portend for the future of humanity? Does this mean we will succumb to the will of our elite masters? Will humanity fall farther into the trenches of poverty, despair and global war? Who, if anyone, is left to carry the banners of hope, peace and love. The party had ended, the star guest Jesus Christ was a no show, many empty handed revelers were left without recourse but to end it all. Early numbers suggested over one million had committed suicide during the night of December twenty one, in fact, we were later to define the final total had exceeded three million lost souls.

Adherents, who had been devoted to change, found the monumental task of picking up the pieces almost unbearable. Littered across the Internet, were countless vacuous beings more than happy to revel in the vindication of their predicted non event. How they laughed at the expense of others, never realising the rumblings of an imminent tidal wave would, within days, sweep the globe. The smallest of stress cracks in a dam can never be seen with untrained eyes, only an engineer of skill can foretell such dangers. Such was the case on the Internet that fateful day. Cracks in the elite dam were slowly yielding to the inevitable force of humanities will. However, discerning the stress points was a task best suited for those with a sympathetic eye for unity and unconditional love. On the twenty second of December, one such fissure in the dam played over and again on countless main stream and alternate media sources. The infamous audio/video byte first went viral in the alternate media, it consisted of a one minute and twenty two second video clip captured on the cell phone of a C.N.N. cameraman. Few people today can forget the impact of Anderson Cooper's off camera conversation with his illustrious guest, Mitt Romney. For posterity, we do ourselves a service by illustrating the content of the infamous exchange, as well, it must be duly noted the time imprint on the video clip ominously read 21/12/2012 11:11.

Anderson Cooper: "The cattle have no hope mister President. It is finally time to bring them to heel."

Mitt Romney: "They never had a chance Anderson. Resistance should be minimal, less than one hundred thousand dead, maybe five or six million in the F.E.M.A. camps." 

Anderson Cooper: "They will never see it coming sir. By the time I am done programming their tiny minds; they will be begging for martial law."

Mitt Romney: "We could never have done it without good people like you Anderson. Trust me; gated communities will be a thing of the past. Once the U.N. are finished with the global vaccination program, our slaves will be tagged, pacified and lucky to string five words together."

Anderson Cooper: "How long do you think it will take to globally dumb down the masses?"

Mitt Romney: "Two, possibly three years. With that said, what the hell do I know Anderson, we just do what our masters tell us, right!"

Anderson Cooper: "Time for the big show mister President. Hey, I like those loafers, where did you get them?"  

The video content was posted anonymously on You Tube the twenty second day of December at 10:30 am; as expected, it went super viral almost instantly. Within six hours; the video had counted over 26 million hits, by the end of the day, estimates suggested over 3 billion people had viewed the file. Main stream media tried to quell the reaction. However, the bottle was smashed, the Genie was free, there was no turning back. Within a few hours, Internet streams were abuzz with footage of riotous protesters. The C.N.N. building was pillaged and burned, they went offline shortly after 1:00 pm, never to resurface. Much to the chagrin of the invading force; Anderson Cooper and President Romney had already been whisked away to safety. By three o'clock that afternoon; every major city in America was under riotous siege. Unlike the relatively peaceful protests of the past; the vast majority of militants were armed. Teenagers used their cell phones to capture footage of furious gun battles between police and rioters. The Internet was flush with an endless flood of brutal videos, the carnage was incredible, unbelievable. Desperate to restore order; the U.S. government brought out heavy artillery, fighter jets, drones, attack helicopters and tanks. Reports began appearing on the Internet depicting the use of novelty enforcement weaponry. Videos of people writhing on the ground in obvious agony, all the while, the footage offered nothing to indicate the source of their pain. History recorded that fateful week leading up to the early days of January 2013 untold atrocities occurred in cities across America, as well, around the globe. The poor buggers fighting on the revolutionary front line never had a prayer.

Shortly after one in the morning of December twenty third, the Internet, television and most media went dead. The only surprise was how they could have allowed it to remain functional as long as it did. Within fourteen hours, America  had descended into the greatest tragedy in its short but storied history. The death toll of troops and civilian rioters was to have exceeded 325,000. Estimates suggested as many as half a million were injured. Global reaction was no where near as fierce as in America; none the less, the streets in all global cities were flooded with protesting masses, some armed, most not. The masterful veil of media mind control had been lifted; peoples of the world had peeked behind the wizard's curtain just long enough to confirm nothing could or would ever remain the same.

Governmental control fell quickly, January second 2013, televisions in America started to crackle with messages from the people. Without stains of marketing, mind control or lies, average citizens offered the world a clear message to government and their corporate masters.

We are united and organised! 

We are Free! 

Lay down your arms! 

Government offices in America from the smallest of local communities, to the white house itself, had surrendered. Weeks later, it was discovered the American coup d'etat had been facilitated by the military and police turning against leadership. Due to the infamy of the Romney/Cooper tete a tete, the penny had dropped for everyone, tides had turned, a new world order had begun. Shortly after the phenomenally quick success of the American revolution, Chinese leadership lost control of their regime. Broadcasts from the far East started filtering in over Internet and mainstream television alike. Images of an unimaginably large mass of people extended outward from Beijing's Tiananmen square. Video footage from above offered an awesome spectacle extending over 20 miles in radius. Estimates maintained the freedom march included over 75 million revelers. Revolution had become globally ubiquitous, the dam had burst, a flood of unity had taken everyone by force. In the words of French revolutionist Victor Hugo "On resiste a l'invasion des armees; on ne resiste pas a  l'invasion des idees" ("We can resist and invasion of armies; we cannot resist an invasion of ideas") Having captured the concept of emancipation juxtaposed to inevitable enslavement, peoples of the world responded to what they sensed was the ultimate call of freedom.

Along with the demise of government; banking and corporate rats were literally pulled from underground bunkers. Angered masses carted them to detention camps where they awaited trial and sentencing for crimes against humanity. During the course of 2013 the entire scenery of modern society had shifted. New charters of rights and freedoms were drafted, thereby enabling society the first steps toward societal equality. No longer would people be forced to "earn a living", all humans were guaranteed the right to food, shelter, education, health care and a hopeful future. Equality centers were formed throughout the globe with the sole purpose to redistribute wealth. Assets from the banking elite, in addition to the odd royal coffer, proved much more than was needed to ensure every inhabitant of our world was content in knowing they would never need beg again. Within five years, humanity finally came to the realisation money was truly the root of discontent. Society replaced money quickly and easily; a base living standard was established which insured every human was entitled to what we would have then called a middle class standard of living, $60,000 per year. It was agreed the minimum standard should entitle the citizen to a gloriously comfortable life of leisure. If a citizen wished to entertain more wealth; they could choose to work as an employee for the people. Workers would be given additional purchase credits from the village or city in which they lived. Millions of jobs had disappeared when we abolished money. To name a few; bankers, doctors, investors, salesmen, lawyers, administrators, as well as, all kinds of paper pushing pundits found that, for the most part, a consciously loving society does not demand their services. Little work was actually required to maintain society, therefore, most citizens chose to commit to a leisurely 10-20 hour work week. Ensuring society remained in co harmony; it was decided to cap wealth credits at twenty times the base living standard, thereby eliminating harmful imbalances caused by gross opulence or avarice.  

During that first revolutionary year, the matrix of deceit completely unwound. By 2014 television, which had once been an agent of mind programming, had been completely transformed into a tool of higher learning. Slowly, people of the world woke up to the depth of enslavement orchestrated by the cabal of elite. The more people understood the extent of manipulated degradation, despair, soft kill, and poverty, the more compassion they were prepared to offer their brethren. Compassion soon became love, which naturally led to understanding, trust and a unity of the heart. Knowledge quickly became the greatest commodity of the day, however, we ensured it was free, ever present and extremely accessible. Learning became fun, for young and old alike; we all reveled in the new knowledge of spiritual truth. We were shocked to learn what illusion of physicality meant. When we determined our identity to verily be God, we collectively wept in transformational bliss. We were truly all children experiencing a new playground, soaking up one tremendous experience after another. Programmers, who once chose to force us to consume products, were now dedicated to using their creative juices to spread love. How powerful this little box in our living room can be, when directed to educate instead of deceive. It did not take long to eradicate ignorance, stop injustice, and set the course toward unconditional love. Darkness no longer had a place to hide, without a cloak of protection, fear biased constructs like; church, government, money, power, lust, greed as well as many other conditions of ignorance, fell away. In the hearts and minds of people everywhere; there could only be only one logical path, that which leads to absolute solidarity.

Prior to the revolution, we accepted nothing could be done to right the ship. We assumed the world was a dark and desperate place where each person should and must fight for survival. Adjusting to a world free of a survivalist ideology was strangely easy. Even our wealthy brethren, who once believed in competition, money, power, and the many trappings of avarice were shocked to discover their lives did improve when they no longer needed to struggle for golden rings. How we changed as a people was even more amazing. Without the need to work a 40 hour week, we found ourselves socialising much more. People no longer kept to themselves hidden at home glued to T.V.'s and computers. More often than not, we would be found in parks or gardens smiling and talking to each other. This was our destiny, this was mankind's new beginning, the age of Aquarius, a time for love.

Environmental challenges we thought insurmountable proved to be the easiest to solve. Countless new forms of free zero point energy emerged so that by 2020 fossil fuels were almost completely eradicated from society. Shortly after the revolutionary days, government science facilities, hidden hundreds of feet underground, unearthed technological wonders which boggled the mind verily transforming our material world. Humanity, we discovered, had been deprived of countless inventions which would have revolutionised our lives, while at the same time saving the planet ecosystem from the destruction wreaked by our consumptive diet. Corporate megalomaniacs kept hidden all kinds scientific advancements, merely because innovation would have interfered with their ever advancing machinations of profit. Gaia, whom we considered doomed, proved herself adept as healing all scars. Cessation of damaging practices like; fracking, mining, drilling, chem trail spraying, to name a few, certainly helped Gaia reinvigorate herself and us in kind. Within a mere decade, technology had converted society from an age of darkness to a brilliant harmonic expression of loving unity.

Over the course of ten years, countless revelations, inventions and administrative models were used to affect change in society. However, no tool promoted change more readily than the winds of spiritual awakening. Change was inevitable, we never realised it back in 2012, however, we do now. Consciousness, expressed as a duality in the material form, relinquishes control to cosmic cycles. Humanity then rides these winds through ages of spiritual darkness which are imminently followed by ages of spiritual awareness. The Mayan people understood this truism; their foretelling of a new age clearly reflected this cosmic understanding. They had prepared their message as a beacon to light a path for humanity, thereby giving us hope, so that we may prevail through the trauma of birthing a new age. Stepping away from the elite mind programming machine, unveiling details of slave masters using religion as a divisive sword, or the many other steps toward emancipation were merely material reflections of how cosmic winds blow consciousness to and fro.

Change, inevitable as it was, came only when we began learning how to steer clear of material illusion. Elite masters had always been privy to many spiritual tomes which clearly highlighted paths beyond illusion. However, like the technological advances, it was certainly in their best interest to hide such revelatory information. Three words are all that is needed to illustrate the ultimate plan of slavery, "DIVIDE AND CONQUER". Division is the key to control; the more we see each other as entities, the easier it is to control, as well as limit, our expression of consciousness. Now, even young children comprehend the nature of reality. Children know the material world is illusion. They know time, space, death, birth and life are illusion. This was not the case in 2012, when less than one in a thousand people were capable of seeing beyond the manufactured lie. How bizarre it must be for children today to try and wrap their mind around the concept of humanity almost entirely living in darkness. My grand daughter who is only six, is not altogether sure if my tales of yesteryear are true or fairy tale. "It is so hard to believe, how come no one did anything to wake them all up Grandpa." What a very good question; well, some of us did try to help, however we were ridiculed, laughed at some of us were condemned as insane fools.

Two decades of my life was spent in a mind controlled stupor, my existence then was barren of love.

Two decades more I dedicated to searching for love. Clawing my way free from yokes of enslavement and manipulation caused me to rail against elite slave masters. Moving farther toward truth showed me paths beyond illusion.

For ten more years, I stripped away illusion like layers of an onion. Each layer brought me closer to loving those whom I had blamed for my ignorance, fear and unrest. In the end, I discovered my true identity is the totality we call consciousness. I am the slave, as well, I am the slave master. I am the assailant, as well, I am the victim. I am, that, I am.

My entire life was spent learning what my grand daughter already knows. This is beauty, this is the fog, this is perfection, always was and ever will be. How gloriously comfortable is the crook in this old hemlock, how beautiful is the fog.

In Lak'ech, bethren... God... I Am... You...    




  1. Yet another beautiful post...
    absolutely loved reading it. Your use of fog is extremely picturesque... i too love the 'haze', the 'mist'.. The slow motion life created by nature at times can be an experience of bliss and wisdom if embraced with open arms. Constant flux is all that our expansive universe is...
    ~enveloping you in light energy of violet-gold.
    love & light.

  2. Namaste sister, I bet you can imagine how much I was chomping at the bit to finally arrive at this positive outcome. To many people the world looks like a very bleak place. Certainly there are expressions which are very difficult to comprehend. Although there does appear to be no rhyme or reason for the "evil" of the world, I do believe that each path is a sacred expression of the divine.

    Thank you for your continued patronage of my writing dear sister, I am pleased you enjoyed the vision.

    In Lak'ech, sister Bani, prosper in love live with truth...

  3. I hope you don't mind, but I have reposted this piece on my blog and sent it out to a few other people - as it an exceptional article and I want to get as many people as possible to read it! Excellent work.
    All the best my friend,
    Carl (The 'Guide)

  4. Namaste brother Carl, thank you for sharing. Like yourself, I am never offended when people share my thoughts. Thanks as well for your kind words.

    In Lak'ech, prosper with truth, knowing love...

  5. Namaste Ron,


    In Lak'ech, prosper in love live with truth.

  6. Unbelievable the way you have with words my brother...!
    Many times while reading I had to realize once again on what the date actually was today...! : )
    I as well hold a similar view, and I do believe the real 'doom and gloom' scenario is and will be alive and well for those who believe it to be...
    but for us, who can hold our ideas of unconditional love close at hand, and keep those ideas working in our daily lives,
    THAT is what will triumph in the end (as your story so greatly explained),
    in fact, I believe it already is...

    be well my friend, always looking forward to your next piece...

    : )

  7. Namaste Brad,

    Thanks for your kind sentiments. I do believe society will slowly navigate toward freedom from tyranny. It has always been my experience light penetrates darkness. Metaphor as such abounds when we compared material to esoteric relations.

    In Lak' ech brother Brad, your words...colouring our world with love...

  8. dear brother,

    another well-written, enlightening piece. it is always taught that each of us is in a march towards realization of our true selves. yet, to many of us this march will be slow and painstaking. there will be remembrances or glimpses of the true self but the strong force of maya or illusion will cause us to forget. again and again. yet, we have to bear this and travel inch-by-painstaking inch. reminders such as this will greatly help us to sustain the remembrance of who we truly are and where we truly must be ..

  9. Namaste brother Sito, your observations are well stated. Maya, coupled with illusory constructs, keep us from knowing our true self, while at the same time, guide us to the discovery of our true self. Yey another enigmatic paradigm in the milieu of perfection.

    In Lak'ech, dear brother Sito, living and loving in the dream....

  10. Hello Brother,

    Sorry it been awhile. It was time for a vist.

    Yes ... another great post but that's I do not what you write this for, to be commended on good writing... I actually wonder HOW many readers really get the POINT of this article?

    The writing is empressive not because of the words...but because of the MEANING or INTENT of the content.

    The MIST or FOG is the Vail of DECEIT we ALL experience in this Matrix...yes all. No one escapes this. The illusion we live in is so strong, most people of the world will not wake-up for a long time or ever in many cases.

    We are woven into the veil of deceit. Any reaction, revenge or resistance gives the elite the excuse they need to push forward. They will fail, of course, because this illusion called humanity has had enough. We just won’t buy into it anymore, and many folks are gaining a sense of this every day. But our awakening is dopey-eyed at best. The new consciousness of the new age light workers is doubling and tripling the dose of poison conceived previously by the scientific thinkers. New age christ consciousness is simply applying luciferian spirituality to luciferian science. When you add a lot of stupidity to a lot of stupidity you don’t become wise. You become really stupid.

    Interesting about 2012, Dec 21. It's actually going to be Dec 21, 2000...because our calanders are off by 12 years. Does this mater? No. If we or the world MORHS or changes or gets destroyed, know that it is not us doing this. It is the way it is, the way this CONTRUCT hasd been designed. It has nothing to do with our CONCIOUSNESS. And if the worst happens, its going to be alright because NOTHING will happen to us. We will just simplely go back to our ONENESS, our origin and all knowing, our natural sate of wisdom is what and who we are.

    There is no need to think you can IMProve this existance here for us and others. People think they can change the future for our benefit or for the future of our CHILDREN. Understand that there is no time and space so there is no FUTURE, per sae, to be concerned with. All you need to do is live in the PRESENT, this one Moment, The now...and worry about NOTHING in the past or what is to come.

    Chris is trying to explain that we have the really and true control to take if we want, you just have to realize it...and take the POWER back again become yours, to be us to be ONE.

    Despite these flawed attempts to convey reality, the intent is that you do see the truth. No religious system or thought pattern (even my own) has complete truth in it. For all thought and all religion is built using a system of deceit. Just try to exercise one of those luciferian implanted thoughts without using language. Only wisdom is constant, powerful and true. We can rely on wisdom to guide our every moment as each moment arrives. For there truly is only ONE MOMENT. Anything else is a waste of effort – vanity and illusion. These concepts are embedded within the flawed, corrupt luciferian system.

    Many searching people have uncovered data, raising awareness of the sinister nature of the illuminati global system. This so-called awareness is purposely allowed to be revealed. The luciferian cabal want us to discover what they’re up to, but not completely find out. They want us to know the majority of the world supports the illuminati agenda. Everyone assumes they’re not part of the agenda. In actual fact we are all part of the mindset that destroys and deceives on behalf of the luciferian egregore fabricated god king.

    JUST BE!

    Peace Out!

    DS888 (Ian)

  11. A little more comment...please keep this is mind....

    New Age thinkers use the number and language system with more fervor and complexity than ever before. They combine scientific thought with spiritist notions and concoct a witches’ brew of light manipulation. This system unleashes a secret war on humanity whereby millions suffer and die, while the culprits go undetected. The RULING/Elite families are without compassion, void of empathy, and thrive on the horror they inflict. In other words, they have no wisdom and therefore no awareness of their own. They get their power from "our" reaction ( OMG, look, terrorists took down the WTC!) to their conjured lies. It’s for this reason they’re not invincible.

    One thing is missing from the information regarding the global agenda. That one thing is this – What is the foundational base the agenda is built upon? Rather than elaborate on the peaks of the agenda, such as the religious, education, business, banking, media, military systems, etc., the one simple principle at the root of all these systems and understanding the principle root will allow humanity’s return to our original state as the luciferian agenda collapses. I refer to this as the Chameleon Principle because of the ability to alter one’s appearance, and to manipulate with serpent-like characteristics.

    The principle that decodes the mystery of the ages, is the DECEPTION CALLED TIME. Remember, wisdom knows nothing. How long does it take to learn that? No time!

    The Chameleon Principle is derived from the physics of light. More to the point, it is based on the formulation and manipulation of light. Understanding the simple STRUCTURE OF A BEAM OF LIGHT releases volumes of information about who we have been programmed to think we are, what the universe appears to be, and the interconnection of it all. Most importantly, it reveals how the Luciferian or Illuminati mind uses this illusion to manipulate the world. We are, quite literally, manipulated to believe we are the light of the world. Every physical manifestation is light energy. E=mc2 states this matter of factually. Multiply mass by the speed of light times the speed of light and the mass becomes light energy once again. Slow it down, it becomes mass and visible. Speed it up again and it disappears to the naked eye. ...."The only thing capable of manipulating energy in this way is a thought"... A thought is the concept of living outside the moment that appears to create light energy. This thought, when combined with sound, slows and drags the energy down to make every thing physical appear.

    This war is winnable, you just have to not react to what is about to happen. You don't have to do anything!

    Watch, Wait and Do Not React!


  12. Namaste brother, I almost missed your comments. Thanks for taking the time to elaborate with some very interesting food for thought.

    I especially like the comment. "When you add a lot of stupidity to a lot of stupidity you don’t become wise. You become really stupid."

    Take care, have a wonderful week.

    In Lak'ech, prosper with truth live with peace...