Saturday, 11 August 2012

Money Enough To Suffer Part 1.

They say money is the root of all evil. My philosophy does not easily entertain paradigms of good and evil, therefore, I choose to identify money as a root of suffering. Opening this can of worms causes me to pause. My goodness, countless authors have etched into the literary landscape observations, warnings and condemnations of money. Humanity has a very enigmatic relationship with money, whereas, we have been bred to idolise money, whilst at the same time, it is en vogue to publicly vilify it's role in societal destruction. Very strange indeed how we humans saw fit to create a paper God in the first place. More bizarre behaviour is expressed as society tacitly teaches each generation to unconditionally love, adore and worship this God. Besotted by it's gilded attire, we seem content to accept our paper God should be a harbinger of death, destruction and chaos. The extent of human sacrifice laid at the feet of our God is criminally insane. Presently, more than one third of the global population is sacrificed to our imaginary icon.

Do you think it inappropriate to label money as a paper God?

By definition, a God is a creator of the universe, a supreme entity. An alternate definition suggests that God is an idol. Define the word idol, you will discover it represents a person or object which is loved, adored, admired and revered. Observe the reverence humanity bestows upon money, see how money is coveted. Just like I said, money is a paper God!

In the wake of untold destruction, common sense strongly suggests we evaluate, and question, the relationship we have with this consumptive God. Firmly grasping my investigative sword, I ask myself, what kata will slay this beast? Depicting the history of money, as well as, the vulgarity of fractional reserve banking, allows us to slice at our God, but does it bleed? Don't forget the Illuminati, their sordid history of elite bankers staging sectarian and world wars merely to reap profits. How about the old chestnut we term corporatism, profit mandated at the expense of humanity whilst rendering our environment a wasteland. Possibly, I could write about those degenerate Wall street commodity traders, we all know they earn millions speculating on the rise and fall of foodstuff whist their greed directly translates into millions of starving people. Would I eviscerate this God if I revealed the nuts and bolts of debt slavery, mind programmed consumerism, or the fallout caused by global austerity? Briefly pondering this subject causes me to realise that if I were to total all the injustices related to money, the list compiled would fill a bookshelf. My guess is, I am no different than you. Don't you think you could fill an entire book with revelations of how and why money creates suffering? Sure you could, even a child can see what is happening.

Daily, each of us face the relentless horrors associated with money. Having thought this out, I realise whatever argument I bring to the table, grotesque or illustrative as it may be, will inevitably represent an impotent message. Impotent merely because you are already full of the understanding money causes suffering. You don't need me to bang the drum, you know it's familiar tune all too well. Try as I might, such arguments could never smite the beast, in fact, parries of this sort amount to nothing more than glancing blows. Serious strikes against the paper God must come from a solution biased perspective. Our attention may be best served imagining avenues of opportunity which encourage us to transcend the orgy of consumptive greed we have developed in servitude to this archon deity.

Solutions are plenty, constantly I hear people barking ideas from their soap box, colourfully illustrating various roads the 99% should follow in order to recoup their fair share of wealth. Some articulate the need to keep corporations from filling the pockets of government officials, while others suggest a cessation of usury lending associated with fractional reserve banking will do the job. We could eliminate the status of corporation as citizen, also, it would serve a common good if we stopped illegal taxation. Certainly the aforementioned solutions would help balance wealth, however, as long as money or it's facsimile exists, we will have failed in destroying the root of suffering. Most people trust the Darwinian expression of society as inevitable. These same individuals accept one man's power should prevail over his weaker neighbour. Trite cliche's the likes of "It's human nature" get thoughtlessly bantered about as lame excuses for the villainous attributes of the relationship we have with our monetary God. Main stream media programs us to believe nothing can, or should, be done to restructure wealth. Deluded people relentlessly remind us; short of changing human behavioural tendencies, there will always be winners and losers. Strength is meant to defeat weakness, this is how we evolve, it is the basis of our collective survival. Consider how our world would change if we broke out of the box Darwin and his cronies have falsely established as fact? What if we were taught the role of the humanity is for the strong to carry the weak? Perhaps, we should find other drums to beat, fresh perspectives might be all that is needed to emancipate our species from monetary slavery.

What would you say if I told you I have the solution?

Would you believe me if I said we could resolve the problem in a matter of months?

What if I painted for you a world devoid of money?

Ask yourself, would I want to live in a world without money?

I have a challenge for you to consider, a philosophical experiment if you will. Ask the average person to describe for you their impression of a world without money. More than likely, they will think you have lost your mind. However, once they realise you are serious, they will crank up their imagination and have some fun with the concept. As soon as your interviewee cozies up to the idea, you will see a grin cross their face as they realise all the usury lenders, Wall street traders and money pigs of the world will loose the ability to manufacture wealth. Embracing a money-less society further, they will note starvation would end, as would the corporate rape of our planetary environment. Gaining momentum, they will also revel in the idea of corporations manufacturing goods and providing services free of charge. Before long, the winds of excitement will eventually dissipate from once full sails and those interviewed will speak voices of programmed reason. "It's all just a fantasy, the powers that be would never let that happen." "It would never work because everyone would want everything, our planet could never sustain the mass consumption."

Possibly you will hear a statement from mind programmed sops who believe in money, "Money makes the playing field level. People who work harder, who are smarter, or more fit, should earn more money." "Anyone can get enough money to survive, if they can't it's because they are bums or drug addicts. Let them get off their butt and find a job, like I did!" "Why should a lazy person get the same entitlements as their neighbour who works harder? "Who would do all the work if everything was free?

How about this corker I heard from a real demented mind, "What about all the banks, corporations, small business owners and other wealthy people? They have invested and risked so much, how could you consider denying them what they worked for and earned fair and square?

Every person has a different perspective on this touchy subject. Regardless of how the conversation meanders, you will have some fun, also you will discover a great deal about the people who choose to debate this subject. Moreover, you will come to realise how completely our enslaved minds accept this is, was, and always will be, our reality. Countering the ethos of lost hope, I present to you my world without a paper God.

Slaying The Beast:

The first step in ridding the world of money will have to involve a complete destruction of the current monetary system. In this regard we are very fortunate, most countries are presently carrying a debt to GDP ratio of 1:1 or higher, this unsustainable debt load inevitably translates into economic failure. We know America cannot manage it's state or federal debt, collapse of their 17 trillion dollar nightmare is slated for this year or early next. Europe teeters precariously as Ireland, Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal have already faltered beyond salvage. Japan is hanging by economic threads, as is most of the Asian Pacific rim. China and India are the only monetary giants, however, the manufacturing engine driving their success is about to blow a head gasket. Once rampant global consumerism takes a back seat to national and personal survival, every nation, including the rich, will submit to economic chaos. Humanity seeing our paper God on it's knees will motivate us to collectively realise the power to change this portrait of doom and gloom lies in the choices we make. Usury lending and corporate greed stops the moment we refuse to participate. Global solidarity will facilitate the move to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all.

The rich will know of our power when we all stop paying taxes, credit cards and mortgages.

Freedom from oppression will be ours when we finally acknowledge 33% of our brothers and sisters have no proper home, food, clothing or education. Presently, we refuse to carry the burden of knowing 14% of our brethren are fated to starvation, when this changes, we will be compelled to rise against the machine so that we may smite our ruinous God. Calamity is upon us, humanity has been sleeping far too long. This very moment, none of us are immune to the contempt and wrath of fattened money masters. Austerity, the buzz word of this decade, has taken the masses to the precipice of despair. Marching orders from the top are clear, privatise, centralise, globalise, strip wealth from the masses. Today is merely the start of collapse, soon we will be fully engulfed in a global depression the likes of which we cannot even begin to envision. Corporate Rome burns while we collectively play the fiddle. However oppressed, incapable and apathetic we seem now, the destruction of our economy will cause us to wake from our slumber organised. Rising from the ashes, we will stand united partaking in the spectacle of our burning paper God.

Naysayers want to know, how could one expect such a society to function?

Without money, anarchy would prevail, no one would work, everyone would want a free ride! We have been programmed by main stream media to assume a "Mad Max" expression would automatically morph out of a society devoid of a paper God. In answer to such nonsensical assertions, I maintain we have ample evidence, both ancient and modern, to suggest humanity devoid of monetary considerations would conduct their social affairs in exactly the opposite vein. Two such evidentiary examples of communal living in the absence of money can be found by observing both village and family living. Historians avidly grind their collective axe by illustrating ancient aboriginal lifestyles as little more than tribalism charred by the inevitable Darwinian expression of savage sectarian violence. For many years I bought into the official tribal model, that is, until I had chance to experience tribal living first hand. Deep in the jungles of sub Saharan Africa there does exist a few back country communities fortunate enough to live out their lives relatively untarnished by the chaotic ideologies of the western world. Surviving from the fruits of their jungle habitat, they luxuriate in a communal bond which manifests as an extended family.

Twenty three years ago, I found myself immersed in the womb of one such village. I like the metaphor of a womb, the images rendered offer an illustrative adjunct highlighting the security, serenity, insulation and love I felt whilst in their care. Another apropos extension of the metaphor allows one to appreciate my presence in the village was representative of a journey to a foreign world. This world was alien to anything I had experienced before or since. Living with Congolese villagers enabled me to step backward in time over one thousand years thereby experientially absorbing the ideologies of ancient tribal society. Science fiction writers love to invoke the return of time travelers from a distant future who gloriously reveal the hindsight needed to save mankind from it's inevitable self destruction. The aforementioned literary motif always assumes salvation must be derived from knowledge yet to be acquired. Modern society has a tendency to trust science and innovative technology will always manage to keep humanity one step ahead of oblivion. The race to illuminate solutions, in the nick of time, is what we brazenly referred to as progress. My assertion is such that our species cannot truly consider itself progressive if we carelessly disregard what has already been learned. Iterative development requires we advance the entirety of learned knowledge as a collective output. The totality of output from a given generation then becomes the input foundation for the next generation to build upon.

Modern society acquires knowledge at a rate of speed significantly outpacing our ability to assimilate it's various gains or consider the many disastrous ramifications. An appropriate simile finds us racing down the knowledge highway incapable of knowing the full extent of what the scenery offers. The faster we travel, the less complete is the knowledge we gain. To appreciate the extent of lost detail, one could imagine walking from L.A. to New York, juxtaposed, to taking a F15 fighter jet. Having raced across the country in a jet, can you tell me how beautiful the desert appears under a starry sky, or describe the smell of morning dew resting upon a forest of pine? What would our world be like if modern society had metaphorically walked to New York? We can find answers to this important question by closely examining the Congolese model of tribal society. If we consider modern society the jet, then surely village life represents the pedestrian version of societal progress. How do they differ from us? What lessons can they teach us? Can their structure of belief lead to solutions capable of freeing us from this monetary insanity long enough to thrive as an emancipated species? Instead of the futuristic sci-fi matrix of a time traveler saving the day, let's entertain a historical hero, a village saviour who offers us wisdom from our distant forgotten past.

Wisdom Of Village Living:

Dancing flames cast warm orange hues against a dark starry blanket as I listened intently to the village elder philosophically describe the essence of his people. Without benefit of a recording device, I am left to rely upon memory to offer this loosely paraphrased rendition.

What is daily life like for your people?

Life in our village begins here! Cupping a handful of soil, he allows it to slowly filter through his fingers. Our Mother earth gives life to us all. Without her we have nothing, we are nothing. Extending both arms, he includes the entire jungle. All living things come from her, from the smallest bug to the greatest beast, we are all her children. Every moment of every day she chooses to give us life or take it away. There are times she decides to take life from one child, he holds up a papaya, so that she may feed another child, he takes a bite and rubs his belly with a smile. Her spirit lives with all her children, water, rocks, trees, plants, even the wind carries her wishes. Our Mother desires we love and respect all her children, if we do, she promises each child we meet will give us gifts. Whether on legs, wings or roots, no children are taken, each is free to roam about on Mother's back. Peoples of our tribe are family, every man and woman of age is the father and mother of all the village children. In kind, each child knows every adult to be their father or mother. We share everything Mother earth gives us, all gifts given to me are also meant for my brothers, sisters and my children. We do not work, not in the sense of your people. Everyone gathers food, each as is best suited to the task needing completion. Women and our children fish, gather vegetables, spices, medicine plants, fruit, nuts, snakes and small beasts. Men make traps, poisons, and medicines. Men also hunt with the spear, dart, knife, bow and sling. Our homes are managed by everyone, thatch and grass is gathered by the children, elders weave repairs, and our women keep the huts swept.

Mother plays the greatest role in your village life, please tell me more of her nature.

As I spoke earlier, there is nothing that does not come from mother. She makes us, she feeds, clothes and houses us. Mother also watches what we do and rewards or punishes us. If we waste the life of her children, or if we take freedom from her children, then Mother will be upset. When Mother is angry with us she insists we journey far into the jungle for food. She may allow her children from the sky to wash away or blow down our homes. Mother also asks we keep and protect some of her special children, one such special child is a lake not far from here that is only for Mother's pleasure. We are forbidden to take from this lake. If you visit her and try to enter her she will run away. If you try to cast a net into her water she will consume your net, or, she will run away. Take a bucket and try to fill from her wealth, she will empty the bucket so her water can travel back to her. Mother also has trees we cannot harvest from, she tells us by taking the fruit away as we reach for it, or by spoiling the fruit before it can be prepared.

How do you and Mother feel about foreigners, like myself, who visit your village?

Those, like yourself, who Mother brings to our village as guests are here to receive her gifts. When we feed you, Mother refills all our bowls. Giving you place to rest your head encourages Mother to provide us all with safety during the night. Caring for your needs today will mean Mother will care for all our needs tomorrow.

Mother seems to be the equivalent of what many in the west call God. Is God another name for Mother?

God, from what I am told, is someone who cares for the children of the greater world. We know of your religion but do not understand why your God needs to gather love for his son Jesus. If Jesus was a child of mother's, like myself and you, then he would have known the love of all Mother's children. Jesus, if he was as great as I am told, must have know he existed only because Mother chose to feed and love him. Jesus lived many ages ago, we could be standing on Jesus now, we don't know what Mother did with him. I do not know your God, but I have been told we must love him or he will torment us now, and in the afterlife. Your God appears to demand love from you for his son and himself, this is not the way of Mother. Mother does not demand anything of her children, but she does desire that all her children love, cherish and respect each other always. When her children misbehave, Mother will make their life more difficult, this way we know she is unhappy. There was this tree which would not allow beast children to live in it, every time one tried, she tosses it to the ground. Mother was not happy with her child's behaviour so she took from the tree her fruit. Knowing of Mother's unhappiness upset the tree so much it allowed beast children to make a home. No sooner had Mother noticed the change in the ways of the tree, she gave back the fruit she took away the season before. Mother does not ever desire to bring harm to her children, however, there are times when Mother must guide her children toward unity and love.

How do you define Love?

Love in your heart and mine must be the same. For me, love is the harmony Mother wishes for all her children to experience. When we choose to live by Mother's wishes, we are choosing to love.

Having had the opportunity to dip my ladle into the hearts and minds of these unique peoples provided invaluable lessons instructing me in ways to live life with honour, respect, and most importantly, love. In the course of a few short days, Mother had turned my world upside down. Conversations with the village elder caused me to realise our Anglo American lifestyle had corrupted my mind with complexity, avarice, consumerism and separation. I came to understand Mother had given me audience with her child so that her teachings could become the rudder steering my ship to new horizons of unconditional love. Mother had shown me what it truly means to be family, moreover, she taught me to comprehend all manifest reality is in fact her children. Family does not begin and end with those who carry our blood, family is represented by the totality of beingness. Extending our conceptualisation of family is the essential key to happiness, health and freedom for our species. Imagine if the ideology of this tribe were to be adopted by all peoples of the earth.

What great accomplishments could we create with the comprehension that we are all brothers and sisters?

This wonderful village man taught me many lessons, all confirming the age old expression which states, "Mother knows best."

Relating the story of village life to others often yields the comment, "I appreciate how they could manage to live that way in a jungle community of a few hundred people. However, in my city of three million, with government and corporation running the show, you would have to be an idiot to believe we could live without money like jungle people do!" For those who maintain village living is unattainable in the modern city environment, I always reply, "you already live like they do, except that your sense of family is restricted to those blood relatives you love."

Wisdom Of Family Living:

Look at the way your family behaves, do you, your wife and children exchange money for your services? In every home around the world, humanity lives in cashless harmony within the loving confines of their nuclear family. Without reservation, or care for recompense, we constantly tend to the needs of our spouse and children. We choose to feed, clothe, house, educate, nurture, and love our children, all in the knowledge money will not factor in the exchange.

When my wife prepares dinner for the family, she does not later present a bill to each family member. If my daughter needs a new coat, I would not send her into the street to earn the money for the purchase. How big will the bill be that you present to your son when he leaves home? Twenty or so years to raise a child at a cost of $15,000 per year, does that mean your child should owe you $300,000? Imagine how ludicrous it would be if every family unit had an auditor managing family assets and debits whilst ensuring dividends from the family income only go to members who produced wealth or offered the family collective redeemable services. In such a bizarre setting, the family sits down to dinner, father and mother get massive helpings whilst the non productive children stand naked at the table staring at crumbs. Funny how we think such a scenario to be insane, while at the same time we fail to recognise one third of the global population does not have sufficient food, clothing or a roof over their head. Family living is about gifting love, caring for each other, reveling in the good times whilst remaining united through hardship. If we simply chose to extend the definition of family beyond the confines of the nuclear experience then we would see fit to provide all neighbours far and near with the unconditional entitlement of equal opportunity. Seeing the nuclear family in harmony should be enough to convince the most ardent of skeptics that solving inequality, and ridding the world of money, is all about the philosophical choices we make as a society.

What if we were to embrace Mother's definition of family, would that not be enough to convince us money has no place in our world?

How A World Without Money Will Happen:

First and foremost you must understand society will move to a money less society. The reason I am certain of such a statement is because the economic model of a debt based monetary system is, by the very nature of it's design, unsustainable. There is no doubt a complete dissemination of the monetary system is presently being managed by elite moguls of the corporate banking industry. Their plan has always been to orchestrate global destruction of the monetary system as part of a problem, reaction, solution scenario designed to enable the establishment of a one world government. Time and again, we have seen corporate rats use monetary depression as a segue to world war. When the dust settles, these same vermin stand on their soapbox cleverly spewing solutions designed to calm the masses into believing the age old promise "If you take our advice, we can assure you, this will never happen again!" WWI and WWII were perfect examples of how they created problems, then used the chaos of war to illustrate the need for centralised power. Historically, we know the post war environment seeded organisations like the U.N., World Bank, Bank of International Settlements, International Monetary Foundation and the World Health Organisation to name a few. Initiating the transformation to a money less society will be realised by humanity taking on of the following three roads; corporate controlled new world order, social anarchy, or spiritual enlightenment.

Part two of this post will peek into our future by taking a quick stroll down the three aforementioned roads. Prior to the next installment, I would be very interested to know what you think a society without money would look like?

Do you agree one of the three roads is a viable or probable outcome?

Do you feel we will always have some sort of monetary system?

Possibly you could tell us what happened with the experiment I asked you to consider undertaking?

In Lak'ech, believing in unconditional love....

Friday, 10 August 2012

Money Enough To Suffer, Part 2...

In an effort to quickly recap part one, we note this essay has focused on the inevitable collapse of the global monetary system. Our assumption of imminent economic doom can easily be substantiated by gaining a brief understanding of how a debt based system exponentially inflates. By design, each breath into this ever expanding economic balloon is larger than the previous. Due to deregulation of the global banking industry, from the Thatcher/Reagan era to present day, we find ourselves participating in a global economy where 97% of all newly created money is debt based. Moreover, this 97% is not printed currency, rather it is electronic numbers conveniently typed into existence, out of thin air, by privately owned banks. Individuals, towns, municipalities, and governments throughout the world cannot cope under the ever tightening belt of unsustainable monetary debt. We now find ourselves facing the last two or three breaths before the  global economy, along with it, the structure of money itself, blows up forever.

Having glanced briefly at the role money plays in society, we must accept humanity is completely enslaved by  illicit, immoral, and unnecessary debt. We have merely scratched the surface of alternative solutions, however, we all know humanity stands at a crossroads. The choices made by each person over the next few years will undoubtedly manifest as the seeds of a tomorrow which will be substantially different than anything we have ever believed possible. We cannot continue to hide our heads in the sand hoping for the best! Now is the time for all good souls to come to the aid of their brethren. What will you choose?

1./ Further enslavement, starvation, destruction and mind manipulation?

2./ Emancipation through riotous non compliance?

3./ Spiritual unity via the realisation of what love truly means?

Presently, we are faced with the demise of our material God. New paradigms of global cohabitation will be forged from the ashes of this timely economic destruction. Challenge yourself to grab hold the reigns of social evolution today, or by tomorrow, you will certainly wish you had!

Three roads to travel, where do you wish to go?    

New World Order:

There appears to be many paths which could lead humanity toward total enslavement under the fascist regime of a corporate New World Order (NWO). Having carefully followed, for many years, the machinations of NWO participants, may I offer this rather unpleasant scenario as a potential portrait of humanities rise from the ashes of global economic collapse.

Plunked in front of their high definition plasma televisions, humanity will once again be mind manipulated by media puppets who easily convince us the economic collapse was a result of governmental debt loads stressed from financing WWIII. The war, dubbed in the media as, "The last stand for freedom, democracy and justice", will become the scapegoat upon which we hang all economic, political and social upheaval. Helplessly gawking at the jaw wagging Anderson Cooper's of the world, we will be programmed to believe subsequent devastation to trading markets, the national GDP, and consumer confidence represented the final nails in the global economic coffin. Streets will fill with rioters, protesters, and homeless, all demanding the throats of elitist pigs. Cries will be heard around the world, abolish fractional reserve lending, debt slavery and government corruption, return dignity to the people! Governing power bases will appear in disarray, however, controlled economic destruction is exactly what the elite have planned for decades. Elite money masters know all too well, in the absence of a global economic collapse, the banking elite would never fully wrestle enough political control to entirely supplant individual nation sovereignty.

Manipulating small jungle countries by establishing puppet military dictatorships is not the same as taking over control of countries like Germany, Japan and the U.S.A. The path toward overrunning first world nations involves creating massive unmanageable national debt. Whence the interest load of debt outpaces the countries GDP then the only salvation is an international banker bail out package. We need only look at Ireland and Greece to illustratively note the process of how elite private bankers use the small print in bail out loan agreements to gut the distressed countries social safety net, hijack their unharvested resources and privatise national services. Austerity, mandates citizens bleed for their country in an effort to maintain the ever escalating interest demands. Cookie cutter formulae, as used in Greece, are well applied to all nations, it's only a matter of time. America by example, a country many believe to be an economic world power, will soon find itself staring down the same IMF barrel as their GDP becomes entirely overwhelmed by interest  demands on their 17 trillion dollars of debt.  The objective of debt servitude is to enable national enslavement, NWO domination must hinge on the total destruction of national sovereignty which can only be peacefully accomplished with the hammer of debt obligation.

Our masters are keenly aware, sneaking a totalitarian global governance passed an awakening public will not be easy, however, they have prepared, they are definitely ready. Elite masters, wanting an easy transition, will most certainly employ a variety of deceptive maneuvers, as well as, psychological operations, each designed to enhance their chances of smoothly sliding the NWO capstone in place. If, by chance, we do not go easy into that long dark night, then rest assured our elite masters will surely avail themselves of bizarre new age military toys designed to ensure martial law paves the road to totalitarian enslavement. Long ago, our politicians have sold out to corporate fascism, this should have become self evident when we witnessed countries around the world purchase small arms by the tens of millions, install millions of CCTV cameras, build thousands of detention camps, prepare millions of make shift coffins, develop massive infrastructures of authoritative control and fill our skies with many thousands of deadly drones.

Tell me you know the last twenty years has been all about creating Orwellian mastery!

Please, tell me you have noticed the militia build up and supply!

You must know by now, your government has been silently preparing for a war against you?

Even if you have failed to see the aforementioned sign posts of social oblivion, you can rest easy in knowing many of your brethren are aware, are preparing, and will not be easily quelled. The Arab spring and Wall street movement proved to the elite Internet mobility, especially over the last decade, has enabled humanity to awaken from their collective slumber. The big question they must be asking themselves is, how can we implement the NWO with the least resistance?

Think hard about that one question!

If you were an elitist banking bastard looking for brownie points, what would you advise must be done to implement the Orwellian capstone of  the NWO one world governance?

History tells us there is only one real hurdle which must be managed, don't let the masses go Gandhi on your ass, or it's all over. Mass rioting is tumultuous, but can be dealt with. Physical turmoil in the form of armed anarchy is unwanted, but manageable. Hand holding, flower power type of peaceful non compliance is the beast that must be put down at all cost. Love, unity, and cessation of productivity are weapons the elite cannot defend against, this is humanity's strength.

“All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”.... SunTzu, "The Art of Warfare"

If I were an elite grand master of war seeking global domination, I would position myself so that I appear to die on the battlefield. My death would calm my enemy into a false belief they have won victory. Using the deception of my death as a lure, I would draw from the ranks of my enemy a great leader who would appear to represent the quintessential opposite of my stated desires. This newly created faux leader would rally the masses of the globe under a single banner of hope, love and unity. I would arrange for many lame ducks to be sacrificed upon the altar of the newly elected leader. Main stream media would appear to fall, cleverly replaced by well controlled alternate media. Corrupt bankers would be jailed and tried for crimes against humanity. Armies and military machines would be abolished, the hungry would be fed and housed. Debt servitude would be eliminated, as would money itself. I would ensure the entire world sings along to a new age orchestra bellowing out the words to John Lennon's title song "Imagine". My leader in sheep's clothing would be hailed as the greatest humanitarian ever to have walked the earth.

Give them what they want, give them Gandhi!  

My advice to the elite would suggest that it would be suicide to proceed without the peoples approval. For their ultimate benefit, I would maintain the NWO itself must arise as an answer to the demands of the global masses. Elite money masters, if they are intelligently sly, must set themselves up so they appear to fall from public grace. The masses must be made to believe they are finally gaining a foothold against the elite power structure. Furthering the elite's cause, I would suggest that placated masses will themselves slide the NWO capstone in place if they can be tricked into believing emancipation from debt slavery is at hand. Every battle requires a strategy, operation Opossum may be closer to reality than we think.


Phase One; "Exposing The Wolf":

1./ Destroy the global economy replacing it with unrelenting depression. Implement a crushing slate of austerity, the likes of which humanity has have never known.
2./ Issue a U.N. directive to introduce a violent system of global martial law. Make the masses suffer; show no mercy, take away their freedom, and most importantly, destroy their sense of hope.
3./ Distract the masses with WWIII.
4./ Conduct and extend a murderous rampage. Tear down the youth movement and reduce mass unemployment by having each nation introduce the military draft.
5./ Create a pandemic which will eliminate more than 30% of the global population.
6./ Direct the media to fully support the obviously unjust governmental tyranny. Instruct the media in the clever use of Orwellian new speak and doublespeak tactics which will clearly identify the media as a corrupt agent of elite banking paymasters.
7./ Use psychological operations like Wiki leaks, to make it painstakingly obvious to the masses that all government leaders have been purchased by banking elite many decades past.
8./ Surreptitiously use media agent provocateurs to expose government, media and corporations as corrupt, murderous, leeches on humanity which, as a point of social survival, must be countered at all cost.  

Phase Two; "Let The Sheep Bleat":

1./ When all resistance has been silenced, and it has become apparent the masses have no recourse but to submit, release all nations from martial law.
2./ Instruct agent provocateurs to initiate Facebook and Twitter global revolutionary movements.
3./ Create the illusion of revolutionary resistance pressuring government rule to point of collapse.
4./ Establish a powerful alternative faux media which will appear to be run by anarchists.
5./ Empower the masses to riot whilst using agent provocateurs to fan the fire of anarchy.
6./ Enhance the agent provocateur program to bomb banks, media outlets, universities and government offices.
7./ Affect a cleansing campaign by having main stream media scapegoat many corrupt bankers, government officials and politicians.
8./ Make it appear the masses are gaining ground at the expense of a crumbling elite banking empire.

Phase Three; "Wolf In Sheepskin":

1./ Utilise alternative media to raise, from the ranks of the revolution, a great leader hailed as saviour of the people.
2./ Utilise faux media, and main stream media, to raise our great leader to a NWO senate position.
3./ Create the illusion rioting masses have forced the NWO to extend the only NWO veto senate seat to the peoples new revolutionary leader.
4./ Destroy all main stream media outlets and replace them with alternative media streams.
5./ Give the peoples revolutionary leader the power to head the NWO, whereby, all nations can unite in the common goal of creating freedom and equality throughout the globe.
6./ Have the NWO announce an end to war, absolution from debt, as well as, a commitment to feed house and clothe all starving peoples of the world.
7./ Affect a massive campaign of jailing bankers, traders, government officials and all peoples who stand in the path of freedom in the new world.
8./ Eliminate money, in it's place, issue citizenry of the free world a NWO "Citizen Entitlement Card" (CEC).

Phase Four; "Living With The Wolf":

1./ Eliminate national sovereignty in favour of centralised NWO rule.
2./ Eliminate corporate entitlement, all goods and services to be provided by the NWO.
3./ Replace all military, security and policing forces with NWO employees.
4./ Establish all media under centralised NWO control.
5./ Expose organised religion for the fraud it so clearly represents.
6./ Establish a NWO "Global Declaration of Rights and Freedoms" (GDRF)
7./ Part and parcel to the GDRF, create a new system of NWO common law.
8./ Ensure all citizenry enjoy an enhancement of their standard of living, as well, ensure no one wants for food, clothing, housing and education.

Phase Five; "Sustainable Sheep Management":  

1./ Continually pare down the number of languages, as well, reduce vocabulary.
2./ NWO mandates all private manufacturing and service corporations be converted into Corporation Government Approved operations (CGA's).
3./ Religious assembly is outlawed as anti state.
4./ Establish a NWO identity card for citizenry.
5./ Tag the entire population with mandated RFID nano flu vaccines.
6./ Establish a compulsory and uniform NWO education system from the age 1-14.
7./ Establish a Green Earth Living (GEL) policy and convert the CEC card into an optically activated Carbon Credit card (CC).
8./ GEL mandates urban centralisation of 95% of the population into Production Center Wards (PCW's).
9./ GEL mandates citizen carbon footprints, travel restrictions, travel applications, blackouts and curfews.
10./ GEL mandates population control initiatives including; approved only child bearing, euthanasia centers, eugenics programs, mandated birth control.
11./ GEL outlines health and nutrition manufacturing guidelines.
12./ GEL program restricts all farming practices to Corp World Firms (CW's) only.
13./ Implement nano tech "flea drones" to maintain audio and visual surveillance of entire globe.
14./ Establish state approved accommodation program, whereas, all citizens are assigned their residences.
15./ Steadily reduce population I.Q., implement state program to replace print with audio.
16./ Regulate and censor all media, internet and advertising, enhance all mind control programs.
17./ Establish an overwhelming NWO police force throughout the globe.
18./ Introduce free energy and all other hidden technologies.
19./ WOW the globe with state approved technology, entertainment, sport and celebration.
20./ Never release the population from fear!      

Rolling Out Opossum:

The Plan to introduce the NWO would use an iteration of the U.N administrative program, whereas, the scope and range of the U.N. merely be extended to introduce a "Global Senate". Touting the fairness of a "one nation, one representative" vote policy, the senate will be seen as a last chance to consolidate the interests of all nations in hopes that world peace could be brokered. Many leaders will appose the one vote concept on the grounds of balancing representative presence to better reflect wealth, environmental, land mass, population or many such physical ingredients. Arguments will be made that wealthy nations like Germany, larger populations as in India, or even more powerful nations as represented by America should warrant more voting power than a poorly heeled country like Niger or Kenya. Leaders of the world will appear to be forced by public unrest to define solutions which will bridge the gap between rich and poor, be it individuals or nations. In the end, it will be agreed that all nations big or small, rich and poor should be endowed with equal voting representation. Behind the scenes, just as they do now, corporate elite paymasters will ensure their puppets always remain in full control of the newly formed NWO senate.

"Humanity can easily be controlled by those who have learned to wield fear as a weapon."

The rise of the NWO will happen against the backdrop of war, rampant poverty, starvation, homeless and unsustainable debt. Great blocks of nations will have fallen under the strain of economic collapse which will force NWO senate to declare the debt based monetary system unjust, immoral and illegal. Senate announcements will confirm the expected debt clemency for all banks and governments of the NWO. Elite masters, failing to absolve the debt obligation of citizens, will anger the peoples of the new world forcing mass rioting with special focus paid to burning banks and government offices. Global governance will become tenable, whereas, most leaders will be forced to declare a national state of emergency.

Martial law will be imposed by all governments enabling millions of dissidents and black listed targets to be rounded up for detention center internment camps littered throughout the globe. Society will become unbearably chaotic, forcing an Orwellian style of military domination as the only viable option for stressed governments to maintain control of rampaging masses. Amidst the elite manufactured chaos, a great woman (we will call her Sally) will appear to rise from roots of poverty. Sally will quickly be recognised by mass media as global spokesperson for the rights and freedom of impoverished people. Media will spin the story so that her rise to power will be reluctantly embraced by the NWO as the only realistic solution to quell global rioting. Concessions made to restore global order will involve our heroin leader to be given the only veto seat in the NWO senate. Speaking with new age platitudes of unity, unconditional love and peace, our new global leader will pledge to eliminate all money and the debt slavery it endorses. NWO mandates will include debt forgiveness for all citizens. Laws will be enacted to ensure all peoples of the world are fed, housed, educated, vaccinated and cared for. Housing projects will immediately commence with media fanfare relentlessly promoting the urgent need to house 1.5 billion homeless. Sally will move quickly to draft and enact a new "Global Declaration of Rights and Freedoms (GDRF)". Applying the newly created charter, our magnificent leader will use her powers to strip all nations of their military weaponry. All nuclear and military assets will be dismantled or permanently decommissioned. Laws will be passed to disarm all citizenry, with stiff jail penalties for anyone found to illegally possess a firearm. People will dance in the streets celebrating what they believe is the answer to all their prayers. Money burning ceremonies, hailing emancipation and the coming of a new age, will be held in towns and cities across the globe.

Part and parcel of the new GDRF will be a senate mandate aimed at saving our fragile environment. Senate will introduce an extremely aggressive green living vision under the popular moniker GEL. The focus of green living will clearly illustrate the mantra  "save the planet from ourselves". Senate leaders will implement a new system of carbon credits designed to replace the dismantled monetary system. Carbon credits (CC's) will be issued as a function of the citizens productivity whereas $1.00USD will be equivalent to 1.00CC. Each citizen of the NWO who cannot afford a home will be issued a state apartment, 1000CC's per month allowance and an employment facilitator mandated to ensure each person meets the 50 hour minimum labour needed to qualify for state welfare. Chinese socialism will be hailed as the model best suited for managing the state, corporate, personal and environmental needs of the NWO. Senate will agree population control must be implemented if there is any hope of turning back the ballooning global carbon footprint. Population control will be tied to productivity, whereas, a family may have one child. Parents who wish more children, will have to earn 100,000 additional annual income per child unit, whereas, a three child family will have to be supported by an annual income of 300,000CC's or more.

Corporate productivity will escalate as the building, infrastructure, and manufacturing industries boom in answer to the global effort of raising the living standards of 1.5 billion NWO citizens from homeless starvation to NWO welfare status. Retail maintains the status quo as each NWO citizen will have a state approved CC card to facilitate the norm of retail purchasing. Corporations will be assessed a CC penalty and bonus system designed to reduce their carbon footprint (CFP). Smaller companies, unable to achieve minimum CFP's, will be forced to close their doors or suffer hostile takeovers from larger eco friendly manufacturers. Banks will continue to function, however, interest and debt will be illegal therefore all banks will be state run institutions providing basic CC transactions and safety deposit services.

Governance of the NWO will super-cede nation status thereby relegating national, state and municipal  authority to the menial role of regional administration of infrastructure, services and detention management. Electoral processes will remain intact, however due to the displacement of power, most citizen will abstain from voting. Social unrest will be handled by local militia as most countries maintain martial law during the breadth of the transitional years. Safety in the midst of change will become the accepted mantra as big brother is encouraged by the masses to lead us toward a security rife Orwellian rule. Millions of interned freedom fighters quietly dying in NWO detention centers will tacitly represent the caution needed to keep dissidents firmly in check. Advances in mass mind programming allow for total domination of our species, manufactured fear becomes the staple consumed by the enslaved mind. People around the globe will hail the amasing success of the NWO. Sally will be hailed as global saviour, her visage will permeate all aspects of society.

Living with the wolf today teaches us to trust and embrace all that is the New World Order. Tomorrow, having become better acquainted, we may very well say.... "Oh my what very big teeth you have Sally"...

In Lak' ech, brethren, part 3 of this essay will introduce "Emancipation Through Riotous Non Compliance"...

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Money Enough to suffer Part 3...

My Dearest Elizabeth,

I miss you so very much, wishing beyond all reason that somehow this letter will in fact make it's way to your heart. It has now been seven months, eighteen days and eleven hours since you were literally ripped from my embrace. The Jackboots thought they had killed me, after all, plugging me with two lead slugs and cracking the shit out of my skull, should have done the job.

Ricky saved my life! From across the courtyard he saw me do a back-ender out our bedroom window. He never hesitate Elizabeth, he just acted with a courage I know I could not have mustered. One night, a month or so after that fateful day, Joey told me the entire story over a coffee. Joey said he looked over to our apartment as soon as the shots rang out. He saw me bust through the window and assumed I was a goner. Joey said he would never forget the bravery he saw next. Within ten or so seconds, he noticed Ricky making his way across the open courtyard. Joey said it was nothing short of a miracle the countless motion drones never picked up Ricky's image. The way Joey tells it; Ricky was like this super Rambo man, invisible to the enemy, a deadly viper. Yeah, you read it right Elizabeth, I know, it's really a very funny thing to imagine, a lovable 300 pound couch potato like our pal Ricky acting like Rambo.

Hold your breath, the story is about to get really weird. Joey admits he couldn't quite see ground level, so he was not altogether sure what Ricky was doing when he reached me. None the less, Joey figures it must have been a good fifteen minutes before he saw Ricky stand up with me draped across his back. Joey said he was so shocked he shit himself. Joey had naturally assumed a drone had killed Ricky, so when we popped up out of the blue, it all seemed surreal. Just imagine that Elizabeth, fifteen minutes in the open, whilst in the middle of a sweep team raid. There must have been at least 100 drones working the raid that night. I have seen a lot of shit in the last couple of years, however, I am sure you would agree Elizabeth, not many people would expect to last fifteen seconds in the open during a sweep team maneuver, let alone fifteen minutes. The story doesn't end there. Joey said he saw Ricky make his way over to the old Cedar tree that sits in front of Jenna's apartment. I know you won't believe this Elizabeth; with me draped across his back, Joey climbed the Cedar and completely disappeared. Shit, before this happened Elizabeth, I would have bet everything I owned Ricky could never get himself up that tree, let alone carry me up at the same time.

In any regard, Joey mentioned he watched the tree with binoculars steady until the 2 hour clear bell signified the drones to leave. Joey said he didn't know whether to head over to the tree or stay put. You know how sneaky those bastards are when they shut down a raid. In any event, Joey quietly watched the tree for a good hour more, then, he slowly sidled over to it fully expecting to find Ricky and I tucked away under a branch. Neither of us were there, Joey swears he never took his eye off that tree Elizabeth. We both know, with the tree in the open as it is, no one could leave it unnoticed, it must have been a miracle. To make a long story short, three days had passed until I finally woke. I realised I was in Ricky's bedroom, Angela's face was hovering over me as she changed my dressings. The entire scene was so discombobulated and surreal it scared the shit out of me Elizabeth. I jumped up sending spasms of pain throughout my body. It took a good week before I could move about without considerable pain. Things were real crazy then Elizabeth, the internet was painted red with global strife. Rioting, fires, blood and mayhem endlessly pulsated forth from the small square screen. Protests were rampant, it appeared to us all that victory was at hand. Anyone who could stand carried their signs to protest marches throughout the city. All healthy rioters were expected to join the "damage crews", hell bent saboteurs focused on destroying the elite infrastructure of NWO domination. Ricky was a team leader for our local damage crew, Angela was so very proud of him Elizabeth. Ricky knew I was too banged up to join his team, but at the same time, he also knew I was more than healthy to join Angela in the marches. Ricky and I argued daily Elizabeth, I cowered to his position, but could not articulate what exactly kept me frozen to his couch. I will never forget the look on Ricky's face the moment he heard the news Angela had been murdered by a police bullet to the head.

He blamed me for not being by her side, for not protecting the people who saved my life. His anger was very scary Elizabeth, I thought he was going to kill me right then and there. Beads of sweat fell from his brow dripping onto my face, as he was meaningfully strangling the life from me, time seemed to slow to a crawl. His crimson visage was a sight which still causes me to wake most nights in a cold sweat. Why he let go and walked away Elizabeth, I will never know. If the world were a righteous place, I should be dead. The way things stand now, Ricky refuses to speak to me, He thinks my cowardice  reprehensible, the worst thing is Elizabeth, I feel the same way. I don't know where fear comes from, but one thing I do know, it grips you like a vice and holds on like no tomorrow. Just the thought of being in the streets under the glaring eyes of the drones made me apoplectic. For no apparent reason, I would find myself trembling in the corner of their tiny flat crying like a little child. Each day, Angela would make sure I was fed and cared for. She never pushed me to participate, she knew I needed time to heal more than the scars. Ricky didn't have to kick me out, I left as soon as his fingers released their grip. For the last six months or so, I have been living with five others in this small apartment on Queen street. I am falling apart without you and the children, my life is like a nightmare which never ends.

This morning, I found myself blindly hovering over our stove deeply inhaling the rich aromatic salute to what portends to be another dreary morning . Bearing the role of casual witness, I observed a melange of black spotted foamy liquid belching forth in it's hurried exit from the darkened spout. My morning coffee danced and sizzled on the red hot burner below, helplessly, I swam trance like in it's wild torment. Of late, and with regularity, small tremors seem to form in my back, stomach, or somewhere in my lower extremities. The tremors course unimpeded up my torso, then down my arms, whereby, they always exit my hands exposing, what I have now become inured to as a signature tremble. Presently, in my semi conscious state, I can feel my fingers pulsate with release, much like I felt as I observed the coffee this morning discover it's true course along the glistening white porcelain. Friends of mine believe these bouts of trembling, and zoning out, are a result of the accumulated radiation, however, I am convinced they manifest from post traumatic stress. In any event, I know you understand my pain, you feel my grief, you too are doing your level best to survive. Like myself, you are probably suffering symptoms of war fatigue, bouts of semi conscious delirium, or at the very least, uncontrollable grief and angst.

It's like we are all living in a dream, isn't it?

Each morning, I plug my brain into what is left of the internet, only to discover our world has unraveled yet a little more. Thankfully, I can reach out to you in this letter, mere words that still my anxiety, give me hope, bring love to my world. Yesterday, marked the one month anniversary since the start of WWIII which, as I am sure you don't need me to remind, resulted in limited nuclear strikes against Tehran, Moscow, L.A., New York, Jerusalem, Netanya, London, Bandar-e Abbas, Tabriz, and Tel Aviv. Main stream media casually suggest the 84 nuclear arms killing over 36 million people was tragic but an unavoidable path to peace. What the hell does that mean? More and more, I find the media's caustic blathering bespeak to our good fortune. Yesterday, I heard a reporter eagerly maintain, "if things really got out of hand it could have been much worse, we could all be dead or underground by now, think about that!" I guess you could say it was a miracle humanity averted a massive planetary thermo-nuclear showdown. None the less, I find little solace can be gleaned amongst this rampant devastation, especially in the absence of you and the children. Aside from the nuclear arsenal, what the heck were those atom destabilising ray guns all about. Every day, stories fill the internet about some new fangled, avant guard, war toy. They must have been sitting on all this technology for quite some time. It appears to me, my darling Elizabeth, population earth precariously sits on a razor's edge, waiting, wondering, hoping beyond all reasonable hope, that the negotiated cease fires of three weeks ago will somehow be miraculously sustained.

It truly is unfathomable to even conceive how world leaders could find the stomach for war, especially after the devastation wreaked by the Canada Goose Flu Epidemic last summer. The other month, I heard the final death toll from the flu eclipsed 2 billion. The internet is constantly abuzz with rumors of government conspiracy. I honestly don't know what to make of it all, it seems almost impossible to dispute the epidemic was created in a CIA lab, as well, all indicators suggest it was designed as the ultimate killing machine. The official story, as per usual, has more holes than Swiss cheese. We know they are deliberately killing us, but, with the ban on assembly, there seems little we can do. Estimates now suggest, the global population to be less than 4.5 billion. However, over the next year or so, food shortages, rampant cancer, war and disease are expected to cull another one billion from the ranks of humanity. Total it all up my darling, half the world population will have disappeared within a 2 year period.

Riots, protests and marches around the world are seldom now, everyone knows resistance is futile. For the most part, the plethora of  NWO nano drones keep the streets clear during curfew hours which, if you have not heard, are still globally maintained at 18:00 hours. The internet rumor mill is rife with sites trying to establish just how many dissidents are imprisoned globally. Some estimates suggest more than 1.5 billion souls are captive, many of which are children separated from their parents. Whatever you may have heard in the camp, the last wave of seriously overt protesting was six months ago, about one month after you and the boys were taken by CSIS. It took me a few months to come to terms with my narrow escape. I felt terribly guilty I did not manage to protect you and the children from the sweep team raid of our apartment complex last Christmas eve. I know the children have been taken from you. I wish I could give you hope by saying I have found their location, alas, all my efforts have been in vain. There are so many rumors about what the elite have done at the children's camps, I won't speak to these atrocities as I am sure, like me, you are more than inundated with speculative drivel.

I laid low for a month after leaving Ricky's place. Most my food still is derived from forays on dark nights to risk raiding garbage bins for leftover food scraps. The drones are very dangerous, but if you are clever, attentive, and lucky, you can avoid detection. The day time is much safer from big brother, they retract the drones at 8:00 am, less than a minute later, the streets are filled with grubbers fighting for crumbs. All that is left now are workers and grubbers, you don't need me to tell you what category I have fallen into. The workers do their level best to avoid us grubbers, society is truly cast into two very separate experiences of reality. I don't speak to workers, they are the worst of traitors. Without their support, the elite would never have gained victory, the NWO would already have become an historical footnote. The workers don't use money, society is completely cashless now Elizabeth. We always dreamed of a cashless society you and I, but on very different terms. Unconditional love was to represent humanities ticket to freedom from the tyranny of debt slavery, not this nightmare. Each bona fide worker resident has been issued an entitlement card. All cards are controlled by the NWO central finance hub. Travel is greatly restricted, exit visas allowing a citizen to leave the city are probably the hottest commodity on today's worker black market. It is weird surviving without money. Grubbers are not authorised to use entitlement cards, therefore, we must scavenge for the right to survive. The irony is, I always wished people could realise one third of humanity lives worse off than the pets we own. Now, you, the children and I are part of that group! I can honestly say the average worker dog or cat lives a much better quality of life than all us sub worker beings. I will never get a work visa because I am related to a detainee, In addition, I am pretty darn sure they know I survived the raid, which would mean they have me tagged as an escaped convict.

I can't seem to shake the shame of my cowardice of January past. I know Ricky was right Elizabeth, we needed everyone on the battlefield. We needed people of courage like Ricky and Angela. If we all pulled together, we may have uprooted the elite, everyone agrees it was painfully close. Many of our friends will still not speak with me, I understand their anger, I shrink under their cold stares. I live with unbearable shame daily, most of us can't help but bump into each other whilst we comb the streets in the daylight hours looking for what we collectively call "opportunity". None of us know what or how opportunity may manifest, it could be a good afternoon scrounging the bins and alleys, or a successful day foraging, hunting or fishing.    

I miss you and the children far more than words could ever convey. Often, as I walk the streets of opportunity, I find myself in a peaceful dream where everything goes back to normal. You are cooking a wonderful evening meal, the children are tussling over one of their action figures whilst I quietly enjoy a cigar and read the newspaper. John Lennon plays imagine on the CD. Although I wish we could be together, it gives me great peace to know you are alive and reasonably well. Soon, I hope to offer you good news of Christopher and little Brandon. I have a friend who found his children in Alberta of all places, he sent them a letter by "resistance mail". He has yet to hear reply, but lives with immutable confidence. I hope to use the same resistance channels Elizabeth, but it won't be easy. You probably know I have been marked by the resistance as yellow. I accept my yellow tag, it is righteous, none the less, it burns my ass to know the children and you must suffer due to my inability to confront fear. What good is a father or husband who cannot muster the will to protect his own family. This letter I pen to you is being sent via Betty, who I understand is in your block. Mike agreed to send it through the resistance as one of his own. Now he must wait an additional month before he can send Betty another. I must admit my shock that Mike agreed with this hair brained scheme. Not many people help yellows, especially not those who were their friends. Mike did make it very clear he was doing this for you and not me. He told me to tell you this, as he intends to be very forthright with Betty about my status. I heard last month some camp women who have, or had, yellow husbands are often abused by fellow block mates and detainee guards alike. For the longest time, I thought it best if I just let you believe I was dead, at least you would not have to live with the stigma of having a living yellow husband. I guess the deciding factor was that I know the resistance has already tagged you a yellow lover.

The entire yellow paradigm is insane at best, yellow lovers, yellow children, yellow relations. Last week, I was speaking to a fellow yellow who was branded because his cousin, who he had never met, was identified as the resistance leader of a Halifax sect. How is it the resistance cannot see the similarities of abuse between the elite and themselves? They tarnish you, Christopher and Brandon with a yellow brush, never once considering it unjust to heap the sins of a man upon his innocent family. I pray every day that you and the children do not have to suffer too much at the hands of those bigots who cannot find love in their heart.

I must close this letter my darling, I hope what I have written will fall within the 5 gram limit, if not, this last page will be missing. Please thank Betty for me, let her know how much I appreciate her and Mike's kindness in forwarding this letter. Knowing it may be my only chance to convey my love, I pray it reaches you safely. I look forward to your reply, at least if Betty remains in accord with the deception. You must know her and Mike are taking a massive risk Elizabeth. If by chance this letter were to be intercepted, all four of us will be hanged for sedition against the NWO.

My darling, dearest, Elizabeth, I love you and love you and love you more. I pray you and the boys find it in your hearts to forgive my weakness. Stay strong, live with unconditional love, may compassion fill your heart today and forever more.

Love and strength, vive la resistance, shine on dearest Elizabeth shine on, you will always be in my heart.

Faithfully yours, Thomas.   xoxoxoxoxox.          

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Freedom From Tyranny 2027...part # 4

How wonderfully comfortable! The crook in this old Hemlock seems to have grown in anticipated of my form. Such apparently synchronous relations always invite me to ponder; how many others may have sat in this very spot, legs dangling, thinking the same thoughts? The evening is sultry, a casually entertaining bank of cool fog gently rolls off the dark Pacific Ocean. Breathing deeply, I excite an olfactory rush of blended rain forest scents magnificently arranged to design a fragrance one could easily label "Natural Perfection". Soon, this refreshing blanket will entirely embrace the city of Vancouver in its peaceful, calm equilibrium. Sounds of wildlife gently blend with the odd murmur from late night city revelers, who, like myself, are too stubborn to give in to sleep. Adding to the surreal nature of my evening perch, I can hear the odd fog horn bark a deep rhythmic bass which echoes across the distant harbor. Ever engrossing is the approaching visitor; within moments, this entire escape will be visually and tonally muted. I have always loved the fog, it makes me feel like nature has chosen to single me out for an embrace. She caresses my senses, while managing to touch me in an individually personal manner.

Have you ever noticed how the fog encourages us to slow our pace? Pessimists will suggest it is a normal reaction to limited visibility; this may be so, however, I do trust they miss the deeper motive. It is my contention, we slow in an unconscious effort to accept, even revel, in natural communion. When another being reaches to offer us a loving embrace, do we not slow our pace to capture the moment? The closer humans come to love, the more we are compelled to slow. Show us a startling sunset and we will find ourselves at rest. Two hours hence, the morning sun will slowly peak over the horizon releasing its force upon the subservient night. Solar love, dispatching our cool visitor, will offer us the splendors of a new day. What tremendous joy does this new sunrise offer? We all will wake clear of mind, in accord with our true identity, embraced in unconditional love.

Most of us can easily recall darker days of yore. Times, not long ago, when our collective perception lacked the grace to accommodate, or even entertain, an ethos of loving unity. This new glove we wear fits so perfectly today, it is hard to imagine a mere fifteen years past, humanity precariously teetered on the edge of self annihilation. Quietly perched in Mother's throne, I smile as I touch upon how the fog, along with its imminent dismissal, illustrates a most beautiful metaphor for humanities path toward self discovery. By example; our perception of reality in the year 2012 could have easily been compared to living in a fog of illusion. Looking into the material tapestry on this eve, I find it difficult to discern the nature of the landscape. So thick is the fog, it is nay on impossible to verily establish what might lie a mere ten feet ahead. I know from past experience, there should be parkland greenery ahead (we should all love each other). Ocean waves cascading upon the shore, rhythmically announce their presence (we are a singularity). To my left, city streets and tall buildings whisper and murmur unnatural sounds which gently expose a liveliness of existence (in Lak'ech, I am you). Right of me, as well behind, there should be a stately forested walkway formed from a blended mix of conifer and deciduous trees, their open arms bring joy to all who visit (time, space, death are illusions).

Back in the year 2012 my brethren found it equally impossible to describe the philosophical landscape of consciousness. If pushed for a description, some would fumble, while most would utter ambiguous impressions of what might, or should, be. Incapable of accurately defining the self, we were forced to accept Darwinism and materialism as fundamental aspects of the human condition. Does the imagery of a foggy night now remind you of yourself fifteen years past? Bereft of philosophy, none of us could fix a point of reference by which we could define the singularity of being. Duped by our senses, we were incapable of discovering unconditional love. Left with a limited scope of reality, humanity easily fell prey to corporate greed and dastardly elite bankers cleverly adept at yanking the purse strings of corrupt government officialdom.

Living under the fog of illusion we replicated the hell on earth needed for expansion. How were we to know all paths are cosmically designed to induce evolutionary consciousness? Today, our retrospective perch affords us chance to maintain; imperfection does not exist, therefore, our world never needed changing. The lesson imposed upon us may verily be; life is just a ride, hang on, have fun, when the fog clears, everything will be just as it should. How did we transcend the coils of outrageous fortune? What path did humanity secure in its march toward freedom from the tyranny of malevolent leadership? Was humanity responsible for its own emancipation from slavery, or did we mercifully tumble upon the currents of a river whose path invariably leads to the sea?

Experience emphatically teaches us the nature of motion is such that all change occurs upon a hinge of transition. Toss a ball in the air, you can calculate the exact moment its path yields to gravity. Observe the cycle of a failed relationship, with careful reflection you can deduce the definitive point in time where divisiveness exceeded bonding. If we apply this simple reason in search of the precise point humanity arose from despair, we can undoubtedly refer to Mayan time masters as chroniclers of the exact transitional moment. Some of us may recall the stir created early in the twenty first century by the mainstream unveiling of the Mayan calendar. Conjectural debate reverberated in professional and lay circles alike, countless interpretations were rendered, each illustrating how the ancient time piece should be interpreted . Many suggested, the calendar represented an apocalyptic end of days prophesy, whilst, a strong following anticipated it foretold of a new evolutionary beginning for the human species. Having the benefit of hindsight; some feel we can now laugh at the foolish doomsayers, however, the diametric opposition of the pundits seemed plausible back then, especially to those who merely glanced at the information. Offering a more sympathetic chord to the end of the world campaigners; we can certainly illustrate that at 11:11 on the morning of December the 21st, 2012 one civilisation died, thereby giving rise to the birth of a new age. Although the transitional point of evolution proved to represent a more benign material impact than our fear mongering brethren might have anticipated; esoterically speaking, it did certainly highlight the complete and utter destruction of an ethereal world. Do you remember that time? Can you recall the turmoil of 2012?

Syria had been invaded by a U.N. backed Turkey. The Israeli and American elections had just ended, most people assumed Mitt Romney and Binyamin Netanyahu would soon make good on their promise to slap the petulant Irani leadership into submission. Doomsday revelers were apoplectic in anticipation of their long coveted biblical end times. Placard carrying sycophants, parasitically fawned their John 3:16 warnings far beyond the streets of New York. Television carped on, highlighting experts who deliriously painted countless portraits of inevitable destruction. WW III gone wild, get your front row seat, don't miss the really big show tonight on C.N.N. H.D. prime time television! For those of us who thought main stream media could not become more surreal, we were soon to discover their seemingly effortless capacity to eclipse old benchmarks of inane banality. You may remember; as the world danced on the cusp of utter destruction, the media machine extended voluminous coverage to the murder of Angela Jolie. Instead of tracking the latest in peace negotiations, the question on every one's mind was, could Brad really have done it, or, was he framed?

Just as we thought things could not unravel further, we were visited by the mass confusion of the infamous December 21, 2012 calendar date. Like wild dogs frothing at the mouth; the inhabitants of the world all appeared more than eager to pounce on whatever change should come to pass. Collectively, we insisted upon a shift; each of us had unique and personal reasons for this emphatic demand upon the universe, we knew change was essential. Whatever change should befall the human race, we felt confident the wheel of time would not let us down; this infamous date would somehow be gloriously etched in the history of humanities evolution. I clearly remember the sun rising on the frosty morning of the twenty second of December. Excitedly turning on the Internet, I discovered a blended mix of tragedy and hope. Reports depicting countless suicide cults, riotous mayhem and wanton destruction flickered on the white screen. The world had not ended, which offered delirious relief to many, however, the lack of the anticipated rapture caused untold grief to those hopeful souls counting on a reunion with their beloved master. Questions riddled the minds of people everywhere, tormenting our peace, breaking our will, making us weak in the knees. Where was the change we had all anticipated? What would this, apparent non event, portend for the future of humanity? Does this mean we will succumb to the will of our elite masters? Will humanity fall farther into the trenches of poverty, despair and global war? Who, if anyone, is left to carry the banners of hope, peace and love. The party had ended, the star guest Jesus Christ was a no show, many empty handed revelers were left without recourse but to end it all. Early numbers suggested over one million had committed suicide during the night of December twenty one, in fact, we were later to define the final total had exceeded three million lost souls.

Adherents, who had been devoted to change, found the monumental task of picking up the pieces almost unbearable. Littered across the Internet, were countless vacuous beings more than happy to revel in the vindication of their predicted non event. How they laughed at the expense of others, never realising the rumblings of an imminent tidal wave would, within days, sweep the globe. The smallest of stress cracks in a dam can never be seen with untrained eyes, only an engineer of skill can foretell such dangers. Such was the case on the Internet that fateful day. Cracks in the elite dam were slowly yielding to the inevitable force of humanities will. However, discerning the stress points was a task best suited for those with a sympathetic eye for unity and unconditional love. On the twenty second of December, one such fissure in the dam played over and again on countless main stream and alternate media sources. The infamous audio/video byte first went viral in the alternate media, it consisted of a one minute and twenty two second video clip captured on the cell phone of a C.N.N. cameraman. Few people today can forget the impact of Anderson Cooper's off camera conversation with his illustrious guest, Mitt Romney. For posterity, we do ourselves a service by illustrating the content of the infamous exchange, as well, it must be duly noted the time imprint on the video clip ominously read 21/12/2012 11:11.

Anderson Cooper: "The cattle have no hope mister President. It is finally time to bring them to heel."

Mitt Romney: "They never had a chance Anderson. Resistance should be minimal, less than one hundred thousand dead, maybe five or six million in the F.E.M.A. camps." 

Anderson Cooper: "They will never see it coming sir. By the time I am done programming their tiny minds; they will be begging for martial law."

Mitt Romney: "We could never have done it without good people like you Anderson. Trust me; gated communities will be a thing of the past. Once the U.N. are finished with the global vaccination program, our slaves will be tagged, pacified and lucky to string five words together."

Anderson Cooper: "How long do you think it will take to globally dumb down the masses?"

Mitt Romney: "Two, possibly three years. With that said, what the hell do I know Anderson, we just do what our masters tell us, right!"

Anderson Cooper: "Time for the big show mister President. Hey, I like those loafers, where did you get them?"  

The video content was posted anonymously on You Tube the twenty second day of December at 10:30 am; as expected, it went super viral almost instantly. Within six hours; the video had counted over 26 million hits, by the end of the day, estimates suggested over 3 billion people had viewed the file. Main stream media tried to quell the reaction. However, the bottle was smashed, the Genie was free, there was no turning back. Within a few hours, Internet streams were abuzz with footage of riotous protesters. The C.N.N. building was pillaged and burned, they went offline shortly after 1:00 pm, never to resurface. Much to the chagrin of the invading force; Anderson Cooper and President Romney had already been whisked away to safety. By three o'clock that afternoon; every major city in America was under riotous siege. Unlike the relatively peaceful protests of the past; the vast majority of militants were armed. Teenagers used their cell phones to capture footage of furious gun battles between police and rioters. The Internet was flush with an endless flood of brutal videos, the carnage was incredible, unbelievable. Desperate to restore order; the U.S. government brought out heavy artillery, fighter jets, drones, attack helicopters and tanks. Reports began appearing on the Internet depicting the use of novelty enforcement weaponry. Videos of people writhing on the ground in obvious agony, all the while, the footage offered nothing to indicate the source of their pain. History recorded that fateful week leading up to the early days of January 2013 untold atrocities occurred in cities across America, as well, around the globe. The poor buggers fighting on the revolutionary front line never had a prayer.

Shortly after one in the morning of December twenty third, the Internet, television and most media went dead. The only surprise was how they could have allowed it to remain functional as long as it did. Within fourteen hours, America  had descended into the greatest tragedy in its short but storied history. The death toll of troops and civilian rioters was to have exceeded 325,000. Estimates suggested as many as half a million were injured. Global reaction was no where near as fierce as in America; none the less, the streets in all global cities were flooded with protesting masses, some armed, most not. The masterful veil of media mind control had been lifted; peoples of the world had peeked behind the wizard's curtain just long enough to confirm nothing could or would ever remain the same.

Governmental control fell quickly, January second 2013, televisions in America started to crackle with messages from the people. Without stains of marketing, mind control or lies, average citizens offered the world a clear message to government and their corporate masters.

We are united and organised! 

We are Free! 

Lay down your arms! 

Government offices in America from the smallest of local communities, to the white house itself, had surrendered. Weeks later, it was discovered the American coup d'etat had been facilitated by the military and police turning against leadership. Due to the infamy of the Romney/Cooper tete a tete, the penny had dropped for everyone, tides had turned, a new world order had begun. Shortly after the phenomenally quick success of the American revolution, Chinese leadership lost control of their regime. Broadcasts from the far East started filtering in over Internet and mainstream television alike. Images of an unimaginably large mass of people extended outward from Beijing's Tiananmen square. Video footage from above offered an awesome spectacle extending over 20 miles in radius. Estimates maintained the freedom march included over 75 million revelers. Revolution had become globally ubiquitous, the dam had burst, a flood of unity had taken everyone by force. In the words of French revolutionist Victor Hugo "On resiste a l'invasion des armees; on ne resiste pas a  l'invasion des idees" ("We can resist and invasion of armies; we cannot resist an invasion of ideas") Having captured the concept of emancipation juxtaposed to inevitable enslavement, peoples of the world responded to what they sensed was the ultimate call of freedom.

Along with the demise of government; banking and corporate rats were literally pulled from underground bunkers. Angered masses carted them to detention camps where they awaited trial and sentencing for crimes against humanity. During the course of 2013 the entire scenery of modern society had shifted. New charters of rights and freedoms were drafted, thereby enabling society the first steps toward societal equality. No longer would people be forced to "earn a living", all humans were guaranteed the right to food, shelter, education, health care and a hopeful future. Equality centers were formed throughout the globe with the sole purpose to redistribute wealth. Assets from the banking elite, in addition to the odd royal coffer, proved much more than was needed to ensure every inhabitant of our world was content in knowing they would never need beg again. Within five years, humanity finally came to the realisation money was truly the root of discontent. Society replaced money quickly and easily; a base living standard was established which insured every human was entitled to what we would have then called a middle class standard of living, $60,000 per year. It was agreed the minimum standard should entitle the citizen to a gloriously comfortable life of leisure. If a citizen wished to entertain more wealth; they could choose to work as an employee for the people. Workers would be given additional purchase credits from the village or city in which they lived. Millions of jobs had disappeared when we abolished money. To name a few; bankers, doctors, investors, salesmen, lawyers, administrators, as well as, all kinds of paper pushing pundits found that, for the most part, a consciously loving society does not demand their services. Little work was actually required to maintain society, therefore, most citizens chose to commit to a leisurely 10-20 hour work week. Ensuring society remained in co harmony; it was decided to cap wealth credits at twenty times the base living standard, thereby eliminating harmful imbalances caused by gross opulence or avarice.  

During that first revolutionary year, the matrix of deceit completely unwound. By 2014 television, which had once been an agent of mind programming, had been completely transformed into a tool of higher learning. Slowly, people of the world woke up to the depth of enslavement orchestrated by the cabal of elite. The more people understood the extent of manipulated degradation, despair, soft kill, and poverty, the more compassion they were prepared to offer their brethren. Compassion soon became love, which naturally led to understanding, trust and a unity of the heart. Knowledge quickly became the greatest commodity of the day, however, we ensured it was free, ever present and extremely accessible. Learning became fun, for young and old alike; we all reveled in the new knowledge of spiritual truth. We were shocked to learn what illusion of physicality meant. When we determined our identity to verily be God, we collectively wept in transformational bliss. We were truly all children experiencing a new playground, soaking up one tremendous experience after another. Programmers, who once chose to force us to consume products, were now dedicated to using their creative juices to spread love. How powerful this little box in our living room can be, when directed to educate instead of deceive. It did not take long to eradicate ignorance, stop injustice, and set the course toward unconditional love. Darkness no longer had a place to hide, without a cloak of protection, fear biased constructs like; church, government, money, power, lust, greed as well as many other conditions of ignorance, fell away. In the hearts and minds of people everywhere; there could only be only one logical path, that which leads to absolute solidarity.

Prior to the revolution, we accepted nothing could be done to right the ship. We assumed the world was a dark and desperate place where each person should and must fight for survival. Adjusting to a world free of a survivalist ideology was strangely easy. Even our wealthy brethren, who once believed in competition, money, power, and the many trappings of avarice were shocked to discover their lives did improve when they no longer needed to struggle for golden rings. How we changed as a people was even more amazing. Without the need to work a 40 hour week, we found ourselves socialising much more. People no longer kept to themselves hidden at home glued to T.V.'s and computers. More often than not, we would be found in parks or gardens smiling and talking to each other. This was our destiny, this was mankind's new beginning, the age of Aquarius, a time for love.

Environmental challenges we thought insurmountable proved to be the easiest to solve. Countless new forms of free zero point energy emerged so that by 2020 fossil fuels were almost completely eradicated from society. Shortly after the revolutionary days, government science facilities, hidden hundreds of feet underground, unearthed technological wonders which boggled the mind verily transforming our material world. Humanity, we discovered, had been deprived of countless inventions which would have revolutionised our lives, while at the same time saving the planet ecosystem from the destruction wreaked by our consumptive diet. Corporate megalomaniacs kept hidden all kinds scientific advancements, merely because innovation would have interfered with their ever advancing machinations of profit. Gaia, whom we considered doomed, proved herself adept as healing all scars. Cessation of damaging practices like; fracking, mining, drilling, chem trail spraying, to name a few, certainly helped Gaia reinvigorate herself and us in kind. Within a mere decade, technology had converted society from an age of darkness to a brilliant harmonic expression of loving unity.

Over the course of ten years, countless revelations, inventions and administrative models were used to affect change in society. However, no tool promoted change more readily than the winds of spiritual awakening. Change was inevitable, we never realised it back in 2012, however, we do now. Consciousness, expressed as a duality in the material form, relinquishes control to cosmic cycles. Humanity then rides these winds through ages of spiritual darkness which are imminently followed by ages of spiritual awareness. The Mayan people understood this truism; their foretelling of a new age clearly reflected this cosmic understanding. They had prepared their message as a beacon to light a path for humanity, thereby giving us hope, so that we may prevail through the trauma of birthing a new age. Stepping away from the elite mind programming machine, unveiling details of slave masters using religion as a divisive sword, or the many other steps toward emancipation were merely material reflections of how cosmic winds blow consciousness to and fro.

Change, inevitable as it was, came only when we began learning how to steer clear of material illusion. Elite masters had always been privy to many spiritual tomes which clearly highlighted paths beyond illusion. However, like the technological advances, it was certainly in their best interest to hide such revelatory information. Three words are all that is needed to illustrate the ultimate plan of slavery, "DIVIDE AND CONQUER". Division is the key to control; the more we see each other as entities, the easier it is to control, as well as limit, our expression of consciousness. Now, even young children comprehend the nature of reality. Children know the material world is illusion. They know time, space, death, birth and life are illusion. This was not the case in 2012, when less than one in a thousand people were capable of seeing beyond the manufactured lie. How bizarre it must be for children today to try and wrap their mind around the concept of humanity almost entirely living in darkness. My grand daughter who is only six, is not altogether sure if my tales of yesteryear are true or fairy tale. "It is so hard to believe, how come no one did anything to wake them all up Grandpa." What a very good question; well, some of us did try to help, however we were ridiculed, laughed at some of us were condemned as insane fools.

Two decades of my life was spent in a mind controlled stupor, my existence then was barren of love.

Two decades more I dedicated to searching for love. Clawing my way free from yokes of enslavement and manipulation caused me to rail against elite slave masters. Moving farther toward truth showed me paths beyond illusion.

For ten more years, I stripped away illusion like layers of an onion. Each layer brought me closer to loving those whom I had blamed for my ignorance, fear and unrest. In the end, I discovered my true identity is the totality we call consciousness. I am the slave, as well, I am the slave master. I am the assailant, as well, I am the victim. I am, that, I am.

My entire life was spent learning what my grand daughter already knows. This is beauty, this is the fog, this is perfection, always was and ever will be. How gloriously comfortable is the crook in this old hemlock, how beautiful is the fog.

In Lak'ech, bethren... God... I Am... You...