Saturday, 7 November 2009

Consumer slavery...

Look deep into the rabbit hole, find the motive, see the programming. More than 70% of the American economy is based on consumerism. This is a beast we are speaking of, it lives and is directed for the benefit of an end game. We think we are free of mind. We are not, our thoughts are provoked. Mankind has been deliberately enslaved by debt due to rampant consumerism. The corporate Illuminati structure manipulate the mass media with subliminal programming. People are consuming without understanding the why of it. If you don't think you are being programmed try this little experiment.

For a six month period track the spending of your household. Cut off the television and radio for the second half of the year and see if your household consumption naturally ebbs.

Three times in my life I have lost everything I owned. I can confidently tell you each experience was a fantastic catharsis. Gone from my life are the trinkets and baubles of my past, photos, diplomas, gadgets and widgets all gone. In lieu of the superfluous expenditures my family finds other addictions like books and music.

Herein lies the motive, they don't want you to expand your mind, the power structure want abeyance and control. The more money you spend buying a home and all the toys and trinkets the more you find debt. " In debt we trust " becomes the mantra of the twenty first century. How does the average Joe spend his time? Working for at least forty hours per week becomes the norm, tack on another five or so hours for transportation. After meeting the demands of the home, only a few hours per day are left for reflection.

Big boss has another idea. Instead of reflection let's program people to occupy their " spare time " with frivolous entertainment like television and gaming. Look around people, how many average Joe citizens choose to pick up a book with the intent to expand consciousness? The economy of the world is being held together by momentum and programming.

Fear is the greatest commodity being pumped into our brains and most people can't even see how it separates us from the power of ONEness.

Go ahead, pay your next cable TV bill, but while you do, know that you are buying fear and paying the man to program your brain. Breaking the addictive programming is not easy. It all starts with seeing the motives and choosing to fight the system. Believe me when I say World War III is now. The war is for the ability of the individual to maintain integrity and control over his/her mind. The corporate Illuminati structure are making great leaps and bounds with mind control, RFID chipping, HAARP and mass media mind programming are just three examples of the new weapons of war. You have a choice, you can take the blue pill or the red pill. You can break free of the matrix. Each person needs to wake up to the reality of war. If you allow them to program you then are you not complicit in giving away your freedom? Fear is the commodity, give it back to them. Step out of the commercial matrix and liberate your mind.

Namaste, my brethren, freedom from slavery.