Sunday, 29 November 2009

Thanks and Giving...

As our American brethren enjoy this festive holiday a time arrives for all to offer appreciation for each perfect moment of now. Families united, gather around the dinner table celebrating in thanks for the gift of life and love. No better time to reflect with love on the many gifts offered by family, community, Gaia and cosmos. Each of us are guilty of taking life and the treasure of our being for granted.
Routine affords us expectancy which then encourages love to become divorced from labour. By example, every night my darling wife prepares the evening meal. The very routine of the act clouds the love which is the force behind the preparation. Does my wife reflect on the love she has which drives the routine? Sometimes I am sure she does, but not every time. Conversely as I sit down to enjoy the repast, do I always touch the love which is behind the dinner? Sometimes yes, but not always.
Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to remind ourselves of all the love packed into each day. Routine acts, clouded by their mundane nature, make if difficult to see the driving force of love. As often as you can, cease moments of routine, drink from these moments the love which is seldom savoured. This applies to all moments of our life. As we transcend the fogginess of routine our lives become more vibrant. While at work we can choose to maintain a conscious connection with the love of family which eases the burdens of the day. Doing everything with love in our heart we will inevitably find perfection in each moment of now.
In giving thanks we may also embrace the perspective of oneness. It is only in contact with the ONE we finally discard the need for judgement. With each abrasion against the soft skin of our ego we find a lesson to be learned and a mirror to our true nature. Finding our true nature is the reason for our being, every breath offers us the opportunity to break free of fear in favor of love. Our freedom lies in our capacity to unite as one heart, to love each other unconditionally. Give thanks for each moment we choose love. For the moments we fail to see love may we have the courage and wisdom to discover why.

Namaste, oneness in the perfect moment of now.

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