Saturday, 19 December 2009

Karma, soft deceit...

Karma, what does it mean to you? Do you believe in Karma?
The origins of Karma hail from the Sanskrit word " Kri " which means to do. Kri was a power by which individuals and collectives could influence the Gods, nature, weather, harvests and enemies. Through right intent and rituals performed righteously thus by actions determine ones destiny. Immortalized in the Buddhist Vedas the tradition of Karma was stamped on the Indian race. In Vedanta texts
Volume I: Samhitas
Volume II: Brahmanas and Aranyakas
Volume III: Upanishads
Volume IV: Vedangas, the God Karma was illuminated by the vengeful elephant of reciprocity. In later dates the Arabic word Karam was adopted to define the grace of God as Karma. As Karma became a global staple it was somewhat tainted by defeatist western constructs of fate. This created helplessness and dis empowerment from the true nature of GodSelf.
One constant Karmic thread has woven through the ages from 1,500 BCE to the present. This thread is the carrot and stick motif. The need in this life to act in
" righteousness " or " goodness " for the benefit of rewards in the next life.
I perceive concepts of Karma as having created subtle echoes from which more damaging tenets like heaven and hell are derived.

If we are prepared to accept the view of a God separate from self, sitting in judgement handing out Karma, then we enslave our true GodSelf spirit.

Great books lead the faithful; the Bible, the Koran, the Vedantas, the Gita, each offer wisdom, beauty and truth. However, into each great work is the carrot and stick needed to control the devotee under the embrace of theology.
Heaven and hell bend the will of the Christian.
Mohammad, in the words of the Koran demands servitude and abeyance. The reward is great riches for the " good " Muslim in the afterlife.
Lord Krishna insists on proper living as he instructs the young Arjuna about the fruit which await his next life.
The Vedantas offer very definitive instructions to the Hindu follower. The man of faith and goodness will be rewarded with a superior next life. The fact remains, every religion needs followers.

The carrot ushers in the sheep and the stick keeps the flock united.

Following are just a few of the issues I have with Karma; separation from oneness, separation from free will, establishment of judgement right and wrong/ good and bad, dis empowerment of GodSelf and God as judge.

Separation from oneness as a necessary fallout of belief in Karma. If you trust in the ONE, then you must accept all manifest and unmanifest as God realised perfection. Under the blanket of Oneness we see divinity in every expression. When we envision perfection in every conscious moment there is no need to reward the good and cast down the bad. All is God, all is good.

Separation from free will can never lead to truth. Instead of conforming to demands of scripture, we are better served following the will of our soul. Each soul is here to choose from the plenum a reality which will futher the evolutionary path of the ONE. All choice is God taking yet another step.

Right and wrong/good and bad must be illusion for the one who seeks truth. When we enslave ourselves to concepts like Heaven, Hell and Karma we create a world of judgement. From the perspective of the ONE there can be no good or bad. There is only Godliness, which in it's essence is love and perfection. If you search your heart and find anything other than love. You must then ask yourself, why does illusion persist?

Concepts of Karma dis empower the GodSelf, this is a most tragic loss. I am God, all choice I make is perfect. There is nothing I could do which is not Godly. Give this gift of Godself truth to everyone and every moment. This gift is called unconditional love, it is your true nature.

God as judge, the one who determines your next life or after life experience.
From the bowels of Karma sit judgement in the form of reward or retribution. How can this make any sense to the one who seeks truth?

Reward and punishment can only be functions of a God separate from self. God did not make the universe, God became the universe. All creation is God, nothing cowers in abeyance. You cannot covet future gains by actions of social fidelity. You are God, choose that which you desire. Don't wait for future rewards, choose to own all rewards now, in this life. We will never find truth in conforming for the benefit of reward. Karma is a sexy posit as it is found waving it's banner from high ground. For most people, it makes sense to believe that good behaviour will be rewarded and bad behaviour will reap just torment. This is an illusion, the seeker of truth will eliminate concepts of bad and good. See every moment through a lense of unconditional love and acceptance. See God in every expression and you will find yourself on the path to truth, freedom and enlightenment.

Namaste, I see the God in you. Do you see the God in others?

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