Saturday, 30 January 2010

Grace Under Pressure...

Do you feel like your world is falling apart? It is! Homo Sapiens are preparing to evolve. The race must release it's hold on the past, thus allowing the Phoenix to rise from the ashes.
We are witnessing the burning of mankind's playground. Old world structures must be leveled before a new amusement park can be prepared for Homo Luminous.
The Illuminati " New World Order ", conspiracy dictates including; soft kill, mind control, HAARP, weather modification, GMO, Codex, 2012, planet X, ad infinite are merely resistance to inevitable change. Their grand plan is to use fear as a tool to promote a dis connect to the power which lies within each being. Their capacity to dominate Homo Sapiens has been phenomenal. Look around, how many truly illuminated individuals do you see?

The fact remains Homo Sapiens was not meant to carry the torch of truth. The role of our generation is to transition into Homo Luminous. Thus paving the road for love. Our further evolved brethren will, in the near future, enjoy the privilege of living free of illusion and maya.

When we superimpose the strength of the Illuminati resistance in contrast to the will of God's divine evolutionary plan we obviously find the Illuminati lacking in punching power. Remember, they want you to forget you are God. As we touch the GodSelf within, their power quickly wanes. Hold firm to reality, seek to free yourself from illusion.

It is very easy for us to falter under such trying conditions. Many of us, who seek to discover the true nature of the Illuminati construct, leave ourselves open to feelings of despair. How difficult it is to piece together this gruesome puzzle of deceit, murder and mayhem without feeling helpless in the onslaught. Understanding the puzzle often makes us feel like we are standing in a mine field while bombs are dropping all around. The trick to retaining our sanity lies in the ability to see past fear biased illusions, and by doing so, use unconditional love to become free.

Grace is the ability to see beyond illusion. When we embrace the ONE, we find unconditional love. If we understand our true essence as eternal GodSelf beings then we can release all fear associated with what the Illuminati may impose. Furthermore, we then see no need to concern ourselves over what our future may hold. From the ONE we can extrapolate that each Illuminati member is another beautiful ( albeit confused ) GodSelf being. Don't you all agree we must love all Godly expression, without exception? Fear is hidden in many corners of our mind, only with love and acceptance can we eradicate this cancer. When all is said and done one fact will remain; you are the eternal God being, this can never be undone.

Roaming through the internet we find a vast amount of material dedicated to unveiling the bleak reality of our enslavement. Very seldom do we find any informative material which offers up solutions. When solutions do crop up, they are usually biased toward " fighting " the system. Their desire is to somehow take back control of our sovereignty. I prefer a solution dedicated to expanding the awareness of Oneness. It is only in comprehending the reality of singularity that we can ever expect to love unconditionally. The solution to the troubles of our world can never be found without love and unity.

Yea, as I walk through the shadows of darkness I fear not evil, for I am God. The essence of my eternal divinity will shine through all darkness in every perfect moment of my being. In times of strife I need only reach out to this divine power to steady the keel with grace under pressure.

Namaste, my brethren, seek only truth and find only love...


  1. Thanks for stopping by and the kind words...

    Namaste, my brother Donovan, from fear to love...

  2. We, the Illuminati, are already here on this planet. We have certain characteristics that separate us from our homo sapien brothers, characteristics that can help identify us before our awakening. We all hold the characteristics of the Crow. Please read:

    The most prominent characteristic we show is our unconditional love for all sentient beings. The Crow has been said to have the abilities to move through space and time, to move freely through the void. A power which I believe will be awakened within us somehow in 2012. The Crow is also said to help carry souls out of the darkness and into the light, freeing people from suffering and despair, and showing them the light of love, generosity, and forgiveness. The Crow's were also the guardians of the place before existence. We always have been and always will be. Our spirits have been repeatedly reincarnated over and over throughout the years. We have existed as all of mankind's greatest individuals, slowly awaiting for the alarm clock of the universe we created to go off. What happens then? I don't know... Perhaps we'll return to the void and begin our work on the next Universe in which we will live. Or maybe we will choose to edit our current Universe to set it back on track. It might have to come down to a vote between us to decide the fate of this Universe, or the conditions of the next.

    Crows are also skeptics, so naturally I question everything I read and see. Do I even believe my own words? Or do I merely fancy them?

    My logical side sees this as laughable. But by some chance tonight I started googling things. I found out my power animal was a crow. Read about it. Realized that everything they were saying was exactly who I felt I was. I'm even studying to be a psychologist so I can pull people from their darkness into the light. I love all beings unconditionally. And I am one of the biggest skeptics I know. I've even been thinking a lot lately about reality, and have been wishing to bend it into something even more beautiful... And then I find your page, by googling "I am god I am crow"

    But, I'd say I merely fancy the idea. I somewhat used logic to arrive at it, but I did not use empiricism. Science is not logic alone, without empiricism nothing can be proven. Thus, all I can do is wait for the time to come, and prove it to myself.

  3. Thank you for stopping by GodSelf. I enjoyed the article on the Crow totem you suggested. I consider my path to be that of servitude. It is a valuable offer to hold out a gift of unconditional love. I too expect a great change when we reach the Omega point at the end of 2012. We will unite as ONE indivisible in the perfect moment of no time.
    Namaste, my brother, may all your searches yield love...