Saturday, 20 March 2010

Stepping in the Do Do...Oops

Namaste my brethren. We are being distracted on a massive scale. A covert plan of disunity is being played out to benefit the cabal of corporate Illuminati dominance. Hell bent on enslaving mankind they demand your energy, moreover they dominate your every waking moment. Main stream media is just one engine which they use to develop a motif of distraction, fear, greed and unease. The end game of course is to keep us from discovering our true GodSELF reality. En mass, thoughts, feelings and emotions of the collective mind are driven to distraction under the cadence of slogans like the Nike mantra " Just do it ". How many times have you been asked " What is it you do for a living? ".
It seems to me everyone has an axe to grind, a trinket to buy or a desire which needs to be satiated. Conspiracy theorists want you to fight for your freedom from enslavement. Churches want you to sing their praise of false idols. Corporations demand your attention so that you buy the latest flavour of the day. Governments want you to do a good days work so that you may earn the right to live on their land whilst enjoying their services. Social revolutionaries want you to fight injustice, save the planet, save the children, stop abuse, stop cancer etc... the list is truly endless. Schools demand your acquiescence as they pump your mind full of indoctrination so that you may perform well for the master. The New Age group want you to eliminate all the darkness in favour of living only in light.
What is it the average human wants? MONEY and lots of it! Our programming has created a race of " individuals " which will do anything in their power to succeed. Success as defined by the American dream is to have everything you could ever want, the winner is the one with the most toys.

Servitude to the system, enslavement to the banal, these are not the reasons for our graceful presence as GodSELF beings.

Are we not more than slaves performing pedantic gestures at the behest of a supreme corporate master? When will we say enough? When will we stop searching for glory in the outer world? When will we slow down the pace in favour of seeking the true GodSELF which resides within each of us?
In this reality paradigm we seem forever ensconced in there is only one way mankind can effect change. We must turn off the mass media in favour of searching for our inner truth. In effect we must stop stepping in the do do. Make time to see past illusion so that we may discover our GodSELF and our raison d'etre.

Who are we? Why are we here?
We are the divine spark. We are a reflection of the perfect ONE. We reside in timeless infinity as the all powerful ONE. We express ourselves in a cosmic pool of infinite choice. Our divinity may never be impinged upon, no harm may befall us. When fully awake we represent eternal unconditional love.
Our journey is to travel through darkness in search of light for the purpose of discovering our true divinity. The answers to our true nature can only be found within. Whence we touch our true self our task becomes self evident. We are here to live in unconditional love with all life. From this perspective it becomes obvious that all distractions which separate us from truth must be seen as contrary to ONEness. All the doing in the world will never change a thing. Fighting the new world order, saving the whales, curing cancer, feeding the poor ad infinitum only keep us from discovering the real solution. Prior to being able to change our external reality we must change from within . As long as we determine there is need then need shall be. As long as we determine there is fear then fear shall be. As long as we determine hate, separation and war to be solutions then hate, separation and war will manifest. Chasing money, fame and glory are just distractions from the only true path to happiness.
In search for the mirror of stillness our salvation rests in our individual ability to calm the stormy waters. Wind beating the pool can only offer an imperfect reflection. It is only when the pool is perfectly still that we can see our clear true reflection.
We do not need money, we do not need protection, in fact there is nothing we need. Most certainly there is nothing we need to " DO ". See only ONE, love all our brothers, especially those we see as enemies. In lieu of fear share love in as many moments of our divine reality as possible. Give great thanks and appreciation for each wondrous moment of our perfect life. Do no judge others, live our life with compassion for all other Godly reflections.

In Lak'ech, my brethren, from a bucket of fear manKIND finds love...