Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Grace from disorder...

We all stumble through life attracting confusion and disorder. Often we fail to understand three important characteristics of disorder;
1./ Without exception, all disorder we experience we have brought to ourselves.
2./ Each experience of disorder begs us to take ownership.
3./ Each experience will contain an opportunity to learn a lesson. In so doing, transcend the need to revisit similar lessons.

Beyond Deception:

Often we fail to realise how obstacles presented in our lives are lessons subconsciously invited into the realm of personal experience. By failing to accept the true causation of " bad experiences ", we feel the need to cast blame. Once we use blame to redirect the energy of lessons we doom ourselves to be revisited by similar disorder.
The essence of this concept is to experience our world as a synchronized dance in loving oneness with all beings. Your brother who causes you distress and harm has been brought to your door, by you, so that you may discover your true self.
From this perspective we determine there is no need to cast blame or place judgment. Instead, we accept each experience as a gift; with love, appreciation and thanks. Left in the rubble is the darkness of the ego; blame, judgment, need and fear. In it's place we find compassion, respect, tolerance, sharing, understanding and, most importantly, love. Application of this understanding is profound, allowing us the opportunity to become more graceful and loving. Moreover, it affords us the capacity to live a longer, richer life.

So why does humanity express such an incomprehension of this truth? Why do we continue to live without grace in a state of such disorder?

We have been programmed by society, media, church, education and government to experience life as an island. People have been taught to believe they are caught in a struggle for survival against a cruel and unjustified world. A Darwinian world, where only the strongest have a right to survive. The promotion of such damaging dogma enslaves the potential of the individual.
As applied to disorder, we should offer love and acceptance for each opportunity to learn. We instead see an attack which needs to be eradicated or rebuffed. As a result of manufactured ignorance our society places itself in a constant state of disorder from which there seems no relief.

Lets quickly look at how this can be applied to day to day life. Think of something you deem a common annoyance, look for the lesson. Love and accept the lesson, then leave it behind. Once you have learned the lesson you will find a pearl of wisdom for you and others to share.
By example, I always ( still do ) have had a problem with bad service and long checkout lines. This manifests itself in my life regularly, if I go into a checkout I will almost always find myself in the slowest line. The lesson is obvious, I need to apply more patience in my life, I need to slow down. As well I would benefit from accepting the fact many employees are not happy in their work, as a result they will inevitably perform poorly. Instead of offering resistance to the lesson I need to offer love and acceptance.
After consideration I discovered that these " bad experiences " were really just bad choices. I found that instead of choosing emotions of frustration and anger I could just as easily choose compassion and love for the teller. Just by making a fundamental change in perspective I could use this " bad experience " as an opportunity to add more love in my life and that of those around me.

I experience that when I refocus my energy to embrace love I always feel free, content and invigorated.

As I identify better with this lesson I find I am visited much less often. I see it first as a gentle reminder to refocus on life beyond illusion. Secondly, and more importantly, I see clearly how all disorder in my life is really a dance of beautiful perfection.
How we perceive our reality becomes a foundation for the experience we call life. We change the world one person at a time, beginning with ourselves. As our species learns to identify with our true spiritual nature we will release disorder with the application of compassion, unity and love.

In Lak'ech, my brethren, from disorder we find perfection and love...


  1. Wow! Just found your blog through a synchronous series of events - and must say, I am very impressed! You have profound insight, and I have really enjoyed reading through your various posts. Thanks for the inspiration.
    If you find a chance, I hope you will check out my website. Think we're both working towards the same goal.

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  3. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind thoughts mapmaker. I look forward to visiting your site.

    Namaste, my brother mapmaker, traveller of worlds...