Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Accepting the breath of Brahma...

Brahma exhales, transforming his etheric body into physicality so that he may experience the realm of being. Universes explode into manifest form, ever expanding the creation of infinite cosmos.
Brahma inhales, transforming her physicality into etheric body, so that she may discover anew the singularity of nothingness. Universes contract, physicality becomes aether, ever condensing to the eternal consciousness of GodSelf truth.

A child gazes at a coffee pot steaming on an open fire. She observes gases rise to the heavens above. The gases are captured by passing clouds which slowly shuffle to the distant coast.
A snowflake is borne on cosmic winds, further blanketing the mountain peak below. The snowflake remains separate and unique waiting for the spring sun to offer unity. Trickles become a rivulet in search of source. Rivulets merge into raging rivers, cascading into an awesome presence of unity. Rivers spill past delta planes, calm in the knowing that source is near. Gracefully, the ocean accepts the return of her lost children.

I see in this reality an infinite amount of snowflakes. No two are alike, however each has arisen from the one source. I see darkness in the form of illusion, monkey mind justifies the perception of separation. The cosmic month of May nears as the breath of our divine sun slowly bestows her unifying light. Snowflakes melt, rivulets form, the inevitable path to source has begun. Separate the snowflake remained silent. United, these quiet snowflakes will roar as mighty rivers resounding throughout all lands a new voice of unity and love.

It is time for the cold brain of separation to yield to the warm heart of unity. The snowflake will unite with the ocean, but first it must transform into water. Are you still a snowflake? Do you see in your brethren separation? Despair not when you see your brethren in frozen state the sun will reach them soon.

If we perceive reality from the perspective of a snowflake we become transfixed by fear. The Illuminati corporate banksters have created a perception of reality which appears rather scary. Poverty, war, famine, death, destruction, the list is endless.

Choosing to perceive reality from the perspective of a drop of water we release all fear. We embrace the reality of oneness, understanding that we are the snowflake, the drop and the ocean. That which you fear, hate and fail to accept with unconditional love is in truth yourself. Separation and judgment are the inhibitors blocking the divine radiance of the one truth " I AM THAT I AM ".

Know yourself as the ocean, know that you are eternal love.

In Lak' esh, my brethren, I am everything and nothing, the Alpha and the Omega...