Sunday, 19 December 2010

Judgment Day...

It was a wonderful December day when we searched for our Christmas tree this year. Off and on, the rain would quietly moisten the forest floor. A slight breeze carried fresh scents to enchant the moment. Leaving my wife on dry ground, I ventured alone into an old bog. I slowly weaved my way across the mire, managing barely to keep dry. I spied an old fallen tree which I thought might offer slippery but safe passage over an especially wet section. Picking my way across the moss laden log demanded full attention. Balance, a modicum of grace and focus were also required. Underfoot, the log bobbed in the water, obeying the command of my advancing weight. Performing its dance, the log steadfastly remained unpredictable, until finally I reached dry ground. Successfully navigating the other side a beautiful tree called my attention. We managed to get it home and trimmed for all to adore.

I later reflected on this experience. I was considering how crossing the mire represented a beautiful metaphor for challenges I face daily in life.
There lies before us all a path to unconditional love. We could choose carefully each step we take, in doing so we stay dry, warm and comfortable. Or we could carelessly traipse along, making ourselves wet, cold and miserable. For the most part, it is easy to stay dry if care and attention is expressed. However, we know there will be difficult stretches where we must work a little harder and be more attentive if we are to navigate safely.

So what lessons do I learn from such an experience?

Each step I take requires my undivided attention. Along my path I can expect difficult times. When I see the path ahead is more challenging I must slow down, find my balance, then carefully proceed with grace. I don't know how things will change in my live but I must accept, adjust and quickly regain composure.

The path to unconditional love often feels like a balancing act. The ego, continually crying for attention, is much like the shaky log underfoot. I never know what my ego is going to throw at me. However each step I must accept, adjust, then regain my GodSelf essence.

I find the path to be an extremely demanding experience. Each and every day, I expend great amounts of time observing my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I may go a few hours without reflection, but I almost always manage to later get caught up. Without this constant vigil I would be hopelessly lost. I say this because I know how relentless and tricky my ego is.

Judgment has been one of the things I have been focusing on of late.

I find in my heart so many ways I judge myself, others, events or outcomes. These constant echoes of ego mind only further ground my resolve to be the GodSelf. I am convinced expressions of ego can only be controlled with determined effort. If I fail to pay close attention, ego will be there to knock me off the log.

The way I see it, my waking perception of reality can be broken down into three separate and distinct blocks of time.

Unconscious time:

I must admit this represents for me the greatest block of time. This is the time each day I spend on auto-pilot. Most all of my daily routines fall into this category. Playing games, working, eating, driving, etc.. As I investigate this part of my day I determine it often reflects the fear, insecurity and illusion found in my ego mind. I have found great value in realising how my monkey mind seizes control during the unconscious auto-pilot hours.

Conscious time:

Conscious time represents in my life a significantly smaller block than does unconscious time. This passage represents the moments I spend expressing my GodSelf. It is only by demanding consistent expression of my GodSelf which affords me a committed path toward unconditional love.

Observers time:

I spend a large part of each day observing my thoughts, feelings and emotions. The observer is a most essential part of my being if am to remain true to my heart. Times of observation allow me to comprehend the lessons my ego is teaching. Moreover, the observer acts as a rudder, allowing me to steer a course beyond the rough waters of ego to the calm serenity of unconditional love.

With this matrix of time exposed, one would naturally assume that my goal is to eradicate the unconscious time in favour of conscious time. Furthermore, one would suspect that the observer in me is the conduit to said objective. To a certain extent this analysis is accurate. However, beyond this objective lies the lesson of judgment. If we pursue an objective for its own sake, we often fail to appreciate and value the many small steps which have made the journey possible.

Imagine climbing mount Everest. The first thing that pops into your mind is probably the feeling of taking those final few steps to the summit. Your mind naturally gravitates to the objective of the goal. One fails to imagine or appreciate the inherent value of the thousands of other steps which made this endeavor a reality.

Yes I desire to express only unconditional love. I desire to reflect only my GodSelf being. The irony is that I can never reach this summit unless I am prepared to release desire completely. I can see how my ego chooses to subjugate my search by redefining it in terms of goals and desires. By extension, my search for unconditional love becomes circumvented by judgment. I see my Godself expression is pale in contrast to my Egoself, so I may judge myself incomplete. Judgment of self is the quickest path to dis empowerment. There can be no goal or desired outcome. I am God, is the only truth which exists. All else is illusion fabricated by my ego.

How do I remain alert to these subtle dance steps of my ego? The answer is acceptance, non judgmental balance and unconditional love.

I must always remember how the expression of each moment is divine. There is never a time when I am not perfect. I can see my life as a series of choices which create my reality, but this is illusion. There are truly no choices made. How can I choose when I am ONE being, ONE reality, ONE consciousness, eternally expressing the divine GodSelf.


I find in front of me a journey of soul. The path of my soul is predetermined. Beyond the illusion of time and space, my soul continues its eternal expression. I can accept all aspects of my reflection without judgment. I can accept all other reflections as my own, for I am this totality. In this state of non judgment, I may find balance and serenity. With attentiveness to unity, I can discover a way to love myself unconditionally.

Where my soul takes me is not important, knowing that I am you is. With this understanding I know I can become complete in my GodSelf when you join me in embracing the truth of unity. Judgment day should be therefore considered by society as a misnomer. Judgment day will not represent a day of judgment, rather a day when all judgment has been released.

In Lak' esh, my brethren, I cannot judge for I am another you...


  1. brother,

    this is indeed very profound! but, o brother, if only it is that easy to recognize Unity or Oneness and maintain it. ego/mind is terrible. it has its unrelenting enticements that make us forget Oneness. it has its ways of making most of us think that we are separate, that in order to be happy we must keep up with the Joneses. and i must thank you for always reminding us this, for hammering this into our minds, that All is One and Love is Unconditional.

  2. christopher i am so happy for you. i can truly say that and know it's a reality within me. i accept happiness and sadness. i accept all that i have done and left undone. there is nowhere that God is not. "the sign of faith is love." i need no arguments and proofs of the sun; i've seen it. everything i do is a conversation with creation and the Creator. i have been "set free from the multiple identities that were born of passion and desire". my only passion is to be a drop of this Great Ocean of being.

    i accept. i am content with the Will of the Creator. I see nothing but love in all things visible and invisible. All that i have sought, is, has been, ever will be.

    "Whensoever the light of Manifestation of the King of Oneness settleth upon the throne of the heart and soul, His shining becometh visible in every limb and member. At that time the mystery of the famed tradition gleameth out of the darkness: “A servant is drawn unto Me in prayer until I answer him; and when I have answered him, I become the ear wherewith he heareth….” For thus the Master of the house hath appeared within His home, and all the pillars of the dwelling are ashine with His light. And the action and effect of the light are from the Light-Giver; so it is that all move through Him and arise by His will." from Seven Valleys and Four Valleys

  3. Inspirational writing - brings out many thoughts and ideas I would like to explore further.. I am not sure where to begin!
    I agree with sito saguid that the ego mind is a tenacious foe - in my experience it is a mistake to ever think I have got the better of it, for then I am guaranteed a crushing fall... of course the true self, the divine consciousness, does not think in such a way - it just IS - beyond all judgement indeed!
    We have to work hard to gain ascendency over the ego mind, but as we progress it becomes easier, as the divine self shines brighter and stronger and the ego self gradually learns its proper place (subservient to the divine self). But complacency is ever a danger. However, fluctuations are natural and to be expected - there is an ebb and flow, two steps forward, one step back... so we should not be too hard on ourselves - we do need to observe our selves critically, but judging ourselves harshly can hold us back, just as judging others does.... love the self!
    Love to all and best wishes for the new year.

  4. Namaste my brother Sito. It is such a pleasure to have you visit. I agree with most your comments however, I may have missed the mark with this blog.

    I wish to illustrate that ego is not terrible. If we perceive ego as terrible then we fall prey to missing the beauty of each ego message. I like to think of the ego as a blessing. Each reminder is a gentle tug on the heart. The ego displays a persistence and cunning of a great master. If we see ego in this light, we may learn to accept with grace it's teachings.

    Judgment is what allows causes us to see ego as terrible my brother. The heart of this blog is to understand and release the need to judge.

    We conclude that what we perceive as good and bad are reflections of judgment all of which is biased toward illusion.

    If we determine ego as terrible or bad then we will inherently try to overcome or dispel that which we perceive is bad. This is not the course which will yield peace love and harmony in our hearts. Instead we accept, love and even admire the beauty by which the grand teacher exposes light. Ego will remain the ever present teacher until all mankind releases judgment and fear in favor of unity and unconditional love.

    In Lak' esh, my dear brother Sito, letting the judge retire...

  5. Namaste my brother Billy Joe. You always bring light to my world. You have expressed in your own words so eloquently the exact sentiments I feel.
    For so many years I tried to steer my soul toward goals and objectives. I have finally come to accept the "is" ness of each and every moment of my existence. I see all moments of manifest reality as perfect expressions.
    I can only see God, by extension I can only see love. I am at peace with the lessons of ego which always allow me to gracefully embrace unity more fully into my heart.

    In Lak' esh, my brother, your light always shines...

  6. Namaste my brother Deepian. For many years I would have agreed with your sentiments. I do wish to however iterate the comments I made to our brother Sito.

    Let me chart a different course for this similar rebuttal.

    I find great value in simplicity. If we condense our knowledge into an ever decreasing dimension we can then forge a very dense foundation. By example, take all your collective knowledge Deepian and condense it into one sentence. This one sentence then becomes a bastion for all you hold true. During troubling times you can always reach for this sentence and know that peace will enter your heart. As your knowledge of truth expands, this one sentence becomes your litmus test for seeking truth in a world predicated on illusion.

    My rock of truth follows:

    All is God...

    These three simple words become my basis for all consideration. So my brother allow me to apply this rock to your comments.

    1./ If all is God, must we not assume that ego is a manifestation of God's will?
    2./ Can we invalidate, in any way, an expression of God's will?
    3./ If all is God, then we must consider all expressions as Godly. NO EXCEPTION CAN BE MADE.
    4./ If all is God, is it reasonable to choose to fight ego?
    5./ If all is God, must you not consider the presence of such a powerful force as ego to be somehow instrumental in your esoteric development?
    6./ If all is God, is it not incumbent upon us to unconditionally love, honor and cherish all aspects of reality?
    7./ If all is God, can we see that which we resist is merely another expression of self.
    8./ Nothing ego shows us is ever based in truth. The role of ego is to spin illusion into a myriad of different patterns allowing you to see, learn, then go beyond.

    Acceptance and unity of all manifest reality is an essential ingredient is releasing judgment. We do not gain by fighting ego. We can only make true gains by embracing the many lessons ego teaches. We may only learn lessons when we offer respect and thanks to our teachers.

    I consider my ego as a small little monkey. I laugh at his taunts, as he laughs at me. I love him dearly and am ever grateful for his constant guidance. I know that ego will always teach, it is up to me to learn. As I learn, ego reduces the lessons. Much like in school, we graduate to higher levels. Ego becomes more subtle as my spiritual journey progresses. I accept ego as my dance partner. I know I have many steps to learn. My observer loves to contemplate the beauty by which ego spins his many weaves of illusion.

    I leave you with a quote from Shakespeare.

    " All the world is a stage and all the men and women merely players "

    In Lak' esh, my brother Deepian, allowing the judge to retire...

  7. Well put. I love metaphors for lessons in life. I especially like this part: "Judgment day will not represent a day of judgment, rather a day when all judgment has been released." Happy New Year to you and your family. Hope this coming year is a great one for you too, thank you for the good wishes.

  8. Namaste my sister Pippi. So nice to have you drop by. I look forward to sharing thoughts in to coming year.

    In Lak' esh, my sister, letting the judge off the hook.

  9. "The irony is that I can never reach this summit unless I am prepared to release desire completely. I can see how my ego chooses to subjugate my search by redefining it in terms of goals and desires. By extension, my search for unconditional love becomes circumvented by judgment."

    When we release our desire completely, it is a powerful experience. There is a "blowing out" of the ego and the ego is destroyed. In some ways it can sneak in a little bit through fear (because let's face it, sometimes life is flippin' scary!), but all anger and judgment is destroyed completely.

    It's not something that's arduous to maintain, in the same way that when a man fills his front yard with a rock garden instead of weeds, he no longer has to keep pulling up weeds... When there is no ego, there is nothing to maintain except for one's continued works of love. Fully releasing the ego only needs to happen once for it to be permanent.

    I think in some cases, Western religions present Enlightenment in a far more accessible way than through meditation and mastery of the self. Consider this: a man with severe depression is diagnosed by a therapist and then spends the next five years on medication, intense therapy, and finally has a moment of break-through and he is cured. Now consider a man who has severe depression and believes he is possessed by a demon. Within a twenty-minute exorcism, he can be fully cured.

    The cure is the same, despite the man's mental or physical condition before he is cured. No matter who a person is before Enlightenment, after Enlightenment he becomes something entirely new.

    Whereas Eastern thought presents Enlightenment as a slow and careful climb that could take many lifetimes, Western thought presents it (in a less direct way) as submission to God, or as St. Therese of Lisieux put it, making the self "smaller" and forgetting ourselves in God's will. Two explanations for the exact same experience. I personally find it easier to think of the higher Self as God because it stops my smaller self from feeling self-important. :p There is Oneness in God... but there is also the amazing experience of feeling very, very small.

    One could say that all of the self reflection and meditation in the world is to bring us to the point where we are ready to submit... where we are ready to release our ego and grasp onto the totality of our Godselves... and that will happen in a split second when we hit the bottom of ourselves and realize there is nothing else but God.

    So don't make it hard on yourself by thinking too much -- proceed upon your path with joy! Best of luck on your road to Enlightenment!

  10. Namaste my sister Theresa. Nice to see you stop by. Possibly you may have the wrong end of the stick. I am not in any way being hard on myself. As far as thinking too much, well, this I must agree is what I do. I hope I never greet the morning with the feeling that I have figured it all out. If I stop observing, or choose to seek no more, then I will have set the stage for stagnation.

    Using your metaphor of the gardener, I feel the garden always requires loving attention. When we accept unity consciousness there is a fundamental shift in our perception. However, I truly believe that those who trust they have conquered their ego merely are being deceived by the very ego they feel they have mastered. These people feel they have control over ego are only choosing to hide from it's lessons. We are not here to control ourselves or sensor our thoughts, feelings and emotions. I am happy my ego expresses itself, I love the intricacy by which it plays the game.

    You feel I express in this blog feelings which are not joyful. I ask you to look closer. I accept all aspects of my expression as perfection. I see only God in all aspects of my reality. Is this not joy.

    My heart is not heavy when I reveal this truth I see within myself. I see divinity in all expression, there is only love. The focus of this blog is to revere all aspects of manifest being, in self, and in the totality of expression.

    In Lak' esh, my sister Theresa, you are me I am you. Your brothers ignorance like his wisdom are both your reality...

    One cannot discard ego from oneself. The expression of duality within the ONE conscious mind of humanity lends itself to the manifestation of ego. Ego as perceived by the species Homo Sapiens will always exist. The day will come when we evolve into a new being, Homo Luminous. It is this new being which will possibly embrace a reality free from the confines of the master spinner of illusion.

  11. I believe you are both right. That moment of surrender is a second, but it might take some time to reach that moment. And I believe we are perpetually surrendering in the sense that there is always more to be revealed.

    This argument reminds me of the classical argument as to whether light is a particle or a wave. It happens to be both.

    What we need to know of God, the Unknowable Essence, is revealed to us. Love is what we need to know.

    My experience with rock gardens is that they take planning and careful building and weeds can still appear. They need to be taken care of.

    And if the man is cured in five years how is that anything less; he is still cured. And I have seen too many people supposedly “saved” in an instant whose lives remained in the chains of ignorance of their selves.

    There is no perfection without testing. Think you that you won’t be tested and sometimes fail. Our God is merciful and forgiving.

    Here we go again, pitting East against West, when in reality, if one were to examine the teachings of the East and West with open minds, getting beyond the symbols and language, to the essence, one would find unity.

    I have met and studied the lives spiritual persons of the both the East and West and found both enlightened and devoted to the Creator.

  12. Namaste my brother Billy Joe. I am so very happy to see you comment further. The blog was meant to entertain concepts of releasing judgment but the subtlety of ego seems, to instead, be carrying the day.

    My wife and I hold opposing views on the origins of ego. Our diametric understanding of ego causes us to often discuss this subject. My wife ( holds a more conventional view of ego. She adopts a gnostic concept of ego inasmuch as ego becomes a function of the Archons. Like most, my wife sees ego as an invader of the GodSelf being. She determines ego as a force which has infected mankind. Furthermore she feels that ego can be conquered by the individual.

    Conversely, my views of ego lean more toward Eastern philosophy as Lord Krishna expresses to Arjuna in the Gita. Further adding to my construct of ego is the Gurus concept of the Veda. The Upanishads offer the description of the " breath of Brahma " as it relates to the mysterious spiral. The mystic spiral is well reflected in our physical realm when we pay homage to the divine beauty of the Fibonacci sequence. We come to understand each breath of Brahma to represent the eternal cycle from the one to the many back to the one. As Brahama descends to the physical expression of many, duality is created. This duality reflects itself as illusion of separation. Brahma is still Brahma, but illusion of ego hides her ability to perceive her true identity.

    Where I separate from Vedic tradition is in determining the need to eradicate ego or dispel ego. Many monks and Eastern adherents choose to isolate themselves from ego so that they may find inner peace. They choose to limit the distractions of the manifest world so that their sight may remain fixed within. I do not see value in censoring or controlling my environment or my expression. I see great value in meditativeness, introspection and quiet time. However I would not desire to curtail or limit the expression of my ego.
    With this said I am enamored with the teachings of Don Juan. It is so difficult to find good work on ego, almost all books on ego take a Jungian or Freudian approach which is essentially nonsense. Don Juan refers to ego as " fliers ". He describes how these fliers invade the new born child. Furthermore he maintains that one can eradicate this virus by eliminating it's ability to feed. This is achieved by maintaining a GodSelf perspective beyond the confines of ego. Don Juan's description confirms my wifes position much better than my own. Nonetheless, I love his teachings and remain is stasis with regard to accepting his vision.
    As far as the Gnostics, I feel the entire construct of Sophia and the Archons is a metaphor for ego. The Gnostic belief structure placed much emphasis on the concept of the demiurge. I believe this is done in reverence to the awesome power of ego as it dominates, with illusion, the sleeping heart. Plato discusses this concept in great length as he disseminates Gnostic concepts in his work Timeus.

  13. Part 2.

    My wife mentioned this entire argument is based on semantics. In this I agree, we are all seeing the same thing through different lenses. We agree with each other in principal whilst choose to describe through different eyes.

    I wish to take this opportunity to clear up my position as it specifically relates to contrasting views. It is not my desire to stand in opposition to any of your views. Rather it is my desire to express more clearly the views I hold most dear. I love such blog responses as all your comments allow me to learn more truth. Sito, Deepian and Theresa I very much would like to invite you back to discover further your feelings on ego. This is one of my favorite subjects so all the opinions I can get would be much appreciated. Further to this if any of you know any good work on ego please share the titles with me so I may continue my search. Especially Sito, as my wife and I would like to you to more clearly define what you mean in your use of the word terrible as a description of ego.

    In Lak' esh, my brothers and sisters, seeking the greatest perspective...

  14. brother, i needed time to ingest all this. personally, i am in accord with your wife that this might all be just semantics. with regards to ego,i'm not into any technicalities. when i say ego is terrible,it's just my way of expressing my frustration over not being able to get it subjugated always to my higher Inner Self, my Divine Spark. i see my ego/mind as the one that constantly leads me outward, that entices me to prefer more, or if i may say to be ensnared more by, the offerings of the mundane world, that does not give me lasting happiness and peace. and it is lasting happiness i want. my Master said, "the only Teacher of Soul is God, so one must rise up to His level to fully enjoy Him."

    you are correct, brother, in saying ego is not bad nor a foe. it's just that ego is a "delayer" of full enjoyment of Divinity. and i loved brother billy's word -- SURRENDER. surrendering indeed helps a lot. it allows humility and disempowers ego's dictates.

    may i share this beautiful prayer by that great saint Paramahansa Yogananda:

    teach us to feel
    that Thou art the Power
    behind all wealth,
    and the Value
    within all things,
    finding Thee first
    we shall find every thing else
    in Thee.

  15. "Here we go again, pitting East against West, when in reality, if one were to examine the teachings of the East and West with open minds, getting beyond the symbols and language, to the essence, one would find unity."

    Yes, they teach the same experience, "unity." What I was talking about are the methods that are in variance, and they are most definitely in variance. Buddhism and Catholicism teach different paths to Enlightenment but focus on similar qualities of the human experience.

    "Enlightenment is a full, permanent recognition of what one truly is, free of all false positions, speculations and other mental encumbrances." -Oshana

    Unity with the Godhead requires the complete destruction of the ego. No ego, no maintenance. How can the ego "sneak back in" when it ceases to exist? Once we can see God, it's impossible to close our eyes again.

  16. I think it's more that different methods have been emphasized, but I believe a close examination of religions shows that the objective is the same and that aspects that don't seem a part of a religion are really there but not emphasized or not interpreted to have the same function and meaning.

    For instance, American Indians were called heathens by Christians, yet much of their religion is in principle Christian theologically. For example, the sweat lodge, which is a fundamental tenet of plains Indian spirituality and revealed to them by a being who was both human and divine (a Manifestation),the White Buffalo Calf Woman, is about being born again.

    In Tibetan Buddhism, there is the same debate about sudden enlightenment and the journey to enlightenment.

  17. All this is interesting and can be helpful, but it is really very simple. I may have a personal opinion, but I don't have to start a church or sect and separate myself from others and demand that others understand it the way I do. I just need to strive to be like Him/Her and only the Creator and I know my sincerity. My task is to love Perfection, love others--the perfection I see in them--and love myself, to love God and follow His Light to the best of my ability. The other stuff is interesting and fun to talk and think about and sometimes crucial to our growth, but we can do all things with love.

    Peace, Namaste, Alláh'u'Abhá,

  18. Hello sweetheart. As you know, I meant to join this discussion yesterday but I got distracted. I told you that I thought Sito's statement that "ego/mind is terrible" is an accurate description of lived experience and doesn't automatically imply that ego/mind isn't necessary and valuable. I also pointed out that the word "terrible" has multiple meanings and some of them (eg. "extreme" and "formidable") do not involve any value judgement at all. In short I'd say the false ego is terrible; it is our greatest (and truly our only) opponent, AND it is the best and most perfect teacher there ever was.
    We have, as you say, had this discussion many times, and one of the reasons for that is that I've never been able to make my point of view understood by you. I've often wished that I could just do one of those Vulcan mind-melds, LOL. Anyhow, I don't agree with your representation of my views and so I wish to clarify them once again.
    You said:
    "My wife and I hold opposing views on the origins of ego. Our diametric understanding of ego causes us to often discuss this subject. My wife ( holds a more conventional view of ego. She adopts a gnostic concept of ego inasmuch as ego becomes a function of the Archons. Like most, my wife sees ego as an invader of the GodSelf being. She determines ego as a force which has infected mankind. Furthermore she feels that ego can be conquered by the individual."
    In fact, we don't hold opposing views on the origins of ego. We both recognise that it, like everything else, emanates from God. I don't doubt it's value or necessity any more than you do. I don't even know how to respond to your choice of the word "conventional". As I understand it, the conventional view of ego regards it as the central organising principle of the individual self, and inseparable from it. I don't buy that at all. See: Individuality and False Egoand Is It I?.
    It's true that we do disagree on the subject of whether or not the false ego is intended to be overcome. I think it is. I think the opportunity to engage and transcend it's influence is precisely it's great value. I do think it is possible, not by "the individual" but by means of that which is beyond all separation, by the presence of God, in which we have our true being. The final victory over false ego is accomplished in an instant of unconditional surrender to Truth, although it may take years to weaken false ego's influence enough to make that surrender absolute.
    In Lak'ech. (I am another you.)

  19. 13 mulac,

    Wonderful. The question is, though, does ego vanish, never to come back, after that instant of unconditional surrender? In Christian theological terms "once saved always saved", at least one sect or thought in Christianity. Being imperfect, aren't we prone to falling at times? We can get back up right away and not suffer too much disturbance in our surrendered state, but if we dawdle, languish in our fall, we are apt to eat away and lose our surrendered state. Those who believe that when you surrender ego is destroyed can always say of those who surrendered and then ego returned that they didn't really surrender in the first place. Which may or may not be true. I'm not sure we can ever be egoless, that would be perfection. Anyone out there want to claim perfection? I think a saint is anyone who strives to overcome ego.

  20. Is there really a conclusive answer to this? One person's experience tells them ego is gone in an instant for good. Another feels they have surrendered and ego was gone but there have been ups and downs. Still other variations. All I know is that if one strives to love and serve others, there is no ego at those moments. Oh, you may hear ego's distant voice or hear it yelling, but it's like walking by a caged man-eater who cannot harm you unless you open his cage door.
    Then again, one must learn discernment and know one's self to be sure that your loving altruism is not ego. There is ego in spirituality, just look at Peter in the New Testament. So all of this is between you and the Creator. And your journey may not look like mine in its details.

  21. What is not good is that people separate themselves over questions such as this, turn it into doctrine that others must follow or they're not "saved" or whatever term, I'm not picking on Christianity, they all do it. What's important is not whether your ego is gone forever or you are struggling with it, but are you loving and serving others. Are you making people happy, not saddening them by your insistence upon a doctrine or question of method you don't have a conclusive answer to anyway.

  22. Hi Billy Joe.
    I think that false ego can be fully transcended because I don't think it is an essential feature of humans. Ancient legends tell of a time when humans don't appear to have been susceptible to it. I've always thought it ridiculous that humans, with all their potential should only live for 80 years or so. It seems unnatural and a waste. I suspect our natural lifespans are designed to be several hundred years at least. Ancient sources suggest that this was once the case. I think our shortened lives are one of the effects of false ego/Archons. If there was humanity before false ego/Archons, then it's reasonable to assume that will be humanity after they are gone. I can only speculate about the purpose of their presence, but I think it is a sort of initiatory ordeal for our species, and freely chosen by us.
    Don Juan Matus, in speaking of these entities that he calls "flyers", said:
    "The grand trick of those sorcerers of ancient times," don Juan continued, "was to burden the flyers' mind with discipline. They found out that if they taxed the flyers' mind with inner silence, the foreign installation would flee, giving to any one of the practitioners involved in this maneuver the total certainty of the mind's foreign origin. The foreign installation comes back, I assure you, but not as strong, and a process begins in which the fleeing of the flyers' mind becomes routine, until one day it flees permanently. A sad day indeed! That's the day when you have to rely on your own devices, which are nearly zero. There's no one to tell you what to do. There's no mind of foreign origin to dictate the imbecilities you're accustomed to...
    ... The flyers' mind flees forever," he said, "when a sorcerer succeeds in grabbing on to the vibrating force that holds us together as a conglomerate of energy fields. If a sorcerer maintains that pressure long enough, the flyers' mind flees in defeat."
    I have not managed to accomplish this feat myself, and very few have done so. Many people mistake peak experiences for the end of false ego especially if they are long-lasting. False ego is very happy to have you believe that you have beaten it, when in fact it has only temporarily fled, then returned in disguise. It would be a great mistake to underestimate it's cunning and tenacity. It was designed by God after all. ;-)
    Does egolessness equal perfection? I guess that depends what you mean by perfection. Without false ego, we would be perfect in the way that nature is perfect. A tree is perfect when it expresses it's "treeness" without distortion. I think the same goes for us.
    In Lak'ech.

  23. My question is: if egoless humanity is a state of greatness and would, I suppose, create a paradise world that we seek, then why isn't it still here? It must not have been too great for those supposed beings who once lived a long life and were egoless, because there culture disintegrated and is gone. Sounds like the Adam and Eve story. There was this paradise of egoless beings who were just like nature, being perfectly, oops, then somebody got inquisitive and ate from the Tree of Knowledge. That innocence will get you in trouble. No matter how egoless they were there must have been a little ego in the corner waiting to awaken. We've fallen and ego rules again. Now innocence is great but I think innocence tried that chooses innocence is much stronger by experience. I would rather have a sea captain who had weathered many storms, made some mistakes and learned by them, than a new recruit lacking any experience.

    Remember, I'm throwing these ideas out as a discussion, so that I might be better able to find the truth. I have my opinions but I'm trying not to be tied to any of them. It's a very long fall once you start pronouncing absolutes, and a very hazy world where one cannot see very well any longer.

    BTW, I've always liked this thought by I think, William Carlos Williams:
    "A green apple is no less perfect than a red one."

  24. That's the million dollar question, isn't it? Every other species on the planet remains free of the insanity that afflicts humans. And no one can say for sure what happened to us, when or why. Not knowing the source of the trouble makes it very hard to know how to heal it. If we even knew whether it was intentional or an accident, that would help. All we can really do is try solutions and see if they help. I've been experimenting on myself this way for many years and I can say for sure that the heart is far more intelligent than the head. An awakened heart is an infallable guide. It has no need of government or laws because it knows what is right. Perhaps the point of this whole nasty business is for us to realise that. A "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone" sort of thing.
    In Lak'ech

  25. Very insightful,love pictures, thanks for sharing.

  26. Namaste my sister Toyin. Thank you for your kind words. Join in any time you are most welcome. Enjoy the many videos below, hope to see your soon.

    In Lak' ech, my sister, love is all there is...

  27. dear 13 Muluc,

    thank you sister for giving me that word i should have used at the onset to describe "my" ego --- formidable. and thank you for understanding that i can only answer up to the point of lived experience.

  28. You're most welcome, Sito. My pleasure.
    In Lak'ech.

  29. An interesting and intriguing blog you've got here brother.

  30. Thank you for stopping by my brother. May peace an love fill your world.

    In Lak' esh, my brother Olutosin, love is all there is...