Sunday, 6 February 2011

Bang Bang; You're Dead...

Reaching back in time, we see imprinted on cave walls pictographs depicting gruesome images of death. Ocher dyes, infusing red so deeply into stone, etch out cries of hunter and prey. Clear is the legacy of art outlining the thoughts, feelings and emotions of primal man's philosophy toward death.Spinning the wheel of time forward, we view through modern pop art and main stream media, a culture dominated by a deep seated fear of death. Flowering from the fertile soil of fear, an imaginary rose pokes forth budding in the prospect of eternal life. History outlines well, the many efforts great societies have taken to capture the Holy Grail of immortality.

Great leaders from past regimes looked to wizards and Magi to offer respite from death. Later, we see biblical crusaders wreak havoc in foreign lands as they search in vein for the lost Grail. Well documented was Hitler's fixation with the Grail, touched upon in the cinematic fantasy of Indiana Jones. Today, the pinnacle of research points to man, trusting in science. It is believed, science is on the brink of determining a method for imprinting human consciousness into the body of an android. The resulting hybrid being, would theoretically enjoy eternal life.

It is this final pursuit to hybridization which, in my mind, proves to be quite an enigma. I find such scientific aspirations to represent phenomenal stupidity. There are many reasons, both scientific and spiritual, which urge me to make such a crass statement. I think the most compelling argument to the idiocy of this field of research is their understanding of consciousness. The De Facto benchmark for this scientific endeavor is the understanding, we are not body we are consciousness. Knowing this truth, either scientifically or spiritually, one would assume the yoke of death should be released by the awakened mind. Ergo, the fear associated with the illusion of death should have disappeared entirely or at the very least waned morphing into a philosophical search. So I ask myself, what is the impetus for such study? Why would one strive to become artificially eternal, when they know themselves to be naturally eternal? Why strive to emancipate oneself from a prison which one has just proven does not exist?

The only sensible argument I can theorise is fear of loss. The engine providing thrust to this research is the power elite. Great moguls find themselves in a very prestigious position of ruling sleeping masses. This incarnation of body/spirit has afforded them with power and control never seen in the recorded annals of history. Bloodlines which have striven for millennia to reach the pinnacle of power now sit upon a golden global throne, enslaving billions.
Drinking wantonly from the overflowing cup of humanities collective fear, they fervently push science to extend their individual reign. Drunk with power, they have become entrapped by darkness, never contemplating the glory of the truth already discovered. It reminds me of the alchemist who has succeeded in turning lead into gold. However, due to his ignorance, he does not know of his accomplishment, desperately his search continues. The root of this science exposes the deep seated fear of loss exhibited by the power elite. Trapped by monsters in dark closets, they cannot fathom existence without control.

What is death? Why do we fear death?

People who believe in the illusion of their physical body will always fear the moment when that body ceases to function. Convinced by their senses and programmed by society, they believe their existence to be limited. For thousands of years mankind has been favoured with written gnosis which portrays a different philosophical perspective of self. Self is seen as consciousness and the body is understood to be a physical vehicle for which this consciousness may be expressed. Furthermore, consciousness is expressed as a singular eternal point of God self unity. We can determine from the lessons of great spiritual masters that our expression of manifest reality is a reflection of God. We understand that separation is an illusion of ego, all reality is ONE ETERNAL EXPRESSION OF GOD.

From a scientific perspective quantum physics proves our understanding of time, space and physicality to be illusionary. Advances in biology prove unequivocally that our universe is an interconnection of consciousness, nothing is separate from anything else. Mathematically and geometrically we can determine via the Fibonacci sequence and fractal geometry that all matter is patterned by ONE universal template. All advanced roads of science point to the fact we are eternal points of the consciousness in what is known as " the field. "

How does this ideology translate into a usable modern metaphor? If we think of our existence in terms of a Sony PS3 game. The average person is caught in the illusion they are merely one of the game characters. When we accept the aforementioned spiritual and scientific truth we see from a broader perspective. We now comprehend ourselves to be; the creators of the game, the ones playing the game, all the game characters and all the bites of information making up the game universe. We now know that when a character in the game dies, the conscious experience of the game continues.

Daily we experience a fundamental shift in the perception of reality. The waking world transitions to the dream world without causing us fear.
We know that in a short time we will wake allowing the body self to go about it's daily routines. When we die, we will determine a new perspective of reality. Recorded testimonials of experiences from near death survivors offer a mere glimpse of what the early phases of transition might look like. The fundamental gain by this recorded data is that it may be unequivocally stated that we do maintain a perspective of consciousness. WE LIVE ON, The slate does not go black and the game does not end. Further to this key revelation, it may be noted, all descriptions of afterlife experience portray a wonderful connection to peace, love and serenity.

In conclusion, we know we are consciousness and not body. We have proven that time, space and physicality are illusions, cast by the ego. We now must assert that death is an illusion, established by the fear of loosing the body. We are much more than separate individuals, we are the totality of all manifest reality, we are the eternal field. Ignorance guides the non thinking man into believing that he is the game character. To maintain the celebrity and status he will go to any length to extend the survival of his game character, even cybernetics. He fails to see the paradox, in turn he never truly comprehends he is God.

Release the fear you may have of your death and that of those you love. Death is proven to be an illusion. Moreover the continuance of your " after life " points to a perspective of consciousness which, by all accounts, seems most beautiful. Life is very much worth living, every moment is an opportunity to bathe in the glory of GodSelf perfection. I do not wish to lose the connection to this body experience of Christopher. I hope to enjoy expressing Christopher for many more years. I find each day brings more love and unity to my life. I savor the time I have to learn more about who I am and why I exist. When the frequency of Christopher ceases to play out its reflection in the field, I truly believe a most wonderful transitional moment in my perception will occur.

In Lak' esh, my brothers and sisters, beyond the illusion of death...