Monday, 21 February 2011

The year 2112, Grade 4, World Creation 201

The year is 2112, the 100 year anniversary of the evolution of mankind. The setting is a grade 4 elementary class, the teacher has initiated a discussion on the demise of homo sapiens.

Our teacher Mrs. Smith has asked a poignant query.
" Who can tell me the most influential catalyst promoting the initiation of homo luminous, and why do we consider evolution of man to be an expression of a predetermined third dimensional time line? "
In response to the teacher's question, little Johnny remains restless in his chair, anxious for the chance to start the repartee.

Before broaching Johnny's response let us consider some sentiments of the time. When debating evolution, society in 2112 oscillate between the parameters of cause and effect. Was Homo Sapiens evolution a given, or is it possible that evolution could have been further delayed? The reason this question begs debate in modern society stems from a clearer understanding of history. More comprehensive learning shed light on the fact that other Homo Sapiens races prior to 2012 had experienced galactic alignment but had failed to evolve. The most cited and romantic example of this fact was the civilization of Atlantis 7,132 B.C.. In addition to this historic truth sages have pointed to the voluminous amount of ancient lore which exposed the specific December 21st 2012 date. The final block in the creation of modern evolutionary theory cites the Mayan calendar as a pure example of a predefined linear and transitory trespass through time.

Conventionally, students subscribe to the wisdom of the time when considering such topics of evolution ( Law of God 3, gives us the truth that evolution is an opportunity not a given ). Well, little 12 year old Johnny has a pearl of wisdom to share with the class. You must understand that children of 2112 are taught to question everything, to look for wisdom and join in the creation of knowledge. Comfortable in breaking new ground he shares his feelings with the class, promoting a great debate.

Mrs Smith, I feel that we need to consider why the Mayan calendar, coupled with the lore of countless other civilizations, highlighted the same evolutionary end date of 2012. We perceive that the evolution of our universe, planet and subspecies are definitely a derivative of a predetermined linear fractal expression. This truth is easily accepted, especially when looking at evolutionary reference points and how they are plotted on a graph based on the laws of fractal time / space. However I submit that man is an exception to this dogma.

Just because the dream is subject to fractal expression, this does not in my opinion necessarily mean that the dreamer is as well.

If we first consider our cosmos. All universes in our cosmos have evolved as a function of a definitive fractal equation. Looking at our universe, Earth and all other planets have clearly evolved under the blanket of this same fractal template.

When we examine Earth Mrs. Smith, we again understand that earth has evolved in exactly the same pattern on six separate and consecutive occasions.
From these truths, Mrs. Smith, we glean the understanding that Earth's evolution conforms to the same laws of fractal definitiveness. Over and over, with each subsequent evolution, we see earth evolve whilst conforming perfectly to the same mathematical equation.

Look to the evolution of the planetary subspecies, again the same perfect fractal time line exists. From this evolutionary perspective it becomes obvious to all of us that evolution is in fact linear with a predetermined time line. Ergo Mrs. Smith, we may conclude that the dream is a perfect fractal equation. So Mrs. Smith, you may expect that I will follow this reason to the logical and popular conclusion which states that man's evolution; like the subspecies, the planet, the universe and the cosmos, charts the same equation of evolutionary fractal truth.

Instead of following protocol, I would like to submit for the classes consideration Mrs. Smith the following. On that fateful evolutionary day on December 21st 2012 if the masses of humanity had not chosen love, we would this day in 2112 find ourselves dusting off from the inevitable annihilation of our species.
I believe the power elite would have won the day. They would have clamped down society and depopulated the planet the the 500 million souls as depicted in the Georgia guide stones. Within 20 years humanity would have been programmed, mind controlled and completely governed by the elite. The prospect of gaining a spiritual connection would have become impossible in the regime of the New World Order. Once the world were totally under elite domination, it stands to reason their psychopathic minds, hungry for power, would lead to a great war of elites. Struggling for global domination each of the bloodlines would begin feasting on each others' weakness in a drive for singular bloodline domination. I truly doubt the planet could have survived that level of discord without eventual planetary destruction. I feel this would have taken maybe one century leaving us in the predicament of dusting off from the apocalypse.

Homo sapiens would most probably find itself preparing for the seventh reseeding of earth and the long climb back to the precipice of homo luminous. Would we not find ourselves exposed yet again to another uncertain future of unlimited cosmic choice. Modern philosophers, I believe, are misled by the countless civilizations who expressed the 2012 end date. Man is the dreamer of the dream Mrs. Smith. I believe we cannot be held to the constraints of a definitive fractal equation because we choose our existence.

Most people believe that our evolution was a function of the Internet, the capacity for man to unite as one mind. However I maintain that the Internet only provided the medium, much like agar in the dish stimulates growth. Homo Sapiens had many previous opportunities to embrace love but instead dwelt in fear. Fear is the food for the hungry beast of ego, leaving the lost civilizations just that, lost from light. Love itself was the greatest contributing factor for evolution, Mrs. Smith. Is man's evolution part of the great law of fractal time set against a predetermined third dimensional time line? I don't think so Mrs. Smith, I trust that the dreamer is the dream. Shakespeare, the great ancient, once said "the world is but a stage and we are merely players ". Now we know that we are the stage and the player. In a playground of love Mrs. Smith, there is no fractal time equation for the dreamer.


  1. Detailed, well illustrated, much inspiring food for thought.

    As for my position I have spent a great deal of time debating with prominent evolutionary biologists. When I had their backs against the wall the agression unleashed was a complete revelation of their insecurity.

    Overall, it was a total waste of time and effort.

    Keep up the Good Work

    KS (UK)

  2. Namaste KS, nice to see you drop by, thanks for the e-mail. Most prominent evolutionary biologists are stuck in Darwinian thought process. Not a very condusive milieu for contemplation of philosophy or GodSelf evolution.

    In Lak' esh, my brother KS, knowledge=love...

  3. Note, this blog had to be reposted. A comment was missed by a very nice girl of whom I cannot recall by name. I am sorry your kind regards have been lost to this reshuffle and wish to enjoy your future perspectives.

  4. excellent! As always interesting^_^

  5. Thanks for stopping by today Ronny. Have a fantastic week.

    In Lak' ech, my brother, beyond fear is love waiting to embrace...

  6. Hello, SciReg, very nice to see your visit. Thanks for the kind comment, love your site.

    Namaste, my sister, peace in your world...

  7. I personally have no problem with evolution as it is understood scientifically. I have yet to see strong reason to deviate from it. I also think there are aspects of the evolutionary process that we have yet to fully understand or even notice.

  8. Namaste, Adalis thanks for the visit. Scientifically there are numerous opinions on evolution. Darwinian science is rather dated and proven to be incomplete at best. The most exciting advances in evolutionary studies offer a more than compelling argument against Darwinism. A very interesting posit is that the flipping of the earth's magnetic field every 120 thousand years may play a very important role in the evolutionary process. The argument made is that galactic radio active particulate matter penetrates the Earth atmosphere during pole shift cycles.

    Certainty is not a pleasure of scienctific processs. More to the point, scientists are juvinile investigators who theorise at the complex design of conscious manifestation.

    In Lak' ech, my sister Adalis, the search never ends....

  9. Evolution is called a theory for a reason. Not because it's unproven or based on circumstantial evidence, the reason being is that it's based on hard proof that has tested numerous times. Some of the medicines used today would not be in existence if evolution were not fact. Therefore, scientists are hardly juvenile investigators.

    Of course, that doesn't mean there aren't scientists that act in a juvenile manner. As for the flipping of the magnetic poles, it has been shown that it's happened in the past and it'll happen again. The question is when. In the end, I guess the answers as to what will happen will come in 2012.

  10. Sitting at their desk 10 year old children accept theory as fact. The kids who are pumped full of Darwinian " Theory " fully believe their teachers assertions.

    Juvenile in the sense that they conform to theory like lemmings heading to the cliff edge. The structure of learning is faulty, as a result most so called scientists reproduce erroneous theorem as fact, without pause or reflection. We need schools that breed thinkers, not meat grinders that pump out the next melange of hamburger minds.

    2012 my sister is the uncharted unknown. In the end it does not really matter one way or the other.

  11. I agree that there are problems with schools and they need improving. I can't count how many times I felt like I was being given busy work and nothing of substance. And to say they conform to theory like lemmings is a rather broad statement for such a large, diverse group of people.

    As for Darwinian theory, I'm sure there have been some mistakes found, but in general, evolution is fact. The problem I find is that many don't have a clear understanding of the word 'theory'. Scientifically, it means something that has been proven to be fact.

    To say otherwise is to say that the theory of gravity is a lie. Obviously, it is not. So until proven otherwise, 10 year old children should accept scientific theory as fact. They should also question it.

  12. There seems to be a trip up in language, not uncommon. There are many different types of theory, ranging from philosophical to empiracal. To me the heart of the word theory suggests incompleteness. When a theory is completely proven, the scientific community advances the theory to the status of scientific law. As students of science we should remain resolute in discovering the unproven aspects of a given theory, thereby advancing collective knowledge. Relative to evolution, students have a singular perception of evolution occuring over eons of time. We know now this is not often the case. Cited example; there was a pole reversal about 11,000 years ago at the same time thousands of new species emerged in a very short time. Coincidence, the scientists don't think so as this case is supported by the collective studies of countless other independant evolutionary researchers.

    I guess at the end of the day, we should always seek to expand our horizons. In or out of the school system we mus remind ourselves to ask questions and effect personal discovery. Thank you for your continued dialogue.

    In Lak' esh, my sister, discovery...

  13. brother, this is really very interesting. personally, i believe there is no time-line governing our march towards the ultimate or cosmic consciousness. our duty is to evolve towards such. of course, the first step is to realize we are part and parcel of the Great Infinite..

  14. Namaste brother Sito. Thank you for your visit and participation. Whatever may come to pass I do not perceive it to be the ultimate expression of consciousness. This story illustrates one step toward that aim. If Homo Luminous were to be a result of the 2012 transition then I believe it would represent yet one more stepping stone to the understanding of truth. I do not envision Buddha type perfection for Homo Luminous, instead I see a new way of perceiving self separate from ego. This I trust would be the harbinger of unconditional love and unity consciousness.

    In Lak' ech, my brother Sito, luminosity...

  15. I believe we are experiencing evolution now. There are changes happening in the world before our eyes, the middle east, people taking their destinies and creation into their own hands, uniting and voicing, this is what we wanted all along, now we are taking it, accepting it as a reality, bringing it into fruition. I see this in an individual level in the people around me as well. There is something happening, things are changing and being put into place by the choices we are each making and those standing up and choosing spiritual evolution, peace and growth are coming together. Blessings. Great post.

  16. Namaste my sister Pippi. Nice to have you visit. I too see exactly the same things of which you mention. Change is one of the few constants we can rely on. The global awakening is very apparent to those who are even moderately awake. What will happen no one can say, however I have a deep seated feeling in my heart wonderful days are ahead.

    In Lak' ech, my sister, seeing with love and unity with open hearts...