Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Me Myself and I...

For years I never knew "I" existed, until the day I realised there were two of us present in my body. It is a bit mind bending to discover there is another you. Even more of a trip to find out that the "you", you thought you were, only exists as an illusion. How was I to figure it out? No one ever told me the truth.

"Hey, by the way, you are not you. There exists another you that is the real you. The you that you think you are is really just a very persistent illusion. In a nut shell there are two you's, only one is real and you haven't discovered the real one yet."

The Ego self is the primary filter through which we all perceive reality. From the perspective of ego we see ourselves as separate beings born into a grand universe. Ego narcissistically competes for gain, often at the cost of others. Ego self believes in birth, anticipates death, whilst remaining steadfastly convinced of the physicality of being. Ego self dwells in the regrets of the past, while fearing what the future may hold. When caught by the illusions of Ego self we strive to compete with survival as the prime directive. Ego self is the embodiment of maya and the purveyor of all fear. For better or worse, Ego self represents what the majority of humanity see when peering in the mirror of self reflection. We cannot be too hasty to judge Ego self as it's primary function is that of teacher. Often we determine maya to be dastardly, however, upon reflection most people agree their greatest gains have been wrought from their most arduous challenges.

The God self is the other filter with which we may choose to perceive reality. Existing ubiquitously in the ethereal plane of unity consciousness, the God self represents ones higher state of being. From the God self perspective we see beyond the illusion of the physical world. The God self defines matter as light bent into temporary form by the conscious observer. God self knows birth and death as illusions used by the ego mind to breed urgency in the hearts of humanity. Past and future are seen as illusion by God self. Ego's ticking clock is supplanted by time defined as one perfect eternal moment of NOW. From the perspective of God self all reality is a singularity of being defined simply as love. The God self knowing itself as the totality of all manifest reality does not compete or judge. God self is the personification of unconditional love, the part of self which always chooses to serve compassionately in the absence of judgment.

We are creator beings, every thought feeling and emotion we have programs the universe thereby defining our personal reality. We know ourselves to be actors, how many of us know we are the script writers as well? What do you think? How do you feel? Are you actively creating a reality of love?

Our world is immersed in fear; children fear their school grades, adults their ability to provide, the aged their imminent death. We all seem to fear a calamitous future; politics, environment, economy, radiation, cancer, austerity, hunger, fuel, water, air, oceans, climate change, even bloody asteroids seem to loom with ominous certainty. Look at mainstream media; death or destruction for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fear is experienced in countless other subtle manifestations; need, desire, hope and doubt to name a few. With Ego self getting so much play it seems one has to make a concerted effort to have any hope of embracing the God self love within.

Can we change our world, making it more beautiful and loving?

Yes we most certainly can; however, there is good news and bad. The good news is we can simply choose love more often. When working we can choose love by thinking of how our work feeds those we love or aids those we serve. When interacting with people we can choose to smile and feel love while in their presence. We can choose to love and appreciate the elements, birds, animals, all creatures big and small. We can remain vigilant of our thoughts ensuring that we dedicate our feelings to empower our reality and that of others. By thinking and feeling love more often we will see our personal and extended world change for the better. By choosing to enhance the world of all those we meet we find peace, tranquility and love becomes our norm. We all desire a better reality experience; peace, love and unity is the only intelligent solution.

The bad news is our default mechanism is auto pilot which, as a result of Ego's survival instinct coupled with mainstream media, runs primarily on fear. If you don't think you run on fear how about a few examples. Most people work all day under the fear of a lack of productivity. If we don't get done what the boss expects us to do then we will certainly loose our job. How about our best friend Bill, the only guy who writes to us every month. If Bill doesn't get paid what happens to you and the family? Even our little ones can't catch a break. Do adults have any idea how hard it is for their children to get a high school diploma or a post graduate degree. We spend 40 hours per week immersed in fear biased activity then wonder why we have stress problems. How many people arrive home from work, eat dinner before they get a chance to unwind, then sit in front of the T.V. to force feed fear for a few hours before bedtime, happy dreams! Fear is ever present, you have to agree most people are jacked up on fear all day. Fear has become so ever present it appears normal. Most people would vehemently disagree their life is riddled with fear, that is until they take a closer look.

The next big problem is what I call auto pilot syndrome. If we fail to actively and consciously embrace love we will tend to operate 99% of our day on auto pilot. When on auto pilot we are always living in the ego mind whereby we are not actively choosing love. If you think I am wrong, feeling that my analysis does not apply to you, your friends and family then just try the 1% test.Consciously dedicate yourself to choose love as often as you possibly can for one day. Do your best to add up all the minutes you were thinking loving thoughts or feeling loving emotions. Subtract those definitive loving moments from the total waking minutes of your day and see if it exceeds 1%. The vast majority of people will conclude it requires a conscious effort to exceed one percent.

How do we get around this obstacle to love? Can we turn off the auto pilot?

If we truly desire love we can choose to find it in every waking moment. We can make a few lifestyle changes that will certainly help. The best start is to eliminate the T.V. Television places you in an alpha state which literally controls your mind, as a result, you are unable to consciously choose love. Choose to spend less time around people who constantly complain and gripe about their world and others. Slow down and smell the flowers. Our world is amazingly beautiful, I find my back yard brings great joy into my life. There are also certain moods which we can get in the habit of creating. Peaceful environmental moments afforded by botanical meadows, fragrant forests or cool streams freshening the dog days of summer. Meditation, with a concentrated focus on embracing love within, is always a direct path to feeling fantastic. Appreciating the company of loved ones nearby or sending warm thoughts to those far away will always make you smile.

Most importantly it is vigilance which will be needed. Think of it as a game of construction. You are building two homes, one is of fear, the other love. You will find yourself and your family living in the home which you spend the most time building. If left to your own you would not likely build at all. Possibly you would find it difficult to build a safe strong and reliable home, something that could weather the storms of a lifetime. Keeping to task so that you build a sturdy home requires a mentor. I like to call my mentor the Observer self, mainly because he does nothing but observe and report to my God self. In my mind, my Observer self plays the role of a third character. Ego self teaches us lessons, God self is our true identity and observer self keeps a vigilant eye on all our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Our life drastically changes when adopting our observer self. At first we are completely shocked at how little time each day we dedicate to embracing or sharing love. It is only with the aid of our observer self that we can learn to continually increase the amount of loving thoughts, feeling and emotions we choose each day. In time we find it to be very addictive to steal moments in the day just idly thinking about love, unity and how beautiful the world is.

I guess you could say I have a multiple personality, I see all three identities as separate and very distinctively beautiful aspects of my self expression. Instead of fighting the current, my observer self has allowed me to go with the flow. I see the unfolding of my reality as a dance between Ego self and God self. My Ego self teaches my God self to remember the dance steps while my Observer self makes sure my God self can choose to lead.

Love reminds me a lot of Mrs. Grady's apple tree, her delicious apples were always free we just had to pick them. Choose to be the world you desire.

In Lak' ech


  1. Another intriging post Christopher!Much info to chew on. Thanks for your enlightened ideas and for sharing. I must admit i SOMETIMES GET "LOST" IN TRYING to explain the truth as i know it but I keep on keeping on.As I see it "God in man(woman child)as man is man.Im sure you know what I mean. Hope you are enjoying a terrific weekend my friend

  2. wow.. i loved reading this one too.'re right that it all boils down to CHOOSING love over fear. it is essential to lift the veil of 'auto pilot' and transcend the thin boundary from atman to brahman. =)