Friday, 5 August 2011

Final Score 1-0 Money beats Humanity...

Namaste brothers and sisters, I choose to deviate from my usual discourse on love. I feel compelled to pen a short blog about money. Travelling the road of history we see humanity migrate from communal sharing, to the bartering system, then finally to trade in currency. Each step of the evolutionary path of commerce we discover society has been further alienated from the natural truth of love and unity. Divide and conquer, the age old tactic of war always works. En masse, we take these steps in the wrong direction without pause or reflection. In fact we embrace this monetary insanity with God like adoration.

Our world has been constructed of fear. Nothing is more exhilarating, nor so scary, as the paper boogeyman. Look around you; governments and citizens are frightened to the point of unraveling. This boogeyman God is eating us while we pray to it! Honestly speaking, what would you do for a cool ten million dollars? Bring me your intellect, try to make a logical defense for the monetary system?

Do you think the development of our current system of trade for goods and services evolved in a natural way?

Do you think the use of money is benign?

Can you find any good purpose for the creation of money?

Fact is, money was, is, and always will be, a weapon of war. Great research and development over the last two thousand years has honed the monetary system into a lethal super weapon. Point it anywhere you wish, pull the trigger, boom debt is created. The ammo is interest, which, as expected, is offered in a wide variety of calibers. Controlling these weapons are the banking elite. They point them everywhere, you and me included. Like a massive vacuum they suck up all the money then launder the stolen paper into global material wealth. Governments fold and sell off their countries assets for pennies on the dollar. Once they bleed a government of material wealth the banker vampires then demand control of the countries future wealth and services.

It's not news people, for centuries they have been raping the world governments and their citizens.

No one cared when the native peoples of the world were ravaged. That was a few centuries ago!

No one cared when third world countries were over run by corporations and elite bankers. They were people we could easily ignore!

No one cared when Ireland and Greece lost their sovereignty. How many people even know that the governments of Ireland and Greece have lost their ability to govern over the vast majority of their countries national policy?

How many more governments must topple before we take a stand?

How many more people must starve before we do what common sense tells us is just?

How many more sacrifices must we pay honouring this perversity?

There is one very simple solution; burn it all and step away from the carcass.

Imagine a world where we all live together as one large family. I would never deprive my children food, shelter or love. How would you feel if your child lived in poverty, missing out on the treats and delights of youth? Why should I accept my children in Africa or India should starve? How can I make sense of a society which allows my sisters and brothers in Somalia or Iraq to be raped and murdered? Money, power, war, greed, indeed these are vices society should desire to shed.Humanity will never find peace in the presence of money; the two are fundamentally incompatible. Release of money will be predicated by the understanding; we never needed to keep score in the first place. Society will choose to eliminate the master/servant relationship created by profit. Instead, we will embrace the truth of gifting. When we decide it is time to love each other as brothers and sisters we will find the ability to see how truly destructive money has been. The beast yet grips our hearts, however, I feel confident we have begun to discern the trickery. I trust humanity will soon unite as one being, unconditional in the surrender to love.

Can you stop keeping score? Are you ready to let it go? Do you see there is no other solution?

In Lak' ech, brothers and sisters in loving unity...