Friday, 5 August 2011

Final Score 1-0 Money beats Humanity...

Namaste brothers and sisters, I choose to deviate from my usual discourse on love. I feel compelled to pen a short blog about money. Travelling the road of history we see humanity migrate from communal sharing, to the bartering system, then finally to trade in currency. Each step of the evolutionary path of commerce we discover society has been further alienated from the natural truth of love and unity. Divide and conquer, the age old tactic of war always works. En masse, we take these steps in the wrong direction without pause or reflection. In fact we embrace this monetary insanity with God like adoration.

Our world has been constructed of fear. Nothing is more exhilarating, nor so scary, as the paper boogeyman. Look around you; governments and citizens are frightened to the point of unraveling. This boogeyman God is eating us while we pray to it! Honestly speaking, what would you do for a cool ten million dollars? Bring me your intellect, try to make a logical defense for the monetary system?

Do you think the development of our current system of trade for goods and services evolved in a natural way?

Do you think the use of money is benign?

Can you find any good purpose for the creation of money?

Fact is, money was, is, and always will be, a weapon of war. Great research and development over the last two thousand years has honed the monetary system into a lethal super weapon. Point it anywhere you wish, pull the trigger, boom debt is created. The ammo is interest, which, as expected, is offered in a wide variety of calibers. Controlling these weapons are the banking elite. They point them everywhere, you and me included. Like a massive vacuum they suck up all the money then launder the stolen paper into global material wealth. Governments fold and sell off their countries assets for pennies on the dollar. Once they bleed a government of material wealth the banker vampires then demand control of the countries future wealth and services.

It's not news people, for centuries they have been raping the world governments and their citizens.

No one cared when the native peoples of the world were ravaged. That was a few centuries ago!

No one cared when third world countries were over run by corporations and elite bankers. They were people we could easily ignore!

No one cared when Ireland and Greece lost their sovereignty. How many people even know that the governments of Ireland and Greece have lost their ability to govern over the vast majority of their countries national policy?

How many more governments must topple before we take a stand?

How many more people must starve before we do what common sense tells us is just?

How many more sacrifices must we pay honouring this perversity?

There is one very simple solution; burn it all and step away from the carcass.

Imagine a world where we all live together as one large family. I would never deprive my children food, shelter or love. How would you feel if your child lived in poverty, missing out on the treats and delights of youth? Why should I accept my children in Africa or India should starve? How can I make sense of a society which allows my sisters and brothers in Somalia or Iraq to be raped and murdered? Money, power, war, greed, indeed these are vices society should desire to shed.Humanity will never find peace in the presence of money; the two are fundamentally incompatible. Release of money will be predicated by the understanding; we never needed to keep score in the first place. Society will choose to eliminate the master/servant relationship created by profit. Instead, we will embrace the truth of gifting. When we decide it is time to love each other as brothers and sisters we will find the ability to see how truly destructive money has been. The beast yet grips our hearts, however, I feel confident we have begun to discern the trickery. I trust humanity will soon unite as one being, unconditional in the surrender to love.

Can you stop keeping score? Are you ready to let it go? Do you see there is no other solution?

In Lak' ech, brothers and sisters in loving unity...


  1. Likethe old song says Love may keep the whole world turning but money greases the wheel. You are right Christopher. Money is always has been and will continue to be the thing that always topples governments, starts wars, and keeps us from enjoying a world where we aqll freely share what we are blessd to receive.Greed is a fact of human nature and until wse as a common united people of the world stand up and realize the things you point out we are doomed to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. Wish I knew how to convince people that we need to share instead of hoard for ourselves. Maybe some day Christopher we can figure it out as a united whole.Have yourself a gret weekend

  2. Namaste brother Ron. until then I guess you an I have some more blogging to do.

    In Lak' ech, prosper in love live in peace...

  3. Here here, great post Christopher...
    we all need to figure out a way to lessen our use of money in general,
    it sure is real hard though, but I'm sure it can be done, and must...

    I guess first would be to get out to somewhere that's a bit less expensive to live...


  4. Hi Chistopher,

    First time to your blog. I saw you on TD's blog so I thought I check it out. Nice blog, intersteing perspective. You seem to be an open minded thinker which I like about people. Keep up the great work.

    Hope you don't mind but I'd like to share some thoths on LOVE.

    LOVE is only a hypnotic incantation word, that when repeated enough times, the victim falls into a completely vulnerable state. All we’re saying when we keep telling someone that “we love them”, from a romantic perspective, simply means, “I want to have sex with you”. From a security perspective it simply means, “please take care of me and I’ll let you have sex with me”, or “I’ll do something beneficial for you in return”. Keep in mind that sex is not always intercourse either. Sex is in the mind, and involves interaction of energy, which is thought. That’s all fine and dandy, but let’s be aware of what’s going on. There’s no such thing as love, the kind of caring and compassion we somehow dream it to be.

    The ultimate expression of being is WISDOM through AWARENESS! Awareness of what this 3 dimensional realm really is. Awareness, that it is completely correct to be totally cynical, (without any emotional involvement), that any good or bad is present within this 3D illusion. This whole 3D thing is a fabrication and a lie and a mere dream state. It simply does not exist! Because of its non-existence, placing value, or lending credence to an illusion by declaring strong sentiments of love within this illusion is simply manipulation of reality by the THOUGHT PROCESS.

    the concept of god is the luciferian egregore group of thinking entities, who act as the devil and as the god. They create this duality on purpose. Through shape and sound association, the word love simply means sex, or anything to do with physical gratification in any of its forms. Something to now consider, is how the phrase, god is love, is really saying that the luciferian group of thinking entities, (who is the hypnotic creator of all things), is love.


    A subliminal hidden in our language is the word LOVE. We talk about LOVE but you really can’t nail it down, just what this word really means. Here goes…

    LOVE = LOVe with a long O vowel sound as in LOAVE
    BRED = BA-RE or WAter-Death Sacrifice sound from Egyptian mythology – RED = BLOOD

    The word RED means Water Death.


    EYE ALL = AISLE = as in getting MARRIED, we WALK down the AISLE. An extremely trance inducing ritual.

    Marry is Mare, the Sea, and marriage is to succumb to the seduction of the SEA/SEE.

    LOVE is the worship of ALLAH, or the ALL SEEING EYE. This worship relates to SEX, to DEATH, to REGENERATION, and is used to manipulate our reality. As always, this is not right or wrong, or sinful, because sin doesn’t exist. But it is deception, meant to forfeit our power into the control of the luciferian mindset.

    Watch, Wait & Don't React.


  5. Namaste brother Brad, thanks you for you visit and comments. I don't mean to intone we should live with less money. I mean to express the need for society to eradicate from our existence entirely. As long as we feel the need to keep track of who has what then there will always be brothers who fall short of the mark. We are all one, we must live as such. A great example is the nuclear family. We just need to extend the concept of family to include all peoples on the planet.

    In Lak' ech, brother brad, live and prosper in love...

  6. Namaste Dark, thank you for your visit. I have spent a bit of time on your site to acquaint myself with your expanded vision of reality.

    I agree that our species carries a jaded conceptualisation of love. You are most certainly right in observing that love is, for the most part, and expression of egoic satisfaction. Although many protestations of love are narcissistic there does exist love as a function of truth. To approach this dominion of true love one must be competent enough in mind to discern illusion from reality. You make it obvious my brother you see beyond the illusion of physicality, however, there are so many other illusions to unravel. An intelligent man must feel humbled in the depths of his own ignorance.

    I believe we are here to discover the true meaning of love which must start with In Lak' ech.

    In Lak' ech brother, welcome... prosper in truth live in love...

  7. Happy birthday, Darling!
    Love, Amanda.

  8. C.D.S. said..."You make it obvious my brother you see beyond the illusion of physicality, however, there are so many other illusions to unravel. An intelligent man must feel humbled in the depths of his own ignorance.

    I believe we are here to discover the true meaning of love which must start with In Lak' ech."

    Are there really many more illusions to unravel? Are we here to discover LOVE?

    Years ago I would agree with you on this thinking. Having many major changes in my life to the point that what I believed at one time has been totally dispelled...because I found out that what appeared to be truth was actually a lie.

    I often get my ass chewed out when I come to blogs due to lengthy explaination about who & what we really are. It's not easy to get past the hypnosis but once you do, everything changes...completely.

    Am I right in what I say? Should I be more humble? Well it doesn't really matter because there is no right or wrong, no good or evil, love or hate, etc. It all duality, to keep us attached to this 3D illusion. I'm no longer afraid to express myself openly. I have nothing to hide or to fear. I agree that "love" seems better than fear base thinking, but it still uses the luciferian system of deceit, to keep us in the trance state in the MATRIX.

    I read your profile & your interests. We have much in common. I have read much of the very same books with intrest in the same topics such as Matrix & Conversations with God. The way to break from the Matrix is simple...through AWARENESS.

    Understand that this new love belief system is referred to as everything from infinite love to new age thinking, channeling, wholistic healing, etc., but it’s still polarity based on duality & absolutely entrenches the 3 dimensional belief that energy & light is the basis of truth. Certainly some physical health benefits have been rediscovered in some ways, but health for the body without complete awareness, is temporal & extremely misleading & a manipulation of reality. The medical drug system is so flawed, & purposely flawed, to allow room for new age light workers to come up with improved healing techniques. From this, it has appeared, that they must be filled with wisdom & insight. Not so however, as improved healing techniques are simply walking deeper in the ditch of ignorance from which it is much harder to escape. The purpose of humanity is not to see how much health or prosperity we might attain. Neither are we here to worship a God in exchange for an eternity of peace & bliss.


    To BECOME AWARE that the whole body of HUMANITY IS AN ILLUSION, an utter fabrication, that the 3D experience, & the conjured up body of humanity, IS the veil of deceit that makes it utterly impossible to rationally conceive that it, humanity itself, is the deception keeping the disconnection from reality intact. This is what we must come to recognize.

    We are already in our Paradise State!

    Peace! DS888 (Ian)

  9. We are already perfect, pure, eternal & ALL KNOWING. And WE are NOT this body of humanity, neither are we this 3D illusory mass of energy & spirit. We are WISDOM! We KNOW ALL! We have to learn NOTHING! If it wasn’t for the THOUGHT PROCESS that indoctrinates the elitists, that IT, the THOUGHT PROCESS itself has conjured up, we would be AWARE & PRESENT & completely reconnected to eternally drinking from the fountain of wisdom in our Paradise State. For we are the Paradise state!

    The THOUGHT PROCESS is the TRANCE STATE. The THOUGHT PROCESS is the 3D realm. Remaining emotionally connected to things of the 3 dimensional realm, keeps us in this TRANCE, & conversely, detaching emotionally from believing that any of this is real, allows the realization & power of the eternal state to be ours, RIGHT NOW.

    Wisdom knows this. Wisdom is not thinking about how to manipulate affairs so that events work out in its favour. Wisdom performs none of this. Wisdom just knows that we are being manipulated. To stay connected to wisdom through awareness, we need simply to stay in the moment. This involves doing NOTHING. This involves NO PRAYERS, NO MEDITATION, NO MANTRAS, NO RITUALS, NO JOINING,… NO THING. All practices, be they MEDITATIVE or PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES, are exercises in remaining OUT OF THE ONE ETERNAL MOMENT. This is not to say that meditating is bad or wrong, just as physical activity is not bad or wrong. As I mention before, there is no such thing as good or bad, or right or wrong. However, these exercises avail no benefit in reconnecting to the wisdom state. Only emotional detachment, which is to place NO REAL WORTH or REAL VALUE in anything 3 dimensional, is true reconnection to reality.

    There is no such thing as TIME & SPACE, & to enter into activities where you confess, & admit, disconnection from wisdom, simply by entering into that activity whereby you hope to reconnect to wisdom, (or as some call it, ENLIGHTENMENT), then you have not RECONNECTED WITH your original WISDOM STATE.

    (Enlightenment is a luciferian term that sounds and seems to speak of reconnection to wisdom, however wisdom and enlightenment have nothing in common).

    When you do NO THING, other than being fully aware that the 3 dimensional experience is an illusory deception conjured up through the THOUGHT PROCESS, which is turn was meant to disconnect us from REALITY, then you have reconnected to your original eternal wisdom state. There’s nothing to do, just simply become AWARE of what is transpiring. Perfection & purity is what we are ALREADY. This is wisdom & this is liberty, this is the freedom & the power & strength of what we ALWAYS HAVE BEEN. The illusory 3 dimensional teachings of intellectual & religious thought systems, that instruct us to believe that we are born sinners, & need to repent, to avoid some hell fire, are conjured up lunatic notions straight from the mind of the luciferian egregore group mind.

    The aim of the luciferian group egregore is to establish a New World Messianic Age, where the control of the illusion we call humanity, is the manipulation tactic that will be increased to such an extent that escape from being manipulated by the total 3D illusion is all but impossible. Wisdom knows, & sees the lunacy of this 3D illusory reality. The illusion called humanity, (humanity is an illusion), will awake from the trance & reconnect to our original state through awareness.

    Sorry about the long comments. If it's a problem, please let me know. I don't mean to be bother, just trying to share knowledge & wisdom. Take care. - DS888

    Watch, Wait & Don't React!

  10. another great post,dear brother! a fine reminder we should place so much of our energies on money. it is just a tool for us to obtain objects which we hope can bring us happiness. yet, the Great Sages had laid out ways by which we can obtain joy without money. it's amusing that here you are expounding on money and its negative effects and i am on my leafdropper journal also indirectly hinted on this on my account of the selfless driver.

    i see your beloved 13 muluc greeted you happy birthday. may i greet you likewise. happy birthday and may you continue to share your wisdom.

  11. Namaste brother Sito, always a pleasure to enjoy your company. I loved the story of the Jeepney driver. There is no room in our world for money or any of the other many weapons used against our brothers.

    Thanks for the B day wishes my brother it was number 50.

    In Lak' ech, love peace and joy...

  12. Brother Dark, thank you for further expanding your views with us. Please do not apologise for lengthy retorts, all the better as far as I am concerned.

    Speaking briefly to your comments; I see clarity and wisdom in your words, however, I cannot fully agree with your assertions. The fact that consciousness is expressed as an illusion is a given.

    We falsely experience birth, death, time, space, physicality and separation as real aspects of beingness. Duality plays itself out on humanities stage with victims and assailants failing to see they are truly one and the same being. Yes my brother it is all illusion but this does in no way diminish the importance of participatory choice.

    We are creator Gods, each of us perfect in every way. Our journey unique as a snowflake will follow a predetermined path harmonious with the perfection of each manifest moment of NOW. I believe our purpose is not in NO THING. Rather, I believe our purpose lies in actively choosing to discover the singularity of God self. Further to this view, I see our purpose not as an obligation, duty or desired path to follow. Instead, I see our purpose as an opportunity to discover the divine self.

    When we comprehend the one holding the knife and his bleeding victim are one and the same being, we easily determine there are no right or wrong choices. However, this does in no way validate the choice to stab ones brother. The ego is of fear whilst the God self is of love. Love most certainly does exist, we see it every time the God self is chosen. Humanity is an illusion, right and wrong, good and bad are illusions from the God self unity conscious perspective. The problem is we don't exist in the God self, we exist in the Ego self.

    Knowledge is the key my brother, we must remain humble in accepting our ignorance is vast. If we should embrace the Akasha records thereby gaining the inherent knowledge within then we will by extension walk in the truth of unity and unconditional love. The THING for us TO DO is question our world, our self, our purpose until our final breath.

    In Lak' ech, brother, discover truth prosper in love...

  13. "burn it all and step away from the carcass": drastic situations need drastic remedies! We don't have to take any action: the beast is self-immolating. We just have to stand back and take care not to get burned ourselves....

  14. Hello Christopher,

    It's nice to come to a blog & have great conversation & debate about these topics. Let's continue for a moment if you don't mind. you think knowledge is the answer?

    Where the speed of light ‘kicks in”, this is the initial point, or the starting point of the 3D illusion. This is the beginning of the intellectual thought process, in all its forms, such as science, religion, arts, business, all things are mathematically arranged & initiate the thing we refer to as knowledge & the 3D illusion.

    Knowledge is the dumbing down process, where time & space take on the illusion of some sort of reality. There is no time, & there is no space. Knowledge tells us there is. Knowledge is therefore, what we refer to as ignorance. Ignorance ignores wisdom, the all knowing state of perfection. What we really are has nothing to do with the 3D physical illusion we appear to run around in all day. The timeless eternal state where no 3 dimensional thing appears is so inexplicably infinite in power, wisdom, freedom & liberty, that its virtually indescribable using only 3 dimensional language. Language, which can only communicate in terms relating to the speed of light.

    We must reconnect to our original state that transcends the slowness of the speed of light, and in so doing we reconnect to the all knowing eternal state of wisdom, which is the Paradise State. For we are that Paradise State, the one perfect ultimate expression of being. The One that We All Are, already, is endowed with the infinite nothingness, (no 3D thing), which can be accessed by anyone, at anytime, by breaking out of the trance state.

    Awareness is all we need, that breaks the trance, not knowledge

    "Transcend Designs said...
    Great thread!

    DS said...

    "We must reconnect to our original state that transcends the slowness of the speed of light, and in so doing we reconnect to the all knowing eternal state of wisdom, which is the Paradise State."

    TD Said...That's it right there,
    no need for any argument
    or any scientific mumbo-jumbo,
    as when one delves WITHIN,
    the truth of being is just KNOWN.

    There really is no argument, because in the end it is something that can't be described...

    Leary said "Turn off, Tune In, and Drop out" and I think that is more pertinent now more than ever, and it doesn't necessarily need to involve any psychotropic substances (though it would probably be beneficial for many...!)" end quote

    Here is the post that contains the above comments. You can see the 2 videos: "Identity Based on Thought ~ Mooji"

    Intellectualism is indoctrination in the spirit of sun worship. The SPIRIT & the SUN, or SOUL, are illusions. In spite of these illusory concepts intellectualism has become common place in our modern world, & it is all but impossible to think of it as anything but normal. However, the world societies have drifted into the clutches of this mind trap, carrying our connection to reality with it, and as a result we now face the spectacle of immense destructive luciferian events, foretold for thousands illusory years. We now face the contrived JUDGMENT of GOD!

    Here is another post with a video you may be interested in. In this powerful satsang, Adyashanti explains in detail how the simple instruction to "do nothing" disengages the movement of ego, gives rise to the natural clarity of awareness, & brings us to the very heart of love & compassion. more video for now

    Knowing Nothing, Projections of the Shadow Self, and Psychic Vampirism.

    Take care. Peace to all.
    Watch, Wait & Don't React!!!


  15. Namaste brother Ian, very well stated. Now that is what I was hoping to hear. Money is not something that can be fixed. Like all weapons money does not belong. I agree we will see this happen soon.

    In Lak' ech, brother Ian, prosper in love...

  16. Great blog Christopher, well said.

    Actually, MONEY does belong here because it is part of the whole contrived 3D Illusion. The part that doesn't belong here is ... US! We are not this. We are all knowing & wisdom & awareness not this heap of crap.

    Fear is the foundational characteristic that allows hypnotic, subliminal, thought, light patterns to be focused and injected into, and forced to pass through, our crystal brain. Our human 3 dimensional brain has the same physical characteristics as that of a solid crystal … or prism, except in liquid form. There’s nothing godly, loving, or sweet about this group entity that controls our Universe or it’s method of manipulation. For thousands of years, the use of fear and desperation has resulted in murders, wars, bloodletting, and endless disease. Children have been tortured, women have been raped, and men have marched blindly off the end of the plank into the ocean of hypocrisy and death. This has all been courtesy of the god of the Bible, the god of love, the god of the old and new testaments, the god of the koran, the god of Buddha, the god of every religion and intellectual system known to man. This is the god of light, the luciferian light bringer.

    Genesis 1 continues to say that, ‘God saw the light, that it was good’. … But good for who? Obviously, good for those who were using it to control humanity through the manipulation of light. Yet again, we have another subliminal. God doesn’t say that anything is bad, … it’s just implied, …suggested … implanted … if light is good, … then something must be bad.

    We have no thoughts of our own. All thoughts are implanted by the perpetual motion set into play from the beginning of creation. We are taught to believe that a thought can originate with us. It can’t. The 3 dimensional system implants all our thoughts so that we then experience the reality they, the luciferian thinkers, want us to have.

    To take back that control of our existence, our reality and our eternity … right now, we just need to reconnect to our wisdom through awareness which is the power and strength, … the knowing, … of the eternal state. This wisdom and awareness is something we already have. There’s nothing we have to do except reconnect to it. Watch and wait.


  17. Namaste Jedi, slowly I am catching up to the interesting material on the Jedi and Dark Star sites. As I gain an understanding of what drives you I feel better suited to comment on your views.

    Spiritually and scientifically we can define our reality as an illusion, or if you will, a matrix of light. However, when we label reality as such we must also remember we only momentarily transcend the illusion of physicality. It is a momentary event because the reality default for humanity is the dualism. The trappings of illusion in which the Ego exists specifically; separation, physicality, time and space keep humanity from discovering the true nature of self.

    The Illuminati have over milenia used all world religions as a tool to divide and conquer individual freedom. Nationalism thrives as we are pushed to endless conflict. The entire structure of fear is designed to dumb down humanity in an effort to control and enslave the spirit of our species. Be it school, work or play we do not learn, we are programmed. It becomes incumbent upon all peoples to discern what is truth from the myriad of lies.

    Our raison d'etre boils down to seeing and transcending the illusion of Ego self. Once we comprehend Ego self, we can then learn how to introduce the God self into our expression of reality. How to incorporate both worlds lovingly into ones personal truth becomes the challenge.

    As much as we may be fond of saying this expression is an illusion; we must also concede most people never grasp the God self which awaits discovery, therefore the illusion is all they have.

    Saying we have no thought of our own is correct, but only in the ethereal sense of God self expression. We all know and experience continually the very personal and individual thoughts perceived by our Ego self. When we say we have no original thought we are captivating one of two truths:

    1./ Beyond the duality of ego; the God self is an expression of ONENESS whereas all manifest reality is a singular. From this perspective, all thought, feeling and emotion originates from the Noosphere. The sci-fi equivalent would be the mind of the Borg collective.

    2./ Our thoughts, feelings and emotions are merely a function of our collective experience. As this collective experience is essentially beyond our control, we cannot ascribe our thoughts to having originated from self.

    Either way you cut the cheese you will have to transcend the Ego self and the plane of duality if you are to succeed in finding an original thought.

    Here is the rub my brother; you cannot take the expression of the God self and overlay it onto the reality of the Ego self world, or vice versa. When you cross the planes you must apply the cogent reality or all sense of reason is lost. The result being; statements like "there is nothing to do" "there is no right or wrong" and "this is just an illusion so sit back and chill" become en vogue. Although the aforementioned statements are true from the God self perspective, they serve us little in understanding how to handle our Ego as we navigate the dualistic ride of illusion we call life.

    In conclusion my brothers Jedi and DS; I believe the true master accepts a balance must be forged allowing EGO self and God self to exist in unison. The Ego brings separation, maya and fear so that we may learn. Whilst the God self exists serenely in the NOW moment knowing self as the Alpha and Omega. Perfection of unity consciousness and unconditional love is the reward to the seeker of such wisdom. Although the God self is the only "real" truth, few strive toward singularity, therefore few experience true love.

    In Lak' ech, brother Jedi, prosper in knowledge live with love...

  18. Christopher,

    Thank you so much for the awesome feedback and perspective. We have covered so much just over the last few days. Learning from each other and having great conversation. It feels good to be with company that appreciates the harder things in life to grasp. Mankind has dreamed for thousands of years in obtaining so called enlightenment! Well, the knowledge we have been discussing is it, that's about what we have been seeker for ever, and it's all within ourselves. We have come so close to change in this's on the edge for us... all the answers are they for the taking. Never before has mankind had this opportunity to this experience and to possibly actually make a difference and break the trance. We must work together to learn and understand how it works, grow & gain knowledge to open out minds so the thoughts don't control us.

    Myself and Darkstar have said many time anything involving THINKING, e.i., ego, love, hate, money, science, religion, not being aware. No Thinking is where we came from.

    We come from NOTHING or NO THING! Not dark not light, everything and no thing. We are all ready wisdom, already in paradise, in a dream state which is this reality! We don't need to protest or get angry, just need to be aware and in the moment. You will understand everything soon. More on this later my friend.

    Hey thank you for the great welcome.


  19. dear Christopher,
    i hope all is well!
    my take on the very interesting subject of money..... spirituality, love and peace has generally been uncomfortable with the inclusion of the energy of money into the equasion. there is a lot of resistance usually. but what about the very positive aspects of the energy of money? there are many. there is enough for everyone, it is a matter of mindset. isn't prosperity an intrinsic part of the godmind? so called economic crises are manufactured to serve an agenda, but they are an illusion, they are not real, and furthermore to accept the concept of a bad economy or whatever becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. so many accept a mindset of poverty consciousness as the norm, and have done so for ages. it is easy to get caught up in that, when the tools are lacking to counteract this agenda. we have a right to be limitless, and so few claim it. money = freedom. before i got into painting i was fortunate to have been offered a creative opportunity working with an extraordinary entrepreneur in Toronto for a few years, who imparted a lot of wisdom which didn't really sink in until so much later. he had failure consciousness imprinted until he turned it around late in life and attracted all that he wanted, because his expectations changed, and he developed tools for others to do the same to hone complete independence of mass mind-set. i remember him drawing diagrams about the haves and have-nots, and how the haves (the elite) do an excellent job of keeping the have nots programmed to stay that way - powerless, in their minds, victim mentality, viewing money as evil, disassociation from imagining prosperity for themselves. i met a lot of millionaires in those years, and they all had one thing in common - a generous spirit. after growing up with poverty consciousness myself, this experience was an eye-opener. but i took a plunge back into old mind patterns because i wasn't really ready to understand it from deep within, before i started to really see and woke up to my truth.
    yes, the current money/debt system is far from ideal, but i don't agree that getting rid of the monetary system is a desirable objective at all, rather what is needed is to heal on a collective level by rejecting this massive collective brainwashing of poverty consciousness and reclaim the power one awakened soul at a time. there is no lack, only in the mind.
    as usual, i have enjoyed visiting!

  20. Namaste sister Sonja, thank you for your visit and comments. To a certain extent I agree with your observations and conclusions.

    The law of attraction is, without a doubt, the mechanics at play. The elite manipulators of society have a vested interest in keeping "The Secret" a secret. A few people, like your mentor glean this pinch of gnostic truth thereby translating it into a life of plenty for themselves an others they teach.

    The real question we need to ask is not how can I translate this truth into wealth? Rather, one must ask do I have wealth if my brother does not?

    What is true wealth my sister?

    Is it right my sister that I should accept excess when my brother starves? What would that say about my values and my heart?

    You are right Sonja, we do need to heal the collective, reclaim our power from the elite and awaken. However, we will never achieve this freedom until we are prepared to accept no one gets left behind.

    Again I thank you for your stirring comments Sonja, it is always a relief to enjoy counter arguments.

    In Lak' ech, peace love and unity one heart one body one mind....

  21. I've enjoyed this post and reading the comments. I have much to reflect upon. Thank you for sharing your insights.


  22. Namaste sister Magena, pleasure to enjoy your company.

    In Lak' ech, live in truth prosper in love...