Sunday, 1 July 2012

Being Canadian...

Namasate brothers and sisters, this representation was an e mail I sent to a great Canadian freedom fighter, Mr. Mel Hurtig. You do not have to be Canadian to consider the social issues presented in this post. Please ponder this topic and share with us what you perceive to be the good or bad elements of  nationalistic fervor in your country?

Mr Hurtig, having listened to CBC radio interview you the last couple of nights I found myself awakening to long lost feelings of nationalism. Such emotions are foreign to me of late as I have done everything in my power to disassociate myself from Canada which is my country of birth.

I remember sitting in my grade school classroom watching the 72' summit series against those dastardly Russians, how proud we all were of our nation, strong and free. Feelings and emotions of unbridled pride filter through my memories as I recall a young child excitedly learning of how earnestly we fought the two great wars. Moving beyond the smoking guns of war, I recall other aspects of Canadian greatness; U.N. peacekeepers, social responsibility (in contrast to our US neighbours), inventiveness, cleanliness, strength in unity, let us not forget the bilingual acceptance of our Quebec brethren. Eloquent, albeit spirit induced, speeches from John A as he drove home the CPR thereby uniting our great land. Unlocked doors, open hearts and minds, compassion, caring, love, these were the imprints left upon myself as I defined, in my heart, what it meant to be Canadian.

Listening to you on the radio caused me pause to inquire, where have those feelings gone? If I were to choose two words which would emphatically illustrate the change in my step, it would have to be "Free Trade". I recall the anger I felt as a young man standing in front of the C.N. tower, placard in hand, desperately urging Canadians to reflect upon the great loss this agreement would represent. I always hated those bastard conservatives (John A and John Diefenbaker excepted); I knew in my heart they would bend over to corporate greed and the might of Americanism. Where was my Pierre, his finger eloquently raised in defiance to anything which was not truly Canadian? Free trade represented for myself, and possibly for my countrymen, a loss of innocence. No longer could I deny my country was lead for the benefit of corporatism irrespective of the well being of our citizenry. What are we Mel, if we are not a nation of united peoples?

How naive I was to think my dear Liberals, given the chance, would have chartered a course less demeaning to the rights and freedom of Canadians. Free trade opened a door to which a slippery slope awaited my presence.  For the first time in my life, I was compelled to investigate deeper the machinations of our true north strong and free. Uncovering the tapestry of the politic Canada caused grief, anger and dismay. My beloved John A, the bastion of Canadiana proved to be a puppet of the great Rothschild empire. Masters of banking empires steering our country from the comfort of leather clad chairs across the Atlantic. Two world wars deliberately constructed on the back end of false flag terror, elite paymasters roiling the globe in the spirit of profit, loss and global national debt. Canadian men and women sacrificing their lives, not for freedom, rather, to line the pockets of insatiable elite banksters. U.N. peacekeeping, surely that cornerstone of Canadian righteousness would prevail, look now to what the REAL u.n. represents! United Nations, wager of unjust war, atrocity, countless crimes against humanity. Canadian boys and girls rendering their lives under U.N auspices for the benefit of corporate opium and oil profiteering. Oh Canada, how great, strong or free are we who stand idle as our prime minister cheers the death of a great Libyan leader whilst sending Canadian jets to bomb innocent children. This group of jackals dressed in compassion whilst dripping red to show their true colours.

My Canada, dear sweet beautiful, where is she now Mel? She lies spent, ravaged, raped, another sorry statistic in the garbage heap of global fascism. Child poverty unabated, murderous child molesting church officialdom unaccounted, inequality of wealth, a destroyed social safety net, illegal banking structure, illegal federal taxation (against the B.N.A.). The list is endless Mel, tears freely flow down my cheek as I ponder the destruction of a young boys dream. A dream it was sir, the substance which encouraged our national resolve, merely a hoax, fabrications of mind programming. Media, following a concentric path to singularity of ownership, has diluted truth to a farcically embarrassing level. Do they think we fools, unable to research truth juxtaposed to corporate programming. Silly rabbits, missing the elite's blatant term "programming" used to defined mass media. Yes Sally and little Johnny, they call it "programming" for a very good reason, keep away it's not safe! Don't get me started on the Bank of Canada, fractional reserve lending, debt servitude and the veracity of what it means to be a 21st century slave.

We have just hit the crux of the matter Mel! Debt servitude, that is why we fought two world wars, that is why democracy was only a facade to hide the real agenda of fascism, that is why corporations run our country. You like to research Mel, check out the way dictionaries of the world have redefined the term fascism, tell me the bastardisation of language is not by design. Debt slavery has arrived in Canada Mel, our children are literally starving, one mid to low range (30-50) income can no longer sustain a family. Health care, and the entire social safety net we so proudly admired, is almost gone. We have been colonised by the insensitivity, uncaring, nature we once labeled as hideous avarice. Some say our times represent the Americanisation of Canada, this is not accurate, it is corporatism which renders the souls of all nations void of value. We Canadians continue to allow our great country to be raped, no different than the metastases of unaccounted cancer. Reprieve, and a calling for sanity, can only arise on the backs of a destroyed middle class, we may think that impossible, however I beseech you to consider it inevitable.

Leaving the subject with a hockey metaphor may be most apropos. We are down a goal in the final minute of the third period. Wayne has just been butt ended in the corner by the I.M.F. Desperate to hit the slot with a pass, Frank fights for control of the puck but the W.H.O. counter. Gordie, elbows up in front of the net awaits the pass whilst the U.N. stand fast in goal. Frank drops the puck back to his brother Pete who fires a laser to the net,  The Bank of Canada blocks the shot and passes the puck to the B.I.S. who clears it over the blue line. Seconds are ticking down, time to regroup boys, this is a Canadian game!

Knowledge has always been the key to emancipation, alas, it is such a shame Canadian brethren rely on corporate media to program their sense of self and country. You Mel, have been a great skater for the Canadian side, I admire your nationalistic resolve, however I ask you consider what nationalism truly represents? Standing apart from my Canadian heritage does not represent my giving up on change, nor does it suggest I have forsaken my country. You suggest I cast a vote for change, but you fail to see I have been given, nor will I ever receive a viable or sane choice. Choosing to separate myself from Canada, in my mind, reflects the ultimate statement of awareness.

I stand against the separation of men!
I stand against the evils of fascism, destroying my country!
I stand against the inequity of our human expression, the inability of Canadians to attend the needs of all our children!

Yesterday, I spied a little song bird, bright in colour she probably migrated from the south. No one asked her for a visa, I.D., nor did they tax her travel. She is free, she has the right to make her home, feed her offspring and live in love. I see in the cartographic lines which represent our border a greater paradigm of separation which can only lead to manifest fear, and in turn, diminish what we represent as a collective and as individuals.

I have always taught my children the two most important words in any language are "I AM". Whatever we feel in our heart represents the manifestation as our imminent reality. I am Canadian has a beautiful ring, much like there is sweetness in the sound of our name, we too find equal pleasure in the sound of our country. Canada, rings in our heart as a most beautiful word Mel, not because of her borders, rather, it is the emotional unity of peoples that marks us Canadian. This unity of which I speak cannot be limited in nature. We must seek to eliminate all borders, we must further the bond of humanity. Education, sex, sports, nationalism, religion, politics, colour, race, are just a few of the many constructs used by the elite to keep us from unity. Those thieving corporate bastards feeding on my brethren are using wolves in sheep's clothing designed to tear us asunder. The 21st century slave can gain freedom, first we must educate ourselves to the point of seeing the chains so cleverly hidden.

I would love to travel the country speaking to points of sanity, alas, I represent the impoverished lower class. Having been college and university educated, I failed to ascend corporate ladders. For some reason, I never could find a place of comfort. Tis' not sour grapes my brother Mel, rather, it was a choice to seek knowledge, justice, to stand firm against fascist opponents hell bent on raping my Canadian and global brethren. My refusal to participate in the federal system of illegal taxation has made it impossible to attain a mortgage, health care, U.I., or enjoy the many other benefits of a faithful tax paying participant. Standing against all government, I have chosen abstinence from voting as civil protest against atrocity home and abroad. If I had availed myself of T.V. or other media programming I would have learned of, and voted for, your National party. I see vision in your dreams Mel, I hear love in your voice as you speak with passion to what it should mean to be Canadian. Canada is like a hot pie fresh out of the oven, it smells and looks so very tasty. Much as I would like, I cannot advocate my brethren eat of this fine desert, the ingredients are poisoned by GMO substitutes. You sir are champion to my cause, you represent a vehicle of  knowledge all Canadians must heed. My views could never be carried on the wings of the corporate media machine, alas, I am so very pleased yours have. You cause me pause Mel, you have revived sentiments long lost and buried. I must ponder your stance, credit your resolve and see value in your tack. Possibly I can hold our flag high whilst still seeking global unity. Perhaps I can revisit my conceptualisation of being Canadian so that once again I may embrace my country.

In Lak' ech, my dearest of brothers, reaching for Canadian unity....


  1. Great stuff Christopher.
    Missed your presence in "Blogland".
    It may be a little controversial to say, but "National Pride" is one of the many fairy tales that the agenda players tell us (as children), in order to keep us in line. It is a shame because we should be able to take pride in our communites.
    It is the same the world over.
    Here in the UK, especially at the moment, people are continually talking about their "pride" in the United Kingdom / Great Britain. It is ironic because the "Kingdom" couldn't be less "United" right now, and I suspect there is far less that is "Great" about Britain than people realise.
    Pride cometh before a fall, as they say!
    All the best, my friend.
    Carl (The 'Guide)

  2. Namaste brother Carl, the last couple of months I have been unable to dedicate the time to write (other than my book)or follow my friends blogs. I plan to start tomorrow, I especially look forward to reading your next Star Trek installments.

    Proudly sharing in the commonalities of a region is very uniting indeed. However, as you mention, they use this as an agenda of programming. I see, respective to the 'us' against 'them' ideology, an underlying current of divisiveness. Subtly, they turn the message of unity upside down. Ergo, the key component of nationalism becomes separation. This entire paradigm is a perfect reflection of Orwellian double speak, whereas, the ministry of health kills, ministry of education misinforms and the ministry of justice murders. See you on your site soon brother, thanks for the visit.

    In Lak' ech, brother Carl, prosper in truth live in love....

  3. Totally agree.
    Nationality is divisive.
    The only pride (in this regard) we should really be concerned with is the community of consciousness. There should be no distinctions.
    Of course, this is something that "they" don't want at all. Because, put simply, it empowers us on a very deep level.
    Nice to share these thoughts.
    My trek blog ended at three parts, but I could have written a huge amount more. Hope you enjoy them!
    All the best my friend.
    Carl (The 'Guide)

  4. Very nice to have you back, that's for sure Chris!

    this topic of Nationality just makes me laugh really,
    as it doesn't matter which 'Western' country you 'belong' to,
    because it's all the same to get the people to blindly back whatever evil agenda is taking place in the name of Nationality, or for down here, 'Patriotism' for U.ncle

    I feel the best thing we can all do is 1) literally ignore all of these idiots who claim to have a 'job' and have their fake 'elections', and 2) slowly remove ourselves from paying these lazy bastards with our hard earned taxes...

    obviously the second one is easier said than done,
    but the first is certainly quite freeing for the mean time as we work on the second....

    Namaste my friend, always looking forward to your next post... : )

  5. Namaste brother, it is a pleasure to enjoy your visit. Abstaining from illegal taxation is not an easy nut for most to crack, however, if more people dedicated themselves to searching for their little niche in the under ground economy the powers that be would feel the pinch. The problem is, as mentioned in the post, when people like me don't pay to play they have means to make you suffer. The system can deny me privilege as much as they feel necessary, I will never pay the bastards tax nor cast a vote for a turd, just because the fart is not substantial enough.

    This is where Mel, the politician I e-mailed, and I will never truly see eye to eye. We cannot fix the system with a vote, we must allow the decaying carcass to rot in the streets for all to see. Nothing substantial will ever change until one of two things happen. We discover the true nature of self, or, we see the complete destruction of the middle class.

    The moment we eliminate currency and government we will have turned the corner toward sanity. Until then, as you so verily understand, we will always find the strong feeding upon the weak.

    In Lak'ech, brother Brad, creator of light and love...

  6. Great Post my Friend. Thank you for sharing. Here is some symbolism regarding the Hockey finals from 2011 per the IM.

    "NHL/NILE Stanley Cup Final" 2011

    "The NHL finals are coinciding with other bizarre events playing out on the world stage at this time. The initials NHL = NILE, & in world news, the NILE, and the Arab World, with the Arab nations fighting for Democracy, are all subliminally linked together, though from a rational perspective, they would seem to have no common denominator.

    The word HOCKEY is a symbol of Zeus, which is the HAWK-EYE. The Vancouver Canucks are one of the teams in the final this year, which is the very same year that the 2010 Winter Olympics were also staged in Vancouver, in the direct vicinity of Mount Olympus Washington, the symbolic home of the god ZEUS. It’s at Vancouver that the Lions Gate Bridge crosses over from STANLEY PARK (the parks’ namesake Lord Stanley, was a Freemason) to North Vancouver and on up to Whistler, the site of the skiing events during the Olympics. The Highway that crosses over the bridge is Highway 99 & 1A which also joins up with Interstate 5 (Sacrifice), when heading south to the USA. Very symbolic numbers! Of course, the bridge passes over Burrard Inlet (a B word), and Mr. Burrard was a Freemason.

    The year 2010 has been filled with its share of incredible events, to say the least. One of the most powerful events was the Japanese EQ and tsunami, and the resulting NUCLEAR POWER disaster at Fukushima Daiichi. The name of the Vancouver Canucks is linked subliminally to this disaster, and Vancouver is situated on the Ring of Fire as is Japan.

    VANCOUVER = VACUNA – another name for the Lunar Flood Goddess, the Queen of Heaven.
    CANUCKS = KA-NUKES = Ka, the Afterlife, Death Nuclear? = VOLCANIC ERUPTION = VOL-CANUCK = VACUNA Queen of Heaven

    The other team in the NHL Playoffs are the BOSTON BRUINS.
    BOSTON = BA-STONE, or SACRIFICE STONE, which suggests Yellowstone, Holystone.

    Hockey is played on ICE, or ISIS, the Lunar Flood goddess.
    The Bruins/Bear, are suggesting a Water Bearer, & a Sacrifice."

  7. Chris, I am from Canada, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island, yes a Cape Bretoner. :)

  8. Namaste Jedi, very nice to enjoy your visit, creative with the linguistics. I visited your site on chance and I am very pleased to note I never had a problem. You may not be aware but for about 4-5 months I could not visit either of your sites without instantly contracting a computer bug. My box would freeze and I would have to shut down and reboot. This happened about 10-12 times consecutively over a four month period. In the end I had to reluctantly stop following your blogs. Now that things seem fine I can hook up to you again, which does please me.

    I love CBI, great place with fantastic community. Go well and prosper in love brother.

    In Lak'ech, seeking truth, peace and love....

  9. Great to find your blog ... I was googling Max Igan's real identity.. I do that every so often when I am curious about him .. he is truly enigmatic .. greetings from southern New Brunswick .. from the way the people are waking up in droves .. we'll be celebrating as John Lash says 'with champagne and lobster tails around the campfire' soon .. love the work he is doing at 'sophias correction' and didn't see it in your extensive video listing I don't think .. cheers xx

  10. Namaste sister, I enjoyed a visit on your site much good information, well done. I resonate with the message offered by Max, he is a very connected sort. John, well lets just say he has changed a great deal over the last 5 years.

    I am a huge fan of the Nag Hammadi and of gnostic knowledge in general. I have yet to read the entire compilation but feel the metaphor of Sophia as it pertains to Arconic representation is very apropos. In my view John takes his entire Sophia correction theory much too far. I do not subscribe to his "us vrs them" ideology. John's representation of the Nagual as presented by Carlos Castenada in the Don Juan lessons is just wrong. Every time he speaks of the Nagual it is like sandpaper across my nose.

    John, in my humble opinion, has lapsed into a "saviour complex", his views are more and more deranged, especially noted by his interview series with Thomas and Thomas.

    No one knows what 2012 has in store for us, certainly not I or John. I hope people do not put too much emphasis in a significant change in our representation of reality come December 21, as I doubt very much John will be proved right. Having completely trashed John, I would be remiss if I did not take the time to illustrate much of his ideology is right. He brings to the table much truth, however, the present road will lead to his personal psychological destruction.

    I wish John well, as I do all peoples. We are a beautiful singularity of consciousness ever present in the eternal now.

    In Lak'ech, dear sister, hoping for the best whilst keeping ones feet firmly on sane ground...

  11. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for letting me know about the problems you were having on my blogs...I wasn't aware of that. Seems like the isssue went away. Hmmm...Maybe some people in this world don't want me sharing that kind of INFORMATION... :) Take Care Chris. Thank you for coming back to my blogs again...missed your comments there my friend.

    Peace On Earth Boutique Said: "I was googling Max Igan's real identity.. I do that every so often when I am curious about him .. he is truly enigmatic .. greetings from southern New Brunswick"

    Hi Peace. I have driven through South New Brunswick at least dozens of times. Have relatives there since I am from Nova Scotia but now live In Rhode Island.

    I see you have an interest in Max Igan. I have know Max for a few years now, and know some of his personal friends as well. I have communicated with Max though conversions many times on his Ventrilo and or Skype but not recently. Max's last name is not "Igan". Max was a musician in a band for many years in Auzzie Land. He changed his name a long time ago so it's hard to trace. I may be able to find out the name although it really doesn't matter because if you would like to know more about Max...I can help. I know even know where he lives. Take care.


  12. Namaste Jedi, seems the problem has somehow been resolved. I would have left a message on your site when the problems were occuring, however, every time I clicked the comment button, the computer froze and deposited a nasty bug which required cleaning before my computer would function properly again. I too am happy to regain your perspectives Jedi, although we do not see eye to eye on many things we are kindred souls in seeking knowledge. As well, a net gain is always realised when alternate views are entertained.

    In Lak'ech, brother jedi, prosper in truth live with love....