Saturday, 2 May 2009

Putting your whole heart into it....

Many would be amazed to understand the full realm of the hearts function. We all comprehend that the heart is a pump which keeps the blood flowing. Few people understand that the heart is engulfed with a magnetic field just like our planet. In fact, our hearts are always in conversation with the magnetic field of the planet and the universe. To illustrate this phenomena NASA scientists stumbled upon an amazing discovery when the world trade center towers were struck 09/11. Since the mid 80's NASA has had two satellites in constant vigil monitoring the magnetic field of our planet. This field is then graphed on a teletext readout showing the magnetic field in constant flux much like an EEG machine does when hooked up to the heart. The graphs produced by these two satellites went absolutely crazy during the 911 disaster. A massive spike occurred like never before seen, (see video below by Gregg Braden Fractal Time) this spike was in direct synchronicity with the event and was confirmed by both satellites. Scientists were amazed, and to say the least very excited. Without any doubt scientists understand now that our heart is physically liked with our earth and our universe. On the back of this discovery amazing research is now being done all around the globe. However, no others are enjoying greater success than Dr. Howard Martin and his project Heart Math. Scientists are slowly starting to comprehend the awesomeness of our body. As they strip off each layer of the onion of life they are coming closer and closer to perceiving this being, Homo Sapien, to be much more than ever imagined. Soon they may be able to agree in concert to use the G word they have always feared.


  1. Namaste.

    Another Work of Heart from a Master Peace in progress!

    "Our hearts are always in conversation with the magnetic field of the planet and the universe."

    'As Within, So Without' goes this delightful Hermetic axiom. And it strikes me how ONEderful our language is encoded with cosmic truths. It's no coincidence that the word 'Heart' is an anagram of 'Earth', for what you see in yOUR World is that which is in YOUr own Heart, your own Being, your Soul, your Spirit...

    Homo Sapien's next incarnation will be Homo Luminus!

    Another (heartfelt) Point of You : OM...

  2. I have phrases and whole pages memorized,
    but nothing can be told of love.
    You must wait until you and I
    are living together.
    In the conversation we'll have patient...then.

  3. Thank you for your visit mystical man. A good friend of mine is Persian. He shared one of Rumi's books of poetry, some wonderful work there. Another great Persian of note is the master builder Nimrod, many great contributions have come from this ancient region.