Thursday, 28 May 2009

There is nothing to fear but fear itself...

Imagine that you were placed in a deprivation cell. Your body is entirely surrounded by a dense but soft foam, you breathe through a tube. The air you breathe is cool clean and sweetly welcome to the deadened senses. This environment will eventually prove, unequivocally, that you are not your body. In fact you are awareness, experiencing a dream where you are the dream weaver. This is such a crucial realization, allowing peace and love to be the foundation for living. Awareness is experienced in the moment of NOW, therefore, there is no beginning nor end to awareness. No birth and no death, nothing and everything unfolded in a never ending NOW. Understanding these truths is the greatest gift. There is only one, you are a reflection of the one, you are love. Society in the form of our parents, teachers, priests, friends, government, media EVERYONE has stripped us bare of all our power. When truth is hidden we feel separate, alone, a tiny speck in a big dog eat dog universe. You create your own reality, if you have fear in your heart you will create the experience of having fear in your life. Fear visits your peace of mind in the guise of the familiar, to name a few; hate, anger, desire, lust, lack, disgust, envy, always comparing, labeling and separating. Transmute the fear emotion by understanding and loving the lesson being taught. Bless the fear emotion as Maya ,then move to the loving sensation of truth and oneness. We can empower our life and that of friends and family by choosing simple life changes. Turning off the T.V., not reading the newspaper, spending an hour a day dedicated to meditation and spiritual learning, taking the time to transmute fear into love and remembering to be thankful for the oneness of unconditional love will bring us closer to the heaven on earth we all say we want. Claim your reality, you have nothing to fear but the fear you fail to transmute into love.

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