Thursday, 30 April 2009

Rape and murder....of the ego.

We have all experienced the anger felt when injustice against us or others is perpetrated. No one wants to look at the victim because next it could be themselves lying in that gutter of life. Still like a car crash we gaze on in despair, where is the justice we ask? I would like to offer a different perspective. Lets examine heinous crimes like rape and murder. If you perceive rape and murder to be bad or evil acts then I maintain that you are not succeeding in the quest to understand reality of being. The premise used to love the act of murder is reasonable, allow me to start with Einstein and the great scientists who have followed in his footsteps (especially and including the great minds of today). Any meta physician will tell you that everything is connected, the entire universe all it's events and experiences are an expression of one, call it nothing or everything. Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha or any sage would teach you that all that is perceived is an expression of one, call it God, or love if you prefer. So, finally, the scientists have been able to prove to the agnostics, atheists, and believers alike that Jesus and other sages were right. If you are smart enough to follow their proven logic you will know that you control your destiny by using thought, feelings and emotion. You, as God, can create anything you wish in the words of Jesus "all that I am are you and more." Now if we can remain humble enough to accept this proven knowledge as truth then our trip begins. All moments of the NOW are Godly moments, fear and hate are merely aspects of the one, which is love. Embrace this concept as a fundamental truth and it is a short step to value each expression as a choice of God in a moment of Godliness. Understanding this reality, you must then deduce that the act of murder proves in fact to be a Godly expression. One with rational thought will certainly understand murder to be a thing of beauty, another wondrous expression of love. Now the ego would have you think otherwise. The ego would rather you perceive an injustice, a crime to be resolved with retribution due. In ignorance the ego would have you believe that you are not an aspect of one expressing your Godly existence. The ego wishes you to remain in darkness separate, insignificant, and mortal. I don't wish to choose murder to be an aspect of my reality but neither would I deny the right for myself or any other vehicle of God to make that choice. You are God, God is love, love is all there is.

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