Friday, 9 October 2009

Take a "Love walk"....

Evolvers, are you ready to embrace love in the NOW? Most of us experience conscious existence oblivious to the holographic fractal wonderland which meets our gaze. This coupled with our inability to live in the moment of NOW leaves us bereft of our most cherished and magical gift, LOVE. Ever notice how LOVE is only found in the NOW moment.
Why then do we endeavor to experience some imminent or distant future moment of satisfaction? Why do we lament past moments of NOW wishing we could have done things differently?
Why can we not jettison the future and the past in favor of finding joy in every wondrous moment of NOW?
There is great irony in the fact that the perceived future moment is always a reflection of expectation, something better yet to come. I find great value in remaining resolute in taking moments out of each day in the exercise of converting maya into clarity.

To experience the full wonderment of life one needs to remain vigilant in coveting the perception of Oneness and love. You would assume this would come natural. After all, when we embrace love we feel so very good, fantastically great in fact. Conversely feelings of fear, hate and anger make us ill and are the root of all diseases which afflict us.
Try taking a love walk, let go, act like a child. Stepping out the door you see the same lawn that was there yesterday. Today, take the time to feel and smell the grass. Please, reflect on the fact that this grass is God and is very excited to have you visit. The grass will feel your love, I guarantee this to be true. Moreover try to feel the love it offers you. The old oak tree awaits your attention now, take a moment to give him a big big hug. Feel the power, strength and love of this wonderful old soul. Tell him you love him and are here to appreciate his magnificence, I am sure he will be surprised and love you right back. Next you may notice a little squirrel, I hope you have a few nuts for him. He will come right up to you, look you right in the eyes and share his love with you. Heading down to the park there will be many birds flying about. Share some bread crumbs with them, they will flock to your call, ready to share love with you. Without any doubt they will sing and caw their love and appreciation of your gifts. Down the path you spy a couple walking toward you. Know that you and they are ONE, take a moment to smile and extend greetings of peace and love. Your smile will be welcome, your love will brighten their day. Feel the wind caress your face, know it to be God sharing a loving embrace with God. Thank the wind, offer up your love and thanks for the experience.
All is grand until you see a rough looking homeless chap, don't avoid and judge this person. Know that you are he, he is you, you are both God. Share your money, your smile and your love. Treat this person as a long lost brother, he will be more than happy to share his love with you.
When your love walk is over take a few moment to reflect on how magnificently your time was spent. Feel the love flowing through your being, I guarantee you will wonder why you don't do this more often. ( As an aside; I have to include this. My son just walked in the door, he mentioned that he had a disturbing experience. My wife and I inquired. He had met a homeless person and took the time to say hello, he gave the gentleman a few dollars. The response was not what he expected, the man offered to provide sexual favours in lieu of his kindness. LOL like I said people are more than happy to share their love with you.)

From my perspective, I rarely take the time to enjoy such loving walks. With that said, I always make sure each day to ponder this wonderful loving relationship we have with the ALL, the ONE, GOD. We are involved in the most beautiful dance of love, always waiting is a partner to share. Love is a fantastical thing, the more we give away the more we fill our hearts.

Society teaches us to be greedy, to covet the riches of our neighbour, hence expressions like dog eat dog world prevail.

When will we understand nature wishes we enjoy a God love God world?

We have been programmed to believe in the separate self, when the GodSELF waits to carry our burdens. Our world is evolving, it is time for all humans to become humane. Leave the maya and pain of separation, choose the ONE, choose LOVE.

Namaste, fear becomes love.

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