Sunday, 18 October 2009

Dancing with the magic monkey....

Don Juan referred to the ego in the context of " fliers ". Beings separate from us who feed off our energy. Colin Wilson referenced the ego as " Parasites ". Alien invaders of the human spirit. Is mankind afflicted by external beings, cancerous guides hell bent on manifesting our destruction? Possibly we can be a little more benevolent in its description, perhaps we can call it the " magic monkey ".
The moment of our birth, bathed in innocence and love a slap on our bottom calls forth the magic monkey. Propped on our shoulder he is ready, as are we, to suckle on the teat of life.
Our monkey is the master of illusion, it speaks from the source. This grace of existence allows our monkey to commune with our soul, thus enabling us to reflect the essence of our path.
The monkey begins by weaving tapestries of illusion.
We experience multiple beings appearing and disappearing in front of our eyes, thus we discover the illusion of " separateness ".
In a short time our brain initiates the impulse to feed, this experience creates the second illusion which is " need ".
The third and ultimate illusion, the 'coup de gras' if you will, lies in the magic monkey making us think he is us. In this regard the " I " is born, a union of the magic monkey and the God self. This third illusion of the magic monkey " I " keeps us from identifying ourselves by our true nature which is GOD I AM.
The magic monkey makes us believe in the material world. He makes us think time and space are real. The depth of his illusion is endless, however, it is from this pit of maya that often truth and the God self can be found.
How do we serve the magic monkey?

We serve the monkey when we buy into the illusions it weaves. When we continue to embrace the " I ", separateness will prevail and the God self will remain hidden. When we desire and express need, we find ourselves alone separate from the infinite supply of the One.
Most of our brothers remain asleep. They continue to identify with the magic monkey as " I ", never seeing the glory of the God self.
Those who see the magic monkey, become able to see beyond illusion, wherein waits the God self. The magic monkey does not like being seen, the game is on! Battle rages for control of the " I ". The magic monkey eventually reaches the tipping point where it becomes the servant of the God self. Desperate to regain control the monkey fights on, weaving ever more complex magic.

By extension, the God self now maintains the upper hand by remaining fixed in the assurance self is pure light. Peace comes to the one who understands all else as illusion, just weaves of the magic monkey. WE can free ourselves from the darkness that lies within. We can experience shortcomings or ache for satisfaction, however, see this as illusion. We must know ourselves as love. Love is all there is, everything else is monkey magic. Looking back from fifth dimensional reality we very well may lament the loss of the magic monkey. Possibly, we may wish to experience one more short dance just to say goodbye.

Namaste, peace from the monkey mind.


  1. :-) I really enjoy your website. I don't visit often, but when I do it's great!

  2. Thank you Nathan, very kind of you to make mention.


  3. How delicious to think of it all as a dance! I like how the pictures reflect different roles of the "magic monkey." :3