Monday, 12 October 2009

Honour the wind with love....

The wind really does get a bum rap. When do we ever take the time to appreciate, value and love the wind. All too often we are caught in the material world.
We fail to offer blessings to the essence of that which affords us life.
Looking back in history we can recapture that which since has been dismissed as banal. There was a time not long passed when great authors offered up poetry and prose to honor the wind. In times of yore the wind was seen as the driving force and life blood of existence. Ships could not navigate the waterways without the grace of wind. Prayers and tributes were offered up to the Gods as a way of ensuring the grace of favourable currents. Upon receipt of favour lavish gifts of appreciation were offered at great cost to the recipients. The same consideration was given by the agriculturalists who understood the wind to be the engine for climatic changes ushering in rains needed for a quickening of crop growth.
In time, mankind shifted away from awe and love of natural forces, instead looking for ways to affect control over nature. As ages passed, irrigation and advanced technologies enabled mankind to perceive the wind as an evil force to be tamed. This transformation of ideology paved the way for appreciation to become lost in the shuffle of modernisation.

In essence love became fear.

The wind was to become the ogre, the harbinger of disaster. Focus was given only to the ravage nature of wind thus missing the importance of how destruction is the usher of change, needed change. Look now at how much love has been lost. The media of today only focus attention upon the hurricanes and tornado, the gale or the ultimate storm. Mother earth and her needs are not considered by the mechanical minds of the twenty first century.
Let us now recapture the grace of love, let us offer up gratitude for the essence of life, the benevolent wind. First we must understand the wind to be the living breath of Gaia. When taking a walk in the park know that the wind which caresses your body to be a commune no different than a conversation with a loved one. The wind embraces and loves you, it cares for your needs and offers up the breath of life. Leave this wondrous element, dive into a pool of water swim about under the water. Tell me if you cannot fully appreciate that first breath of air gulped into your lungs. I loved the movie " A fish called Wanda " do you not think Kkkken was not ecstatic to finally have the french fries pulled from his nose. Take a moment, right now, to deprive yourself of air. Tell me, how wondrous does it feel to take that first breath of the deprived glory of air. Maybe now you can reflect on appreciation and love for this blessing.
When I was a boy swimming in the lake I would remain under water as long as I could. With burning lungs I would surface sucking the sweet taste of the air. Again and again I would perform this ritual just for the satisfaction received by that first breath. I have no idea then why this became such a fixation, maybe it was so that I could write this blog. Possibly it was for the early experience of transmutation of fear into love, which later became the basis for my existence. Try this experiment, dive into the deep, go a far down as you think you can. You will experience fear, especially if you are not sure if you have gone too far down. As you surface I guarantee you will experience love.
The glorious wind is also the animator of inert life, the flora would not become animated without the wind. Do you not think the trees, flowers and plants don't rejoice when the favor of wind caresses their essence. Or the seagull playing in the thermal currents of love. Imagine the loss a gull would feel if the wind were no longer a playmate. The ancients understood wind to be a living force, why can we not recapture this gnosis?

Namaste, my brethren, fear becomes love.

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