Monday, 1 June 2009

Life is a what you make of it.....

Most of us have experienced skipping a stone across a lake. Early morning is my favorite time, the air fresh, the sun ushering in yet another day in paradise. The next time you find yourself scouting out that perfect rock, ponder this consciousness game. Firstly, preparations are needed, take 30 minutes by yourself to meditate, search out your God self, still the ego. You and the rock are one, your mind seeks and finds oneness with everything. You, and your environment have become rich, every aspect of reality tingling with sweet awareness. The object of the game is to experience Bhatki, to weep tears of love, to experience Nirvana for breakfast. When you reach your meditative zenith the search begins, rocks will appear. Bless each rock you find, give thanks for their commitment to your game. Let the rocks know you appreciate that each will have a new home. As your vassal they serve, wish upon them great peace and love. Take the time to enjoy the cool soft exterior of each rock, search out it's beauty, love the exquisiteness of each individual. Now the poignant moment arrives, the first rock skips across the still lake leaving ripples in it's path. Like a child you count each skip, you don't know why, just a habit? Memories of childhood flood in, a warmth tugs at your heart. Each toss of the wrist gives immense satisfaction, a NOW moment to be treasured. The last rock burbles across the lake, as the momentum subsides it takes a multitude of skips. Again the child in you counts as quick as can be 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18. Was that really eighteen? Is it fair to count the last six skips as individuals, or, was the end just a tumble? Everyone knows tumbles don't count, only skips do. Now the final and most exciting part of the game begins. Sitting on the sand meditate on the meaning of this experience. The morning sun cascading across your face, search out the lessons these rocks have taught you today. Seek to find metaphors which expose a clearer understanding of life. You and the rock are one, the same love which exists in you exists in everything. The lake is your unconsciousness, heavy, oppressive, counter to the fulfillment of your joyous experience, but at the same it serves as an integral part of the great divine. The rock skips across the lake in a dance of joy, each moment a divine ballet. Striving to maintain inertia a trail of sadness follows in it's wake, the gamer knows it must at some time soon sink into the depths of ego. You and the rock have become God playing with God, in a bliss filled moment of NOW. The time you have shared with these rocks have aided in your search of love. Whilst the rocks careen off the still surface they perform magic, the same magic you expose when you escape the unconscious mind. You have seen the rock fall from grace, however you realise that you too will fall from the grace of this NOW moment. Imagine if you could live forever in the NOW moment, if so, would the rock ever stop skipping across the lake. We count the skips because we are competitive beasts, the ego needs to be satisfied, to know that we have done a "good job". We make a mental note, competition is not needed, competition creates separation. Oneness is left at the door when we feel the need to be better than others. We can make any moment as sacred as the game. Peace, love and fulfilment awaits each second of our life. Illusions are the composite of our waking life, like the rock, we can dance across the waters of truth. The rock teaches us a life of no resistance, it does not desire, it does not fear, it allows for each moment to be that of being instead of doing. We can love, we can experience bliss. I wish for you all that your rock never stops skipping, that you choose to bring love to each day. Embrace the oneness of being, see what love can bring to your day. Namaste.....

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