Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Love Yourself Experiment

I was having a chat with my son today, we were discussing confidence and self image. Most of us struggle with self image to a certain extent. Everyone can relate to moments where they have felt inadequate, insignificant and powerless. Feelings of despair, usually highlighted by the mind chatter of the ego. Understanding the strain these thoughts place on our physical, mental and emotional bodies cannot be overlooked, especially if our goal is happiness love and peace. I suggest to anyone, if after honest appraisal you find your thoughts about yourself and your environment to be mostly negative then you would benefit from this small but enjoyable exercise. Awareness is the key to happiness, if we are vigilant in observing our thoughts then we can evaluate and adjust our thought behaviour to enhance our life. Whilst we empower our thoughts we also break the cycle of creating sickness and disharmony for us and loved ones. Some people, not used to being the vigilant observer of the negative ego may find it easier to enhance your thought evocation by use of a trigger. Get a pack of smarties and place it unopened in your pocket. Whenever you notice the smarties take a minute to remind yourself the following; you love yourself for who you are, you are perfect in every way, you love everyone, everyone loves you and your life is fantastic. When you give yourself these little love treats your day improves, your health improves, you love yourself and everyone loves you. It's a sweet metaphor which in time will prove to change your life. Namaste...

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