Sunday, 5 July 2009

4th of July Independence day.

I have been following a bit of sports on the television over the weekend. I feel compelled to make a few comments which may be offensive to some but none the less need to be said. Like you, I was a child growing up being taught to respect the veterans for the great service they have offered in the defence of my freedom and liberty. Countless stories, movies, and books have recounted the many brave exploits of men and women at war. History has always effectively painted the need for war as a tool for righting the wrongs of evil leaders and nations awry of just rule. Fueled by the righteousness of war I have always encouraged my children to respect the sacrifice of our troops and learn about the bravery of Canadians at war. Over the last few years I have furthered my education on the subject. With the aid of the Internet I have been able to glean the truth that every major war over the last 150 years has been a construct of the power corporations of the Illuminati. Literally tens of millions of men, women and children have died at war only because of the great greed of the Illuminati bankers cartel. We have been tricked by the media, governments and schools to believe that our wars are just when nothing could be further from the truth. As people of the world we must feel compelled to at least delve into the subject for ourselves in an effort to search out the truth of war. Just a couple examples of obvious rhetoric expounded by the media yesterday a common byline; " lets offer thanks and praise for the sacrifice our troops are making in an effort to keep America safe and free. " In what way has American soil ever not been safe or free? Or a real jaw dropper came when Anderson Cooper thought it was " great and amazing that so many amputee troops were going back into action with prosthetics. " What is the world coming to when people praise technology for getting amputee troop's back in the line of fire? Haven't these soldiers given enough already? How many soldiers would want to come home from war if they knew the true history of power and control? How many would go to war if they knew that the end goal was to create wealth for power corporations? How would parents, brothers, sisters loved ones feel if they knew that their children have and will continue to die just for the greed of a select few? You are lied to America, you and the rest of the world are being killed for money! Like everything on my site I don't ask you to believe what I am saying, I do however feel it incumbent upon you and your children to educate yourselves so that this madness may someday stop. INDEPENDENCE from the control of the Illuminati is what we all need to be celebrating the next fourth of July. By the way I still have great respect for the people who fight because they feel the need to make a wrong right. I don't agree with anyone carrying a gun, I believe Gandhi taught the world how to fight best.

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