Thursday, 25 March 2010

Here Comes The Judge....

We are all judges. Release from this destructive course of action is only found with unconditional love. Think about it, take a moment, please reflect on the many ways we judge our brethren.
By example; someone is introduced to us, how does our mind reflect this encounter? First we assess, colour, sex, creed, weight, aesthetic beauty, intelligence, demeanor etc... Within 60 seconds we will have categorized and slotted this person into a given genre. Somewhere on an imaginary scale of good or bad this person will surely reside. Along with this assessment we will then embrace a feeling of connectivity or repulsion. These sentiments will forge the foundation for the relationship we will or will not choose to establish.
It is not just people we judge, we remain in a constant flux of judgement. Second by second we assess our world without unconditional love. We subconsciously judge, the weather, our present state of happiness or lack thereof, the chair we sit in, the taste of our food ad infinitum the judging never ends. All aspects of our environment fall under relentless scrutiny.

Our reality is a function of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. We are creating our reality each and every moment of our being. This constant assessment of our present reality is fodder for how we will choose our future reality. Ergo, we feel desperation over the quality of our life then desperate times are surely in store. Books like " the secret " expose the connectivity of self to the ability to speak to the divine source. Such books will encourage you to pay respect to the " law of attraction " thus using this gnosis to attract wealth and material gain. How shameful it is to use GodSELF truth in such a banal way.

Instead, think of the great spiritual wealth you may manifest when using this law to discover unconditional love. Give away a smile and a smile will return, send out love and love will return. See knowledge and knowledge will return. We are what we eat, hell no! we are what we think.

So what keeps us from touching and directing the divine source to yield unconditional love? I aver it is only the false ego using judgement in the form of the monkey mind which waylays our path to truth, peace and love. The only way to escape the monkey mind of judgement is to see, with all knowing,
" THE ONE ".

We are here to discover unconditional love. In order to determine this realm of consciousness we need to transcend the perceived dualistic nature of our reality. There is no good or bad, there is only a polarity of energy. All energy is GOD. There is truly no manifest expression which is not 100% GOD. To say we are ONE is to see beyond the illusion of separation.

As long as we judge our environment, our brethren and our reality we will serve our false ego and thus remain in illusion. Break free of the illusion of separation. See all atomic structure as " The One ". See all manifest expression as " The One ".

We can learn about the true nature of our reality without " knowing " truth. Our monkey mind is the barometer of our progress. Remain vigilant in choosing to be the " awareness " which transcends duality. The choices we need to make are not monumental, it really is simple. Be aware of your monkey mind. When it expresses itself, take a moment to realign with truth. This person in front of me is not 5'11" 290 pounds, red hair, acne with a pungent aroma. This person in front of me is GOD, this is a divine being worthy of my unconditional love.

I demand my right to offer this person my love. I demand my right to see beyond physical illusion. I will only accept my GodSELF perspective to represent reality. ALL ELSE IS MONKEY MIND!!! Ha ha ha ha you silly little monkey.
I demand my right to see my world as paradise. I demand my right to see beyond the illusion suggesting maya. If I do not see my life as beautiful, divine, loving and fulfilling then I cannot be seeing truth. Ha ha ha ha you silly little monkey.
Embrace our enemy for there are no enemies. See beyond our fear for there is nothing to fear. Looking deep in our hearts we understand the truth of " THE ONE ". The monkey keeps us from " knowing " this truth.
I strive every day to pay attention to my thoughts. I try my best to catch the monkey. For the most part the monkey wins. However, I am gaining quickly. Soon I will yank that little buggers tail. I love every being with pure unconditional love, I don't see bad or good. I " know " the ONE, but still that little monkey rules my world....... for now. Ha ha ha ha ha you silly little monkey.

A splendid rendition of the law of attraction can be found in the method used by the Hopi Indians in their rain dance ritual. The elder draws the rain from source by using thought empowered by emotion to experience the feeling of rain. It is in " the knowing " that rain clouds form when the Elder seeks their presence. Let us " know " love, let us share love, let us be love. Follow the path which will afford you the best ability to shed fear in favour of love. Be " THE ONE ".

I will leave you with a quote from an author appropriately named Happe. " All thoughts must be thoughts of unconditional love. All else is irresponsible. "


  1. Thank you for this refreshing reminder.

  2. Namaste, always my pleasure.

    In Lak'ech, my brother Bc, ripples of love...