Friday, 26 March 2010

Evolution of Human Consciousness...

On a blog site called Evolver I responded to the following query; What does " The Evolution of Human Consciousness really mean. "
The following is my response. What do you think?

Evolution as defined by Encarta. 1. The theoretical process by which all species develop from earlier forms of life. 2. The natural or artificially induced process by which new and different organisms develop as a result of DNA changes.

For the purpose of the aforementioned phrase I feel more comfortable expanding the definition as follows. 1./ The natural progression of a specific energy vibration as it finds it's limits, then transcends said boundaries, by way of DNA changes. 2./ A process by which mankind transcends the illusion of duality as he/she wakes to the ONENESS of GodSELF reality.

Consciousness as defined by Encarta. 1./ Being awake and aware of what is going on around you. 2./ Some body's mind and thoughts. 3./ A set of feelings beliefs and opinions of a group.

For the purpose of this discussion, I believe we can see how the Encarta definitions promulgate confusion. From the perspective of evolutionary consciousness Encarta does not offer any connection whatsoever. Encarta is mixing awareness and perspective with consciousness, the result is ambiguity at best. Consciousness as it relates to human evolution could be described more holistically as follows. 1./ The ability of a given point of awareness to experience in part or in full it's GodSELF truth. 2./ The ability of a collective group to discover, through infinite points of awareness, in part or in full the true ONENESS of being.

So why all the confusion?

As mankind evolves, so does our language. Each individual perspective of language is of course different as each person has their own specific points of reference. I started a blog site called God's Dictionary. It was intended to be a vehicle for redefining words from a perspective of GodSELF reality juxtaposed to the false ego definitions used in today's common vernacular. It petered out, only because of difficulty keeping up to a 24 hour day that really should be 30 hours. My point being, when we review such a tossed about phrase like " Evolution of Human Consciousness " we will invariably trip over our tongues.
In addition to our changing language the Internet furnishes us with a wealth of information at our fingertips. As one would suspect much of this archive is riddled with falsities, confusion and in some cases deliberate misinformation.
Thirdly the term consciousness seems to be blurred by many into other similar words like perception or awareness. Many bloggers and writers alike have a very foggy conceptualisation of the differences between perception, awareness and consciousness.
Of course there are many other subtle and gross factors which cause a simple statement like " Evolution of Human Consciousness " to be misconstrued.

So what does it all mean?

Consciousness in the context of this phrase represents the path mankind takes from separation to the ONE. As individuals we are born with the GodSELF connection intact. However, our DNA quickly adapts to the dualistic environment of which our body is subjected to. In short order our being adjusts to the energy frequencies of our environment.
From GodSELF awareness ( that being unconditional love ) we slip into a sleep or coma which is expressed as separation. Baby sees the doctor, nurses and it's environment thus discovers self separate from the ONE. This sleep of the masses is embraced by the DNA of baby and the journey of the soul commences. As the ages are expressed under the illusion of time our species evolves by the activation of latent aspects of our DNA.
Our hearts communicate to the universal GOD source by the transmission of neuropeptides transferred to the brain allowing us to express our reality. Over eons of time our species DNA commune with the GOD source reacting in kind to heightening galactic frequencies which activate DNA to promote new species. Further to this, we understand that our planet is passing through a photon belt of energy which signifies an imminent DNA change. Conjecture proposes that the energy in the photon belt will reach apex or Zero Point by December 21, 2012. The energy of change has been building, we are experiencing the effects now ( imagine having this conversation, in this forum 10 years ago ). As our collective being integrates this new energy an opportunity to align with this higher resonation of energy becomes possible. ( the square root of 1% of the population in resonance will create the 100th monkey effect. Meaning a tipping point would be reached allowing the total species to experience DNA upgrades. The minimum needed number of frequency conduits is approximately 8,680 souls )
If we are capable of embracing the new energy it is suggested we will experience a shift from third dimensional reality to a higher frequency of fifth dimensional reality. How this fifth dimension will manifest is any ones guess. In fact it is all our guesses combined. So what do you expect the evolution of human consciousness to mean?
The path to the ONE is our raison d'etre, the journey is often coined as evolution. The next species will be known as Homo Luminous.

Namaste, my brother Monte, evolution from fear to love...


  1. This is certainly an interesting and informative blog. It's interesting how we so easily forget who we are and allow ourselves to be hypnotized as a society on a whole. Children don't try and figure out how the sun shines they just enjoy it and bless it. We spend our adulthoods trying to grow down in order to recapture that innosence forgetting that each moment is a chance at renewal: a chance to desolve old Karma or at least shift it. Thanks a lot friend: stay gold now.

  2. Hello Blaze, nice to see you stop by. It is unfortunate children are still being indoctrinated by a system promoting unconscious living. We will however learn to recapture the innocence you speak of.

    Namaste, my brother Blaze, A new world awaits our choice...

  3. I am sooooooo glad that you are connected to my site....because I cannot say it complete the process.....

    I have been reading Enoch's vision for the past 20 years.....and it is deep.......and it gives me hope.....we are on the right track here...

    Justin.....I met a guy name Blaze before...I will email him and see..

    Thanks for being here Justin,,,

  4. Namaste Dawn, thank you so much for your kind words. Please do share this site with as many as you can. The video content is so fantastic there is something for everyone.

    In lak'esh, ripples of love...