Sunday, 4 April 2010

" Seek and Avoid " The masters of sorrow...

The pendulum of desire swings back and forth along the polarities leaving sorrow in it's wake of momentum. The inability to see beyond illusion of separateness leaves us in a constant state of fear and need.

Why does this happen?

Take a moment to think about the manifestation of your life experience. We all must agree there are experiences we seek, conversely there are experiences we avoid. We seek to be loved, to have good health, a comfortable life along with all the trinkets which that may encompass. Everyone seeks approval, recognition and respect from others. In general we seek to only embrace that which we feel will make us happy and healthy. We also spend a great deal of energy avoiding those experiences we perceive will detract from the promotion of health or happiness.
I believe it is safe to say we all manifest our life experience in this regard. We have been taught to see ourselves as separate from each other. From birth we mindlessly follow illogical programming by a society asleep to the truth of ONEness. The devastating result is a species devoid of unity, harmony and true unconditional love. We learn to disconnect with reality so that we may embrace a nightmare in the guise of a dream.

So how has the ME ME ME life of continual need served mankind?

Even the most optimistic dolt would have to agree our world is in turmoil. The closest cousin we can find highlighting the way a species relates to it's environment is a cancer cell. Is this the type of legacy we wish to leave for our children to follow?

How do we step off this cycle of destruction?

Firstly we need to see beyond the illusion of separation. Secondly we must understand why polarity exists as part of life experience. Thirdly we must eliminate judgement in favour of unconditional love. The greatest journey begins with one step, just as the path to a new world begins with one person making the decision to forge a new paradigm.

True freedom can only be expressed when we see our brother as a reflection of our self. If we cannot embrace the ONE with our heart then we must begin with our mind. Biology and Physics are two sciences which prove beyond any doubt that we are all ONE being, interconnected to each other by our hearts; emotionally, magnetically and electrically . Moreover science has proven reality, as we perceive it, is a function of our co creation. Imagine how free our world would become when we live our life in harmony with everything and everyone. From the perspective of the ONE fear cannot exist because we would understand our life to be an eternal expression of the NOW moment. From the ONE we understand that need does not exist. We comprehend that through the reflection of our brethren we already own the experience of everything.

Thinking of our world expressed as duality or polarity is a fundamental viewpoint affording one a closer connection to the ONE. Like a set of scales we add weight to one side, therfore an equal amount of weight must be applied to the other side to effect balance. Our world is perfectly balanced, for every expression of fear there is an expression of love. Each and every manifest expression must have an equal and opposite reflection. Life then becomes perceived as a dance of energy with the killer and the victim in the synchronicity of a loving GODLY experience. We tend to use judgement to perceive a right and wrong or a good and bad of every expression. Instead, we should see the inherent GODLINESS in all expression. You are the perpetrator and the victim, you own both experiences, you are GOD> THE ONE. From this vista we can release the need to judge others. When we live our life with such understanding we then stop fighting the flow of life, we become ONE.

When we truly know the ONE, when we truly understand polarity, then a wonderful thing happens>>> UNCONDITIONAL LOVE bursts forth from our being. We can now co create our reality in a new light, with a new vision. How differently we would act if we truly knew all manifest expression to be GOD at play. Under the warm light of unconditional love there is no place for darkness, no need for polarity to remain as teacher.

The domain of this Eden can be found not from the past or future but only from the NOW moment. It is only in the gentle stillness (isness) of the NOW that we can release the fears of what the past has brought and what the future may hold. The NOW moment allows us the opportunity to be free of the continual chattering of the monkey mind. The NOW moment gives us the opportunity to look within.

So how does all this apply to our day to day life?

It is all about choice. We can choose to turn off the T.V. ( or better yet toss it out ) instead we can search out truth. We can dedicate our life to seeing beyond illusion. We are here to learn how to express unconditional love and by doing so find the GODself. We can choose to honor this fact by directing all our life choices toward this goal. As we choose to release the old paradigm room will be made to express a new loving reality. We are reactive, egocentric, judgemental beings but we don't have to be. We can step off the merry go around; our footing may be unsteady at first, but we will quickly regain our balance. As long as we buy into the illusion of seek and avoid we will never find peace. The answer is to see GOD in every expression and to have the grace to accept the isness of life. When we finally stop demanding life to be a certain way we will finally find unconditional love. From tragic to magic our world is ready to be changed. Are you ready to co create a new world?

Your GODself waits to be found, wake up, wake up, wake up a new sun rises.

Namaste, my brethren, seek and avoid are no masters for you.


  1. Hi,

    I'm not sure how you came upon my blog, but I'm glad you did. I appreciate and understand the comments you left, and thanks for leaving them!

    I would love to stay awhile, but it's late, and I will be back.

    stacks of pi

  2. Namaste Amanda, the way we connected is your interest in the book " Seat Of The Soul ". I too am very glad we met. We live in a world of illusion our ego or " false self " drives us bannanas. We can learn to see clear of illusion, by doing so, find a more peaceful and rewarding experience.

    In Lak' ech, my sister Amanda, searching for love...

  3. *I just read your post above, and my reply to your comment will also contain the reply to your post.

    I love that book! I read it last year and I could apply my life experiences to that book, which helped me feel so not the outsider I used to feel as I stood so isolated watching others it seemed zip past me like mechanical robots "seeking and avoiding."

    I'd already done a lot of the work myself, and that book gave me so much validation to the journey I had already traveled in stillness while I watched other's "seek and avoid."

    Yes everything and every person is ONE!!!

    So glad to have met you,

  4. Namaste, my sister. If you liked that book you must hop on Amazon and get yourself a copy of my most favorite of all books. the Author is Peter O Erbe, the book is " God I Am " from tragic to magic. You have to buy a used copy as it is out of print now. It will only cost around $10.

    Namaste, sister Amanda, love in every page...

  5. I was reading words of Buddha today. He was discussing how saints and regular people are alike. One person asked him, "Is it because they have unconditional love and we do not?" The Buddha said, "No, you have unconditional love within you too. The difference is that unconditional love is ALL the saints have within them."

  6. Thanks for sharing that Stella. The Buddha had many great lessons to teach.

    Namaste, my sister Stella, love is all there is...

  7. Hey Justin, I randomly stumbled upon your blog the other day. It's refreshing to know others are on the same wavelength. I believe it's only a matter of everything is subject to the laws of nature (cause & effect), the very act of people awakening and coming to self realization will eventually cause the collective whole to reach critical mass, and the effect will be a global consciousness shift. Can't wait :)