Sunday, 21 November 2010

I Found Terrorists, who do I call?

This is a very important blog, possibly the most important blog you will ever read.

We are all locked in an epic struggle to fight terrorism. Governments are spending trillions of our dollars to fight the global war on terror. The least we could do is pay attention. I noticed on the television a few years back instructions were to keep an eye out. They said I should report any suspicious activity immediately.

I thought to myself, the T.V. is right! I am morally obligated to help my government fight terror.

It is incumbent upon each and every citizen to assist in helping governments keep our world safe. Come on people, our children's lives are on the line. When all is said an done, do you want to tell your children why mommy and daddy never did a thing to protect their future? Do you want to explain to the next generation why they are enslaved? Does " Sorry I didn't know! " fly as an excuse? Is it right to say, " I couldn't do anything, I am just one person. "

STOP making excuses, are you people or sheeple?

Ignorance is an idiots excuse. You have plenty of time for T.V., sports and video games. Why are you not spending a little time finding terrorists? Do what you think is right. I decided to affect a detailed search for terrorists. Tracking their numbers and documenting their tyranny was not easy, but I succeeded.

I want to tell you my brothers and sisters they were all right. Obama, Chaney, Bush, CNN, Fox, Reuters, NY Times. They are not lying to us, I found tens of thousands of of the buggers. They were terrorists everywhere, I made a secret list and I want you to share it with everyone you know.

Before I get into the gory details let us start with Websters Dictionary so that we all agree on what a terrorist is.

Terrorism: The systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.

Terrorist: Noun 1. A radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities
Adj. 1. Characteristic of someone who employs terrorism (especially as a political weapon); "terrorist activity"; "terrorist state"

So with definition in hand, let me show you what I found.

1./ I looked first to the many religions, I thought I might find a few terrorists hidden behind closed doors. Hey, there are some running for cover. Little children have been raped, molested and degraded by countless priests over centuries of time. What if your son or daughter fell prey to these ruthless terrorists? What should you do? Lets face it you would want to grab a gun and shoot the bugger. But since it is not your child, you don't even want to look, let alone do something. Don't you see, your silence has made you complicit to their terror?

2./ All religions of the world use fear and control to convince you that you are separate from God. The truth is, you are God. The possibility of connecting to your divine essence has been taken from. You have been deliberately tricked into living a false reality. This is the greatest act of terrorism ever inflicted on mankind. You are forced to live in a world of fear when your true essence is love. But hey, why worry, you still have the big screen and there is a game on. What can you do, life is pretty good, someone else can clean up the mess, RIGHT!

3./ Governments around the world are being subjugated to the will of private banksters. Greece, Ireland and Iceland have failed, USA, and most of Europe are about to go under. The only reason for this disaster is because private banksters have bribed politicians into enacting legislation allowing privately owned syndicated banks like, The Federal Reserve, to act as the vehicle for printing currency. This interest laden production of all currency has placed all countries in a position of unsustainable debt. Imagine this, you have the option to print your own money or you could use a credit card to borrow. If you could print your own money would you? Or, would you go to Visa and borrow at 29%? Not a hard question to answer is it? Why then do all governments of the world refuse to print their own currency? These banksters are real terrorists, let's round them all up. Or do you prefer to watch T.V.? When you are living in a tent you might care. But hey, your bills are being paid, your belly is full and The Simpson's are on. Why should you care if someone else has just lost their house?

4./ Chemtrails are everywhere, even with a little effort you can determine what is in those white trails above. Our air is being polluted with heavy metals, toxins and living germs. The government says it needs to control global warming, so weather control is essential. Do you buy this lie while thousands of people every year are suffering the ill effects of chemtrails? The worst is that people are so brainwashed they thing that these vapor trails are con trails. What a joke, how stupid can some people be? No investigation, no intelligent observation. They just buy the party line while their brothers die. Hey the air seems okay around here so why worry right? I say we fight these terrorists by informing others about their evil plans. So what will you tell your daughter when she asks, why didn't you know?

5./ GMO foods, corporations are bioengineering food at an unflappable rate. It is almost impossible to find healthy food to eat. The supermarket is the most dangerous place you will visit this week, why is that? Scientific studies indicate it would take several apples today to give you the nutritional value of one apple grown 50 years ago. No one can say exactly how dangerous genetically modified foods are, there simply is not enough research. However, most scientists agree the introduction of GMO foods will devastate the natural ecology of life on our planet. Don't you think something should be done about the terrorists who are poisoning our food supply? Don't you think it is time to turn off the T.V. and think for yourself? When is it time to get informed, today, next week after 2012?

6./ Our government is putting sodium fluoride in our water. Fluoride is a by product of the smelting of aluminum. It is classified as an extremely toxic waste. so dangerous to your health one tube of toothpaste eaten will severely harm and possibly kill a small child. Check your toothpaste tube, the warning is right on the back. Fluoride was found to be a very effective means of controlling the emotions of prisoners. Hitler medication of prisoners with fluoride allowed them to reduce the amount of guards by more than 75%. Stalin was very fond of using fluoride in the gulags of Russia, again to control the prisoners behaviour. So tell me what should we do about the terrorists poisoning our water?

7./ Micro waves, cell phones, cordless phones and wireless technology. As you buy the latest gadgets for yourselves and children do you ever think to ask yourself, is this safe? Of course not, you just expect that corporations and governments would ban unhealthy products, after all they have your best interests at heart right? These items are one of the primary reasons for the mass acceleration of cancer. Should we allow such terrorist cabals to destroy our brains with radiation. What do you think, is it time to wake up yet? Is it time to fight the terrorists like the T.V. says you should. What should you do now? You are safe in your home the T.V. is on and a ball game is just starting. Watch the game or fight terrorism? What is more important to you and your children? Wake up, you are asleep?

8./ Depleted Uranium is being used in testing grounds all over Europe and North America. Most small arms used in war today use DU ammo. Do you know what DU can do? Look at the soldiers coming home and check out their rate of cancer and look at the deformed babies they are bearing. Look at the deformed and mutilated bodies of the children in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are brown babies, not like you right? They live so far away, it's nothing you and your children need worry about right? Wake up people, turn the T.V. off and protect your children. Stop these terrorists before it is too late.

9./ The rape of the planet. Just look at what we are allowing? Is this the kind of world we want? Does corporate greed and bankster terrorism not demand that you do something. Are you ready to wake up, or is that a job for someone else? Who should protect you and your children if you refuse to? Are you ready to help me stop terrorism?

10./ What else does it take to get you people to wake up? If not for yourselves then for your children and grandchildren.

I could go on, but I think you get my point. This blog site has over 50 issues of soft kill terrorism perpetrated by the fascist terrorists in $ 10,000 dollar suits. Grab those TSA bastards and home land security and lets march them to the homes of these subversive terrorists. Demand they give us back our dignity, freedom and health.

Those who know me must be surprised by this blog. I always advocate love and oneness. I always speak to the need to see beyond all illusion. Allow me to close this blog with reflections of truth...

You are God, you rise above this matrix of madness. Your true essence is love. Love in fact is all there is. This world is a dream, your life is eternal. You are GodSelf consciousness, nothing could be more beautiful. The lesson to learn is that we must become aware of how this reality is manufactured. We are being driven into an expression of fear, hate and judgment. This is not who we are, but rather who we have been created to become. I do not advocate violence of any kind. I do not advocate anger or resistance. We will never experience unconditional love by resisting. What is needed is to love everyone and everything. Ask everyone you know to wake up. People are blinded by main stream media, government and corporations. They just need to discover reality beyond the facade of lies. Be patient and persistent, do whatever it takes to make them listen. Do not spread fear. Fear is what the terrorists want. Urge people to change their lifestyles, consume less, eliminate the T.V. and become active in their communities for the purpose of educating. Look at history take lessons from Gandhi the master of passive resistance. We the people have all the power in our hands. By spreading love and refusing to accept tyranny we can discover our true self. We can and will defeat these terrorists but not with force. We will show them love, compassion, non judgment and non compliance. We will forgive and show them a better way to experience this dream we call reality.

Namaste, my brethren, pssst... I love you, it is time to wake up....


  1. You know, I was thinking the same thing just recently: who are the terrorists? As a rhetorical question, of course. The TSA certainly have been making headlines on that front lately. Even children and the elderly are fair game for their dehumanizing tactics. And like you say, the most systemic terrorism issues primarily from the financial and religious sectors.

    Time grows short. The longer it takes the masses to awaken, the worse things have to get. But it's all in hand. It really is. I look forward to the day when I can look into the eyes of anyone on the street, no matter what their age or sex or background, and have that mutual recognition of God looking at God. (:

  2. Thanks for stopping by my good friend. Yes time is growing short. The sleeping masses would do well to wake up. As you know we are in a time of release. With the November tipping point having passed those of us who follow this topic of energy release are starting to see a major shift in the ' in your face ' attitudes which will aid in waking the masses. The next three months will be a wild ride, buckle up everyone. Those who are awake must advocate non compliance and peaceful rebellion. We are never here to resist, love is the only way home.

    Namaste, my brother, God is dancing with God in all moments...

  3. i appreciate your enthusiasum but I've seen this all before many times over the problem this is missing is what is missing in all others. Where is the constructive resolution?

    "What else does it take to get you useless, spineless people to wake up?"

    yeah there is apathy, but what other alternative do you offer? Your path to illustrating the above as terrorist concerns will amount to nothing more than resulting in a form of marketing that will affect little if anything at all. Your concerns are not unique nor lost on the masses, the fact that you think this post will lead to constructive results based on your advice to be the squeaky wheel is naive.

    I know i come off as a defeatist, but the scope of oppression and the long stemming machinations that have long been placed throughout the world stage have reached a terminal stage much like advanced cancer, any other belief is just deluded.

    mad max my friend, it's mad max

  4. Looks like I have to post it in parts Adam, sorry for the inconvenience the reply is greater than 4.096 characters.

    So nice to have you stop by Adam. Since I left Evolver I haven't enjoyed your company often enough. Thank you for your heart felt comments my friend.

    To speak to aforementioned comments, I feel the tongue and cheek format may have derailed your impression of the blog. Firstly, I agree we have heard this message all too often. Isn't it time we respond to the call? Obviously we need to effect a more vigilant effort in educating the sleeping masses. The tone is suited not for educated persons like yourself rather it directed to the plethora of people who refuse to admit Illuminati presence. Yes this reality is like a cancer, but the patient is not terminal. We may heal, but not by waiting for the right government, or aliens to save us and not by waiting for a cosmic shift in 2012, and most certainly not with the help of Mad Max. We can only affect positive change by illuminating the path to love.

    So Adam, what should the average person do? We cannot effect change through the same system that enslaves us. We cannot affect change by revolt or resistance of any kind. We need to become more, as individuals, so that we may rise above this tyranny. We benefit the all when we assist our brethren in determining first that the state of reality is fear based. Then to instill in these individuals the desire to choose love. Gandhi was probably thought to be naive. Most Brits underestimated the power of love and non compliance. We can learn from this lesson that we are unbeatable when we choose love, compassion and understanding. One man choosing love, can replace 10,000 guns aimed in fear.

    I have no expectations Adam. You should know from our relationship that I have no fear of the Illuminati nor desire to see the world change. I see the structure of fear so I choose love, it is that simple.

  5. Part 2 for Adam

    This reality is much like a movie. I do not feel anger or emotion when half the cast gets wiped out in Kill Bill, it's just a movie. Our true reality is eternal consciousness, why get bent out of shape by the many illusions physically manifesting in this matrix.

    With that said, I think times of great fear, like we are in now, are naturally balanced by an enhanced presence of love. Cosmic energy is forcing reality to be expressed in more extremes of dualism. Momentum is carrying us deeper into oceans of love or fear. Sitting on the fence is becoming less of a reasoning man's option. Like an undertow, the more you are swept into it's grip the more pressure it exerts. Like it or not we are all being sucked in, time is coming where we are forced decide emphatically one way or the other. It is this relentless pull of the oceans currents which drives me to make a stand, to participate.

    So as you say my friend it may be just naivety. I must agree with you that my simple efforts will affect no real change. I am not delusional, there is no Atman complex here. I don't expect to change the world. But I do know that a few select people have expressed to me that my work has made a difference in their life. That, my dear friend Adam, is very real. Making a difference in one life is worth all the " marketing of love " that I do. It may not mean much to you but it means a great deal to me.

    In conclusion, if you deem my work to be insignificant pie in the sky delusions I can see where you are coming from. However, a journey of ten thousand miles is started with one simple step. The Illuminati structure is almost complete. World domination is right around the corner. For over 3,000 years this stage has been built. How could we possibly topple such a behemoth? How can we prevent mad max from racing down the interstate? Love my friend, love conquers all. Fear has us believe in terminal cancer, death and mad max. Reality speaks of eternal GodSelf perfection and love. In a time of crisis Adam will you choose love, will you see beyond illusion? Will you become more than you are today?

    Thank you very much for your comments, I love it when people stand against my beliefs. I get your point and see why you think I am silly.

    Namaste, my dear brother, proudly standing accused of being deluded by love....

  6. A very interesting way of putting what is going on in the world. Well put. I feel that learning to be self sufficient, each of us, and not being swept away by the temptations of materialism, or things that numb and dumb our minds and awareness...and a good water filter = ) is the start to not buying into or becoming dependent on the grand plan of those who would like to control the masses and keep us in a deep sleep.

  7. Hello Jenny, nice to enjoy your company. Thanks for the kind words and yes, a good water filter is an excellent place to begin. The important thing to remember is that we can rise above the maya of this matrix. We are more than body, we are everything.

    Namaste, my sister, love in every corner...

  8. nice response, it's hard to argue with "love is all you need." I could pose a million practical situations where the power of love won't "pay the bills at the end of the night" but i get what you mean.
    for a deception, which society is modeled after, to work, the dupes need to subscribe to it. therefore with choosing not to fall for fear-mongering, bullying, etc, you make it obsolete. I am reminded of Baba Ram Dass and his epiphany on how cops create criminals and criminals create cops and its all the same body in a different costume, and the better alternative is disengagement in the play acting, not apathetic defeatism but a simple awareness of the sillyness of it all. thanks again.

    do me a favor, recommend a random book?

  9. Hello My brother, pleased to see you stop by. Funny you should ask such a timely question. I just figured out how to set up a book shelf on my site. I threw up for my first book my absolute favorite. I can't even begin to think about how many books I have poured over during the last few decades but one book stands out as my ultimate favorite. You can purchase a used copy from Amazon for about $10. God I Am, by Peter O Erbe, this book is a most beautifully written expose on the reality of being. Not heavy or full of new age spiritual bull just great sensible observation.
    I am not familiar Baba Ram however I will look him up.

    I see this disaster we call reality as a dance of energy. Sure it seems like we don't have a chance but the Illuminati are not capable of expressing love and this power is absolutely sublime. They know the threat mass consciousness poses against their empire of fear. This is why they spend so much resources expounding fear all the time. Just turn on the TV and well illustrated is my point. You also know very well that with the use of fluoride, aspartame, msg, wireless technology and so many other soft kill agendas are geared toward diminishing our capacity to reason and dull the neuro connective pathways.

    Love will never pay the bills, we do have to walk a tight rope between their world of fear and our true essence as love. I work 12 hours a day just to keep up, so I can relate to your sentiments. Like the bamboo shoot we can bend but we will never break, I do believe love will prevail.

    In Lak' esh, my brother, darkness fills the room completely but one candle lights all...

  10. Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent... Martin Luther King.

    Just like to say that I enjoy reading your blog - Thank you.

  11. Thank you for stopping by Annie. That is an excellent quote from the King. I wish more people we well versed in King's struggle for freedom and equality. Thanks for your kind words.

    In Lak' esh, my sister, change one person at a time....