Monday, 29 November 2010

I Thought, You Felt, My Love...

What is reality? Morpheus asked Neo this question in The Matrix. Unable to see beyond illusion, most people living today cannot answer this essential question. People believe their body is who they are. As well, they perceive their world to be physical and finite. Spiritual and scientific truth express our true legacy as infinite eternal consciousness. However, few grasp this understanding.

The result of this mis perception is a life seldom free from the demands of ego. We constantly look to the future, aching to acquire things we feel we need, or must have.

We observe our bodies with the desire to be slimmer, fitter, better looking, younger, sexier. Never satisfied with the reflection we see in the mirror, we secretly covet our personal version of physical perfection.

Lifetimes are spent chasing material gain, the lust of acquisition is never satiated. Weighed down by the balance sheet of life, we become slaves to a paper demon. The value of the individual is personally and societally tied to the number of dollars one may amass. Dignity, respect, trust, even love is doled out by society with a price tag only the rich can afford. Poor, sick, disabled need not apply, at least not without a platinum card.

Our personal life is equally exposed to this ritual of need. We insist our friends, family, partners act in ways which are favourable to our demeanor and with due consideration to our needs. We become locked in a cycle of unsatisfied expectation. If we perceive a lack of reciprocity, or an affront, anger wells as we defend our position.

The filter we use to view our world is equally insisting; peace, love, justice, harmony, the environment, freedom from oppression, equal rights for all. Failing to understand concepts of duality, we once again express endless desire for change. With pride and compassion we demand the world be run in a manner suitable to the utopia we aspire to.

Relentlessly, the ego encapsulates us into a continuous cycle of want. Like the hamster who never finds and end to his wheel, we have become enslaved to desire.

How do we get off this tread mill? We answer the question posited by Morpheus!

Reality is an eternal expression of Godself consciousness, you are this consciousness. The world and body you believe to be real is truly a grand illusion of physicality. You are God, as such you are the creator. Your perception of reality is established entirely by you. You are are starring in a play which you have written, produced and directed. There is absolutely nothing in this play which you have not created; the broken leg, the " accidental " meeting of your partner, the car accident, the rape you endured, the cancer which takes your life. Every act written by you. The questions you need to ask are; What is this experience teaching me? What can I learn from this moment?

Your Godself writes the script of your play by using thoughts, feelings and emotions originating from your heart. These signals are then relayed to your brain, which in turn, translates into your perception of reality. It would be nice if we were spiritual masters, creating reality instantly, we know this is not the case. Your capacity to direct your reality is a direct function of how close you come to knowing your GodSelf identity. Those able to see a GodSelf reflection will find opportunity to consciously steer their perception of reality toward love. Conversely, living in darkness means never escaping the illusion of need. Fear of loss is the companion of this lonely traveler.

Building your home:

Spiritual or not, you can identify the origin of each thought, feeling and emotion you have, as either fear or love based. Consider you are a master builder constructing a home for you and your family. You are given cement and bricks in two distinct piles. Upon approaching these pile you see two signs, love and fear. You come to determine that you will in fact always be building two homes; one of fear and one of love. You are informed that the home you live in, is the one most complete. You are further instructed that each thought, feeling and emotion you have will build your home. How do you proceed?

This is reality, this is how reality is created and perceived. How does this make you feel?
Do you think it is worth keeping track of your thoughts, feeling and emotions?
Do you think it is worth taking the time to see if by chance you are building a house of fear or love?

You will create, only you can choose the bricks. Choose love, discover the GodSelf within, it's what you truly are.

In Lak' esh, brothers and sisters, think, feel and be, LOVE...


  1. as ever, your thoughts are profound dear brother and every word is heartfelt. may you continue to share your Light.

  2. Namaste, my brother. This blog was originally written in response to your last lottery blog yesterday. The response was too lengthy so I tried to post it in 2 parts. In the end I lost everything, about 90 minutes of writing:). The only thing which made sense was to change it around and post as a blog. I still want to share a few specific comments on the topic, I will later.
    Thank you for your kind word.

    In Lak' esh, my brother Sito, love around every corner.

  3. We really do create our own heaven or hell on earth. It's hard to detach from material things, it's a challenge and a barrier to awakening and staying on course, and realization of what is really important. There is a lot of wisdom here.

  4. Namaste, my sister. Nice to have you drop by, thank for your kind words.

    In Lak' esh, sister Jenny, love gaining ground on trinkets...

  5. I really do enjoy reading your blogs. You make quite difficult concepts easy for me to understand - Thanks!

  6. Wow :) awesome blogging and the pics here are just so awe-inspiring..I luvd each one of them.I would luv anything thats inspiring today cos my eyes looking only for it:) Luv to know u well...And u indian? Got this doubt seeing the word namasthe:)

  7. Thank you for your kind words Annie. I enjoy your blogs as well.

    Namaste, my sister, love enough for all...

  8. Namaste my brother rajinimaski. I am not of Indian decent, born and raised in Canada. I do however love your country and apprciate the spiritual depth of your peoples knowledge. Look forward to getting to know you better.

    In Lak' esh, my brother rajini, love beyond all fear...

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