Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Roger, the dodger... a tribute to love...

How many of us have heard people say there is nothing I can do? In this the 21st century it has become strikingly obvious that our world is in disarray. For those of you who are not aware of the cabal of Illuminati domination and the many atrocities they have inflicted on mankind the world seems a little brighter. For those who know the truth the future seems bleak at best. If by stroke of bad luck you are wealthy, comfortable and ignorant to the aforementioned travails, you still must agree the state of reality is quickly deteriorating. The sleepiest of people can see their freedoms and rights being eroded. One just need ask a TSA agent on your next flight what authority he/she has, see what happens.

The point I make is that under the duress of enslavement people feel diminished, dis empowered and helpless. They cannot comprehend how one person can make a difference.

Let me tell you about my brother Roger.

I met Roger when he turned 60, he knew the world was screwy but never investigated how upside down this matrix is. His connection to Godself reality was non existent. However, there was within a spark of inquisitiveness usually only reserved for children and scientists. Together we took a path of discovery, unveiling both light and darkness.

Now, eight years later, Roger has completely transformed his connection to reality. He understands Godself being, moreover he grasps the scientific and spiritual truths which form the foundation for aligning with peace and love. Recently retired, he spends most of his time helping others. He discovered a penchant for healing and is constantly researching all aspects of alternate health. Purchasing all kinds of natural medicines, gadgets and widgets so that he may better assist people in moving away from pharmaceuticals and western medicine.

Now you may think, to be able to give so much Roger must be well off. He must be on a fine pension and has realised it is time to share his saved wealth. This is far from the case, Roger is living on a meager pension, he can't keep up to his bills and he really doesn't care because he knows everyone will eventually get their pound of flesh. He knows that the universe will give him everything he needs, and so like a dog answering his masters call the universe feeds him with love.

A few months ago his daughter wanted to buy a gift of appreciation for his help. He considered the offer and asked for a table router. The cost was around 400 pounds. He was excited about the prospect of getting this new equipment. The next week when I spoke to him he had decided against the router. Knowing how much he wanted it, I queried his decision. As it turns out he was surfing an alternate health site and found a natural medicine which he was convinced would help people with thyroid problems. He went on to describe how he had met a few strangers who are dealing with just this issue. He was determined to get the medicine but as usual he was broke and could not muster the 280 quid needed. The solution was simple, he asked his daughter to purchase the medicine instead of the router. He later went on to give away a good deal of this recipe to people for free. If I had the money I would have bought him the router in a heart beat. He never thinks about himself, never asks for recognition or reward. Like a desert flower Roger always gives love, in drought or times of plenty his purpose is to share.

Roger is active in his community, never resisting the opportunity to inform a local shopper of danger when they choose diet coke. Don't be standing near Roger if he sees a chem trail, not unless you want to become informed about what a chem trail is. If he can help you, in any way, he will tirelessly do so. Over the years I have experienced that Roger consistently offers himself to others always to the point of requiring he tighten his belt and do without. He so often gives at no cost to strangers his naturally formulated medications to aid in their suffering. One of my nicknames for Roger is DR.Do Little, because he meets people who are taking an array of drugs that are not helping and cooks up a simple natural recipe which eases their pain. He has spent most of the summer revamping his daughters garden and refurbishing their second home, they cannot cannot figure out why he wants no money in return.

Roger lives every day with a smile on his face. He constantly has a joke to offer, and always leaves you with the feeling of wishing you had more time to spend with him. He knows more about the state of the world than most people do, but like water off a ducks back he shirks it all off. Roger does not know what the future will offer but he does know that his future will involve love, sharing and unity. Roger understands that no matter what this reality brings his true identity will always be Godself.

If you ask Roger, he would tell you I have opened many doors which have allowed him to expand his consciousness. What Roger doesn't know is that they way he conducts his life is a beacon I will always follow. To know love is a beautiful expression, to be love is entirely more appealing.

We all can learn from my brother. If each of us followed this light our world would change. All perils real and perceived would slip into the past. We can be more, we can do more, we are more! Love is the only way to freedom, love is the only answer. Love, without reservation, love without condition, love under duress, love under pain of suffering. Search your hearts, if you determine something which does not carry the energy of love then convert those thoughts, feelings and emotions into LOVE.

NAMASTE Roger my dearest brother I love you. I bow down to your grace sir. The road to a better future will be taken one step at a time, lead and I will follow.

In Lak' esh, brothers and sisters, love is the only answer...

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