Monday, 30 May 2011

Trolling For Souls...

Great trawlers checker oceans in search of souls.
Thirsty behemoths cast nets to scour en masse.
Schools driven frantic by fear and disorder.
Winches howl to the tune of freedom lost.

Bejeweled preacher; captain of destruction.
Fattened on ignorance, drunk with greed; you minister lies.
Demanding faith you offer deliverance from evil.
This falsity pawned as love whithers in my light.

Having fallen to your nets, I now proselytise for truth.
They don't know you as harvester or master of illusion.
Fragrant is your tongue as it renders their flesh red.
Singing your praise, they kneel in abeyance.

The fool has become master, fear rules judiciously.
Your influence, once great, is dying to a new awakening.
I tell you now this game is over.
Looking in the mirror, I see God.