Monday, 30 May 2011

Trolling For Souls...

Great trawlers checker oceans in search of souls.
Thirsty behemoths cast nets to scour en masse.
Schools driven frantic by fear and disorder.
Winches howl to the tune of freedom lost.

Bejeweled preacher; captain of destruction.
Fattened on ignorance, drunk with greed; you minister lies.
Demanding faith you offer deliverance from evil.
This falsity pawned as love whithers in my light.

Having fallen to your nets, I now proselytise for truth.
They don't know you as harvester or master of illusion.
Fragrant is your tongue as it renders their flesh red.
Singing your praise, they kneel in abeyance.

The fool has become master, fear rules judiciously.
Your influence, once great, is dying to a new awakening.
I tell you now this game is over.
Looking in the mirror, I see God.


  1. Hello Chris:

    Well done...Have you had a moment of clarity? I think so, but cannot really say for another. All must look in their own mirror to truly see the truth. Can't really judge the clarity of my seeing at this moment either. I had an event with a lot of Light on the weekend and it shook up many things in my mind & emotions but in a positive way. I'm a bit of a space cadet right now, but will come back more grounded in time.

    Kindest regards,

  2. Namaste brother Mike, nice to enjoy your visit. I would be very interested to learn more of your weekend event; will keep my eyes posted over the next week or so.

    Regarding this post; nothing so fantastic my friend. It was 5 am the birds were singing and I found myself thinking of world religions. An image of the pope as a fishing trawler captain popped into my head.

    I played with the metaphor lazily for a bit then spit out this little dribble. It's weak in structure and the metaphor seems woven with a pool cue, but it did express my feelings this morning.

    In Lak' ech, brother Mike, religion scars love and truth...

  3. Hello Chris:

    Religion has nothing to do with truth and love but one with a religion can bring truth and love into this liveless institution and perhaps make it better for those around them.

    We are the ones who bring Light into darkness.

    Take care,

  4. brother it's amazing how poetry can say a lot in so few words. as you have shown in the past, you have that poetic vision in you. thanks for sharing ...

  5. Namaste brother Sito, always my pleasure to enjoy your visit. Thank you for your kind words, maybe not deserving but very considerate indeed.

    In Lak' ech, my brother, peace and love...

  6. Very well said, a chilling vision in this poem. Learning that we all find God within on our own terms. Blessings & Love,

  7. Namaste sister Jenny, very much a pleasure to enjoy your visit.

    In Lak' ech, my sister, God is everywhere in everything...

  8. Well said Christopher! And very nicely put! I always enjoy reading your post. Thanks!

  9. Liked the poem, Christopher, it has some very good moments. Religion, the word, comes from the latin "to bind together, reconnect". Isn't that what we want to do, to bring people together again. We praise indigenous cultures for their spirituality and their spirituality is based in a way of living that is like a religion whether you call it that or not. There are laws or suggestions for living that are important to the functioning of their spiritual lives and community. There are ceremonies that all participate in. Yes, men have falsified religion out of greed, want of power and ignorance, but religion is necessary. We just need to come to religion with our new minds and spirits and the aid of science to purify religion of its dogmas, traditions, and superstitions.


  10. Namaste Cajun brother; nice to enjoy your visit. I have been wondering how you have been getting along.

    In Lak' ech, peace and love...

  11. Namaste brother Billy, thank you for your visit and comments. I liked the way you complimented the poem. I am no poet, I think that is obvious, however words are words and structure can take a back seat to emotion any day.

    I must strongly disagree with your assessment of religion. To compare the love and unity found in an indigenous tribe to the love and unity coveted by a religion is, in my view an insult to tribal peoples everywhere. Religion is about control, dominance, deception, expansionism and lies. Tribal unity is about oneness with environment, love, truth, freedom and acceptance. Essentially, tribal unity empowers whilst religion dis empowers. Tribal unity loves without condition, religion only talks about it.

    We cannot follow false prophets. We cannot look above for a God that is within. Love has no teacher, no leader, nor does it conform or make demands. I love you my brother Billy, however, my belief is that as long as you require the Baha'i or any religion to pave your road then your road is never truly your own.

    I find the Baha'i ideology to be spectacularly beautiful, I would rank it as my second favorite religion. I think we can walk down these many religious roads and take from the experience the most beautiful attributes. To say that organised religion is necessary, or that it furthers mankind, is a careless statement to make when we consider the hundreds of millions who have died or been tortured at the hands of religious justice.

    Truth and love are the only goals worth attaining; religion stands as the greatest obstacle to humanities discovery of both.

    In Lak' ech, my brother Billy, peace and love...

  12. I've studied and lived with several tribes of Native peoples in America, been married to an Arapaho woman. Their spirituality is all about being taught by their elders. If you love your children, you teach them how to live rightly in this world. There are many teachers out there with a message for us. Some we don't understand until later. Everyone must decide for themselves whether a teacher is a false prophet.

    You see, the love we both speak of was taught to us by those who know love and no matter how, through greed, want of power, and ignorance, some may try to corrupt love, it is the essence of religion and the teachings brought by White Buffalo Calf Woman, Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, the Indian Avatars, and Bahá'u'lláh that keep us from totally annihilating ourselves. If you want to rid the world of religion, I understand, because so far religion as practiced is one of the main reasons for discord and destruction. Our world is screwed up everywhere, religion as well, but the great purification has started.

    To me, nothing I've read here is new. It came from a Teacher somewhere in your history as a human being. Of course, God is within each of us, but that doesn't make me God or make me your God.

    I require help and love, that's what spirituality is about, helping and loving. As to whether it's my own or not, I've found an Elder Who teaches truth that speaks to my soul, heart, and mind. If this Elder didn't keep me growing, questioning, and loving, I would be traveling my own road of self because of fear, and where there is fear there is no love. Now, I can take my place as an elder, being an example by loving and serving.

    To teach is to learn,
    To learn is to work,
    To work is to serve,
    To serve is to love,
    To love is to sacrifice,
    To sacrifice is to die,
    To die is to live,
    To live is to strive,
    To strive is to rise above
    All earthly limitations
    And enter the eternal realm.

    Ya Bahá'u'l Abhá,

  13. Well stated Billy, thanks for your return visit. We each follow our heart in search of truth. To love is the only truth, a truth I know is deep within your heart.

    In Lak' ech, God is all there is... I AM THAT I AM...

  14. Yo Bro.

    Miss yah. Will be back around more often when the weather turns.

    Signed, hobo

  15. Namaste brother Ed, I was just visiting your site today. Best regards

    In Lak' ech, peace and love...

  16. I loved this post as well. It continues to be something I struggle with, yet I am so blessed every time I have people over. Thanks for updating...

  17. My pleasure RP have a fantastic weekend.

  18. Incidentally, I find the Baha’i faith extremely interesting myself. I am just curious as to what your first fav. faith is though Christopher?? =)


  19. Namaste Kourtney, the religion I find most appealing is Hinduism. I am not a lover of religion, the problem I have with all religions is the concept of God separate from self. All religions including the Baha'i consider the creator God concept. I believe in a God manifest, whereas God did not create the universe, God became the universe.

    Due to my belief structure, the religions which come closest to unity consciousness and the God self truth are for me the most appealing. The ultimate truth behind the religious ethos is also a key consideration when I choose a favorite. In my humble opinion the Vedas and the Upanishads are the most beautiful religious texts ever created. The Vedas of course are the oldest spiritual tests available to humanity. I also greatly love the Gita. I feel wonderful truth is taught to Arjuna by Lord Krishna. What is your favorite religion Kourtney?

    In Lak' ech my sister, peace and love...

  20. Thank you for your answer! I completely agree with you on the Vedas and the Upishands and the Gita! I don't really have a favourite per se (and if I'm honest, don't really think it matters, I was just curious as I took you for almost for a Buddhist)

    I guess I would consider myself a Christian Buddhist, which does not technically preclude your God manifest (in everything and everyone! theory) =)