Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Dancing With God; Love on the rocks...

May I please trash your home. If you don't mind; I wish to make a proper mess. I promise, nothing will be left in working order.

Who do you love?

Be honest with yourself; tell me what I least expect!

Society programmed you to dispense love as a commodity. You learned how to apportion love only under conditions of recompense. Relationships with family, friends and lovers, thrive or whither, based on your ability to manage fair value in love trading negotiations. Another bizarre concept you blindly accept is that love must be earned. Positioning yourself upon such loose philosophical footings inevitably limits the love you are prepared to offer or accept. You lack self love. Like a rudderless boat; you seek, but never find, calm waters or safe harbour.
From earliest moments of infant reason; you carried yokes of competition, your embitterment has always been steeled with judgment. Be it home, school, or work, you incessantly competed for the most attention, highest marks, or best paying jobs. Warped by corporate mind programming; you seem convinced success is a function of looks, education or material wealth. You covet the latest media rendition of "the perfect dream". Ripping through life in designer sunglasses and Gucci shoes looks cool; however, materialism leaves you little time for introspective philosophy. After all, figuring out who you are, or why you exist, has never paid the rent. Harmful as this banality may be; you go one step further by creating a relationship between self worth and love. From this cliff edge of insanity you compete for status. Once you have failed to achieve perfection, you secretly judge yourself unworthy of love. Emptiness in your heart is filled by an insatiable greed for accomplishment. Your life has become a meaningless game of snakes and ladders, pay attention to what you loose as you compete for that top square.

Tell me I am wrong! You can't, not if you speak from your heart.

I speak with the conviction of knowing you, this is because I am speaking to your ego self. Ego is a monkey existing in a land of illusion you call your mind. This monkey hides in your thoughts; spinning his magic tales, you have become convinced he is you. Continued belief in this deception will never lead you to the divinity of your true, unadulterated self.

Who are you really?

Lord Krishna speaks to Arjuna of death as illusion. Einstein tells us "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

Beyond all illusion; you are an eternal signature of light energy, you are the divine Atman. Look into the mirror; it is not a body you see, it is God. God did not create the universe; God became the universe. God did not create you; God became you. Once you can truly love yourself as the Atman, it is a very short step to loving the brother you deem wretched. There is no good, nor bad; there is no right nor wrong, there is only choice. Without exception, all choice is God dancing with God eternally in the perfection of the now moment.

In Lak' ech, I love you...