Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Know Your World

Namaste to all who visit, for those of you who may wish to recommend my site to others please be advised that I have constructed a new site. I understand that many of your friends or family may be offended by the constant spiritual references on God I Am. Many who are religious, atheist or agnostic may be offended by the references to the fact that there is only one God and we ( as one ) are that God. I have duplicated my site being careful to omit the references to 2012, spiritual masters and magenta pixie. I have even chosen to eliminate reference at the blog level and video description level. I understand that many people don't believe in God and of those that do the vast majority believe God is someone outside of themselves that they must respect and pray to. The ego of the aforementioned indivuals would in most cases prevent them from logging into God I am so I hope that this addition will afford you more opportunity to share the included video messages. We reach more people when we respect and adapt to the needs of new initiates. Regardless of their level of understanding, anyone will find the condensed site to be very educational and inspiring. This primer site will allow many to access important learning without bruising their ego. The name of the new site is " Know Your World ". I hope that this benefits the regular and casual viewers alike, as well I thank you all greatly for spreading truth and the word of love.

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