Monday, 27 July 2009

I love you..... but....

Stop, take a moment, define the word love. Without contest, this is the most important word in any vocabulary, so what does this word mean to you? Encarta concise dictionary; 1. to show preference or desire for someone like a family member or friend. 2. to show preference or desire for something, like a food or pet. If you have not yet defined this word in your mind please do so now. With your construct of love firmly set, lets take a better look at this magnificent word LOVE. WE can afford ourselves a transitional conceptualization of this word if we view it from three different perspectives; cultural, spiritual and God self. Shed light on the cultural use of the word love, note how by definition we create the antithesis. Any dictionary will encompass aspects of separation to represent the keystone for the definition of love. As with Encarta, the words preference and desire pave the way to love. This construct is greatly flawed in so far as it validates the platform of the ego by establishing that which is not love. If one prefers or desires someone or something then one creates the given that all else remains subordinate or inferior. From this truth we can then argue that the word love as used in our society is the greatest tool given to the ego. The ego will in turn collectively design the parameters needed to establish separation, pain, suffering and confusion in the spirit of our being. Each time we use the word love, expressed in the framework of the ego driven world, we create division. In the words of Pink Floyd "another brick in the wall". When considering love from the viewpoint of the spiritual self we find that much like with the ego our greatest ally awaits. If we were to redefine the word from this perspective; 1. The vehicle used to eliminate preference or desire for someone or something. 2. The path by which we unite with oneness and the God self. When we re-establish the boundaries for such an important word our society then begins to express our existence anew thus paving the evolutionary road ( Homo Luminous ). The spiritual self knows that there is only one, that one is best defined as love. From this body of truth we utilize love as the barometer for oneness. Consider all aspects of your being, if you find anything which is not love rededicate your search for truth. With this broader understanding of the word love we can learn that this four letter word represents the salvation of mankind. Finally from the perspective of God self we reach the true definition of love; 1. Love is oneness, which is God. 2. Love is the Alpha and the Omega, love is all there is. When we re-establish the definition of love to incorporate truth all boundaries disappear, we ascend our third dimensional constraints. The veil of duality falls, we become Homo Luminous. As a multidimensional human we experience only love, we choose only love. Love is the release of all fear; need, desire, hate all ego manacles fall away. Our world becomes an Eden just by understanding the definition of one word. I LOVE EVERYONE, I LOVE EVERY CHOICE...NAMASTE...

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