Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The lonely voice of unity...

My wife was mentioning how an American fellow was just imprisoned for three years because he wrote a poem about killing a certain president ( of which discretion suggests I not mention by name ). I thought, I have not written poetry in over 30 years. Such an occasion I feel justifies breaking the dry spell of poetic creativity. I feel penning this tribute speaks to his right to free speech. Let me add that I do not subscribe in any way to his views. I do not believe in violence of any kind. I believe in non compliance with government and living free on the land. It is the power of love that I trust will rid us of fear, judgment and oppression.

The Lonely Voice Of Unity

Spying the mind of humanity,
trapped by a matrix of illusion.
Monkey controlling reality,
creating lives in confusion.

T.V. programs the heart of consciousness,
addicts feeding on material desire.
Education dwindles to nothingness,
while elite relentlessly conspire.

Corporations purchasing government,
constitution torn asunder.
Sleeping masses yield to enslavement,
private banksters count their plunder.

Religion hiding love behind fear,
busily selling lies of separation.
Judgments by masses proudly held dear,
emitting a melody of ignorant dedication.

Brothers we beg of you to wake,
your complete attention is a must.
Our future we cannot forsake,
only in love can we trust.

Silence confirms no reply,
ego maintains perversity.
Fear holds sway I cannot deny,
lonely is the voice of unity.

In Lak' esh, my brothers and sisters, a call to unity and love...