Monday, 31 August 2015

Science and Spirituality Meet "In Lak' ech"

Namaste brothers and sisters; it has been quite some time since I had the pleasure to sit down and spend some time writing. I have missed your company and look forward to catching up to each of your blogs. The past few months have been crazy hectic, we moved back to the big smoke (Vancouver) and I have been run ragged getting the wheels under my new job. Unfortunately, the demands of my position will mean I have much less time for my book and blog; however, I am confident adjustments can be made to reincorporate writing into my weekly routine.

Today, I take great pleasure in speaking to the illusion of separation as it pertains to our self perception and deeds. Hoping to effectively delve into this most sublime point of esoterism; we will gain footing by observing  lessons from the spiritual and scientific community. The purpose of this essay is to act as a reminder our collective path can be lit with joy, harmony, peace, unity and unbound love.

What is the ultimate function promoting humanities idiocy?

Why have we failed to incorporate scientific lessons learned well over one hundred and fifty years past?

What role does knowledge play in our personal movement toward unconditional love?

Alas, we seem content to exist in the twenty first century incomprehensibly incapable of grasping the simple ABC's of who we are, or how our universe physically manifests. These integral components of  our self identity appear incapable of puncturing our consciousness. Like ghost ships on a foggy night, self identity exists as a mirage; an unassailable quantity one desires to know, but can never truly understand. The irony is that our true esoteric identity remains veiled behind a very convincing physical representation of self and environment. We believe our physical body represents who we are, when in fact, the body is no more than a vehicle used by consciousness to express our true eternal reality as light beings. The lack of self awareness in society today urges one to reflect on the great Shakespearean quote; "There are more things in Heaven an Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy".

Each decade brings forth new proselytizers of truth. For the most part, daises of past are replaced by virtual pulpits; irrespective of the format, the messages remain intact. Freedom from the tyranny of ones ignorance can easily be accomplished by embracing knowledge which has, for ages, been the irrefutable domain of philosophy, science and good old fashioned common sense. Aforementioned roads toward truth, so clearly etched into the realm of our virtual world, are rarely traveled. Instead of gaining philosophical, or scientific ground, we discover our brethren choose to covet less ideological pursuits; sports, games, pornography  violence, and every sort of banal television programming one could imagine. For those countless lost souls actually looking to discover truth, or peace of mind, they realise in the internet an oasis of knowledge. However appealing this array of knowledge may be, said information arrives on our plate so disjointed and unsubstantiated it is neigh on impossible to discern fact from fiction.

Without exception, yours truly included, each of us positing philosophical, scientific, or psychological meanderings are so convinced of our assertions that the tone, and flavour, of the essays leave little room for the reader to impose a questioning demeanor. Our reticence to accept that we are being deliberately, or accidentally deceived, causes many of us to check our sense of reason at the door.

What draws forth our lack of discernment?

Is it laziness in not wanting to affect the necessary research which would confirm, or deny, our investigation?

Do we lack the tools needed to separate fact from fiction?

Have our lives become too pressed to allow us the time to embrace due diligence?

Possibly the pie we call ignorance is a melange of many such ingredients; deficiencies hammered into us by a devious education system, learned apathy, lies, deceit, and one hell of a great deal of distracting stimuli.

Whatever the cause for ones inability to gain a sense of spiritual acumen; there are easy to follow paths which will, at the very least, excite ones curiosity. One of the easiest roads followed that invites one to see beyond illusion is the scientific description of our physical reality. Seriously ponder upon the one simple fact that the atom is 99.9999999999999 % nothingness. Only an infinitival amount of everything you see today, including yourself, actually exists as matter. The vast majority of your beingness is light energy; technically speaking, you are much more a light being than a physical being. My favorite description of the human form is from the great don Juan Matus who characterised humans as light eggs. Don Juan suggested that the physical world we see is a construct of an illusion that we, as individuals, "agree" to create. Seeing beyond the illusion of physicality, as don Juan did, we find our world is a symphony of light energy pulsating and manifesting according to our personal demands as creator beings.        

If I exist as energy and not matter, what does this say of my true identity?

Separated from my illusion; what am I?

If, in the face of scientific proof, I continue to embrace my illusion of being a physical body then, I might ask myself, what insecurities keep me trapped in this foggy nightmare?

Another fascinating, and very exciting, aspect of the atom is that, up to the point where it is observed by human consciousness, it remains non local. Think about this one scientific truism; nothing exists until the observer is present to initiate creation. Without you; nothing exists! Without you; light energy remains in stasis, never taking form, never actually existing in the physical realm. Without you; the entire universe would remain as unrealised potential, a dance of electric light in the form of a wave. You represent the one essential ingredient from which all of creation springs forth; in your absence there is nothingness. Science and spirituality both make the exact same assessment of reality; you are a creator being, you are a God.

In the wake of knowing ones true identity as creator of universes; how can anybody feel small and insignificant?

How often have you felt like a tiny, useless, unimportant cog in a massive unyielding universe?

Taking a moment to breathe in the creative power of your beingness; do you still deem it appropriate to see yourself as merely a weak and unsuspecting participant a landscape of greatness?

Would it not be more self serving to simply accept scientific and spiritual truth?

Waking in the morning, can you find it within yourself to take a deep bow and offer self congratulations for manifesting such brilliance?

Why not?

Beyond the atomic physics of beingness; we can discover harbingers of our own greatness by using mathematics and geometry to illuminate the physical construction of universe. When scientists geometrically evaluate our world they suggest our universe is fractally constructed, in so much as, the smallest portion contains within it the entirety of the universe. The Fibonacci sequence proves there is only one single geometric template for the creation of all matter. Conclusively speaking; scientists assess all physical matter as illusion. In a collective effort to nail the matter down; scientist prefer to define the realm of physicality as a hologram.

Think about that for a moment! Our world as we know it; teeming with a vast array of life, is scientifically no more physical than our dreams, no more real than the holo deck on a Star Trek film set.

What is real?

If "real" is a collection of neural responses to light and sound waves, then is it not fair to say "real" is whatever one can program into the minds eye?

If, in the future, government, or corporate, intrusiveness co opts ones ability to process light and sound, who then is experiencing life, the end user, or the programmer?

When will HD television be morphed into a reality programming machine?

Is it already?

Isn't that why the elite like to call it television programming?

Can we be programmed?

Are we being programmed to believe in things that are not "REAL"?

Anyone who has had the uneasy pleasure of being hypnotised can certainly confirm consciousness, and the associated life experiences, can unequivocally be circumvented by one with a penchant for such trickery. I personally have eaten a potato that, at the time, I was convinced was a delicious apple. Moreover; the illusionist was more than competent at making myself, and the other participants, look like quite the fools as we meandered in and out of a wide variety of pseudo realities.

If we are to make an argument that humanity is being mind controlled; then what evidence can we amass to verify our hypothesis?

Firstly we can look to our inability to see beyond illusion. Ponder this; if, in the light of scientific advancements into the understanding of materialism, we cling to the false belief that we are physical beings in a physically manifest reality then what excuse can we give which accounts for our inability to see ourselves as light beings?

Is it not reasonable to assume we are being deliberately conned into buying a lie no less ridiculous than the flat earth theory?

How about fundamental concepts like life and death?

We are convinced that we will die, in doing so, our personal experience of life will end. The prize, we are told by religious authority, is the possibility of an Edenic afterlife in the house of our saviour. Such childlike concepts are clearly inane in the light of understanding the role consciousness plays in the expression of this holographic dream. Life does not end, consciousness does not take a break, we are eternal light beings. Anything short of understanding self as an eternal GodSelf creator is nonsense.

Is it not fair to suggest there does exist a conspiracy to undermine the reality of our beingness?

The illusion of separation is no less mind boggling than the other aforementioned misconceptions of reality. We see ourselves a separate physical entities, 6-7 billion souls struggling to survive in a competitive dog eat dog environment. Nothing could be further from the truth! We are a singularity of beingness, separation is an illusion of manifest consciousness. The experience of separation serves a multitude of purposes; by example, the expression of duality could not be realised in the absence of separateness. Living under the false impression of individuality we are handcuffed into believing the great lie. We fight each other and covet each others belongings. We strive to out perform our neighbour, when we should focus on unity consciousness and unconditional love. From the perspective of elite domination, separation is essential.

Divide and conquer, isn't that the Napoleonic truism which presently guides our belief constructs?

Are you on the same page now?

Do you see the advantages our elite masters gain by insuring humanity remains trapped in a world of illusion?

If, in the face of scientific and spiritual proof, elite promulgated illusionists prove incapable of maintaining humanities collective ignorance, what would happen?

Do you believe we would allow over one fifth of the world's population to starve to death if we understood concepts like unity consciousness, eternal beingness, and GodSelf reality?

Would an intelligent, awake and aware species stand idly by while the corpulent avarice of a few elite masters relegate billions into poverty?

Without exception; each successful adept at spiritualism must incorporate in their ideology a path toward defining and comprehending the meaning of consciousness singularity. Having captured, and bottled, ones creator brilliance, it is not too far a leap to incite new paradigms of unity which, of course, lead one to unconditional love. Standing in the light of unity, we understand the significance of knowing our true identity can never be underestimated.

Peace is derived when one begins to realise that we do not need to change our world, we just need to change the way we look out our window. Having eliminated the illusionists smoke and mirrors, we will discover our true identity is love. Looking out my window this beautiful spring morning, I see you my sister walk by. In my heart, I know you are me, as I am you, we are consciousness, we are a singularity, we are a singular Godself eternal being. In Lak' ech, I see the God in you.