Sunday, 30 August 2015

Your Mind & The War Machine

Remembrance day, having recently passed, represents a personal birthday or commemoration of sorts. I say this because November 11th is the one day of the year which best represents my personal fight against mind programming and the many varied machinations of global elite control. Face it or not, there is a war waged every day, the winner controls our mind; quite possibly we are loosing, we must accept that we are programmed by our elite masters! If we value the capacity to think for ourselves; we have no choice but to learn the enemies technique, combat their efforts, fight back, override their evil schemes, this way we may just have a chance to create our own reality!

The elite masters want us to partake in their annual communion of souls; they suggest we offer bent heads in cerebral reflection. Social decorum demands we ride the emotional tide of appreciation, all the while, expecting us to sprinkle upon the occasion slight dashes of celebratory pride. Thoughts, feelings and emotions, infiltrate our collective insanity, compelling most of the population to dance to the Piper's tune. Somber and righteous we are as we obediently and unwittingly march to their unwavering lead. United, we tacitly embrace the savagery of might is right. Have you ever stopped to think; what are the origins of this holiday? Fields red with poppies signifying blood spilled on storied battlefields, how this clever metaphor is used to breathe eternal life into the act of stately bloodletting. What is the end game of our elite masters? Are we puppets to a sinister agenda which, by its very nature, must divide and conquer humanity?

Most of my life, I thoughtlessly marched in ritualistic celebration. My convictions of gratitude were very deeply rooted in my psyche, essentially, the system had done a great job of thinking for me. Programmed by, education, peers, church, family, and media, I found only one point of view prevails; fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, all stand proudly to pay homage to the ideology of war being courageous, just, honourable and worthy of national pride. Conversing with family and friends; if we find ourselves speaking to the present, or historic, reputation of those in military service; we are all socially compelled to honour the patriot, nothing less than complete respect is tolerated. Moving away from this thought structure is difficult, but, with a little effort, a new path toward sanity awaits the inquisitive mind. Now, some ten or so years after I began separating myself from social mind programming, I see the delicately twisted nature of their scheme and can't help but wonder how I never questioned the substance of many misguided convictions created to dominate my sense of reason. Those of you on the same path toward sanity can appreciate how difficult it is to hide from the constant stimulate/control/reward messages which guides the way we act, react, and process information. Each year, I identify new control structures, new aspects of seemingly benign social programming, all the while, I become more aware of how Big Brother manipulates my mind. Unfortunately, as the years of fighting the real war meld into each other, I find myself further distanced from the social peer structure who scoff at the idea of fascist conspiracy. My fight is your fight, whether or not you participate in my celebration is irrelevant, one day you will come around, one day you will be a patriot of true justice. This short essay inspires the warrior in me. Knowing my celebration of freedom dovetails with their celebration of savagery further inspires me take exceptional pleasure in holding sacred the November 11th date. Let us demand change, let us take control of our minds. We must learn to delve into the rationality behind the thoughts, feelings and emotions we experience. We are at war! Within each of us there is a fire burning for justice, an insatiable demand for honour. We can discover sanity, it has many names, love, peace and unity to suggest a few. One person at a time, humanity will regain control of it's destiny. These words represent a small ripple in a big ocean, BUT, they are mine, they are not mindless regurgitated programming unsubstantiated by the rigors of rationality.      

Recently, I had the pleasure, of reading one of my friends blog posts which fashionably, and in a timely manner, extolled the virtues of supporting American war veterans. Each and every year my dear friend Ron faithfully weighs in with a similar post. Always, as I read such views, I find myself experiencing echoes of my own past support, reverberations of what I now see as contrived insanity. This year, on five or six occasions, I went back to his post with the intention of leaving him thanks and appreciation for his valuable point of view. For whatever reason; I could not find it in my heart to participate in his celebratory post this year. Usually; I find stimulation from contrasting belief structures. Alternate points of view are valuable, they encourage me to move beyond personal perspectives, they also cause me to dig deeper into my philosophic positions so that I may discover my weaknesses or bolster my assertions. When confronted with philosophic opposition, I believe myself adept at finding common ground. Leaving post comments; I look for only good things to say, if nothing comes to mind, I limit my response to well wishes. Relative to the topic of war veterans; this year, I guess the void between my own beliefs and that of the general public seem too vast to comfortably accommodate. Understanding Ron's position is easy, especially since I held the same views most my life. With that said; I felt strangely compelled to speak my mind. However desirous I was to respond; I was reticent to openly convey my feelings on his site as it may offend some of his friends or followers who possibly are suffering the pain of losing a loved one to active duty. We share our thoughts so that we may expand our horizons, thank you Ron for being a good friend. I know many of you will disagree with my sentiments, as may Ron, however please know I only seek to mutually expand our philosophical horizons.

Contrary to popular belief; war is not a function of human nature. War is a deliberate construct, established, and promulgated, by corporate elite global masters whose intent is to divide and conquer the masses by exerting control over global governance. War serves many of the elite's end games; possibly none more devastating than the ability for corporate miscreants to effect their agenda of creating permanent inroads into fiscal, social, statutory and regulatory control over government. Debt is debt, and we all know war is not cheap. Their are countless historic records which unequivocally prove that the vast majority of documented wars have been initiated by global banking cabals which are run by the wealthiest of elite families. The Rothschild legacy of warmongering and government manipulation is one great place to start your research into how wars begin, who gains and most importantly, how the very fabric of society is changed. False flag operations like 911 are constantly being orchestrated by corporate puppet masters as they push and pull the strings of humanity, all the while, sacrificing our sons and daughter to their evil machinations. Citing a current example, take the time to investigate what happened after 911; over 1.5 million souls were slaughtered in Afghanistan and Iraq. America ramped up it's military machine to a cost of over 1 trillion per year. American debt, sitting at over 17 trillion dollars, (Check out this short video the American debt in 100 dollar bills  ) has all but destroyed the fiscal future of the next American generation. No one could argue that American war mongering isn't destroying the social and fiscal fabric of their society. They have programmed the populous to believe their war efforts are all about securing freedom and preservation of the American way of life, when in reality, just a little investigation proves the opposite is true. Look at the ramifications of the Homeland Security initiatives. Are Americans more free, or, are their liberties quickly being subverted? Do you see how homeland security protocols are quickly dismantling the constitution of America? Going farther into archived wars; take a close look at WWI and WWII, discover how those wars started, who financed the war efforts, most importantly, who gained from the slaughter of millions? Fathers and mothers can create an environment of truth, integrity and knowledge for their children, or, they can allow themselves, and their children, to be programmed by external sources who certainly have a stake in promulgating the illusion of free, unfettered, government acting in the capacity of their best interests. We all say we want to experience a world of love, peace and prosperity for all, however, few of us are prepared to initiate the necessary investigatory work to break free from being an active participant in the decline of the human expression. How can we believe the governments of the world have our best interest at heart when almost one third of the world population live in poverty and one seventh of the global population will starve to death? Do not take my word for how corporations use war to manipulate governments; research the subject for yourself, draw your own conclusions, it is easy, there are a plethora of documents, books, interviews and quotes.
The system wants you to believe our behaviour is a function of expected human expression. They want you to buy into the theory advocating only the strongest are meant to survive. They hope that you accept their belief structure suggesting war is a necessary response to variances in the human condition. Trillions have been spent to convince you your freedom is in jeopardy, you are at war with unseen combatants, peril lies around the next corner. Deep down you know they are lying. If somehow you are convinced violence is a natural part of the human expression; take a close look at communities untainted by mass media, or small children not yet sullied by the many elements of mind programming. Take a very close look at the family experience, how do we relate to our nuclear and extended family members? When observing these aforementioned groups we discover the true nature of human behaviour is love, sharing, support, and a keen concern for the well being of all. Like all creatures on the planet; we are social, we fare better when we choose to cooperate as a cohesive unit. Look also at disasters; wherever you are in the world, you will discover that disaster unites communities. Investigate the global response to catastrophe, we all pull together, we are all prepared to assist those we do not even know. This latest Philippine tragedy is a good example; all over the world, average strangers like you and I are giving money to assist in rebuilding the lives and communities of those affected on the other side of the world. Humans are the only species on the planet that consciously deviates from the spirit of cooperative cohabitation, however, you will note that we only loose sight of our true bearings when we have been mentally programmed to do so. Our base tendency is to love and express unity, however; we have been systematically trained to separate our interests in lieu of competition, division of interests, and segregation of affiliations. Competition can be a good thing for species development, but, as it is made to manifest in humanity, we see it obviously represents a significant detriment to the well being of the collective. We know divisiveness is not a function of the natural human experience, investigation proves we promote separation merely because we have not cared enough to define the source of our cancerous behaviour. Having written extensively on how competition is used to destroy community, family and individual development, I will not delve into this topic. Suffice it to say that a little investigation will point you in the direction of truth, which, as you will inevitably discover, strikingly contrasts the global elite propaganda.

Presently; the American government, as excited by their corporate masters, have paved the way for eternal war. The global war on terror reeks of Orwellian Big Brother format, yet we seem incapable of pin pointing an enemy so we call them Al Qaeda. Have you ever wondered why no one seemed to care when the press openly exposed to the public how America, and the Western world, are working closely with Al Qaeda elements to bring down the Syrian government. Hey, hold on a moment, didn't they tell us Al Qaeda is the consummate enemy of democracy? We are so programmed by media that no on raised the red flag. Why? Simply put; the media said it was a relationship good for the cause, so hey, who cares, as long as society agrees that war is required, the puppet masters will surely continue to exploit our weakness. Just like Big brother, one minute they are sworn enemies of the republic, the very next minute they are bonafide allies. Don't question the rationality of their statements, just cheer or sneer as you are told and the government will take care of the rest. Day by day, we watch our society rot from the inside, the smell is unbearable, yet somehow they convince us everything is a - okay. Buy that new car, don't miss the next playoff match, and keep abreast of what the hottest stars are up to, nothing else really matters, they will take good care of us, right?

Looking to the future, only a fool could hope for peace, we are, and always will be, enslaved to the mind programming of our elite masters. There is only one cure to this insanity, one way we can destroy the growing cancer, we must educate ourselves, investigate our world and always question our convictions. Ron, my dear brother, I love you, and believe you are truly a unique, caring, and wonderful man, but, when it comes to supporting the troops, their wars, and the won ton slaughter of millions, I will never find a way to come to terms with your stated views. Sure there are many soldiers who truly believe in their sacrifice, many who have dedicated their life to supporting their fellow man, and many who have paid the ultimate price for their convictions. These men and women do not require our support, they require our guidance. Those who have the best of intentions often pay the heftiest toll, truly this is a shame, however, I ask you this one question. If they knew the truth of war, the evil machinations of the machine, do you believe they would still sign up to lay down their lives?
Ignorance is not a remedy for good intentions gone awry, it is a tragedy. The countless lives laid down in the name of freedom and justice are never well spent, especially if the assumed peril has no basis in reality. Humanity will never be in a position to affect a new coarse of action if we fail to lift ourselves, and our brethren, above the deceitful programming of the elite cabal. You have homework to do my brother, this is not an accusation, it is a very kind request based in love.

In Lak' ech, dearest brethren, this is not the end.... it is the beginning... we are not beat.... we have just started our climb toward sanity.... reach for love... all else is illusion...